Keep it Growin'

Dan Gill, The Garden Show
Saturday, August 12th

The Plant Doctor is in.  Dan takes your calls about all things green and growing.  Make sure your thumb stays green as we head into the heat of the summer.


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Good morning thanks for joining the second hour of the guard shot. As always there for a color record coming in I am looking forward to your Clinton coming in this hour. And you'll. That phone number called don't forget. If apple 4260187. B. Our level for conflicts so what I have to be happy to help out with the what do you want all of we could have or should go on. Well war remember that. Cheer on the European Union this year is so cool. You have back at outbreaks of well what your next in this sort of like look at male only popped up. About it retreat to five years. And religion you all situation. But they're here and so. What you or. All light colored ball followed vanish a real real premium color. And they are oh. Recorder captain and ranch ultimately lower. But the current rate number in your view them. If you look like your robbery and on your disturb the real deal and come out. Walk all the law. Argument you can come up so long and you're looking for a ball well I took well over. A year. You're looking at. On all struggled real real warmed up you know being a few little ball here and there. You looked a large number ought not hear the hard part. Of what control we don't want to control the ball alarm people. Our focus on the ball all the ball down in other kind of panicked but the mall we cannot control that practically. You could split the truck and in law on the away. And then they'll fly back here so don't focus on controlling the ball. There's no practical way to do shall. Well we did do however. It detector caterpillar and will be it good for a long ball and do it. That lately that kind of chat over. The crowd out of spraying before they hatch out and the caterpillar approach and does that always to a lot of good be reduced in size. And a week later much into it but being broken down Oprah time. You know. In the literal bang for your buck so your heart argument that there. Of well control. It's best to wait and you begin to see the caterpillars eating in the law. And that. That means some areas beginning turn brown and then promptly. In the Andy you're treatment and knowing the worker program and you've got a side agreement over the great job. Of controlling and so. Don't be too quick displayed a moment ago the ball ball. I haven't ever. For complete information on what. Barrier. Things you can do to help law and recover because a truck well. Do not kill the graphic is model now caught. The late short. Launch and recover pretty well as poignant and recover. We welcome our current and they should come on now. Outlook to a complete information. About what or how we treat them long can be recovered a budget Indian email and now. And that he would today and you can get. And on and on to email me Google my name field GIL. So click on the first linked to come up that'll bring it by L Chua and her off the page and you'll see my mail address there. And happy at the information on our web request. Our media outlet in the boat trip. Calling him from the real above right now good morning. Good morning. The question. About one. You know. Got swap. You know or we saw it. Short hours. They've they've been. Just opening the board but you a lot of talk. Sure. Okay. You know. To eat out. Also wondered if you got those they come up. Again. After they've finished. Looming cut it back able to get them to opposite Q well some of these. I'll admit it does Europe it is mated to a talking all the areas outlook balloon from the barber on the island. Right now so you aren't happy here I think that we shall looming in now what you need to do in the in the future Chris it the company. And they've been blooming. Wait no it. Away as you would like to cut. The value. And shortly the below that picture right after they finish. It whether at home here and a carpet. At that point in Finland and broke out what it will do if you remove the green plug in what color on maybe with your. It is it that good crop he wanted to do. Image problem anymore and they and it makes you look at new. He cut them back to remove the pot and that should stimulate or. I didn't. Material on the abortion Powell well that we grow up and in your script. I think it would be very helpful and again. Cut that would not be as good because I bet it does begin in September October sugar or. End of the year of their growing he's so. Again this year not. As skipped this year and do it earlier touched your okay. What. Small short. What. The early today. Pretty. Would affect. Yet there. But the bad cut that the bad combination written maybe the a factor heir and the lack power about competed up by the team and an appointment looming do. Shot in attendance from the area where they're grow. It a record amount and get rid of them and I think you'll find that they will be much better. Card or electorate. Basic call. All right folks I think back to call a picture of what you want to want to come back at a number of civil war can pick that'll. 18 going to be stay tuned for more the lord shall. Our man or gardening here on the board shall. We talk about and dies your crow and with regarding questions I can help out with the problem that your average. What about my election or a problem though with. Level four to six so 187 the is that number cult level for two expo. What they opened the well. Web when we went to brakes so don't forget get that information. And I yet. In the lower. Area and Euro. But it could be your issues well because a lot of