Kawhi Leonard To Toronto

Wednesday, July 18th
The Spurs have traded their start player to Toronto. What does that mean for each NBA conference, plus we have Jake Madison of the Locked on Pelicans Podcast join us.

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Other Sowers could be fun. Maybe below hole and a few feathers ruffled get ready. Toxin MLB this first half hour rob Manfred blaming Mike Trout. For the MLB shortcomings. And their marketing department it's absurd. Thought about that just a little bit second half the arrows stocks and NBA quite Leonard traded from the spurs to the raptors Brad Bakken NBA right of CBS sports rejoice in the Jake Madison. As the NBA office uses an off season is now settled down. Will give us a pelicans perspective where they fit into this Western Conference that's coming up. But I've got to talk about Josh cater and it broke on our show last at 10 o'clock hour. That only have a lot of time to digest and analyze it but. People uncovered. Tweets. And for the mentally Josh cater to do down here. And listening on Josh Peter who in the world Asik was just hitter is an all star pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers are one of the better young pitchers in baseball right now. Certainly a star. A reliever for the the brewers ands. Certainly a pivotal member of their. Division leading team right now expect to burst to be certainly contenders in the NL I don't Tim doesn't wanna hear that but the pretty darn good in the the NL central right now Timmy how your cubs do that. One. They all off reversed the I don't get a hold off the cut the brewers there and a thumbs up from Timmy and as cuts but here's some serious stuff. So. There was obviously somebody. Who would went through Josh caters tweets. A long time ago. And I had this treasure trove of disgusting offensive stuff waiting to drop and they waited until. He went out to the mound yesterday in the all star game to drop all of these tweets and I will tell you what. A lot of times I'm with Tim was sometimes tells me hey you know it's a little unfair to guys ring and stuff and gals. Up front you know 678 years ago if it's one of bad habits a minor offense yet can be a little bit offensive but I kind of agree there. This is different. This. Is a pattern. Of just complete obscenities. Managed. Kind of takes us into the dirty nasty mine and somebody who frankly needs a lot of help. Now some of this and we obviously. Can't say some of the words here. On broadcast radio but. It's a offensive. But I'll take it through some of the things that he tweeted out at. Tweets kkk. The first thing I hate gay people. Hot not whom I getting I was a little and the word and the word. About 45 tweets that use the N word very regularly by the way I'm not gonna read the mall. I need to be worried that Ken F word of cook and clean right. Suck my blank. All murder your family. Gay people freaked me out this dude comes in with Tony shirts and a pony mailbag. Hash tag obscenity. Now there's a lot more than that. Is Josh cater honest what are the same Major League Baseball pitcher. The merger making millions and millions of dollars tens of millions of dollars from his craft. And you know what's. As just like you pretty regular dude that this would not be acceptable. In our line of work. I am sick and tired of it just because you make a lot of money here in the public high. And there's a lot of money I guess in for Steve John aligning your profession the get away with this data is absurd. And Major League Baseball in the brewer's response to this. Lacks a lot. Now we just added. A very. Analogy is. Scenario this week happened with Papa John's popping jaw and was caught. On AB. Conference call using the N award. Very inappropriate he only did it once. Still inappropriate. In the backlash was very swift were talking about a multi million dollar business. The face of that business. Certainly much more than hater is the face of Major League Baseball labor in the face of the Milwaukee Brewers. And what happened to Papa John. He was scanned booted out of his office. No longer going to be defaced. A pop John's pizza even though his name's on there. And yet. We seem not just one thing from Josh cater. We see a multitude of some of those up Vincent disgusting. Words. On a public platform like Twitter. And just because. Apparently. He is a public figure play in sports. That he's gonna get away with this. If I said one of the things that he did or tweeted one of the things that he did I'd be out of a job if you did you'd be out of a job. So what everybody else and you know what Josh hater should be out of a job. Here's the response. Major League Baseball. Or suspension. They just want Josh cater to take sensitivity training. The Milwaukee Brewers in there'd GM David Stern. Here's his quote we've been in contact with Josh and he has fully aware of the severity of the situation of a social media comments. In no way they go on to say to these sentiments reflect the views of the brewers organization. And it's down. Further in a statement. He has been a good team man and a good contributor to the team in every way we'll continue to work through this issue would Josh as we prepared to resume