Kristian Fulton's Eligibility Denied By NCAA

LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton will have to wait another season to get back on the field for the Tigers as the NCAA denied his eligibility status on Thursday. We talk about that with Deuce and also take a LSU Football preview with Brooks Kubena.

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Often run and into our. Second hour here on sports talk body they're crushing Erica an up Deuce McAllister saints all timely electoral. Stop by at 520. Looks to be in at 535 toggle LSU. Bring our football practice the first scrimmage of the ball coming up tomorrow it is closed to the media but. Obviously some big doings for the L two dollars an argument for their opener. Against the Miami. Hurricanes. The NCAA has denied an appeal to overturn a two year suspension. Of osu football player Kristen Fulton who got caught. And admitted to cheating on a drug test two years is that too harsh a penalty are right on the money. 5042601870. Text 878 and body heat tickets too large a two year suspension for cheating on a drug test. Well if you look at the investigation. And the Q parent. That are incidents that are happening college football. Out of thug one year would have been merited. Because he is now receipt to go with thirty's some drug test since then. And I think it was all moles holly. Hollywood about doing it in there was. Where. Trying to fake detest. And then. Not realizing you know performance enhancing verses. You know drug tested two different things. But I definitely think he was a guide to what about a chance to start he was eligible. Now does he stick around and conniving as NFL abilities to chronically Ellis shoot. In rule for one season or is he just decided at the go pro go play you know Canadian football or do something else. Because I'd think he is that. Good of a polar memory was a five star. Product got a Rommel. And he was all metro Davidson player the year 2015. As this. Is just a bad situation to him because. Whether it be to nickel and opposite corner of greedy Williams I would not have been surprised if he was a starter bridges. I guess you know live with the consequence been administered to see. What is lawyers and I don't know that appeals process amount on top of that but. He's definitely has the ability to play pro football is just a shame and I think. In the NCAA is little too harsh within a two year penalty. Considering how that came about. Idea I've gone back and forth on this as to exactly how I feel is it too harsh and summits this is like you say yes because I I AM and we are a nation of a second chances right and you know he'd like to give pressure Fulton an opportunity. Then again though I'm also consequences guy I'm also rules guy if you break the rules you gotta pay the price in. Ultimately when you got caught and you admitted to cheating on a drug test. Cheating aids drug test cheating a drug test that's alarming in a lot of ways and I can't just chalk this up to a guy. Twos as well I think you know we gotta investigate it we gotta investigate that because. I gotta get up to speed on this and and insurers have to execute it Telus. That. It was like gul almost see turned himself in. And in a way that we used because this is a different type suspension. Performance enhancing drugs verses a drug test. And and so Pete bridges taken a chance they rolled the dice he never even the regard caught a lot like my and the standing. But he admitted because he said all I think smoke pot or whatever. And that. But they wouldn't even like testing them for that. My body I bought that I applaud that. That thought but I tea I just feel like it at one at some point we say with the recognize that whether it was 1819 or twenty. You are an adult at that point where the behave like one. That's the restored but monologue the law's eyes you're an adult at some point you have to learn adult consequences and that is con consequence for two years. I don't like it to simply because I'd actively people need to have second chances but at the same time I just don't like to bend. Rules are are been my my principles based on an athlete are are some might you know do what's Upton and then gone back where it correctly Gilani at all. He was at nineteen year old kid or twenty year old kid time it will break I think it yet to set example you have to set the standard. And at the this case it's either way it is standard hard fast and is it like it or not. The NCAA is draws a line in the sand and with that I can't argue. But I guess I'm never gonna take evidence to that relate this elect hypocrisy there. And how they treat other players and of the teams. So. And the achieved heavily think how they structured that I would have enough investigators. So it's Alan teams you got to turn yourself in. You don't tightening that indicating to police themselves I think long term. I don't know honestly with in 225. That the NCAA. Is that evening going to be part. Of the power of five over on the mate I get might be up in charge of the miners sports. I'm gonna see the SEC dictated these other power five counts. Break off and there and to do their own. Yeah I think that's who has been in them coming about but I guess cellist I just learned to see see him play and L issue. Uniform the season. The NCAA has denied an appeal to overturn a two year suspension. Of LSU football clerk quarterback Christian Fulton who got caught an admitted to cheating on a drug test. Is it's doubly wrong here insider you want Christian folds he'd be he believes