Is Kim Jong-Un jerking President Trump around?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, May 16th

Tommy talks to CBS correspondent Don Kirk in Seoul, South Korea about threats that North Korea will back out of the planned summit.


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Now in terms of listening to us anywhere in the thing level while working for WWL as we can go anywhere. And talk to CBS correspondents where. Things are happening in the world one of which is. The Korean Peninsula and we go now to news Seoul South Korea have talked to CBS correspondent Don Kirk a morning senator. Brokering. The good evening I should say. Tell me Oden know what's a feeling their first of all some thing was canceled on the demilitarized zone today is some kind of meeting between north and South Korea. The first news it was that they were counseling. North South Korean talks which were really. And I'd go to the some of the broad looting came on April 7. Experts from both sides were good about opening up real traffic he's sitting up reunions of the these tests dying animal is. Who divided by the Korean War. Any intentions so long ago when Justin mile along the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. So what does happen so flying nose South Korea is a blood taken down some speakers there were blasting propaganda and what is it K pop music. In a North Korea aren't as anything else happened and in anticipation of united are unified Korea no oil or. Denuclearization. Of North Korea. I don't think any opening and turn to reach a recent statistic you. They might talk about it's you know. Good as far as disperse demonstrators concerned. The big story. Which came through yesterday. That they're workers to do and to look at this. To Alter its. What Kim gig line Austria's by farm ministry issued. Or policy statement in who achieved. It tidbit did the said the Norton. President. Truck mind that he's seeing Jim Jim hood after his of that. There was suggested. This summer mine opened after. As accurate John Bolton. Did. And it's did. The US no matter what was going insists on he's the complete. Irreversible. Verifiable. Denuclearization. So this kind of begs a question. To me. Is this an emotional response by Kim Jong-un and I know I guess as to be speculation. Or is it something that was planned out because in terms of these exercises we needed those joint exercises we're gonna happen between now and everybody knew it. And we just completed and the course is too so he kept secret that reason that he canceled with the or not counsel but threatened potential. The trump would. With that. Credit would between president moon and and thank you toga. It has to be him because. Trainer insists that it will remain in nuclear straighten it out and give up its nukes. We're series. We ship presence Arab and actually. And so it might be possibly describe Kim has an honorable. Just just miserably and just. So politically. Com the president of the United States gets three hostages released three detainees every wanna refer to on prisoners but yeah. Kim Jung un I guess could put himself in the position of looking. Hopefully being perceived as a look I'm open to compromise here Amylin a deal like gamma big guy gave first three prisoners. But yet they don't wanna cancel their exercises. So as a result I'm gonna. I'm gonna call it all five you resists all plan from the beginning perhaps. In some way curry favor with his own people when he really has to do today is pretty Lawrence children. Clinton it's. I'd I don't think did he you know people at the beginning. Do agree good. It's governmental. And what's more he has yet pulled it's it is. First foreign minister says that he might blow that it goes something that could happen. And also said that Kim Jong that was not gonna give up the nuclear weapons program. Which president drove America. Might have been. And then. So is rooted in yet simple but it but it's getting awfully close. Did get an idea among South Koreans that. Or what are you hearing that it first hopes were very high in terms of a unified would their relatives reunions with their relatives. And that what was once so promising may be is not so much now. That's more about aspect of this. Ability to Kim did you president of Austria at the time alluded to conduct the first of the Korean summit. Domestic implements father Kim Jong you know one thing they have agreed all out of there will be rate your reunions of families separated by the Korean War. Interact over the over the years since 2000. Just 2018. Over the eighteen years there have been about twenty unions and that's it. Which is not very many the last time they had the review it was three years ago. So. So that does that aspect of this whole thing industry is playing these gains unions. If that created he would kids to have reunions every week every month. I guess what would I would sink in Dunn has any emotionally. Sometimes you wanna believe what you want to believe pregnant talk yourself into its so. Even though there's a history. It's and they ignore that when you hear that you're gonna get what you've been mourning for so long. As wonder if now the Korea South Korean people are realizing when a minute. Same old saying we felt court. Fatah and close and some people realized that. Tickets out creative they also clear to people have talked are pretty surprised. And shocked during the in the sense. But there at the same old thing we've been here afford. And then north street is playing games. Any thing we you won and done that would listen. Public we've you know and it didn't artfully. But it did it's it's quite surprising where it's shocking news that. Kim so that might arbitrarily say no we're gonna have a summit after. I find it hard to believe that he's really not to go through the summer but it does. You know as a guarantee pretty well that's what that's what we learned today that the substance. You know all the law and and when we have to see whether or not he really. It's gonna do it and also if you don't have don't do it in the zone. What Guinean president traffic real net president trump is saying. You've got to give up bureau of nuclear program where we give you any. There's so much were not much scope to that. A member from Gorbachev in Reagan leaving Reykjavik I think his name of place and Iceland sure and a grim faces because after that summit they could reach no agreement rank. But I just a and it that when I guess it was a stalemate but if things ever gotten worse historically you can remember from a summit where. It's nothing to go to counseling session with you espouse and and then some real ugly stuff happens that a tax if it turns out worse than there was before. Yeah. Back and you know they could have a summit and that. If you get worse. There's that the question is for it before about a particular. Looks like images a lot of fun you know does that have on the part of Coolidge. Be the first on that never ended with screw me screw here oh. Ads on there aren't great and create it. It be newsworthy Niguel little photo clip on today. Dinah appreciate your time. Again I'll be a good evening and we'll talk to you again so goes on right. Thank you in again I take one of the great. Honors of working for this tremendous radio station it's been around. Since it's one reason we can reach out to any part of the world where news going on just like we did Seoul South Korea with Dunkirk. And get a feel for what's happening on the ground there so.