John DeShazier on Pelicans-Trail Blazers Series

Radio Color Analyst John Deshaizer joins the show to preview Game 2 of the Pelicans series vs Portland. Can the Pels come back to Nola with a 2-0 lead?


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Welcome back to the show up its own L hourlong how excited I am for tomorrow night's game and look. Talk about it all day long down here in the city. Gotta go straight to the source let's go to the great north west and stock to the man himself JD John the seizure. New Orleans pelicans radio color analyst and senior writer for New Orleans Saints stock on. Welcome don't our so called Kroger that although a lot more than that I have a 10 he's an impending trick and await their home court advantage so. In particular train derive little bit more Tuesday night. A man and dialect I loved listening to your call them I play it to you this before getting to the U of x.s and o.s this. To you personally man I don't think there's anybody more excited about the run this team is on right now that year I look hopeful listening to you. The radio call many you do to jazz that. Well number one appreciate that number two. I don't think they agreed they turn into true immigrated you know of course I work for the franchise but you know you do to try to remain ever journalist. As unbiased and balanced educated and but you know sometimes you see some stuff that really. They're really mission yet it's been around a mayor Anthony they can do some things. To make anybody and watching to Holliday played a weight he has. We knew it was there we didn't know what it will be on this trying to consistent basis. Where he graded out over the course of speed and org you know top probably the better elite the better part of kick people out there and again. The casino got play the way they have made it really can adjust to you know. Well what do those kind of head spinning moments had to be the Easter holiday block it kind of gave me shades of LeBron in the game 72016. Finals. Just take us through kind of that blocked from your vantage point and what happened there in kind of the excitement afterwards. Well they were in a position where they can get the who are you didn't want to go to the Brady were re. A couple seconds left when they give that to actually pack amateur champion drew Andrew knew would be neat if he won it either. Alan hard. Or block the shot I don't think you did provision Pallet are the only thing left what to block the shot and to bring him to play catch up and be would be that he's been. Remind money probably the next two week guard in the league peachy I mean I know Paul George really good they are the people who really good. A big holiday been a bit too weak guard in the league in turn them being able to guard on the all been able to play help defense at a different multiple positions. He really billion our public option to get the which that they couldn't go to our blog. At that as big a blockage you'll ever see computers circumstance in and try and it trying to Britain that went chemical. Oh no doubt JD and I distraught about united WW all duck on mrs. manager holidays national coming out party and he's done this solar for the most part for the season you take out that fourth quarter. Middle it would add here the crazy fourth quarter when he was outstanding. He's almost a non factor against the pelicans this year just 23 of 63 the first three games is of this year of the series between the blazers and those 36%. Drew them a number on lowered all season long. Well they've kind of a wonderfully they figured out a good bowler Greg Little gadget guy and get forty world like you gave no post which. Basically got a pretty good recipe that big rise in a lot of them do wit don't wanna come out with a high screen. And the garden garden Millard usually true maybe Iran don't. Well it's really him in the in the polls got it's got to show what he's got to show bigamy got a for Miller to flatten out or he's got a what do. To pick up a dribble and make it can also be that they knew in the big grant ever recover a the big really have a lot to do with what we're if you go to school. They'll all the one award. You'll probably would then let it sit and what don't you all are with you in the arm up previously all. And that thing can do defensively they don't even if you didn't block the shot he'll challenge you to make you uncomfortable. Did you guys could not be as he got can't tactic and to petition he you know he's been really at the total packed the trip to. Talking to John decision are you in New Orleans Saints pelicans radius human norm pelicans rated color analyst and senior at a Orleans saints stock on. The fourth quarter look we are talking about all the gives David a little bit of the bad man or what was your vantage point what your seat. When that fourth quarter melt down was happened because I was pulling my hair out at home Golan. My goodness is no shots turnover after turnover no defensive rebounds Ian Clark iso possessions with two minutes left back to back. What was going on during this fourth quarter meltdown what happened. Some movement to win the ball stops moving that's keystroke. Made enough pretty much with the gist of the team that started a little bit too much Null wanna think it would have been earlier in the game to the national basketball and move it. And there are Crispin this and screen tree just. They make the game need to decode the clean with each other nuclear or each other that we're a quarter until a little bit too much fuel all. And to bar stops moving then the other Gupta got sort capable of global want you know probably chew out a prime barely. Well for the most part of that guy got to need a little bit of interest that the term begins the the look they want nickel beer into quality plate. Lot of times he beat a little bit of assistance that term the big retry every chick. Well maybe enter the cinemas bring it into my day recent candidate beat. Get a great deal in the box by itself why don't want being probably get your good shot unlocked until draw DoubleTree spoke when he got played with each other it's for each other. It's a lot more political Wendy's but that won't want but that they didn't for a quarter. You know it can get a little bit like we've been reported that there globe critic of Portland got out of out of their rhythm and out of it's a situation where it will come out and look at it this world or maybe say it okay. And I won't play in the