Jen Hale Preview Pelicans-Blazers Game 4

Fox Sports New Orleans sideline reporter for the Pelicans Jen Hale joins Seth tonight to preview Saturday's Pelicans game. What can we expect from the Pelicans in Game 4?


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We're gonna start with the lovely. The talented be everything Jen hill fox sports sideline reporter for the pelicans and fox sports NFL gen. It's youths must be having a ball park after this collapse of the. Credible. So much on a lot and Charlie I mean that teen beat kids I covered him for years and they started in Lee and he worked so hard that they'll. Yeah it merely on our green but now. That paint down there are working its opt in to see it happening to Greek except I like it really are. Is that the mood around this team is it just a little bit lighter and is it just a little bit more fun than it was during the regular season because everybody and help this team just that. Are resistant sings we have been so much fun right now. Absolutely winning six in just about everything. Are there and at a level is well I'll get a top level is in our high. And they're we're seeing that we still a kid and it could there principal of that first and I think that's first and many are keen checked that. You've got it. Gilbert are accomplished great but are now locker gala was great hurry each other out. It legal. And apparently our pool at all or really is that. It could be active leader Eric they each other in the street are out or are eBay or the other year. And so much grow at a they're current on right aren't credit right at. In reality. Eat way. So yeah playoff Rondo Jan is real or why haven't we heard about it for years lead semen in. In Boston we saw last year in Chicago before he went down. I know you'd heard about it did you expect Rondo to be you know turn this gear on in the playoffs what he's done. You know carry about candidate who watch it and hurt don't see it really. What did noticeable difference. Any and lock and currently trading at that guy is during regular even he did find a way to his game making a holy Bible. Straight and when they came on the court after that current game eight Buick regular. You're probably me. Later at the palace in eight economic and yet. There. Are a lot alma betrayal later pointing out players. Grading and now they're Lleyton or Britney. Yeah it. Black and Marie eat. Erie ever meet you literally. Are at. About layup at what really. Well eerie it by five or even that well armed. There are in the pre eaten regular. Quite up ball and get back about the court are fallible at a level. Out of it at that. I think it hit me there are. Worried about. There are likely that create and attacked our current NL. Not eat at a pack right now. The other is the things we've heard a septa lap dog an agenda tale here on double coverage fox sports NFL and NBA reporter for the New Orleans pelicans. And you know Jan I was just shocked and sued Shawn hi Kim who. Had covered the bulls up in Chicago is an NBA right now for Bleacher Report dot com we got him to talk about Rondo and the cerebral aspect of him and how maybe he's done a bad rap. Around the NBA because of what he does off the court might rub veterans the wrong way the accountability of the he expects from everybody on the roster but it kind of fits here with this young team I discourage what do you see. From Rondo behind the scenes is see that guy that is slash issues kind of set ladies Texan people all times of the days hold these guys accountable what's he like behind the scenes. Great I have fairly enjoyed working with and trooper factional. Ever root I'd anybody I hadn't you can John that he eerie that you that you. Can we expect it will be happy attic it. I applaud that. What you may interpret or your job to treat each game the party and it is there are back. Yeah could be big deal that lack. At a pretty important that people are way. That all the players that were never expect that locker reality is that right right there we don't really. Eat. Any credit will hurt. Are. Back there were out where both echoed that well at acquired. These are currently Iran is reader it. All right. I U eight. They bring it can't be out mail all current like they were brought. And her Rucker park with more ample pour Eckerd. Now. You're really it's her make her street right. You are history. They'll lights. That their lack era I think it perfect for that. Who's your MVP right now in this series Janice it AD is a Rondo holiday merited she got. Question here at eighty. You pay for me. The Indy. The legal blow it accurately actually at the eighties during her on the regular Whitney chart on the Ian where. We're struggling. Not able to get there he bring back you've been. Go at it. Repair. Or art or what are no other player out. Would be incredible and you and I. That electric smile and act like you that that they outplayed and then career playoff. Court in Iraq which is important on the current. It's pretty incredible. Only people to score a you know there are set me or Michael Jordan LeBron and George Kurt. That's that's. A happy. You are ill and EET by. I'd certainly. I would not say he expected it. And that different. Play opt right now are that. You're happy. For air war. We EU. You'd be at school. Read it. Her ear McCleon. Or talk about that app. Eerie. Quiet or at nearly LA. That part I'm not worried. Out. Where it. It's Janice hale here on double coverage. You know gin Giroux holiday I always liked them all its audio a little bit of the bad rap here and it's been. A little bit undervalued here but also across the league but he's quickly turning into my favorite player in the league can't he's he's. Flipped another gear and I'm just talking about his play. But wasn't fun of this he's the Bible says the guy on this team but you probably saw I mean it was written. That was an arc it's the other day after being dumped on Romeo he's talking to people in the crowd he seized a lot of bubbles. Jerry I'm loving it. You get your import. Anything I get great. You and that you didn't quite a near our op people. Speaking with a few more grunt ago. Back and conservative I can't meet Mary core it and hate being read out loud. I don't think at Berkeley you at any rate cheaper form for the secret that ball player Kurt you're right panel. Together why won't why won't call it. Are we are here are my hero what it's cracked. It literally light and what one or the other and I call a lock a current any help you airport where where there were happy you. They're tiny calling streak Carlisle. Or any. You are without her at all. Only will really make battery rat yes you can get. Treatment and feel a little bit better. That rat is the green they are cooked correctly. And only if it really paying off and I are true. That support you. See the need a little cone actually at Wal-Mart but go through all of that with our great humor. Great for a little extra bulk that league and eighty. Look a little bit or near the Revere him hearing his dark hour. People of the story about. Mr. DMR park exit it like ill. Let their loans they're grainy up by airline it is Victor. I asked you what a warrant surgery with a now. And what. Like I. I think you hurt great I love back east feeling like he can you. Pay back. The court. An incredible story of perseverance spent an entire family Jenna I'm curious did you did you take a peek up NCR cajun cannon Bobby and on the dance cam the other thing he he kind of. FEMA and amp amp. We'll keep an eye on Saturday he keeps telling us he's got some new moves he's in a bus down I don't know if I wanna see that are not videos give you at a Eric. Jenna hail fox sports NFL and NBA reporter of course for the pelicans you the best thanks so much Udonis Matt. All right there she goes she's on what that agenda health 504. Giver follow. And she can beat walks along with her. Tomorrow night's pelicans blazers game fork in the polls close it out. 4 o'clock in the smoothie king center we'll take a quick break when we come back look more pelicans guess who got Scott Alexander coming in from primetime sports. And CE ST. TV and WL ATV he's next except my double coverage WW.