Joel Meyers voice of the Pelicans for Fox Sports TV

Voice of the Pelicans for Fox Sports TV Joel Meyers joins Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic to talk about game 3 of the playoffs against the Trailblazers tonight at the Smoothie King Center.


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Pelicans playoff basketball tonight 8 o'clock. Can new worlds gave up 30 over the Portland trailblazers so much so is it two game swing there. Last game game two that the pelicans had their own. Home crowd of Portland. Booing them at the end of the ball game. Well that does because their expectations. I'll tell you that you like give all of a sudden the things lead to negative twelve game one of the fans aren't. A lot of local fan base pairs that they have. High expectations for their team. And all of a sudden they showing how disgruntled. That they are now what would it Kristi before we have Joel on on a joint EU wait a minute. I have to read this picks because. You can't please I don't feel OK oh god this and Jo-Jo. Call on the gate joy like chills all right now. Could I got to shoulders that is cajole accidents this kind of a question and it that's. Our yeah they added that this is from 9861. He's as Joseph cracked me up not a lot I should be in his. I'm not yell oughta know was Christian or says it's a one. In W and L spores of farmers to jog cracked me up a month ago yell or taken. The approach barge trip foreign give aren't. How weak the pelicans are that now I never said that. Now stands did you all decide his coach of the year. I did as a big coach Stevens to with a cell B should be coach of year. Now then and just in the pelicans are awesome ride that bandwagon boys yes I am on that bandwagon. But I didn't approach the jewel and I think a lot of bands that don't pro civilly because. What is this team is gonna accomplish. That coach gentry. I think he old man might it. Bin entice our aren't earned a perception that. OK we got to go to playoffs. We can we win a playoff series simply because they got swept but the war is last time money Williams. So I think and you think well the delegates are definitely heading in the right direction. That will win one as serious an out and obviously. Unbelievable form it is considering the environment and winning a Portland the first two games. Well and you also have to remember. This team has totally. I'd like pretty accurate sentiment theory yours should talk about the change from the bark out. Where they were our top ten paid the crime. But metal but you agree that now Rondo is running it's not a mark rail as a point center and a lot of Turbo dot. So I probably you guys be upset because that was a coaster ride. But and it still street you been developed by Austria market slot. Twenty definitely want to be it music that it would tenth straight. They lose or straight out of the game and the longest winning streak Indian Indian. It's wild like we've been on and I'm not complaining guys. Understand his frustration. Jules Myers voice of elders or fox sports TV jolt. Last summer Jrue Holiday got a big contract extension big contract if you have free agent today could you've got him for ten million dollars under the Max. A Scientology. You by the way you are valid point because we're or in my book and we brought up that it is now market value. At 25 the year this what do you promote achievement and it would be odd way to explain. Personal be at our or beat typical rear Europe and nobody almost 48 record speed and hitting 49%. Music any those factories Manolo easily 3334%. Make it a little more degrees heat over 50%. He's not a guy has played inside the offer but he great midrange game he under control pick guard so I don't discount what you just yet. It Beatrice speed right now he's he's right at market bound for the weight earth orbit and the video below because you don't have that many guys. Played ball into the lower back to waive players in the game. I'm this Angel if he was a free agent meaning a fraud so I don't exactly have free agency goes you you overpay. Right and fortunately there has Burt writes there were you that it it's who would vote he and a solely people come up to me regarding important game. You know they've got book he's hurt right. But they've got the dilemma of a big band the upper ruptured right David Wesley Matthews and erupt particularly in back of the Dallas Mavericks. You competent inducted. It as a buyer in the spring so I know that there interest in keeping bookie but they're cautious step as it. Well we KG bogey I optical alignment and I don't know that's a different topic. By Jill look at that this on the reignite the text that you gonna aunts and his cutter and takes question. This is from 9954. By an end and not been wondering and and you it's ideal is going on I'm thinking get more out of Solomon Hill. He's hardly did anything since he's been back and over the divas of Seidman. I mean what is your take good Solomon Hill and as far as his contribution when you get you know he did pay to get those wild but I think Solomon Hill could bring a little more. Thought the sentiment is yours. Because he has no rhythm right now they added a puppet or. They don't practice that march when he came back beat in way and that wraps. And that. Rhythm and flow like anything at peace here at the tenth that it is strong to begin. What