he should go play this year. Or are you onside with the NC public two years at two harsher. Right on the money for cheating. And admitted to cheating on a drug test Bible for. 2601 except the text 87870. This is sports talk to cal State's all time leading rusher coming up next here on. W well. Text here at 8787 he was spoken we closed Colorado's legal there. No that's not the case but if that war it's still not a reason because look the bottom line is here you're playing college football is. Not allowed. It's not allowed well liked it just like the military is if it if you at a military you went to Colorado where it's legal. You can't smoke weed and come back and tell your sergeant pay all the Colorado it's legal there nobody's yet today it's not legal same thing. Well Christian and like Ella she even put it upon their shoulders the athletic department that they should inform. Christian pull him more about what the tests was about. Yet if I have taken a drug tested or are you know he'd thought yet he Eva exactly. He thought he was taken a drug test and his performance enhancer while. Indicative for the lead that and he would it. He would have taken that chance and against that trying to beat the system. And in that we would even know Bob this and and nothing when it came about. I'm just tell you they've had this it is they. I don't understand how they even police this. Because they had a number of players across the country. That they might test positive for pot 567. Times whatever and it kind of estimate on that Iran again and hope nothing comes about. And added that over a team or university policy what you weird like you get right to get a little under that's because. Christian Fulton the server to yours Spitzer but if this were coach. You get far less far less. That's right you think it is hypocritical Altman now saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister saints color analyst at the decals point six on it would reduce we will talk about the saints but how do you feel well. It just felt that it just chime in on Chris Paul situation yeah. And in India you little background. You are correct but what he he would wanna teach you so they'll hear. Ought trying to someone else's your order brought tears when he actually went into the true is because. He wrote to. Deep deep deep deep can it draw. Like you are saying. Audit plus or want it and we're a former pitching performance enhancing drugs which were great click on steroids. Probably better mean to write a thing about it. Of mobile. Because it is great group policy he lives for east pale. There one appears or. I'd post it there and you were two years it's great to hear and what he can't he play used urged here. So when he actually it's the plays because they eat the you appeal. It will be next year came in. One year ago go to play. And I did do is do you think carting I think his father. That he's gonna stay NL issue and it only takes one year mean NFL's aware of his talent. Are do you think. Maybe goes to Canadian football argue that their routes she could take. He can't go to ju co route I know that because. Or. Are all right Brian Dolan plate the only paper M technically could do. I don't see abilities. He could go out to Jimmy a war to see where governed by NT NT double. So look to build absolutely. Governed by it too late late this year a media. And it costs what do you play at the NCAA rule yet wait what. And they do segues because nothing is gonna opportunity. To play professional football it be like if you went that route. And Eddie be eligible for the draft next year or does he wanna prove himself one yard L issue in all it takes one year amid a dead matter how old guard in all of. Go Al go right and immediately. The bush got a bit out AT picture. Well what I'm saying if he continues to train with the team any sales of one yard Ellis shoot. NASDAQ and handed him in the past and he's considered one and a best cornerbacks in the NFL. After only one of their players. Generally you will. So you know if this young and we know you Abbas trot. Coming out of a high school. We don't I start. I don't see you know what what year trait being able to put it opened for sure. I think teams more probably say late second third base Aldridge but Tutu in one year also years you you talk about it because about it for two years. You talk about burst or potential. One here if you delete the interception. You can't smoke. Yeah would have to have that initial impact that look whatever one thinks a greedy Williams. You know that that that's a guy and it via. Kamal told by coming out of nowhere woody did a lot last year and you know he would make it happen I mean. Let's everyone that job to have this long. Illustrious career and I'll be trying to set records and all that yes it. NFL if it's amazing Howell. Do used to that you know diamond in the rough far boys slipped and radar if you could play today yes the criminal radar. Islanders it was out to Jupiter and prepare to be particularly in that. Talk to you and he so appealed to being a politician coaches and you know that they can buy newer girls were. Deuce McAllister saints' all time leading rusher at the McAllister 26 here on Twitter and on sports talk news. Your initial impressions of takeaways. The saints yesterday 12420 win in the pre season opener over Jacksonville. Problems at which your first humans are to leave the start and a couple of opportunities whether. You did it feel bird out situation than they just alluded to. You know we we go back to import. Local sports