games after the break. That is cowardly. That is insufficient. And frankly. That's obscene David Stern's. Were passed this. Lake we as a society. Should be passed this. There is no other place. There is not a single place. In our society. Where you can save that brings the Josh Peter tweeted out. And stay in your profession and I even mean the Oval Office. A lot of things that come out of that Oval Office they do not rise anywhere near. What we saw here from hater. If our president of any party and any time said those things the backlash would be tremendously fierce. This is ridiculous. And I feel dirty. Being panic inside the sports fraternity here. His people. Are probably looking at sports fans and athletes going this route what are you doing here. The Milwaukee Brewers need to suspend. A Josh cater for the rest of the season and frankly they should cut him. Any shouldn't get another job. What is it with. Professional sports where you think that you're above. V the ethics on the morals and the regulations and the norms of the rest of our American society. Why do we think it's sports and athletes. And sometime coaches and owners are above that. The Carolina. Panthers owner. Jerry Richardson. He was just forced to sell the team. Because of a series. Of sexual harassment allegations. Certainly very serious and he should have been forced to sell the team. This to me is just is offensive. I don't understand what's going on here. In our in our sports society it's. If fans don't care about this. If you're listening and you say why this I don't care like I as long as they play on the field as long as they went minions that's all I care about. Then you or the problem. We have to be better than this is a society. What do you look Heimlich for Oregon State. The only reason. That the former child molester. Is allowed to pitch on the college World Series winning team is because fans. Apparently didn't care. Because they only care about wins and losses and how fast you throw or how fast Iran. Or your quarterback rating or you're ERA. Or your points per game more your plus minus ratio or whatever it is. Nothing else matters. It's gross. Josh hitters gross he's disgusting. And I wish Major League Baseball would grow African spine but they wallets instead. The same Dave all this happens. You know what Major League Baseball their commissioner did all. We'll tell you next but apparently. They want to blame Mike Trout. But the world's best player for there complete inability. To market him effectively. What do you think about this 5042601870. That's the phone number. 5042601870. Talk about a rob Manfred. And the absurdity they're coming on next. It's a rob man friends and cyst. What a dumpster fire in his reign over a Major League Baseball is becoming. Here in just second wrap up our conversation. On it Josh hater just offensive tweets this as a treasure trove of them were dumped yesterday's pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. Uses the N word mauled dogs and one Tweeter too tweets and and many tweets in boulder ways tweets out KKK. Tweets I hate gay people tweets that he wants to murder somebody. Uses very offensive language about women I mean just the DL if he hit for the cycle on. All of the offensive topics that you could touch on. Misogynist. Racist. Homophobic. My goodness just really bad stuff. That we as sports fans. You know what you should care about it and if you don't care. Then shame on you I mean really shame on you here's the texts from John OS bankers want me up at 87870. No the problem is all the whining over some BS someone posts on the Internet maybe these cry babies need to spine. No John if you think it's OK. To use the N word multiple times. To say I hate gay people. To say I'm gonna kill you to tweet out kkk. You or the problem. You are the problem. You are the reason that guys like Luke Heimlich. Are able to pitch for Oregon State after molest seeing what a four year old girl. It stands like you who don't care. Go to Rick in Algiers richter on WW. It is news says. So agreement read you is that call that place based properties bomb. And but I also like to say at. I think any athlete where the U its third National Anthem does something stupid is this they Alba. The First Amendment would. But it's the Emory in order to try out should be go go get real object and I hang up and listen that you statement pop. Yep thanks for. Listening wreck and it's. Yet you can't hide behind the First Amendment yet the First Amendment allows you the rights to say these things. But it also. Doesn't protect you from the backlash. From these kind of things. And Tim points out rightfully so that is his teammates are kind of rallying behind him here and and you know what it's just it's just think the response from general manager David Stern's. Is absurd. Saying oh you know listed he's a good person is teams behind dement and war through this. War and sensitivity training for a they grow a spine. Anyway we'll look up these athletes. And people in power and act like. At a you know just because. I guess that they make a lot of money that they're above this kind of behavior. That's absurd. At sick. Brilliance. You wouldn't get away were this kind of stuff