Jaquest Doucet on LSU Baseball

WAFB Channel 9 sports anchor Jacques Doucet joins the show to talk about LSUs series win over the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii this past weekend. Plus we talk about Will Wade and LSUs NIT bid.


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And welcome back to the program Seth Dunlap here on double coverage and it's time to talk some some LSU baseball I got through rain delay yesterday won the series against Hawaii. Two to one Ross toxin LSU basketball is they've advanced to the united so you'll go play U well yeah adoration occasions and the tigers in an and I team game and let's go ahead and break it down a doctor sets. News and sports anchor for WA FB channel nine in bad news dot puts up my man welcome back to the program for ship. Let it would be like man this week I'm a year people think football is these a year at this. Art right now there are so many things going on looked at the Buick. Yeah I'm not gonna ask people bought questions like could write that really because we have all this spring ball tock but let's just talk about baseball or now. It's a scuffling a little bit man I know they want this series and I'm not one apps at this on my program a lot. This is early season pulmonary has a history of getting his team in here really late in the season heading into the SEC tournament I'm not really worried that you look at their RPI. You look at their struggles and it seems like. There's some things may be under the surface that would be cause for concern how do you see this tiger baseball team. Well that they played a a more challenging nonconference schedule this year than they have in years that they've played Notre Dame at tech brought out the clock they've had them. And drop in state road trip they went to a southeastern part of a big crowd what do you Latvia for a big crowd they'll com. And we all the players they lawful elect you'd seen that made at the national championship and particularly their. I figure negotiate you know like lying in remote Robert and in my appears in the list goes on and on that. They're gonna break in new players and has struggled you know let it win. Six wall not take a stellar record for the coming year. But your point they're looking around figuring out our web app at this point in picking out on and they can't. They go on new a few places weekend and dugout like material that your. Will it come out of nowhere but as a true freshman has been given opportunity. As maximize their career opportunities get me and got it and would not be surprised east north on Sunday you've got hooked on a story. I emerging and you count on Oakley your thought going into named Gian. Miguel billiards a great story talked about him along on this program. Just not not to belabor the point about RPI but you know that's one of the factors when you're selecting such a super regional sites later in the year. That that committee looks at LSU right now the second worst RPI as of this morning. In the SEC at a 115. In the nation on the South Carolina is worth that a 117. Does that concern you are you sick and I'll take care of itself wants us to see conference listeners. Palin had been eclipsed that that the pretty. There's a jump off the page for sure I think that. You play. Thirty at the game pretty pure art our yacht. Pretty hot although I've why Arab League elegy doesn't like the the more traditional powers like Florida. Promoted that they typically play and they're gonna beat the game that technology can can gobble up that little that that the late but. I think typically take care that the heat boy UN eighteen. Seventeen viking game you're you're pretty good date and delete your regional growth. And in we just open position Cuba via super regional but I I think that name. In a global would be at poppy seed but you never know means is that pink purple dying. A coach material wallet but but he's out and make when they're probably five not one and yet he's the one. That point regain Europe in order get the universe. And they did something some last year towards the end of the season on that incredible run. And finished runnerup in the college World Series stock and doctors said here on double coverage news and sports anchor for WA FB channel nine in Baton Rouge. And look I talked about the negative from my side let's go to the positive and you kind of mentioned it here with Mikhail Hilliard the freshman pitching. For this club. Should really excite fans. For this season obviously and also into the future especially when you have an extra hours coming back. You've got labor's you've got Hilliard there is an absolute well. Of young pitching talent on this team that should just get better towards the end of the season I am I overstating that shocker you as excited as I am about the success. Dark brutally. Great boy in terms that you know thought Peter was given a chance with that Sunday art and he's. Is that done well and for now a guy like eight Italy that then. Nick nor we haven't seen the work it yet but later and sort of book beat it to death victors and the freshman collapsed late heroics in Dortmund local bell. Admiral go to north Florida he was let go and in late does that propel you. And I you know late at our last week you'll Latvia badly based loaded no out of it is way out of it. I did a nice job there I think Hilliard has got over seventeen. Inning. Shut out all on right now. Real nasty curve ball mother gave it is then. In yep sport looking forward to seeing him when he finally get out there and in pitch is that yeah they got some great competition and individual spot and done a nice job. So it's another soft landing this week into SEC play they have to play an unranked Missouri club south Alabama. In the mid week and a struggling to blame club mid week next week so. IDC the start this SEC season is this one in their home here they'll be at the box against Missouri. Do you think this is one that statement wise though she needs to sweep coming oil and that's tough read talk may need to sweep somebody but is this one of those series that they can really change the perception of this team with a sweet. Against the tigers this weekend. I don't know BJ perception and the party at Wayne let the right I mean covered elegy baseball totaled forty years and now we joked before the end the year band we're gonna write off the team. And then write him mopped. Notes that. Odds this thing is so you're so it's true outside general Javier so it's true we've been talking about that's almost a program you are spot on that. Yeah yeah I mean you know what we pick it in the country in the next week that brought about all. You know so I think it got to dig dot. It's sweeping a series brought out the brought out if you actually has really gotten better from his Burke are. They look Gilbert who did very well and I think peculiar is that. The way to go to handle things on Sunday at that they've got a good shot that. This week about the coming out here and you know midweek all they have much of last year you know two lane. And then body in the year I guess you didn't really matter so. But