Jameis Winston Could Be Facing Suspension

Wednesday, June 20th
News on Wednesday night was that Bucs QB Jameis Winston could face up to 3 game suspension. We check in with PewterReport.com to get the details. Plus, it's LeBron Watch and World Cup Recap.

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Got you all talk about that. A little bit later and able to get into our LeBron watch when he aides seem talk a little NBA draft and dig on our France the Davis from the University of Kentucky. Oh and Nick Young Islam in a little bit of a basketball our second half Nick Young TMZ. You hear those Stewart's the other swipe EP TMZ you know saga beget. And pleasant. But they are a little bit later mission in me out our but let's get back to our NFL coaching hot seats here and there are some. Red hot seats out there we know that the NFL is very quickly don't have a long life. As an NFL head coach if you are not winning every single year. And you know when that ultimate prize and hoist the Lombardi trophy sooner rather than later. Here's my list. Of the hottest seats right now. In the NFL the guys that I would not be surprised at all to cease fire here in the season are very soon after the season. Next year number one on my listeners know about that about this how about a humble hue Jackson. Hue Jackson who's led. The Cleveland Browns to a stellar. Record of one and one and 31. His two years. With the Cleveland Browns obviously not good and her column humble hue Jackson here is because they're very high view of himself. But as early match up. With reality sort of his quotes. During his first year on the job is like his first year not last year. But here's want yet trust me on this one. This is from hue Jackson said about quarterback Cody Kessler when they drafted him in the third round got to trust me on this woman turn him into a star. No I didn't happen. How about you Jackson on Robert Griffin the third. It felt like earth moved beneath my feet. Why. Apparently thought Robert Griffin the third is going to be great under these stellar coaching if you Jackson. About Sean geyser. Controversial draft pick at least people thought he'd struggle in the NFL yeah I think so this is not just for a moment hue Jackson said. We're gonna get with Sean. Ride him through all of it working through all this was a just gonna have been I think we get that it gets that regulate about it we're just gonna keep rolling incorrect and keep moving forward he's our guy. Well don't you guys for long you didn't stick with the meat and help me through it he was gone by about all of the fourth week of the season. After his rookie year one and 31 with the browns hue Jackson. My number one on my list if they don't Larry. He Jackson's out of there. No surprise he's number one mile west number soon. Dirk cutter he's very perhaps the best division in football but the Tampa Bay Bucs would talk a lot about this hour attempt may with the Winston news. I don't know how you it's out of the basement of this division not look Carolina. Now with a land instrument now with the New Orleans here gives a tracker record of success really anywhere by the way. He's fourteen and eighteen with him today. He'll back to when he was in the pac ten at that time. Tex a government conference that forty and 34. At Arizona State 2128. Under 500 in the conference. I guess you're gonna go back to when he was head coach at Boise State. He was 46 in ten there but his last year at Boise State's. Was in the year 2000. No track record of success here how surprised are ready under cutter got the job. And I've always thought that he was not along in that position and I don't make you will be I think this is the swan song. Further cut at least remain head coaching standpoint in the NFL now he might be one of those guys that is a great coordinator there are size he's a great. Developer of quarterbacks he's very good with offences and I think that might be true. We knew Wade Phillips over the news and an indictment. Of cutters coaching ability by the way am I take personal shots at him. But as they head coach this has been successful. And he's number two on malice. Next up number three on the hottest coaching seats in the NFL Vance Joseph. Of the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos are a lot of people want seed Denver this way especially the younger fans. But Denver's one of the proudest. Football franchises. In the league in the world. May have had a long. Long history of sustain success well before Peyton Manning was there well aboard John Elway got there. Speaking of LA one thing we know that no way does not have. Is patient's. Memory fired John Fox. After four consecutive first place finishes and a 48 in eighteen record. And a Super Bowl appearance everybody was stunning bride and his buddy Gary Kubiak. What happened they wanna suitable. Now Vance Joseph just finished a five and eleven campaign. For Denver and as their rookie seasons ahead coach that is the second worst season for the Denver Broncos since 1982. The worst season for Denver. In the last thirty years thirty plus years actually in 2010. The Broncos went four and twelve when that season. That's when Josh