I wouldn't get away with a scanner stuff. And just because somebody makes a little more money they got a couple more zeros on their paycheck. Should nots in this country and our society. Make them Bob this kind of stuff. Josh eight largest. Sooner beyond mine you know what Lester very long time. Talk about rob Manfred here. For just a little bit so the biggest star in Major League Baseball Mitt what we were phrase it the best player. In Major League Baseball. Mike Trout we talked about him. A bit on the show place for the Los Angeles Angels. And it's you know it's interest incas he's been on the league now. For half decade plus and he's been the best player in the league for about that whole time. Sure fire hall of Famer there's the angels'. Inability to put a team around him is a completely different story. But you have. Now hole yesterday as the all star game rob Manfred was asked some questions about you know why is it nagged Trout a bigger star. Why doesn't Major League Baseball. Put their resources and assets. Behind us Mike Trout still market him to make him. A household name. And you know what. Rob Manfred said. Rob Manfred. Incentives is now taking any kind of responsibility. Or culpability. For their complete inability to market Mike trouble let's be honest here. Which of these annual holes but the most in months sort most popular athletes in the country in the world Major League Baseball is nowhere to be found anymore. This is a huge problem for the league and it starts right at the top and it starts would rob Manfred. Well. Manfred. Apparently says nope it's our fault it's Mike traps fault. Might try outs quote pastor make the decision to engage. It takes time and man have hurts it's his faults didn't say it's his fault quote prepare praising. What dog Mike Trout does not Major League baseball's all they do a fine job marketing. What's. Jim any self awareness at all like any. Major League baseball's popularity has never been lower the past century. It's never been lower. Ratings. In the modern television Eric had never been lower. And you know the history of rob Manfred and the problem with the Major League Baseball one of the many problems rob Manfred is a New York guy. He grew up in New York City. Grew up a yankees fan and in that culture. And he's one of those blow hards. Who think nothing in baseball matters but yankees Red Sox upper East Coast as long as those two franchises are coming. Nothing else matters. That is what Mott rob Manfred beliefs and his cronies in the Major League Baseball front office. If Mike Trout played for his yankees. Baseball would throw every single resource you could and making Mike Trout the biggest star on the planet. Least in this country. He played for the Red Sox same thing. But because he dozens. Because he's on the West Coast and not in the upper northeast. Rob Manfred cares less and this is the exact problem with Major League Baseball and why most do you listening right now. Don't care about me usually based at a Christian and Bobby talks for an hour about in a Y. Is Major League Baseball have a problem popularity especially down here in this part of the country. This is kind of the that one of the reasons why it's not just because we don't have a Major League Baseball franchise. It's because baseball. And there and becoming a joke of a commissioner rob Manfred. The only thing they care about is the profitability and the marketability of two franchises. That is not how professional sports thrive right now in America. Look at the NFL the model that they have built that in turn it into the behemoth that it is. The unstoppable force right now on American sports is built on the back of parity. That no matter the size your city or what coach Jauron or even if you're not a coast weather in Green Bay or New Orleans. Or New York. Or Jacksonville. You can wind. And the league will promote the stars in those teams rob Manfred doesn't believe that. Rob Manfred. The Commissioner of Baseball has presided. Over the completes deterioration of the foundation of that sports. And if you're a baseball fan I'm one of them it's sad it really is and rob Manfred needs to go. Take a break for CBS sports that's an up Major League Baseball. Disgusted by the Major League Baseball right now. Go to the NBA quite Leonard traded so we'll talk to Brad buck in a CBS sports. The NBA offseason in the wild and crazy offseason. Almost over. Still some vestiges censure. Out there are some trades and deals so it'll still happen to let's bring on and Jake Madison now locked on pelicans podcast humorous. A pelicans perspective on everything that's happened Jake it's gone on manpower. Not to my bank term health access and would you make Clyde deal. Interest in you know I think this kind of shows that the superstars who have more leverage than we were expecting that you foresee the return form cannot be nearly as good. The proper candidate what do we might like to mark Rosen you're not a level player a player that quite limited. Well coli letter helping utility. You know Toronto got a very good deal in this stating give up any of their young players and give up any tricks along side witnessed I think Spain through. They'll select a little bit