Kirk Cousins could be a threat

How will the Saints stack up against the Redskins? Mark Menard says do not count out Kirk Cousins.


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Mark take us a little bit behind enemy lines tell us what should we be concerned about what this Washington Redskins team if anything the saints are eight point favorites to beat. Washington in the dome on Sunday. Well we talk about how they're dangerous you got to start with their quarterback Kirk cousins as of a very game triggerman for for Washington. And you know he's been playing. On a contract years seems like forever now every year they just gonna keep extending into the franchise tag in and moving along and he's got a plan for the big money. Just as he is every year end and that the sense is that this offseason somebody's gonna have to give them a big contract whether it's. Him staying in Washington or whether it's him. Moving on some or else to a team that's only maybe a quarterback's short of playing for championships of every game he goes out there he's put it all on the field and they very nearly beat the Minnesota Vikings last week are also seven and two in one of the best teams in the league so. I even the other four or five I would say the saints need to make sure that they mind all their p.'s and q.'s and cross all their t.s and dot other lower case jays. But trying to -- make him out of that while you go you're ready to come back into Wi-Fi Smith is with more sports thank you mark dotting the lower case jays have never worried about that. And in the p.s accused the sees the eyes and the lower case days that's thorough mark Menard will be back with a more sports.