McDaniels fired midseason. And then Denver in the ownership blew up everything. New for office new head coach general manager president. That's when Elway came in and hit the reset buttons do you think that franchise and always going to be patient here. If Joseph goes five and eleven again and really struggles in that division which is going to be pretty darn good I don't think she'll. Danced Joseph if he's the first guy fired I would not be surprised at all Tim. As Tim Tebow. But at. Now. Tim Tebow what do timeout Wallace. How about one playoff moment was against Pittsburgh red star on the Steelers John Fox head coach his first year eighty yard touchdown and a Seth Tellabs double coverage on WWL we're talking about are at a solid coaching hot seats. Todd bulls' number four MLS he's just 24 I to meet 128 with the jets. No playoff appearances in three seasons I think she was unfairly. Given aid the delta burly terrible hand. The last season by the jets' front office let's be fair here let's be realistic here this is New York. You must win now no more excuses Todd bulls I think Todd bulls. We're getting another chance eventually in the league. I think he's an extremely brilliant defensive Miami he has the right temperament to be a head coach. And I uses the wrong time to be head coach for that franchise and there really isn't many good times we head coach with the franchise what's beyond. But if he goes four consecutive seasons about a playoff appearance it's all she wrote to on bulls with a New York Jets. Adam gays a popular figure to be fired a second or first thing he second on those aren't shark. Odds on coaches that are going to be fired at plus 750. First one police first one fired in the NFL Harry better when better when hurries is labeled it. Earlier on or fairly. He had labeled as a guy who won and was successful because of Peyton Manning remember that. When he was the offensive coordinator in Denver he sixteen and sixteen in Miami good first year ten L out the second year they struggle. This or they don't see development Ryan's and a hell and they can't close the gap with new England and sunny days long lasting just won't. And those odds are right on the money Adam gaze squarely on the hot seat from. And then we have. And had a bitter on putting among those soulless ball around out my red hot seats with the immovable Marvin Lewis. Oh yes sixteen seasons in Cincinnati. Zero playoff wins. Too much publicized. But it's still a fact that he cannot run fun. Under 500 also the last two seasons. And you know it suggesting Mike Brown the owner there are a lot of patience the fans not so much the bands in Cincinnati they will tell you they have had enough of Marvin Lewis. And they had enough for about the half decade now ourself. May have wanted Marvin Lewis gone. And Marvin Lewis ray player personnel standpoint. Certainly had a lot of issues there with bringing in guys with questionable pasts. Off the field issues. Cincinnati is turned into. A place where. I guess DB seedy characters wind up and that's something that Cincinnati has been associated with under Lewis for quite awhile and it's not good. You know this season it's ugly it's hard to see Lewis arriving in even with the patients they sonim. Well actually fire him I don't know but there's no doubt Marvin Lewis is somewhere on the hot seat here I think is cedes finally red hot. So most of the guys are really think. Talk about red hot seats guys who could be fired in season. Those that's my list due Jackson dirt cutter Vance Joseph Todd bulls Adam gates. And the immovable Marvin Lewis got to some other guy's shoes seats are pretty warm here. Jason Garrett. Is Jason Garrett who just talking to Christian Garrett Jason Garrett. For the DO Dallas Cowboys we know he's Jerry Jones is guy. Jerry Jones wants to ride him for as long as he can. But not no success that knows who rule appearances. They seem to be regressing. And set a progressing. Especially that office remember. Jason Garrett. It was an offensive coordinator he's brought in to make that Dallas offense. Electric. Bring him back to the 1990s version Milan a common alloy in Irving. There's Elway. Aikman and Irving and Emmitt Smith. That hasn't happened. Do you think that division of the Philadelphia Eagles. They're going to be able to close that gap I don't think so. His seats moderately want Jay gruden same division. Same thing here although with the owner it's going to be a lot less patient with him they do have a more. Stable at least quarterback situation I don't have a guy wants out in Kirk cousins they moved on from that. And now it's Alex Smith who got a new deal and Smith is a very capable solid quarterback. The person a division it's going to be hard to win. Big expectations for them this year especially if Shawn Watson is back. And bill O'Brien has been the epitome of mediocrity. And his time as a head coach of the Houston Texans he's there. John Harbaugh same thing last half decade. The Flacco. Error about to ends will Harbaugh survive that's. And then Mike McCarthy. Mike McCarthy is a great head coach in this league you will get gobbled up very quickly by somebody else should get fired. In Green Bay but I'll say this. If they struggle again whatever the reason injuries bad defense they moved on from Dom Capers Mike McCarthy is running out of excuses. As this tenure this error with one of the best quarterback talents that ever played in the NFL and Aaron Rodgers. You're only making the Super Bowl. One time. You gotta be held to a higher standard here. And Mike McCarthy is running out of time that smile is what's yours you can weigh in at 504260. 