talk which is the most important pants or short because. The worst lack of source accurately with a burst you'll write well. You know you're talk too deep into me and it played really your top three defense in did not play. It's a polished cause for concern if Europe's. I thought there. There are opportunities. That they could tackle better. And they didn't do so emotional on an act from a little bit India in what his first conference. But I thought overall. A lot of gas at least loaned themselves. Oh what they're performing it's in you wanna see probably been this upcoming week be practiced as well as the getting weaker some where a border or thought and now. We're greatly the whale on the team or at least you know morsel in the conversation I think the players that we did that last night. Now deuce when you look at the film. Boy that had to be a bus we've played morals I mean this kind of the boot leg in the goal I walked in the hands on what happened on that. Particular play what you would US mission as far as assignment. Sure there's only because they actually had recovered very well what I do Mario decided to do is take out the receiver that was right into the flat. What immediate dead. Somebody has detained on Duke's. So money and yet the court went leaching into the corner Terkel is currently in the craw I got you and so whether they would debate. An awful or you know it's to better communicate. I don't know who who support I don't know the Mario's boast Tuesday. Think about it quarterback besides Ron board Kurt really covered much distancing Graham I'll try to covered the blue excellent year. Which to there were bitter and and it interior in amber says you know you deserve to be uber in order or at least ten to. Well do is look at that it's a by tackling. And I'm not saying Von bells on the Kinney Mikhail level as when they can imperiled to me overall could tackle. Sometimes you get exploited coverage and look at Yvonne balloting was inside the ten yard line. No. Idea he got to meet at tackle and he. Didn't make that tackle these got to come out wrap up. You know on roster people look at and then cleanly Horry just you know hesitated too much but he got to make that tackle. Deuce who Kelso saints' all time leading rusher Lou Ford it he he knew back on sports talk. Over the weekend mean UB host a special tomorrow from three to six back on the practice field tomorrow morning. This lecherous men and you don't safes on the price will jet lag thanks news. All right news hi Agassi tilt and the pressure was that way come back Bobby and English turn body in Metairie also Brooks Kabila. Covers LSU for the advocate. There in a scrimmage tomorrow. Alt on the discretion full story as well. Sports talk rules on here on. WW well. The saints just wrapping up. But to walk through practice at the team's training facility. On airline drive Bobby Hebert crushing Garrick this sport's talk phone lines are open at 504260187. XX 870. 87 Bobby an English turn you on W him well body. Very adept anchors. All right Bob. Our market which is. We've been you know injury. Is it a Little Rock rock the as I don't mean Combs. I think we just mental game at all. And that he well we do this war a story. That he's a force of. Well Bob I think right place right time he's healthy can. Make a roster played a National Football League and if you really look at it. He's gone it is our fourth year. And reason why the saints have been patient with him. Now they can only be so patient you know I was Stanley John Baptiste and now all the things like this. For the fifteen or college the second round draft pick in 2015. So I think that's why do you wanna kick the tires and so to speak you make sure. They give whomever opportunity when I just look at the numbers. I don't see. Khatami can this team he's a great guy a great individual. I still think if he's healthy can he play for somebody. In the right situation but it. I think a lot of it as far as their patients. And now he's overcome a lot of adversity can series considering this series the injuries he's had. Is because he's a second round draft pick in 2015. Look I agree ruled Bobby and Bobby in particular. I don't know that even hold onto it for too long three years in the league he is cheaper talent so he can make the roster they're gonna lean his direction is not cost anything. But he spent the last three years its first three years two out of those three years he's into the season on injured reserve and he's working with the that the three right now he certainly. Buried on the depth chart and I and I think that he doesn't fit necessarily with the saint wanna do them ever since Dennis Allen took over as DC even after they fired drop. Stream he he hasn't had a slow roll that that he got had on their rob right. Bobo a Christian URL a look at like the same version almost as far as production you get three of four sacks. But Kassim had a volley even contribute more attention teams below accord Kassim anabolic was drafting compared to Kaka. That does make a different tundra and unclear yet exactly. So you are the patience that they have the. There. Would shift gears quickly don't we apologize about the whiplash Brooks cabinda. At the compete on Twitter cover tells you football for the advocate they're taking place in there there scrimmage tomorrow and Brooks and what's not. Open to the media but moved some of the standouts bid in the early goings of fall camp. Well some of the guys that people have been. In particular that aren't a lot of it. It's been a lot of it ought