pockets the leaders and we do in that situation you're on a roll that's dangerous place to be so hopefully that's what they've gotten out of their system. Yes speaking of AD he talked about the monkey coming off his back finally got his first playoff win. In six years do you think this may be loosened him up a little bit is that what he was sensational like always but you concede JD there are moments there. Where he looked a little tired especially down the stretch there in the fourth quarter in a little bit in the opening minutes also. We thank all of got a little bit tightening you know when you finally they are able to break that seal I think it does give you a little bit comparable to now. You know you don't want that you play without money but strictly to play without one it could not to take an encore energy away. Thought that there really doing this theory it take its picture you did this whole. And then you know it it's you know you did you might come back to Portland but you you can win all the rest you gave when your home court you don't win. Will be able to break that seal it got to give itself fire at least now you can use in a position where. Hopefully it will little bit more fluid that didn't see the principally that they like the way it the other night. On a fast break opportunities. For all of the worst desperately mentally and actually that bad reporting earlier in my. They want flip that around knicks didn't do a good job a pox an album decent laps or get. It cannot it's a rebound in 23 points out that told turned it over 58. And older areas that they can look at it and looked directly in the mirror and say we can be better in these areas we can cut down some of this. You know it can't touch it AMOCO and I am able to pin on they will assure that no actually chicken or reprieve from the deal yet. The penalty Dave Merkel won that they were great they. Yeah that combined thirteen where it will play its huge part into it you can't depend on record baby a little it is true critical player. To get him another six when you remember bill that they had a great deal of success yet Mitt beat you just too good a player to depend on continued. And of but I got to control they that they can control that the turnovers and blocked out better under decrypt a glance and you know hopefully turn it's a little Portland turnovers. It in the test report and still they. Or twelve turnovers on the court not pours all of the other night and Sunday wanna build a more efficient anti. Well he talked about pace and flow from a pelicans perspective that'll starts with. A Rajon Rondo and I USP I guess is kind of cliche now playoff Rondell right that I guess its affiliate paying seventy and assists just two turnovers he had his best game of the year. On Saturday oh what do you see you with with Rondo here in that game and in the playoffs. Well playoff run over it is real I mean he's a guy who spoke with the Korean. I played predator and well I mean maybe if it's having. One scene to really focus the only at all but we all say they are winning Clinton Boston. But he mostly all Rondo. We Chicago election used to help Rondo he wrote a check the purse to gain capture. And coincidentally the bulls fell apart the period after he got hurt but he will not that got you know count agility he knows how to turn up in the thing about emit. You have need to score to dominate against their vision to Turkey to sit. To turn over key areas fingerprints all over that game without scored a total point she didn't really orchestrate. In what he does this. He's forces got to move because people in the past. He's such a really intrepid that the movement is always there because you know if you'll if you move and if you on the world. You give it to you in a squirrel position don't you indexed got its slope but much better. What kind of adjustments do you think we will see from both teams tomorrow that. Well particularly you'll Portland is really essentially a 101 big and they do a lot of you know won awards spoke with my column a little our goal you know I would expect to see a lot of painting of what the report was probably gonna say it's. We may mean we get shot you don't Daimler 623. A lot of though we're shot. There which outshot the key to trust shot maker so they're probably pretty good. Phelan that we kind of make more shots you know the way key and McCollum shot at it'll spot to hole. Can't figure that they can that be okay and so they figure everything out they do it which are other options are rebounder will they turn to protesters know turn over the in the points well. Underscore second chance points well which it didn't do was shoot it well. So that's what they're gonna capture that unifil. One idiotic did you get to play in at least you war and they can't afford to issue a little bit more from that regard but they got a bit on this at the plant. And you know just a couple more they clean it up physically would build it would hurt there OK we if we can you know slow well. Little wouldn't slowdown columnist get the ball by an enhanced. They'll take their chances with offer rook Aminu and Evan Turner taken a shot they will live what then I mean sometimes you just they okay. We were legal got a weak links. We believe we can win is to open it up with the ball and they can't make good decisions and so they'll live with those two guys. Even though position that's where they want to get troops and also they've got to be some measure to keep our dual you know abusive their pitched out of the game the way they did. Confer immunity they've done a good job that the but are worried about. On the other end of the sport and occupied it so much and there are nook which can never get into an option to read out of eighty we have around at the. Why can't wait till tomorrow night JD enjoy the great northwest and we'll see Beckham's move to consider on their cement. Well got a bit and hopefully it will come with a 2020 lead and they did hear that the sit home and not have to come back on the. Yeah the capsule who don't make another cross country trip that be good for it thanks so much mammal tortilla. All right job this year raiser in New Orleans pelicans radio color analyst and senior writer from Orleans saints dot com and follow on Twitter at. John just chaser we'll take a quick break your will come back your calls and text phone lines open 504260187. If you wanna. Toxin pelicans with fest tonight 5042601870. I'm self Dunlap this is double coverage on WW.