1878. You can text me at 87870. Its double coverage on WW. Bought a Mac to the show. We've got its Trevor sick in my NFL router covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for pewter report dot com to come on here about five minutes to talk about the news. At a bucks camp the James Winston is bracing for a three game suspension from the NFL. After their investigation wraps up toward about the allegations that he. And had a sexual assaults encounter with an over driver. So NFL's been invested in this for about a year apparently trapping up endgame is Winston imports are. Bracing forties specifically three game suspension when you get that specific with the suspension the leaks usually are. Pretty true. We're finishing up our topic abouts the NFL head coaching hot seat to guys top my list red hot seats for hue Jackson dirt cutter. Fans shows it to I would not be surprised at all fell way. Looses any bit of patience he might have left Todd bulls of the jet seven gays the dolphins. And yet even Marvin Lewis. Of the Cincinnati Bengals I do wonder about Mike McCarthy is to see some red hot no way too good of a coach in Aaron Rodgers likes him too much solely. Green Bay Packers fans. Reset to win more. In that market and you've got to win more when he have Aaron Rodgers. Here's a text at age 78 silly okay hot take alert here from the 504 c'mon Seth. No but kissing the overrated Aaron Rodgers please what. Is the only time ever that tape and my life. Air Rogers overrated. You know explained Allen a little more to me. 504. How. Here's an update our opinion poll at WW dot com which NFL head coach is on the hottest seats. 50% are saying Marvin Lewis 21%. Are saying dirt Cotter hue Jackson to 14% John Harbaugh talk bulls 7%. In that one Tim what do you think is the first NFL head coach fired here this year. To really. Well what if you don't have to think that they didn't want him is number one hire they had hired they thought Josh McDaniels. From New England so no doubt he was not the number one guy. But its interest in because everybody's kind of coalesce around a sock puppets frank Reich now it maybe the best tired anybody which is Saud. Because of his work with nick polls in Carson Wentz is used the quarterback coach Jeff and coordinator. Relieved to Doug Peterson was gone plays but regret the mine with Peterson there behind me Eagles the last couple of seasons in the work he could do with Andrew Luck. How many times shall we see. Frank Reich in his comeback for the bub Buffalo Bills against the Houston Oilers. Every every game. And does man. Yep I agree that. Tax on the NBA here from the 504 if LeBron is not the greatest NBA player ever air Roger's not the greatest quarterback ever. We got to explain I'm giggle confused that I guess a year ago. One player we judge on his talent the other we it is about arranged LeBron as the greatest however to play in the NBA. They're for and Roger's argument he's better than Jordan not like you're talking about apples or this year different sports is. Exponentially. Easier to win a title. With one or two stars. And a bunch of guys. In the NBA. Then it is in the NF lawyer talk and five guys on the courts compared to eleven it's not even close to the same did. The three phases of the game in the NFL you are you're off base on Matic I would. Debate that for hours with you you cannot compare the rings debate in the NBA to the range debate. Indiana fellow and by the way it was LeBron himself he brought this rings debating and as far as the greatest of all time when he was talking about the Dodgers won nudges to not just three not just seven in Miami. Talk a little FL the big NFL news tonight coming out it's Tampa Bay is that James once in bracing for a three game suspension. From the NFL. In relation to the investigation into those doing about an alleged. Sexual assault incident in and Hoover. In 26 team that was some was involved in must bring in Trevor sick about a talk about an NFL writer covering the bucks for pewter report. Dot com is on Twitter at Tampa Bay trade Trevor what's up man. I'm good hey I give us an update what's going on here at this story and heard the reports for real. Yeah. Well. That. And trying to figure out we been it made it all in this positive quiet around training camp in that company in the new coach they're. But it's dark cloud and what happened with the investigation because we know via. Like take their time with a lot of the things. Whether it and we. Idol in big eyed so we is that what targeted at that we now November and it really. It incorporating your radio. And it and you learned it. You know we've been patent and did a month ago Ronald party Kimi court date he hadn't been in the air interviewed yet