to operate on a court was packed with things like it and keep figure and practice because and now Edgar's been out. With and goes injury just. China can adamant poker and talked about by people are more guys. You know rated the back field than real strong note or quick he's not your. Well note apple that you know the real Evian remote while he's. So I think that that there are a lot better in what Durant and ultra one to do with more aggressive defense a little more you know. Some chips and gaps and things like that so you'd expect guys there. You know someone that was spent on the actual offense the electorate and Chris curry and guide keeps bringing about. Both the company you want to compete in the bar on the way that he's a runner pretty broken up a couple of people on. On Wednesday called there it impacted that you could predicted there so. Some other guy but I keep hearing names pop that we are. So Brooks is there any player like that all the sudden. A true high school freshman decade contribute from the get go as far as they because opportunity. Are. Just because he can handle the load is there anyone that you could see. Contributing straight out of high school and high level that it bowl LSU fans. Look at that man this guys has done. Well one budget bankers curry freshman is can recommend that run baca. He's really in the next for that spot in. I'm sure you at all about. How that spotted a bit I mean. You know it's. Ever since there's got to let you know it's just part of what you know there's not got a lot scored a touchdown Puerto so there are a lot. Up by about that applied edwards' lawyers that the somewhat it's gonna contribute a lot that. Chris Terry. Are what you gonna get a pretty significant amount cherry Coke right away. And they've go across the real high he's been there. Mel Brooks we're Christian fold not being available. Was gonna happen visited greedy ways because I think. If Fulton was available whether it was dollars and greeting Williams are nickel slot. That he was gonna end up playing bad. And you gotta have depth and all but what did you take right now who's in the lead opposite greedy. If you let it be gaining a camp I'll figure it could be a pampered transfer apparent Alexander but. Recently over Iran's been talking about him in the nickel slot a well he's. He's kind of been. That you'll a lot of beer can go there and play quarter I'm going to be more spot orders and chip in there and so it felt more like. And a guy like treatments and junior's gonna command area been about program. At a high level playing point break and all I can get tackled without what he what and they but it. You know. Part in the at this point that sound like the guys or constancy and be there. You know that the that spot doctor curt ones you know and he he's got a really good background art school and how it played it coming in my bickering about it but it. Right now it's. You know Eric Alexander out what you can be in that spot now out purse and all that probably going to be carry. That we. They're all of that I would think. That it came at the number. It now Brooks look at an offensive line obviously. You gotta have to have their bit. What is it to you think a cushion Barry's go work out at senator. Because at times you can have two centers that you please center or guard. But in all of a sudden. Not all hands on deck so what did you take an elements of line and consider position. Well. Or drug been outback or on person Barry's extra part about him that. He most recently said he etiquette. They practice you know week but you know that that often warrants at an interest because. Certain that he remove doubt. Or suspense is gonna do it right at them all over the place but it. Yet he he he talked a lot about. You know movement. Is that it so they had taught what director for the open. You know. There's there's a new debt that they've brought themselves to. You know they get Lou. Guard the people around that it right now in electrician cushion there is going to be leads senator. He talked about moving guys over from pop to topple the king are the guys. That they've put and it all took part. They're you know it is really the question of who built around so. It's it's really not a at a point now where I think they've really figured that out I think that's still going on your practice and and especially after. Tomorrow scrimmage or a better idea where people go that they have a sellout America. My fault. Mix it up a Brooks can be an act. Beat to beat on Twitter covers osu football for the advocate hellish you'll hold a fall. Competitive scrimmage tomorrow and a squad scrimmage Brooks. When out I look at this and he got what do you think you know you have an idea that the defense is again going to be its usual salty self and pretty solid but. Has advice about the quarterback competition. You know that the court all right. You know he keeps quote Archie sang my Britain says that culprit that that is that there. So it's that it's that and talk and accurately. Sounds like she favors Brendan every now entities. Print that taken the first snaps that we confront its for a minute that we did that mean you'd see. And inject a note that they first snaps and you know but. As we apt question about Joseph Perot keeps talking part of the problem but I think. You know it's very difficult to judge short gates. What the quarterback on distraught like right now because it's. It's just too early. You know they just installed their first our packages and situation and or throughout said as much on Wednesday sterility and sort this out. So but he keeps saying Britain. Orwell. You know until they actually see it play on Saturday at now really have any idea of where these guys. Brooks Kabila at B Kabila on Twitter covering osu football for the have to think for the time and we appreciate the ballot. It operation plays rookie bet will certainly come back from buddy Matt and Metairie and Neil demand though the sports talk here on. WWL. Preceding game number one in the books for the saints a 24 to one went over the Jacksonville Jaguars last night. At two next Friday night at home which it's been superdome pre season game number two against the Arizona Cardinals welcome back sports talk Bobby bare. Kristian garic phone lines are open at 504. 