Joel Erickson On Terron Armstead's Injury

The Advocate writer joined Seth Dunlap to talk about the impact that Armstead's injury. Who can replace Armstead and will the Saints struggle because of it?


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Org replacing Oprah and get a dose bring it on in hand so that was my fault that I guess that it is big did not touch button and you know on the guy who touches attachment Jules. Now we're at a good. John Erickson sixty writer for the ad committees on Twitter. Jules A Erickson is in the details of what's going on here with arms it. How big is this a for the saints man we talked about their depth here for the last 45 minutes the one of the teams that maybe can withstand this what do you think. Yeah well. That was. We noticed the routine that. Aren't so likely name some of the people. Are. They've dealt with that the forward and offer shut out tackle well so. Better the game to be Flacco put. I expect weather. Well the Mathieu he was the play left tackle. Uses some uncertainty in the police were four. Aside about arms said before yet so what since possibly gonna do here. Obviously like you said very talented player above average Julie in the pass blocking. Sri only athletic great run blocker young most deck to be there for the next you know decade or so. C be the guy though that has all this talent but she beats never sought because he's injured so much has become a pattern and. You know one thing about this on that is different from the first from Latin a couple of years and what needed I'm shall there so. The good news not related to the other. That would the other injured going for the thing. That things are getting up and he you the other contract that. We've cut that summit bid that money but he used it there he ought he thought it. Who knows maybe you brought by the way to get. Dick well they're gonna eat. Who doubted it is obviously make it harder. And nobody in the I think I think. I think what -- arms about it and indeed the frustration. Is is very clear very clear how much bother. Yeah I he was in or just talking to him in the locker MCAS apprised. The Palin and speak to the media there a couple of years ago I guess couple weeks ago. When it was OT as we were sand hey you know he's healthy normal and talked to the media if not for that he was smiling as being any stock into us a sense medicis. It's it's devastating for the team but it's got to be deficit for him to. Yeah well I mean anybody who pay close attention and two years ago or hurt the isn't the guy that would come out for warm up and we see him. On the field before rodeo in the stadium and eat he can barely. Like he could very well wait on the left leg in any amount and Patricia again after you. You've gone again but he he's the guy who can withstand and try it was there a lot of pain and and it really frustrating or garlic. I have to deal with these bodies. Going hey wired in so many times so many years now. I don't enjoy Erickson here on double coverage saints beat writer for the advocates aware of the saints go from here retaliate out what I seized three options you got he'd put over there. You can throw the rookie over there ram chick who although he's projected to play on the right side or maybe the surprise move they can do is the exact street left Simon branch or to the rights and rethink ago. Actually. Actually uses at all. Aren't in. Afghanistan. And I think in the my most of the pressure in the anyway. He. Some of them that your and check it really about arrangement is now I. Built in now they have any idea of watching coaches in the spring urgency. At all. Very. It's. Fault in intervals. During the during. Possible H. And I ordered up a library or compute your out that he got a guy who's got a chance. I think ideally. Rain check played at left tackle and he stayed at left guard talking to people today and talking about oh. Exciting you'll have a full people on additional. And now obviously that a little jeopardy right now we're capable of mobile. So ram. Changes the long term plans for the team now we see artsy getting injured again again they're grooming him kind of be that right tackle replace. The streets when he was he's going to be Gandhi's take the day now kind of grown over the left side just in case. Well at Uga he's got to play on the left side they'll think it. I mean that actually has probably closer to recruit that it is. You know social labor dispute it is unfortunate that something that a lot of guys. Have legal guys pick at you on them so. It is that is something that. There and you know and it moving in the left side on pinning him in iron I don't understand idea of giving up arms. You gotta wait burglary happened he would probably get help there's no way you get a lot of money. You actually have much closer than that through child arms service. Yeah definitely put a bow on this jolt is this like red alert panic for saints fans here or do you think the team can. The weather the storm here this season with the guys they have on this roster on the offer excellent. I think it England on the evening news the Buick for you know today. A guy that played last year are still on the provided. Maximum here. Like I'm back on your expert occasionally. But we Kwan. Even if you didn't have that group Peta there an element art all the while we saw a lot yeah. And up on the line. Gave up on certain actions. And painfully for an action game for nuclear and so. I didn't keen. Maybe more than ever seen or bill do to withstand that began when a like if and talent there and in the form of not only rent check also on the interior option review and playing in the summer that the guys were regarding his versatility the guy you are you anymore. This stuff financial Erickson again on Twitter at jewel a Ericsson lay in and out forest after the arms injury appreciate and program. It again he's seats be ready for the advocate check doubts his work online be sure you follow.