though. We wonder what island now that night we hear from an interview. On a year from radio app hosting Al the clue. At all went in. High school college via. We strap or equally unique about about yourself in round went on. Now what you guys do. And it could be he would help people in game one K and he the people in game went that can't. Are great in force some kind of the suspension from the NF LB one or maybe the pregame what he said at the bench. Yeah Indy what is Wesson himself said about mrs. C maintain radio sign up and sear. Or has he spoken out. Yeah dull you know issue we came out released statement basically sink in we call like not given any wiggle room for 08 bit. You. Confused about eight who in the car or how many people were in the car. And you know we have a little bit about that and an eight year relief injury statement pack it Liu had a right now are out there. He's been pretty much you know they're compliant with yet a lot of talk about it is that it is so not heard much. At all about you know when you really get by itself that it. For credible. On tree leaning one where and other news that we heard on. Trevor sick in my give us an updates on the word that it's James Wesson bracing for a possible three game suspension from the NFL in relation to. The incidents in and Hoover in 26 team in his. Reportedly he sexually assaulted a driver that's the reports the NFL doing an investigation it's wrapping up. A Trevor early quick we're talking about our NFL coaching hot seat Syrian dirt cutter at the top of everybody's list that were talked into what's the feeling there how much how potty is cutter seat. Yeah Ella. Term they. Lack it when they go eat your cake came out water and eat that I ought to be. Purse and coach art when he. But you're there really aren't in it in the middle and so I find that to be a little art to put your money on but injured that should be the yeah absolutely need nine year team like an adult and I'm equally as he you know twenty immigrant talent. You know we'd been hurt and your children. You can't be true art and that here in the air and teamwork coaching certainly not where you'd be. You guys and people in the world at our effort and money traveling the world that they were looted their income. And so. That kind of that feeling at what point did you see him. And you know they and that he and the players instead the art sports and actually prove that he'll go all. The lack in winning it I mean they were able to come out victorious there. Like players like him but it when he you guide your result and that that fire and coach to quit but. Mahan and won a talent on the booking your team in an note at a pop idol but it'll improve. He hit it beat Lou there's no doubt about that. Trevor sickened by Anna told writer covering the bucks for the pewter report dot com Trevor appreciate the updates not great stuff. Travers on Twitter at Tampa Bay trade in my follow their here's some tax coming in about the conversation. That we were having about the top quarterback somehow we drifted off into that I guess it's to damage and Aaron Rodgers and his thousands of people disagreement Aaron Rodgers and talents and I don't get that. I get it at all. So here they certainly Texas text me from the 504. Here's one seems like Rodgers is always. Top three quarterbacks had no records one title etc. He's always been an only if and super talented. And all that dollar will buy you a Coke. I believe he's and I said I ask simple do you think Drew Brees is also also. Overrated them because it's always in my mind and not just in my mind and pretty much everybody's it's Brady Brees Rodgers. After quarterback's league it's been that way for about a decade now. So do you think Aaron Rodgers is overrated you think Drew Brees is overrated. Just the facts and I'll make you forgot it's over and I think both guys a little down probably is top five quarterbacks all time. In the NFL. Here's a text from a different number and vital for. Brady got some here Tim go ahead. And a oh. Well I mean that's the definitive decide then whatever Maddon says whoever Maddon says is the best player we know Madden and all is always right and apparently is only three quarterbacks. With an above ninety overall rating in Manhattan but nobody's ever played man that's where. Those kind of crazy there rod. I'm surprised that Drew Brees is only nine his accuracy is really an action just overall race. Well he better have a nine actress Sarah to set the record last year ominous. Call up whoever that matting reading guys we Donnie Jones but whoever the man rating to die is now we now have a conversation about that here's another Texan the Bible for. Tom Brady didn't surpassed Joseph Montana easily got a stiff drink Tucker how well Rogers spins the ball is not the best quarterback ever. He still behind Brees well you and I agree on and as remember when I build my top quarterbacks of all time I had breeze in the top five and I had Rodgers down at Manning was number nine. Somewhere there. I don't I Evey are saying Aaron Rodgers is overrated Tuesday or your style flat hater. And get off this is because you know we can be Drew Brees fans and also Aaron