Jeff Palermo talks LSU football

Jeff Palermo LN sports director and columnist talks with Kristian Garic and Coach Nick Saltaformaggio about LSU's recruting and the upcoming season. Just how good or bad will the Tigers be?

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Take a walk and at fourth and final hour here on the wild side. Coach an assault DiMaggio on Christian Garrick. Have the ball go to their how the high school coach salt. And looks aren't we would bring heavy on on pro football. Last are wanna get into some things just in prep sports in general. You're part of you know you're part of all a lot of the a lot in a lot of decisions that go on and certainly on a high school you're seeing it from up to a bigger. Picture and the challenges what are our wit as you see what are some of the challenges the bigger challenge facing prep sports in general I. I tell you wanted the big thing is just is dealing with the way people have changed you know to be honest with you. You know our member. My mom and dad always tell a story of well what the holy cross I had three Brothers we all went to holy cross and you know we reload missed devious should say were a lot mr. devious and one day mob paragon of my mom got a phone call about one it was cut not been you know our response was listen paid good tuition money. It to send my kids that school. You deal with it they did something wrong you deal with you know and those days are long gone you know and I think now. Whether it be an educational web repeal on the football field or volleyball court. You know that the coach the teacher and have a right you're never right you know and I'm now. The next thing as a I think you know the biggest sign in our locker room the absolute biggest sign that we had we spent a lot of money on is the word compete. Earn your stripes you know earned that tiger stripe. And you know being a guy who's gonna be 59 and October route you know could kind of grow what. Would tough dad know worked his way through everything didn't have great pedigree common up. That concept of competing is important to me. And you know I'm not about everybody gets a trophy I'm not about because you're on the team you should play. You know I'm a big proponent of grind it in the weight room grind it. You know in your spring training grind it in your apply a metric training earned the right to get on the field. And then earn a right to win earn a right to win a championship and sell. Those are the things at a most difficult for me now people my age now Kazaa. You know it's it's it's cliche to say but it's difficult to deal with the millennial sits just off you know and it's and it's the thing I think at all until I'm sure my dad's going to text me any moment now yeah I agree with that statement I just think it's it's the year in the day and age now where where everybody expects gratification. And and that it's not the way the world works and in the world will never worked that way they're always going to be to have sooners always going to be the have nots and you try to relate that through sports and it's tough. Jeff Palermo join us now are W real dot com columnist at Jeff Palermo LR and then they're extremely. On talk about him just route the back committed to LSU the between nineteen season how big of a deal is this for coach though to get Derek Stanley. Well you can Atlanta. One of the top players. Natalie the statement in the country. Who had been backers got out of I don't know I don't know what country you're. And demoralized. For a guy. In and or. Built and I do. Don't put it there I broke it still trying to. With a lot of naysayers wrong. He's not the right guys grow. The program that. Heading in a very good direction it was. You'll all that credit. Even though coach that would try to dial talk. It's they'll. That. Protection of everything and now look at it for a book ball. I've never in a ballot. But they're visited. Pack it in Florida and it's not going to be you know. There. Was a kid and then well. At a pet that. The day he can't tell you it. It's there it's good it's obviously a great deal. Out there but not rock the what nineteen. Recording go. Jeff do you think did this is is there any concern now is a letter of intent day in December now I do like the fact they they move data around guys can come in December that way and so. February do you think there's there's any concern he changes his mind before. That letter and today in December. I don't print though there aren't only good thing. No one did that whole you know. And just Nolan and to go out there being junior he's seen Libya and now. I don't agree with committed. A year or two ago whatever they have been. I committed and I think. Part of the crop that he's still weak Berry happily well you know but I think he. As the poll that. But what it would buy you can bet that it. And religion. Are where it that. And I don't now for their language you hear a lot of get it would make sure that he. Would greatly. And at the end of are we. Up. And then. What Iowa is gene littler and look at the job that seniors beat and had done it going. But that would be you know vocal he'll do. Or it's spoke. You know we like and speak to call eight and the other coaches that the. Ajax coach salt but I you doing man. Oh. I'm good thank you very much are just kind of interest infamy on the fact that. And I know you talked. To those guys alive when you see a fossil recruit. And he's got LSU Texas and Florida and has not Alabama and is not Georgia and is not a Ohio State what what kind of was the thing didn't and with them on that. Iran advocate for I didn't. I think he would well there. You know pocket threw it. Today. Utilities Alabama. Ohio that he. Or cure occur opera but that it is. Looking beyond and. It is the way. That the kid that won one. That want to speed up the apple what he's done a political career. And yeah he's kind of gone now George archer get a great education. By. It's spent with where kids at would it and I like that. I think some positive note writer. You know I grew up. Yeah you know one note the year you're never seen big school like a goal. And I think I gave out any. Al Georgia and all the other big time school early. But denied that. Maybe didn't agree that the. The other. You know it the other years that interstate a bad year. And I only. Go to Kate eighties at the preakness happily. When he goes but he can't see them. Unbelievable thing. We've played it liable though the. You don't. Keep going up again. Decision went back on the that the currently is in they'll go chip by. IPO on you don't really realize. That they that they think he'd get better maybe. Archer. I doubt there. He. He was buried and who we want to talk. Yeah and I feel comfortable. Donald. What. He did on Saturday in the bottle. Everything else at school at the did he inspired him. He's been dealt a BP he's been added that the court. It beat it by now. I'm glad you said that about. You know stay in Judy to your home school it's one of things I tell our our kids all time because as you well know they get caught up pull and hats out of the bags and it almost seems full now fashionable to them to commit to an out of state university. When you have relish you sit right there and and and a program that I I've gotten to be really kind of close swift I think got a coach Willie Fritz in two lane. They're doing a great job and you know it it always I always tell our kids. Fake about way you want to live the rest of your life you know in and I always tell him that. You know you have two great programs in this state really many people would argue you have more than that when you have. Do you well Lafayette in Louisiana attacks and and you know if you if you are not quite that. Ability level Lott RRR wants to call one double a.s are one double A programs. Are doing really good there you know great jobs Timmy at that net goals and I know coach self for what southeast and and on and on and on. And I I'm glad you said actors it's not that I truly truly believe in it if you're a quality athlete. Make your home state first. Well there. That goes. You're talking Ella Ella. Or anybody that played other basketball here. Baseball football it and got it the real world their playing careers go out doors open. An apartment kids differently via an you know. Did not outdoor. Air now okay now a days over an expert career professional career it. It's whatever they do. We about to open forum. It is a hypocrite or girl for what does that say it goes. Alabama George Hill as wherever it may be great to. An exit Canada. That is the weighted the real world work. Now you know pursue object. I think it. It's the right if you. To be depending on what's going on all our. Whatever it may be maybe give me Louisiana. Is the bet for. I'm I think there's some kids. Grow up they. That want to experience that there are and I understand that you've lived here for seventy that your life. And I don't stop now. I don't think yeah improbable now about did that but I hit the that there are kids out. And it would have been very typical choice for him to say you know what Alan you thinks we're recording thank all the time. Carol about. What. Progress there I. And he delegates will go off. That was that was a pretty simple could that be very typical new beginning about the pacts. For your thinking about against the deal to say he's. Think about the next forty years. Jeff Palermo W real dot com columnist here on sports talk good insight and we appreciate lute will lecture on I. Are you bet possibly come back coach salt Christian here. On sports talk on WOMS in the dugout.