from the purse side I'm not ready right this spurs team up just yet. You're kind of a coach and score in the market rose Namibia and keep up the warriors of rock a little bit more it is kind of one of those rare we we trade but certainly that spurs are gonna drop down a little bit more than where they were last season. OK let's get into the pelicans here Jake and I still maintain I really do believe this that there are more talented. Then they were in that series against Golden State but I am concerns. At about the point guard position they'd have Ian Clark who is nice they brought him back at. I hike Alfred I TG IL like that is potential is there high draft pick everything that's been set about a bit. It's not sure if he's been a V guy to run this offense and Alvin Gentry system what you think. Archer the public to know 100% yet if you could be a starter not really gonna run this PayPal that. System that they're going to be sticking with next year. He would start to be round is that they anticipate these green Rondo back from the orchard unmet demand that happening. It sounds a bit but he can narrow the implants Oak Park starting right now they're keeping her options open entirely may be eager to go rated B starter. I think that might be a little bit risky though if you look at the film premiere of what he's an extra. When he's with only and it would replace that masterpieces and you could start at Rodman played good basketball but it is not been that productive to date so you got that kind of power and have some concern there. Serving Republican evil look to see there's revealing when required cheaply and trade. Army in order training camp pre season basketball. And say okay we're gonna move quality back to the point guard role which she's played with finishing spot has spoken in a lot of the time you saw. That in the final minute of close games it was under on the bench holiday running well and so I think it's comparable. You look like he played well all route would gain. Have they have been through Aqua unfortunately and there can be collected in kind of gallery every legal option available. Columbia thing where they really just want to. And I'll hold serve until the trading deadline trade deadline NC who's available van because of me don't cost you as much in. There's more players or be available then their are now. I think that the big thing I think. If you look around the league the majority of teens think they can make the playoffs this coming into their new position as well or trade players just yet. It doesn't start to become available the enemies are separated belt and the games start you played in under way. He had any industry shake out but think that where the Republican be. Active buyers and many big room you're the market car. Bringing Nikola Mirotic black. All done around the trade deadline that's pretty you know do their best work I think that kind of where he media group happened. But that President Obama and they know of any improvement they wanna add another layer on the rock or they wanna bring in another veteran point guard. And there's no one really out there in pre either gonna cut it. You oh level of certainly meeting that you're coming down or are ambitious known them for other teams to treat with that. Jake Madison host blocked on pelican spot desolate turn on the Mike there stick. Ali got a infrequent section of the program and always once been askew and sky and everybody else about. Frank Jackson the start of the summer league for the pelicans do you think that he factors in here this year. You know. I don't think he's going to be getting significant managed just yet you know this summer league was cut short after the ones really good quarter. Well it would achieve. But I think this team has been very well I don't think some relief necessarily. Agree indication of whether or not players going to be productive and the NBA level. I think the goal regionally lefties in would've been to put him in the geely geely give him a lot of minutes about it and let him get out to play and work through some rookie mistakes since he's an enemy where they'll hurt you win your games that matter. So going to be at the plant but they can't another guard in the rocker or someone is injured that's where you'll see him get his opportunity the puck in their area idol when they view him as a first round pick even though they got in the background that. They're going to take their time don't rush is development. And certainly didn't win the kinds will have every opportunity to play. So did the pelicans are in a position here they can kind of ride out this. Golden State storm here I think it's crested I think on the backside of that wave that may be you know and I could compete for title this year no matter who dad. A truly compete for entitlements something really weird happens there but you know maybe 23 years down the road may be further nine F 86 around. You think maybe they're they're thinking long term here rather than now because quite as Alec may get a seat destroy their wanted to title this year it. Obsolete old people to retaliate I happen in the next two years or so I agree with you that I think the Golden State kind of dynasty that