Rodgers and spin they're both incredible quarterbacks. Actually five before Vance Joseph say why. A month's death after sixteen games and read it broke coach Joseph out the door. He barely even knows all the players why but I think that's probably it's actually goes Vance from his time here. In New Orleans I just know I I don't have any need at all for benches by obese accessibility I know on the reasoning was on my list. Is because John Elway does not have patience at all. That's already been proven after he fired John Fox after four consecutive first place finishes and forty and eighteen record. And also their franchise is proud they do not allow and won't stand for losing seasons. Joseph season last year at five and eleven mission just the fact. The second worst season for the Broncos since 1982. 35 years. You know what happened after the worst season. In the last 35 years that was a four and twelve campaign. Everybody was fired. Coach general manager president there's a complete reset for the franchise they will not stand for other final in campaign event happens for Vance. It's all syrup. Text from the final four temper president's one it's one. Arrigo shots and I let's take a break here we will transition into some NBA talk NBA draft tomorrow. We will have our LeBron watch update NBA draft news and notes and then a little bit later. Anthony Davis great news he got out of Kentucky today big honor for him. It's Seth Dunlap double coverage continues on WW. Welcome back to the show. Traveled our NFL talk here's a good sex from the final four ago or gal it takes me about bench just before you're right I'm by this state coach Vance when he was. Eleven and twelve playground ball Nicholson playground on the West Bank set he was a better basketball player at 101112 years old. I'm a good old days they you know advance. He missed looks like he can still ball. Great and it is does. I know Vance works out in Denver be great situation for him and one of the parted franchises in the National Football League and just I just don't think he's gonna survive and on that conference summit lack of talent. And all of the lack of patient from John el Al let's talk a little NBA and you know every single day until he signs somewhere. It's time for LeBron watch. Latest news on that front remember. LeBron to LA those rumors are heating up and I think rightfully so especially concerning Paul George wants to go to LA now coli Leonard wants to wind up. In LA all signs point to a new super team being formed there. The one road block and I think it's a pretty big road block has been. Well Lamar ball and the ball family Alonso ball yesterday we heard now the lakers prepared possibly to trade Alonso ball give them out of there. And get him out of the hair LeBron James don't want the distractions. Well today. We hear that Jeanie buss and Magic Johnson. Sat down with all of the lakers employees and everybody in the front office and warned them about tampering. As there might have already Manson in tampering from the LA lakers with some of these players who tech we're still under contract sources who said that. Magic Johnson and lakers general manager rod Lincoln spoke to a large group of team employees warning at. About tampering Mets coming from Ramona shell board of ESPN. LA lakers parties may end up a couple of times by the NBA for tampering in the past year. And they want to stay out of that hot water so as those rumors heat up LA doing everything they can't make sure. That they do get king come over and set up his throne. In LA and every single living goes and I just think it's more and more likely that. He will line up in LA and here's the thing even if he's there without collide for a year he'll be there with Paul George and he can wait for quite a hit free agency. And then next year add him to whatever roster they RD half. It's got to make sure they'll have a capsaicin Simon free agents. So it's putting more and more like LeBron will indeed be in LA is certainly not over yet in this thing we'll change day by day that's why. We have LeBron watch. Four NBA draft tomorrow night we'll start about 7 o'clock local time the bit after that no first round pick for the pelicans and that's. Not really news. The pelicans and actually only retained 11 round picks in the Demps air an early draft of some guys who end up trading him away guys like but he healed. Mid season so when I talk about her trainer came from more than a year tokens of only retain one guy won first round pick in now was number one overall pick. Anthony Davis so like I said in my sports slash updates earlier today on sports stock. Keep an eye and keep an ear on the trade wired tomorrow would not surprise me at all. If teams is some part of multi weight trade. Ended up acquiring some future picks for the pelicans I still believe in the effort to win now and and I think this is ops have been proven. That is Dem strategy. To use these draft picks his assets and not for actual players but for tradable assets. In an effort to win now win in the short term the dentist can send away first round mixed choir try to acquire somebody in trade. And I haven't tomorrow it's less likely it'll happen