Jeff Palermo says he expects a close game Saturday between the LSU Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, November 24th

WWL's Bob Mitchell talks with Louisiana Network's Jeff Palermo about Saturday's matchup between the LSU Fighting Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies.


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I have a feeling that our next guest just from all's gonna say you're absolutely right how are you just aren't doing well. I'm fine how do you how do you look at this game now you know Texas a and M. What threw up last week. And now clearly are against the tiger show. Heard Sunday bush live for Vertex is live in this is their own bowl game do you look at that one. He's. Liberties. Didn't go to the I hope that the net realizable. I get the code in what was it two years ago. That. Some thought that what would be. Are battling aids that yeah but not the comparable. Are you working with. Well I mean by that is that more Ottawa so. So yeah. Yeah beat Iowa. City. So there is. There's obviously. On that point of view there's there's there's it took one away. Yes sometimes. I just depends bubble talk a relationship the coach as well display or will players and we're night ago or unite and think that they are going to. Save the coach's job and I guess I guess that's the the big test here. If if he really has these players are supporting hasn't really lost to team then they're going to unite and just. I just play the best they possibly can but I don't I don't think their best and beat LSU at Tiger Stadium. Well. I think it. Oh well. Let me play now. Now the law. Could sitter. And the other. Point Michael. T. Technically quite well. Week. Starting cornerback who are the only game. In these openers that you'd want her. They don't. Want. To Kirk. I think I'll be a little bit differently that. Quick break we are. And one that. They'll do the the they're thinking. Equal. Pay. The court. He like LQ what it looked at the court in groups. Well Jeff I know you under a lot of pressure right knowledge someone rushing and blitzing the quarterback if you compete. Give me your thoughts on all on the score of the game this Saturday. I think it was going to be relatively quote I think it will open up opt out there and I have been. Court court so. And we're here in inner city. I grew up with the tiger is 10. They. Are getting out it goes. Probably. I like you know. It never seen 31. Like that but I think that. Gave it not. Quote it.