Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni would like to attend school events once again

The Kenner City Council today is expected to vote on a system policy barring Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni from school buildings and functions.  Yenni would like to see the ban overturned.

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Might yet. The president of Jefferson pair. I really wonder what viewers think. When he went to school board members. And said hey you know that. The and you put on me. Now allowing me to step foot on the school campus yet via. Then Manny put on me now allowing me go to school sporting events that then you put on me now allowing me go any school related functions. Can you lift that forming because you know reelection time is coming up that really like to have that lifted before a run for reelection. And I'm guessing he thought the school board would say okay. Will just listed no problem. But they didn't. Word leaked from school board members to the media. And other politicians. And there has been crazy back fast today that Kenneth City Council vote. On a resolution. Authored by every member of the council. So I think it's gonna passionate since I got up much year now urging the school board to maintain. The ban on the Annie from setting foot on any school property or attending any school events. Becomes a yen is having to start to make concrete decisions on whether ninety's gonna seek real time term and yet. It didn't go away yet appears all yet he's done. By asking to have the band revoked is call more attention to it and remind people all it. And it has the media talking again gals are the fact that any texted a seventeen year old brown. Asked him if they can have sex. Allegedly met eminent public bathroom and gave him some underwear and kissed. A seventeen year that he met by the way to school function. They have to be a private school function. But enough to get the public school board. To ban him from all campuses and activities. And you've just got to imagine after what happened in the Jefferson Parish sheriff's race the any. What are realized it was not a good idea to remind us of this the because John fortune Otto had a lead in the sheriff's race considered. And he was asked at a debate if he would support yen he's reelection bid. And he said that he'd have to work but the parish president if he became chair so yes he would support him. He then suddenly saw that lead disappear. And Joseph look Pinto surged to victory. So we know the NES political poison we have. Hard fast evidence of not good for re elections are any kind of election. And now we have politicians. Running as fast as they can away from ham. While making it publicly very clear they don't support in the school board is again renewing. The fact that it doesn't want any on schools on school grounds and at school bands now they tenor City Council tonight voting. To make sure the scoreboard knows it doesn't think any should be allowed. At school functions school events because Canada politicians. Are trying to make it very clear no on the record that they don't support him. All this is going to do I thank. And I don't know if he's gonna run for reelection or not I don't know if he knows if he's gonna run for reelection and I think that was is all part of his process of trying to decide. If he's going to run for reelection with this now as part of his political baggage. But it albatross. And debate until mobile the elephant in the room you know with the and I I just I just wonder if you know any thought. Went into his and I guess he has studies and at a private discussion was in school board members to okay guys knew that this band yeah. And making goes in the past let's move over it and move on it backfired work tees. The text in its 7870 votes. And money now. Age do you think there's any chance that Mikey any runs for reelection. It is a chance he wins if he does. And do you think any politician anywhere ever will ever again support him after what happened to John fortune not out. In destroying his efforts to become sheriff of Jefferson Parish by expressing even limited support. I've yet say Don you're on WWL what do you think if my Jenny were to vote for election is against any shot at winning at this point. I think a lot of people may have forgotten about until it gets he has. Your shot I can see the commercial and it wouldn't. Commercial. Air. Like in Somalia all of. You Reza what is that commercial look like a sound like. The commercial as Mike Kenny walker walk into the mall Ramallah though armored greater advantage that you don't wait for all into school football. Now he's spoken or your children. In school wore big gains to. So. And kids we appreciate the call for the record Mike Kenney has not been charged with convicted of or accused of any crimes because age seventeen as the age of consent in the weeks months ago. You mean what he did it. In propositioning a seventeen year old and if the allegations are true with a seventeen year old said happened. The and he gave him some underwear and kissed him in a public restroom. I if that's accurate. It's not a crime because seventeen is the age of consent and the seventeen year old never said that he. Fought any off Ford tried to keep him from kissing him media center at that point is that if he did not want to accept his sexual advances so no crime. Here at least none that been charged or convicted at this point. But yeah you're right definitely leaves a glaring image in the eyes of the electorate talking about the fact that the Kenneth City Council votes tonight. I encouraging. The Jefferson Parish school board to keep in place. A ban on Jefferson Parish president Mike any from stepping foot on school grounds or attending any school events. Yeah any reportedly asked several school board members to lift the ban. And that's only call more attention to it reminded people of the scandal broke in which a seventeen year old says that any texted him asking him for sex. Met him in a public bathroom and gave him some underwear and kissed him. Before the seventeen year old then decided he was not interested in having sex with the Annie no crime was charged no crimes. Convicted and although I did definitely abyss from Merck's reputation. That I don't know if anyone actually forgot about the wasn't top of mind for many voters. As any considers whether or not to run for real action one text message to date 77 he says. When you any changed his name to yeah any of that creep me out. The texting scandal flipped me out this guy is saying no yet he says another text messages seriously bistro marked the any names there's another. His grandfather and uncle must be spinning in their graves is another text message. And then there's this tax rates have creativity. And yet he is still. There as president well there was a recall effort. And it failed voters apparently are outraged by his behavior enough that is killing other politicians' efforts if they support him to win any. Offices but not enough to get. The overwhelming. Signature drive. To put it on the ballot to trying getting kicked out of office so it does when he finishes his term but it's time to start the settings he's gonna run for reelection. And I think all of this attention he's called to it by asking to have the ban lifted. Has not held as only hurt his reelection bid out what you're gonna do you're gonna runner. High rate I don't know. Tend to run or hide our running and yes I did that back out and.