once the new Lou I'm newly your starts. But keep an eye on as far as actual draft news is concerned. What first round so gonna have a lot of entry here locally. Melvin Frazier of two lane he's got a lot of club is a first round guy's gonna go somewhere in the first round it looks like anyways. If not going to be very high second round pick. Apparently the Golden State Warriors are very interested in Melbourne Frazier they worked him out recently and here's a quote from general manager Bob Myers. Things are you don't normally have we don't have we're looking for guys and go out there and give us minutes. House said after they had worked out Melvin Frazier and open Frazier will beat that guy for them and you would be it be great for from a Cindy really join that team. And could Frazier wind up with a world champs. We will see also Mitchell Robinson of shell but he got a very tumultuous. High school ten year add shall meant high school but there's no doubt that he was an ultra talented player he couldn't wind up in L issue Ernie big time problem because of academic issues were as expected. He was one and done in Mitchell Robinson is expected to go somewhere in the first round probably towards the latter half of the first round. To keep an eye on that for you local area basketball fans know. I had a chance a couple of times to. I refereed high school bass well for 45 years when I had the time before Ozuna national fulltime and I had a chance to. Officiate games when Mitchell Robinson and he was the real I mean there was. No better player during his time. No more dominant player here in the area the Mitchell Robinson fumbled go on record and say that now I always stopping you might struggle the next level because and have. Need most level head on his shoulders he was a little bit hot temperament was academic issues but academic issues don't matter the ambulance. Level headed this does. But you'll get a shot here was somebody most likely and the first drop keep an eye on that. Also Anthony davis' isn't draft news but we got to mention this as it was big news for AD. As it was announced today that he will be inducted into the Kentucky hall of fame he's only there for one year. In 2012 but he'll be inducted into the 28 team in Kentucky athletics hall of fame class. Pretty cool for him. Com. Ted during a single season on this is from the press release from the pelicans from Jim I can offer a misread what he wrote here. During a single season on campus in Lexington Anthony Davis accomplished just about everything. If freshman men's basketball player could achieve of course highlighted by leading the wildcats a national championship. Yet. That's it and it's so pretty blob on that campus certainly. We'll take a break and come back talking basketball a little more Nick Young sehwag VP he is in the news today. That new site TMC. Yet think it was something good now or never is when TMZ is involved. We'll have some audio for you hadn't swagger EV Nick Young a little bit hot water. It's up to a lab double coverage continues under the. It's the slide UPS second but North Carolina and Morgan State battling in an elimination game in the college World Series. Carolina they were down three nothing they came back scored six straight runs they're up 63 in the top of the eighth inning but organ state threatening here they have to Juan. Nobody out runners at second and third and a full count here for a pitcher who is really struggling right now tens. Tenth it's of the sad battle keep you updated so it's old Jett the Golden State Warriors Nick Young swagger EP he got in the news today he was on TMZ is never good to. When you're on DMZ just never it is. And he was asked about how legalizing marijuana how I mile I can listen Californians pretty inane question yes it's CM GO trying to get a reaction. Pannemon cool I get that really at its question you can answer and multiple way especially considering its legal. In. It's legal in California but it's Nick Young went on a tangent not abouts. Marijuana. But about cocaine. Straight from the horse's mouth there's Nick Young courtesy of DMZ. Yeah. Apparently. Nick Young much more concerned about the legalization. Of cocaine. Now he later said. In an updates. As a for a state enacts a total sit warriors saying I'm sorry guys stood around a context now is actually just kidding. Mel legalizing cocaine. I have a feeling he was not kidding in the moment about that annual meet the first athlete at all to be kidding about that so this isn't solely directed at him well let's be honest here. It looked like nick young and just gotten through big night partying just got out of the club. Promptly speed of the trip there. Nick Young you take it added TMZ. Looks like new pitcher coming in from North Carolina organs say now's loaded the bases no buddy out Christian Garrick some we're not very happy about that. We'll take a break next hour we got a deal on four to hear from and Ned or drive head coach bill she tigers after they have signs. The nation's number one recruit Derrick. Staying away we'll have more updates to this college World Series game and our daily World Cup update 20 we'll have the best gold cult today.