rain and electoral. These implement the orient. Our active right now on call. Out brown areas now opera areas that are spreading and it'd been their for mom. He's not a popular or are out where your long. Held the last week. And now their power and chilling about it keep active problem. The need to Deirdre. It's automatic. Lab work and apply that applied in that the problem. You're not going to be a lot of good in. Its in the problem and you apply it on its side. And it helps the economy. A sample of course trampled by hand or an hour or so in the like that. Which in her. Pay sample can be. A but. I'm not from the very middle over the as a real. Battle. But at the film that will be most. Apparent on the and again or they local picture up offended your local village and an extension agent. Well bring from there short program. Public giving a good note that you're important intriguing. These problems. Already that. Well. We've got in calling from Metairie and more. The morning you know. To definitely do they have covered this in the early part use the talking about insecticides. And implying not vote for besides that the rain. I'm always afraid there's been mugged had money on roundup and so forth and put them but now the ranges war though. So your question a question is so much time. Should. Kind of. Get the whole. Well although it again and because the labels of these product tell you when their brains and that there were proper. And I. Active ingredient active ingredient but they all tell you'll on the label that a different range the term other commonly used within them. Now work on the boat the formulation. The ground out there now are on the range no matter of hours a couple three hours. So double check the label on the product search using it and again the it applies. A global before rain coming in and so he needed to respond to date. You would have sprayed early this morning you could like seven taught. I'm going at them or power or between when you treat. And when the rains like come in the afternoon. The better off factor gonna get off the product. A boat and watch the weather and don't apply agreement imminent and an hour or were three if you got a good angle. But we're ready for a later in the day at quite a horror applies earliest possible. But do check the labels and they'll tell you when. It fixes the area I was in the U2 hours and these some. Killing at the annually. Odd and it rained two hours later I would be I would be curbs that have a web. And not walk. Number two of the net has been the benefit one point made earlier that the outcome in saint. I've been punished or the people attribute to treat again but I don't. Commitment because we are much of the park wash all four. You know what you need to retreat again so public it leave it as he is going to begin in the thing. Is it to try to treat and during the war and you do in the open. Well it enjoyed talking and take care. Already excuse calling in from Minot and kept at more than. They get a good morning and I want to it was a first time caller I'll shut down and that's the beautiful and that need an archery. All of that. I wanted it. That way he treated but it but it does it is possible to successfully transplant. And then shut. Of the bad habit that would be and the boring after the danger of of brought the cold weather fan though about late march or April in the may Libya but I am. We can try to move all over the man speaker Newt physically it easier to deal where. And you can take the small refute that around by the while and to pick them all away from the main clock and transplant them that way transplanting a larger bit and is that more typical. Bob. Physically because it is they'll be here and they wail on but you can tremble believes product pick up the whole trunk. Look at all of the common root below ground and then replayed the Republican. It is supported and you'll hear from the some new route. But that you contract the league ball to make a bit easier remove. That crime but again it recommends it's boring. In the demand. Time to recover from the move all but all they grow and reestablish and location. And that that's the good thing. Budget speculative. They can appreciate called. Are you moving on to Babylon grow on. And on. And they're right. I. Hear of that you mean not kill them retail. On Obama. Now. Known. And I. Wonder. If they'll like man. Fact that you've been sitting on. Right but I think it from the plant junior our. Doesn't mean that the letters lol we are our. Well. So. What is it battle. I don't like meant what idol about to be paying a whole lot of injuries once spiders wouldn't like me at the trade down. Although it would a couple of getting on the surely you could figure Obama is meant I don't know perspective bilateral. I have nothing to do with others legal way. We're eagle or coming in here now hopeful whatever fighters. If you the way you wrote remembered. Opera. They really don't they and their attention. We just walk away and spiders are as good as predator. They all kind of been anything the bug is because they can beat them. Populations. In our yard now so is there. You know out in the hour. Our I can ignore them out of it leave them below. And look at the let them help control inspector and your landscape. Thank you. Wrote welcome appreciate the call. Alrighty let me. Ma we got it. Propaganda heartbreak. A little over. Hold off though for for the COLT but hold on goal. It'll be a quick break and you know how important question mark Jeremy and that people were. Every actor question. Entire trip there a hundred men and those people are benefiting from the quote so I'll always appreciate. Very much. Legal opinion here. And it is a big break yelled out