happens is undersized war. Those who have three point shooter so any need to be Uga the onus that the opposite or were really help the is it they not only get the problem in this year. We didn't answer so the mayor. Well been a better wrote I don't need all. But they can get fifty minute epic game bodies were locked up beaten. That would be huge for the next round which potentially open date. Jules Myers voice of the pelicans for fox sports TV Belgians and actions night at the smooth leaking sinner. Sold out ran out 8 o'clock tip off. Joseph what's going to be like every thought I would tonight environments gonna be like with the red out at a sold out environments meetings and. Dumbed. Actually it happened and are you know yes I get nervous built up wearing I I. Get all we know two hours sit at a early. So I. Up one. With chew reportedly not the right Centennial tie or more and and other poppy or an on camera I'll Gerald superstitious but they're buddies they're. So that I'm not wearing red or an affordable. All cure but at the W an adult they're buying apple point. So it's going to be great because the city deserves to you don't this city's been loyal to the belts winning variability for the last few years. And it sold out at nine they've sold out Saturday night he you know. It could be the battle to keep parents you better rapper to bidders pictures and it's so par undermines and now city. I'd love to bring indigent people. Bitter in the cities are worried that spot I wanna blow the roof off the plates. Well dog details in that number. It was a game four and that's for a bottle warriors I don't know I don't know how we lost that game at the Kroll. Did it really was standing of the whole game and really you're actually into that into game then. Not just an amateur these court of first bucket. That that you wanted to feel like game five you get goose bumps in for a chief calling three dollars and and all of a sudden you're ye weep like Gil de corps and adding that that mr. gonna have tonight but would that being said. Oh who's the pressure on because I look at the pelicans they wanna impress the whole pulled so bad. And now blog big up 30 didn't Ike as he Portland winning four games in a row. But I look at billiard a look at McConnell naked be footloose fancy free right when that long ago march 27. I think like a long time went a little over two weeks. Belliard all of a sudden what 41 points idiot what twenty airport quarter. Well the desperate team is Portland. The team with the pressure because they're back Albany expectations are totally for. I mean but a percent long see you treat it like here so the desperate team. What you know they're gonna. Take those or are they shot the article or go broke. That or. The pressures on the L speaks they wanted to key year. This where they I mean we Stella this year we're later today. And right. That's not going to be the case so the guys. They want please this city so badly in Saudi peace but he it is is quote today on new war. Amazing. And I think everybody in the organization feels exactly the same. Old Uga Alabama street Miree. And security here like he happily play. So. They really wanted to be a battle with too much for cells upon that work it'll be up that way. But they come and play the weighty the key to me is the first four. If there even at the end of the first quarter and now my only point to be fine. So that'll play here is that because if you can't fire we know that he's at all would be out. Right easy easy at its core I mean you geeky keiki a good man down the Angel how about this the regular profits from 8942. Take. Don't look great now and saints game. Mean artist of some of them all of us and against is Agile Mars and in and love your voice and implement some pretty things. But if you look ought not protect you. That the so they still have to compliment orbit. A jolt and let's runners secondly you know. Obviously on assurance that do a bigger alone that slogan. In and obviously the saints it's it's who would act but we need to get you to say who that who dat. Yet the BA SW HO OP hoop dance of give us want to know why don't we. Leader you know I will find the way we have a joke and you'll see you know could you get your up cards art work all of a year or didn't apply. And they were like you know it's part of the crew and it was an over under particular dog stole you know. Whatever that street ward would be so that. Look for its gonna make. Draw shots yes. Who asked the Joseph you made my day you made my night. You're you Chris gas on the beach there elicit this ain't scheduled NFL's schedule comes out at 7 o'clock so Christians into. Yeah as that is staying on their toll on my get out of here by 730 but I'm Libby in the arena is still a little. Yet at our home games this year. Did share up 500. And almost kind of like I'm kind of worried about the Oklahoma City game also discourage job wanted to leave early so hopefully that's not the case. Are a fan does tell me eight. Thought a year. You don't even if your record. And no no I don't go to all 500 itself and you get on we gotta run as we'll have a recall tonight at 8 o'clock tip off and also I will be there tonight but I'll be there Saturday Jules. Spoke good people that I write a joke they're humorous. July's voice of the delegates are fox sports TV is sports talk you on W two well.