we'll continue the other other Brooke. Let's talk some college hoops jock and both the couple local teams like to talk about the NCAA tournament loss of disappointment here on the keep a positive so we got actually kind of a premier local game. Coming up right between. The tigers of LSU. Generation K agents of you all that's Evan played. What in a decade I guess in this this should excite local basketball fans is the two programs ever talks about how well is use. Kind of risen in bin resurrect it and under will weigh but I also think the UL program. His on some similar over the last couple years they look like they're going to be forced in their conference I think this is an exciting game for local basketball. No doubt about it. Think beak agency and had hoped that they might even get here at the host. Alex you and I probably don't you ever play the game indicate they'll they can now think they have but. But certainly odd bit today a rivalry where there's the bad blood. You know they haven't played a long time it is always the thing about. BK hit it and they're saying that you're not Louisiana you'll love law and they re engage in Spain as they go Lotto it banned their holier than now at the a couple of high horses but there's a there's been this thing going on between the genocide wherever I think it would be yet really. An enemy in America has beating you know any animosity. On the court order thing I think that people have a great Betty game that there is that. That stand thing going all in itself. Ellis should negate the baseball league failed is that the basketball of the via. It's October while already here I. Packed out an animated crowd and a and it will wait really. You're not that bill if you were replacing Johnny you know at least that whoever gets picked up or you're gonna be Laura. And and and we'll wait had been in any kind of cookies and permit it there. Let's talk about that for a minute as we just talked will later heard from him and Henry died yesterday with him. On selection Sunday he was looking forward to the united C and he circled this tournament specifically is a big. The building block stepping stone for this team and I think he's right TV extra reps the extra practices extra games this young team. Is going to get together I think it's going to be invaluable and I think mrs. This should be eternity next year's jock I think this turnaround is gonna go as quickly as I guess the bill will wade and his supporters and everybody who is the most optimistic about this spot I'm super excited. Absolutely. Certainly they have eight talk two or three ranked recruiting class let you update sport kit from. Probability or Baton Rouge and the team got big and it three others. Ended well because. Will weigh what they thought quote but has now but it is very Ford wouldn't make it permit that huge. Statement that they did grow up with you that one team gather around forty if you already. Last night you know we get them you know forty the ninety we we you know we're not gonna. There are getting excited about being immunized he wrote here but a great curve it reflects the. Lot of players say that they'll but yep reports here and. I mean that you take a look at the postseason honors from well waters we've all seen all of these C freshman elegy to have a single die. On the first team for the second in the stroke Q what he inherited. And what he has done with that so next year I think will be a lot different yes nectar desirable that we thought might Ellis unit that would permanently a couple of but the. Absolutely. I'm super stoked I promise no football questions to camera break my promises one quick on his everybody's. Been blown up on social media about this win coach Joseph last week said that he has. The future quarterback I forget the exact word paraphrasing he's got the quarterback of the future on this roster he's excited about it did he mean miles Brennan did you mean all our CC is he talking about that. I don't know not a vote motivate vote double but you know ethernet statement. A patent but you know miles. I think opposite the ovals although it comes out of the ANC he did. Really aren't that football brought in fact on a few more now looking at not there's still a little. Little band. You know low well marquis is a big strong kid who looks great you know orbiter had some injuries that needs and hopefully he can overcome those things. They really think that you know who was running back if it really decide to go with these sort happy in the talking about because. You know after years of being able to turn it around and put all that. We hear me bill Spencer ware and Alpert Hulu and letter Burnett Jerry guy that you do not have at this point that dealt Al. And the football do you know nick wrote that you would think we the first starter but he he played very sparingly in the first three years so. Be it could be at stake you know what miles he's a barter neighboring wheel well or he's in the run packages but. You know but both those kids have a long way to go as firm of you know put upon himself let an hour ago you. I'm curious what what is. This feel from the fans over in Baton Rouge where you are about Myles Brand and over here in New Orleans its main interest in this mentality changed last six months or so. And I it's today it says it's turned from a big row. Brendan crowd here to kind of a much more skeptical crowd almost a legacy anti Brennan but certainly most fans that I talked to over here. Aren't as excited about him is they were a year ago today what's the feel like over there and BR. Couldn't get the bat that is our right he's not hot. Dogs are now I think that. I take it up. Sparky job playing him last year I mean that there was like no rivalry in the when they put in in game. You know it was like and it was a constant struggle. Between Ed overdrawn that Canada who never got a law the opposite situation the league ago. I mean they're just format let go in the game that Belichick brought reflect out of Alabama there within a back down ticket not psychic. And it just randomly robot operated in the game you know it is. Target date or get their butt kicked in and it'll play in there big payday. The way they played it was kind of strange. I think that. You know why. Okay refreshments. But certainly unique because up a little bit move I'm not gonna want a anybody aperture you ought to pat itself. It's better protect him and it is competent then. And you know is moving important young kids but I think they can do that bank. We'll certainly be a store on who'll watch through this spring doctors set over WJ FB channel nine in Baton Rouge the investment really appreciate the time to. Hi Larry goes in fall months footer at jock you sets do that. Great follow on Twitter a break here we come back. Only a few minutes left and our show but it's Tim's and beat it's an incredible weekend in NASCAR Sweden about it. To say his predictions wind's probably better than you can ever mentions will tell you what happened with Tim's NASCAR predictions. It's actually pretty intriguing statesman apartment the next. So the map here. On double coverage on WW.