Keith Lusher on fishing Lake Ponchartrain

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 17th

Keith Lusher give a tutorial on fishing Lake Ponchartrain


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And keep ushers along with us today it will more outdoors a key going to be on next week with hunt fish talk. When Wendy billion roundtable discussion of how the issues in the news sentinel showed vision report what got him problems. Well we talked with captain Andy Jones of wicked charter you know that at salt water by disease change in lake but to train some decent we have pictures and he would bull re is it easier I think bonus. Andy switches gears he's he's won the true North Shore fishermen Wear. It and really like to go eat them and of those stressful he'll do you know changes its plans with with them at the time changes summertime comes. And he's got does that reputation in Italy. He also get to those the big darkness and shark in the and that Jack from now you know which you going like that he's got. Lot of cuts through them like that like the big gorilla in the kitchen as big fish so. And then brought in and taught them Jamaica. Restricted itself to that area mean to catch fish on you along and do his business. You know it's it's really good at them get any better at certain times that it would talk about this morning what you. I was like much tree dropped move on now of the Ares Capital get a minute stay in the continue to catch me it is not easy but. You know like you say it changes over and he makes the most of what he's got a mother nature gave a good way to do and sometimes that forces you to to expand you know his business and in ticket in his big it forces unit but I think like over that it just didn't. So monotonous with director speckled Trout. You know he expects it to where the big fish is now only calls it a crack in the net at the mystery of what's on the other line like finding bigfoot. Ever searching for the big Linden had gone away like to you that they'll. That is neat tour made the issue we need to really don't promotes that the Louisiana we gain needed for that real. But it may outline light tackle both Jews and saving it's like fight it and you'd be surprised. How close they did and I was walking on them individually on on the ball yet. And so one come right up in the two feet of water and come right by he is there usually mullah schools emotionally it top predator coming writer wrote most of it is to him. Eric white is joining us now he's a directive for the reeks of first tournament they combined with people lose boarding goods and Erica thanks for being with a possible that this whole idea came out while the jobs not efficient rodeo. A well known that Tony Woodley for quite awhile and we. And one back in the day back in that I am Korean dial. Oh in 20032004. Offshore to it was very successful. So in more passion about the issue in him and now dual. In Somalia. Got together here and few months ago that let's do this again the students that this town with the students I think in closer to home. So. You know he's good friends would Tony it's different with Jack here if Tony at the camp down here so it's listed on bill crow. So. And came up with the other species that we won deficient. And am. And put it together we and them you know will we. Would get about eight weeks out when he little more time next year but we're differing and do it next year consent in but that was pretty successful for first year out. Well you couldn't pick two better partners Tony who blew an institution in in New Orleans area for fisherman everybody knows the place they gonna pass by this little later. It was Jack goes above and beyond this is an ideal spot that is because no matter what the weather as you can find a place to fish. And it's going to be some impressive fishing gonna come and go down hill today what time is a final Wayne. Finally and so windows from twelve to today. Opens at 12 wins at 2 o'clock today. Now there is a blend of down to you clean up and and get up to Rick says yeah that's what this audio with the awards ceremony yeah we are they going on at 6 o'clock night. At a recovery on urban. Back in the VIP area it's got to be a fun party for everybody to view enterprises and and indeed. A Vietnam if banks that Tony but thousand dollar raffle. Compliment and two mall on ones of course hopefully they spend a couple of so I ask you have to cut and at that. Yes this can be deployed looking for that tonight. Very good enough if somebody. Sign up for the time that welcome to come and take part in the volume and yes they're certain to tell me about those VIP cars that was part of your packet. If sir we ever buy that that paid every page participant on the the rodeo it's a lifetime bricks VIP card which and that gets them and their guests in the door. No cover any time. It's him back and VIP 15% discount all their drinks both given good local discount. You prize structure how's it determines. The the first place Trout with 2500. First first place red fixture angers 2500. A second places a thousand dollars and both count categories and third it's 500. And then don't part of the proceeds are gone to a very worthy cause yes sir Michael Williams does such a great job and wished official. We were very happy to be a part of that in and be able to get to that organization we love that. I as far as plans for next year. What would what have you learned so far that you've got to make some adjustments. At these are all learning care. Yeah we definitely learned a lot this year I'm a bit more organized in and and we went up the prize money make it bigger tournament and we've seen them. We're going to you I get out front of a little bit so are advertised and a bit more and and have a little bit better setup down here. But I. This was that this was deathly learning curve and so work. Are those that's my wife Paula I held areas. Leo were on wall dep will be audio and lob at a place next year to put on that even a better tournament would feel that this will probably triple next year. She's getting the word ask. In them and hopefully everybody that joined its we had about 75 page participants. And 41 year. We we've taken really could care these guys in the have a good time and and the and get the word out forest do you suspect this will be the same time next year it's there. Sound you know we need to look at it will be I'm not your Father's Day we probably the best data put it on in and Tony now we're actually going to you. Look at that after this tournament about in pick a weekend a year out so we can actually start really geared towards. Well should be a lot of fun bulls here later on in the way and it's going on some excitement there isn't sheer it. And then of course the party at Rick's tonight's club on the answer and you staff will be used to Malia will be here for the way in of course that accurate so well thanks for making us want is a key and I really enjoyed being dad get involved with this and hope you'll have us back here again and they absolutely no guys are in this is just my environment I don't wanna be in the studio full wires and walls this is perfect at. Thank you done our eyes are I think are much broader help it got a website anyplace people might wanna go for more information later on it's not on our website right now but we will become an answer very good. Thanks so much as Eric why do with Rick's cabaret in but it ops Eric and Rick's cabaret in Tony if you lose sporting goods that combines bonds in his great job at all. Lot inane to keep track up here yeah that's. Always the case bookcase though it would take a quick break we'll come back in though and talk about Alec it'll lottery bonds aren't any news I have I have made a video like this or report it is not what it it looks like on TV I let this right now. Think in those plug in Bethesda. Yes it is believe ought to work also argues journalism contests come and Upton. We'll talk more bundle them BA Louisiana writers association and a whole lot more coming up. We're broadcasting today from. We ought to Marie went to Rhode Island and now we're here for the Rick's cabaret in the pews sporting news revisions speckled Trout wrote deal. And you hear all about it. More outdoors on 105 point three at him each be two bullets of multiple are easy enough on down the -- those guys that.