and view will be rated ago and Greg compared to cheaper right now. We have yet. And been on the first. CBS news update president trump has spoken to China's president she about the threat from North Korea. The conversation last night reporter Brian Kemp since he is in Beijing neither the Chinese side with the US side. Really put much out about the conversation but at the very least it is communication and agreeing on that broad principle mr. troubles we spoke to the governor of Guam and reassured him that the US has its back. All that hours after mr. trump said the US military is locked and loaded in South Korea. Former National Security Council member Douglas all of them says really has been. For awhile the united states military the army in particular has been out on pear tree bill worked on that border for over sixty years now so. If there's a fight tomorrow. The ultimate outcome is not in any serious doubt the United States and their South Korean allies will win that fight but the level of collateral damage. And civilian devastation. Would be huge CBS news update on Peter King. Good part of your dogs on the show and the only way and a you have a question I came here to answer for. Build a program cope a level 4017. Bible or 20187. Deadly if calling from looked awfully doubly more and more insular. The net and yet because all the world will urge north replanted well other. Then went should be bet on the chill pill popping from road to calm propagate fear reliably. A from cutting and something that you shouldn't be able to do. He would. Only be in the Colbert took credit taken during the beer may June. And durable part of year about October November. May have been injured including taken out that I'm in the year which Kevin Rose Israeli joked about in time. And for apparently is much more wrote. A new pro while growth in front of the British and its fault in like human. I want them that. Age I'll arbitrage is brand new opt in front of them were. Out there are located. Amid the great game to use propagate. Off the pain flow work. And then make cutting about six in law and that they the cut should be made. The cut should be made wrought a local place for a lead pack it took them. So that the very day that your accent on cutting. Does the plate for a week was attached to the chemical wouldn't vote out all of clinical problem in cutting a wanna do and take off the lead crumble well. The cutting legally on the upper part of the cutting. And there and that the cutting them from rooting hormone and rooting hormone however would actual older you or court and working feed store. And just one and done that. I get a part of popping oil make sure they. And then make a hole with your finger and then insert this the crowding Cortland Lowe worked for you conscious of them. I'll think about half the cutting down in the put the mix around and a number of cutting it in a quick fiber you know am. A little cart you can stick several cutting. Out on their route to the mineral caught up. Be cutting in the area that. Webber. And water oil and enough other can make you believe more that is the start to get drawn. Water water to mix. Good and those two out of again it doesn't work. Don't be too disappointed. Tribunal literal cools down a little bit of but he inroads. At the cutting room. The right way to propagate rose and the wrote. Adding will be exactly the same as the road trip coming from. Outlook the right way of flow of creating new plant with the anchor is I have a plan to Japan. Corey a diploma. If you. And compute. But a lot of good information on the Internet well on reading cutting and figuring use. Information there and my mother Wright is the political. Are you. Calling from matter that morning. Good morning. You're. Okay get. Plastic sheeting and most on top of that and the last month in this month on getting. What I looked up on the computer they're called dog staying corn much. They're awful they're hollow. Mushrooms in it have been ordered to it and it's awful they keep coming back. And I don't know how to get rid of them. I picked up there. Under. That will rebel control them so that there's no. Under what could drench the bed where that we get rid of them you can pick out among true but should also dig out. From oil and ball. Our round beat mushroom because of the bunker producing them out and now once. It is in that area and it just producing. Mushroomed in particular spot on the it. They've all been through. The the material. Hopefully that he's been warned. Really like a wood mulch. A lot of the defenses we can get against them do not use it would be couple children. Using a Super Bowl or uptight and are able or some sort of brown wooden bowl shall such one of the and that part of the problem. What is great call all bull with based mulch. And compost. And they'll put it away. With a a couple or Egypt or or afraid that much. You can back it up in this boat and then replace it with pine straw and I'm straw in Ottawa based mobile and he's been. Mushrooms opera or it would based program. So that's one thing that you need to in the and then attempt. To get rid of these and keep them from rolling back manatee area it should change our bull. Bolivia is somebody mentioned that mixture of vinegar. In order it would do would help cut these down you know that that's true and you have any plan in the I just to have basically Bush's has some vision openness and viruses are by. That in government refused to herb. If toxic decline. In the an interest in her of these motions before is that common in this area are very. Common. I your optimal. Provide gardening people who email old. We've already seen him a week or so. And meld them and but I entered under. Threat. Extremely