they have going on right now. It on the council. Of the number we record the luxury tax leader and everything. You know that means well over a billion dollars for your clear it out and that's all you no matter how much money you're pulling in the premier unsustainable. Amount of money to Al in that so I think that's where you might you know how. To break that despite mutually eventually going to come and catch up with them so. I think the pelican is a reason they don't really want my own terms salary. That may be looked at capped further analyze prevent them from making loose will be that we don't like a little bit more because the other team. Attitude is that back you know there's despite that. Part of the injury operative twenty million a year it was only for two years they were not willing. Commit long her money June import that. I don't think they're really to commit long term money to anyone right now on this roster other mini game in May be true holiday. Potentially Julie strain of opinion on how they're they're here well. They do need to beer caught just two or three years ago. A your windows and open up with the tree of life. You know they might be the only beautiful music out there are out there who make a lot of money but like on your cap down a lot of mini the reason they kind of a of the break like that so. They need to kind of weird initially need to be but some are now trying week trying to sell it that he gave on that that contract. What he'd like that content you need to have a that well there are stuck in ailment and right now. So bottom line where do you see the pelicans right now fitting in in the Western Conference. You know I definitely think there are a playoff in ninety Julie's Randall is agreed picnics in the gators with mr. triple system that they like to run with picture in shock a get out. It is clean transition. And I think that according to two lead to a lot of wins it would seem to get up to slow start to your I don't expect that this year. I think they've got. Kind of the killer instinct mentality that Rondo who would really help them overcome a lot of does real well at the losses particularly you know you know off to a team like them that I doubt maverick of years have sacrament of cute last year they are all here I think they bite from BP the I'd seen the forty something like that book entry entry is certainly now the what you Cochran all locked up or attribute my old years not just the final part of the. Jake really appreciate the time man we'll have you on again I know is that training camp it's underwent a must think so much. Jake Madison locked on pelican spot desk that podcast still going right now I can find that. In favor of podcasting App Store or locked on pelicans dot com Jake's at Nolan Jake on what are. We'll take a break were coming back around open up the hour have an update on WW mobile router foods painful. What's the most critical piece of having a championship NFL team elite quarterback league coaching outstanding pass rush great offensive line. Or something else slug on WW all dot com you can cast but there can also cast your vote on the radio dot com pat favored WW and Seth Dunlap. Double coverage continues next. Your talking about Major League Baseball earlier. And Josh catered got a a chain of texts. I want to read it season to very passionate here. From the five before they set everyone needs to stop attending games watching games on TV and big companies stop advertising all that happens. They would be below us they Q Darren again stop attending the games. I am offered tickets element and go if they are free. And Harrison her somebody there showed there's been 10% drop in TV ratings we need a fifty to 60% drop. Yeah I'm pretty disgusted to be honest by what happened this week in Major League Baseball it's variety of things that Josh cater the response from the commissioner's office to it. Rose from the response of the Milwaukee Brewers organizations to it and then that this compounded their issues. By trying to blame Mike freaking tryouts for the lease an ability to market him effectively. Grueling match Sprint Cup Manfred comes out rob man for the commissioner. And says nozzle might trounced fall nothing cedar were doing OK I mean really. Ratings are shell what they once were the sports is at a crisis of popularity especially with people under age 25. And so on is and rob Manfred is that he needs to go. Timmy or big Major League Baseball guy that was all I gave rob Manfred five years I'm done I added a move on to somebody with new ideas are fresher face like he's in good Joker now. He's way better job and Roger though it may I think Roger you know still he's probably not even uttered on Rachel. NATO commissioner met on way more hated than rob Manfred olds yeah now let's look Edwards say in popularity contest is no doubt. You'd be right on there take a break for news were back though next hour got fill in the blank. Weekly segment him. His recent topic sailor fill in the blank with my responses it's pretty fun we'll have our NBA power rankings we'll talk to Brad bock an NBA Iran of CBS sports. And then at Ben Jones tied sports dot com and Tuscaloosa news that's coming up next it's. Set Dunlap WW.