John Kennedy on gun control, LA's budget woes, and more

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, March 5th

Tommy talks to US Senator John Kennedy about Louisiana's budget struggles, gun control proposals, and more.


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Good morning the junior senator from Louisiana John Kennedy good morning sir. More in common hey before we get. To. Cool. A gun sales and before we get to. The president and his views after that meeting with the NRA and before we get to tariffs let's start locally here what do you think about what's going on in Baton Rouge with special session and a hundred billion dollar hole that they can't sign that no one billion dollar hole they can't sign. Phil is on one billion yen at one billion yeah waiting about their job. You got legislature whether you agree with them or not. It society reflection. The people would see him. And I mean every every legislate tore. Zealously. Represents abuse Israel or pledged that cannot find the message that via. People would him out of the legislature action figures that. They. Aberration in state taxes. Without trying to control the candy it is thank on deny it all back at all. Folks no matter where they are on the political spectrum. That this state has a lot. Made a concerted effort. To try to control spending and they just looked at the number. But is there anything they can do now on John because of the dedicated money and the only singing cut. Writers understand their prisons education or tops the way it stands now. Well liked it I dedicate my now but most of the diamond and now my most of the dedication Strom here on bars. A Dunbar majority vote but I'll and they could undo what went out my first job in government was with Buddy Roemer. Back in the late eighty fault they open the four. Key recession stayed out of two billion dollar deficit. When when our budget was on February 1000000000 dollars in the first line go home it was called the legislature on him and undertake much. Now ever ever ever since man. The legislature you cheer leader catch more recreates dedicate more re dedicate more but that is yeah. Then all of the money is dedicated and frozen at Apple's photo of people. Have been changed constitution. Or under sanctions that truth is that screwed but not for the majority. Where only these time tracks that you brought up when you're treasury has what two years ago along those. Very rarely sign on unknowns at. They did not think you know not going to do when he sank because a lot of those contract where percent. Are either political patronage. Or power to him that the people who get the contract. By by tiger can keep. Our member of commissioner department such fine now would still stay traitor he banished wishes to him as. Will go to all the contracts. And moment and it macho men and what amounts DG. I'd did ship did show up Earl little maybe thirty day yeah but but more importantly the vision of the administration's. Never did and Yemen or any kind of actually changed little if I was just I was just. Reading about the money market they've beaten possibly receiving from the federal taxpayer. The only person or insecure it's gotten more beer. That people look at the contract to manage her money. John messiah about. The NRA in the meeting the president hand. Talking about bumps. And they are fifteens it setter at setter where you want Madden and do what do you think what the president had to say. There there is no legislation proposed that this doctor. That I would vote for. Here's why. All this is it is the end oppression traded about what happened in order which which of course an unspeakable tragedy. But what happens for a it was a result of the bright gamma recession. I mean we have over. I don't know forty thought it eased contacts with mark or market. That for whatever reason didn't respond about about this key or I am not here these Pearlman. The lost we have right now Tommy your not billions for me to be an example we do have a national data page. You're convict government can only deal with your. If you beat up out your mind goes in the air right now are not. There's just one problem in the federal employees in the state and cool yeah our board. That are supposed to him information that sort. There until. I purchased financial. And there are no consequence. Now there's a big oh yeah. Federal employees and bowled much if they don't do it. There's a build your stage more money they'll agree to do what my options. People are any attention. To turn the information in the data which college yeah. Eric what it would horses super but then every governor. Am in America and I can't. The appropriate people my exact branch and Washington. Would get an IP addresses are never our spot or putting information that there are that good morning. Adam back and want aren't there that are. I suggested that the president. Colin Powell and the sector and travel should go back to Garnett who your agency while 0% equal partner but that. And no matter what we're doing it and are almost. You don't have to are indeed people for the world are. We better start to America. Yes. That's what the Romans is not a means. To be sacrilegious ago but that's way the intake Jesus in morning killing where nobody gets it that's one of the Roman geez crucifixion and wanted. Everybody know what was going on and why and what would happen the consequences would be if that are you know. That's the biggest problem. With what with what is happening the issue now if you don't we have them up now so we stand art channel. You can control. Who hasn't gone who does he can control what people actually don't know what. You could control where travel and we're right. But America isn't big. Open free exercise. And according to two recent United States Supreme Court shape. Each of us. Has the right to bare all just like to lie to which each shot from the right to war or the Colorado bar or no god there. And before our 122 impinge on Matt well. I won't know. That it won't work and actually beat them that included an adult. To an animate you want to. Well 10 what a radical Islamic. God as quote a screw or you could or told don't Jericho. Are active ones and I agree. Why haven't spent an integral part of the year ago. Well. Tommy John about tariffs India agree with the president's plan with steel and aluminum and China in their. Well China is the least of it I guess are some candidates that are. Too early jail. I won't see the presence or. This was all based on common he made lately. I think walking to us helicopter armed offshoot of order. But he sticks to his guns there no question at that time the cost of women and the cost steel and numerical war. And that action parts. I won't say what we won't yet in the car. And I think there's a lot of scary right now I'm not saying people who are scarecrow like that him that the but we don't have an extra. It may be used to present you're just going to track. And some of the other countries that are competent in their it may be indeed he could care shall be unilaterally across support I don't know but I know what you. I senator when you do even when you declare from governing you do that hearing. You've got up prop up anybody's and I says got a tongue in cheek to me is nine humanity fingers are. I have not and I'm Robert they'll actually film so the idea of power acting acting sure I'll do. How do you have to reach anybody here. All right thank you John I appreciate your time thanks to the extent anybody cares pulleys. Senator John Kennedy.