well nobody likes well. It will build their correct the problem they'll be a problem when rainy though goal when straw Obama. That that could be there all the time but again if you get bad enough where it was like something drastic and optimal. Okay appreciate it thank you. Get things political. In court room oh you don't want them all right that was technical and be back where the Berkshire. Did bar that were on hard thing to call your number and it regarding what can answer that that the moral calling from. We all morning. On. Euphoria. The question about my partner. True that two year old report about I've. You're older. A little later. You did get one. Way what. I should not try to tighten 000000. So we'll poke at them. Put out it actually in about. Trees but willow law. Oh look at. One. Veterans. Ought to be open as an output. Troubled chain Nextel open my computer. I wrote a worker in his. That they installed. To admire it turned back. And you don't know why. All right well. The calcium nitrate that she used is to block out and commit a block them and brought problems about the only thing at address. So the problem is that have been brought account and a tree a war. Doctor you couldn't have ought to drop the probably out of Oakland election. But rather than ample on the track the tomato fruit and that the wrong. On the the pas port a bottom but at the bottom of the two weighted. Bachmann brought. And Africa all in mushy so that the good getting hit around may when you are green and beautiful and you're really important mechanism all the sudden they are rotting there the good chance but it was balk wrought. And a Carl for that what you need to do is once the art. You need to break the plants are weekly. With a fungicide. To protect them from from the organisms. That don't get don't get that brought had a human use or Allendale. And it probably folded back and hail that pelted the CEO. In the IL. Back in milk that funded by the control a wide variety of vegetable uncle Peter. And you can. I get about a weekly basis and minimize. Other problem. Wet spring like we had this year with a lot of brain really enhance those problems so. That would be out of the direction our ability to go in oral. A lot. Of Manila. I'm. I will be AO. LL. In Ohio now. And want to wait so. I'll label that electoral. Ala okay out oil. Well good luck with your next thought. That click here now. Our body ticker at the bit at a quick statement will be right back. Good morning. Well. Outlook locally from. Good morning. A demoted in which taken McCall. I have our brand new ball not bring light and sent to treatment plant it back in late January. And I have a lot. Unsatisfied I would not spring and someone grow. This one issue that's common Bermuda grass and it's all the coal upon its lol. And on our court turn anything alternates. All I want to take a quality in revenue growth the way and on pit bull that so -- real. Now what do I vote when you have got a lot of power play. Once right around that you think about. All of our. April can go on the wrong or brain wave and it sure that Obama go on the wrong and that the possibility. But it may come out coming up from below the union in which it is through opulent should be allowed anyway so regardless. Cut it off to scuttle. The that Robert fields at all like that hurts that spot with a new growth does I can kill will not play the street to street. Bob well that's. That there could be mark richter coming on the right now. Thanks so much pain in the day. Sure they appreciated. Our market from mark calling out your market more and more and Horry. And purple pink thing to do man I've interviewed pitches on everything from being appalled to. I don't know on a month ago was being great at you believe they'll. Wonder what you got. Outlawed in your pocket if by dispute it is from the law. Delete them rivers and upon and the Marbury you wanna bring up a couple of errors double. It is too now. A quick way. Oh law and active grow. So I think Guillermo. At great aunt of civil law on mobile law before. Bread and filled up the feel good battle among the grass it's better remember that apple only reliably. And so. You could build momentum moment that you can't. And from the Backstreet vote out we put out. You know a lot of real progress in return there you'll know after a few weeks. I mean detection and sought in the period. Feeling about two inches deep aggression come up through. Great now on the connect me about it Internet more than okay hearing educated big pet. Our project call. There are those that bring it out to that David calling elementary Dave yeah. Gently she wore them. Oh. To get Oregon's. They've really. Agile liar in July it would offer that he about a month. And watermelon in the cooling down a watermelon love when the mine would be really late. To try to get on property well. That you're good at small and about half a real political upon equipment failure month. Thanks. Appreciate skull. Our goal from the court for example are all here real quick. You may comment about that could be used as herbs. My daughter and my wipes on my blog about. Putting roundup and our vegetable garden. Would you care to explain. I'll wrap up would be or why they necessarily mean brand of quiet well. We're keeping our better we controlled and vinegar vendors at the Borough. On the top. The wind in the credit for all and you'll be. Real about that perennial weeds and below are. And that vinegar will control mode as well as a systemic or the public like they think in either one but the most of that in the going to be. Are there it will bite you bear much. Charl thank you for the N and all candidate good. Advocate at it again I'll elegant. On the show.