2601870. Text 87870. Buddy online to in Metairie Euro on W to robotic. Thereby meaning Christian I don't pay about home. On. The big open world. I would recruit beans you know at northwestern in 1970. Right but it does did you go on and ambiguous now. Well coach ma choices. Home page and followed gonna learn a lot. From the situation right now technology has to be cause of my problems. About the NCAA is the president with the age and life. I mean he did something wrong but it is not even legal entity and seeing correctly what. They play with. It's that they understand it. Well buddy I'm not anti double A fan. The media to a consistent on their ruling see just what you're living examples at different schools. And and and Heidi treaty individual players. Or so they might seem more severe. It may look at it case is being objective in the well this looks swim or series in this. And the penalty. You know them. The Perry doesn't justified a crime. And you know at times. But I think there's so much money involved now. Oh wait college football spacesuit you know look at the power five hour. You look at the SEC debt. I don't see the NCAA been answer long term. As far as being able to police. All of these schools. It's on the exit of obvious right now Carly that's a system in which we have to go by it's it's unfortunately I don't agree a lot of things he typically does that tax bill. In a lot of ways I think they're hypocritical and so many ways. But as we stand here today. While August 11. We gotta we gotta. That it only option we got right now. Well in the body the one thing. The same like. In the got a solid family. That being a Christian Coleman that. The bottom line you go to college to get a good job good opportunity. In obvious she'd wanna have agreed to earn Ellis Shubert. He's on the radar as far as talent and ability. So to get played to play professional football. Looking game we've played LSU look look at delving bro. Now he's trying to make an NFL you know when he broke his neck. And now looking. For an opportunity there. That eventually came about with the saints and still trying to. You know make in the NFL the Christian Fulton. Even in build into that blame you might say it wasn't fair to them I still think he's gonna have an opportunity look at it as a learning experience. If you truly can make it in the NFL. And then. You know look at it is great opportunity to support himself his family. Whatever refuge because I think he's could potentially be on that level. And needs to look back at this and the EU outlook long term or short term that makes sense and there is a lighted in an eternal for him. Can they give him. Mr. Obama. And make sure you could come into a. There will that do that if they're willing to do that it would it would repeal the suspension. Uneasy Lugo collection. True. Well I at the well look at it these days L issue here is one year to shine. He's a price of with the team. And he's among the best though he would be. If he was available you look at adept at LSU. And you'd be in the top 23 cornerbacks whether you putting a modest and greedy Williams. Are in the nickel. He would you play I think he has that skills at the sure. Thanks a vocal body was public comeback Neil Amanda villain also. A saints practice report as well as the saint radio WWL eleven and a cup. The world focused 1182019. Schedule is out. And l.s place thirteen games. On either ESPN or T and T that is a franchise record by which could show you the success they had a year ago. National the national scene is taken news. Well they've taken notice but I. Let me. Do you think that pelicans that are. Bill the quality of their last season mean idol. When a lot of that are they actually be relevant. Now there's only there's. It's only two teams I mean there's only have bookings via relevant. Less than I think but because as Rondo especially Rondo. The pelicans could still be good to make the plows that does it mean to you be heading in the right direction to win anything. And do anything to convince Anthony AD and any games that he wants to be here. In mean I don't know that he could be well the highest paid player considering what he's achieved. Being first team all star. And amongst the best so. I don't know I was really discards and Rondo was along wonderful. And when you look at it I mean of these pars depending on what the saints do. I know Beverly since February 23 when LeBron in the lakers. Come that down. But. I mean I don't know I'd I'd be more encourages. That follows sudden. McGee cousins are Rondo would be in the full hour. Have a bunch of players that McCain knows that you know in less she truly follow basketball. I mean to say. That you can't wait for October 17 of the cake of the season at Houston. And they mean. I don't think there'd be the case.