Jaguars DT Dareus in serious trouble and breaking down Payton's playcalls

Kristian talks with Zach Goodall of the Locked On Jaguars podcast about the allegations plaguing Jacksonville defensive lineman Marcel Dareus, then chats with ESPN's Mike Triplett about the article he wrote delving into the Saints' playcalls on offense.

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Off and run an hour to welcoming Kristian garic here phone lines open at 504. 26018 semi text 8787. Mormon aren't a master control on sports flashed a winning your phone call at 504. 2601870. Text 8787 RW royal blue runner whose opinion poll if you had a big one which do you prefer college football or the NFL. Got a text different 6740. College you have awful they recover from drinking before you go to work there's a bonus there. Another once said not on the aggregate and Alan and is not an all right now. Page C are about this TO not going all they've pulled it a milieu jacket your gold jacket. Not getting knowledge of there in ceremony. Hey he forces way too. I'm fine with a I would do our the F if I was the hall fame back to the phone space for your patience Jon and Greta you're on W him well. You know better you John. Solid overwhelmingly. I'm sick he what is Noah about it thing name. Brand and colleges quote the department values been no. Maine is road or it there was it's more like championship Greg on and on in though. I was like TB to wrestling. Well they they have a role. That had been appearance earlier American Buick who yard penalty aren't 99 yard field whatever. You know and it can decide the game. To spot now you'll you'll like a spot thought. Our eye to spot cellular. Now I mean that make the game I mean at that. In in college you know they have rose and I don't think it change much bad. As far as you know at an appearance so bad that you know that a little strategy there and I'll go you know being on the road me out. You know pack in the quarterback where indirectly it's it's too much opinion. Wary of them and that in baton. Well you know why that is all right because I mean. Don't I don't I really. I don't just tell you why is telling it like it's a league. His Professional League NA in it they know that stars of the ones that drive that league. Typically the start on the quarterbacks and fans will be able watch they're there they're easily quarterbacks 'cause that's what ultimately draws. A lot of fans. Whether it's to the TV or to the games for those star quarterback's and a star players in particular. Well I can tell you I'm you know Earl moral is. And yeah. Robbery C yes. So you're right in most cases but sometimes you know I mean he played. You know and then he he got it up well. And Anna I believe you know. Our brief speech took over right or wrong I understand what you're saying. And I don't want anybody it drew breathe because you know trust me I like it is that my order back but it did take what are a lot of football. To a certain degree. To certainly are distant things let. That deal and it's the only rule out follow up on board that the only rule. Back can be bad rap beat them have a bit of that has been a spiritual. Now right I agree I'm not I'm not into foul a pass interference in the in the NFL does not. How that will be one of the rule changes I'd like to see for the NFL but college football again it goes back to. The other one foot in lies in the two feet on a catch. The width of the field yes the same with is put. If you go back and look at it with hash marks way to spread out forty feet apart in college opposed to eighteen and half. For the NFL much different game. Much cleaner much faster. You know defending air you know defending speaks. In the NFL you are in college football. Jock nature phone call market matter what's going on March year on WWL. Okay Christian Atlantic talk a little bit about that pro or college and like call and talk about. They loved college. And they cue pro point about why. Ball. Number one and emotional stand. It I'd be in the saint anger not at Portland app the tree. The fact that matters is that means optic. Opt be an emotional and the saint dull that it by that not. That's not argument as to why one is that it are people call and that big operation well. Well that and the day not. Now let's talk about the logical. They're not watch pro ball in the back for second hole on the back for more. You're right look disclosure and LSU fan doesn't mean that you are that Colin do you prefer college football over the thought you'd prefer LA issue because it's on Saturday but it's to entertain work to play. If the two were played at the same time. Of the day on Sunday. Which would you watch which would July. Obviously opposite states that I got epic ideological aspect here because. No NFL and the saints who ultimately. Hold on mark LaMarr pulled on mark. Mark mark mark. Hold on mark. Forget the saints on the about the NFL he can be an NFL game. That had you don't have your favorite team minute and a college game don't have your favorite team which you watch it to me it's the NFL like I said. They play it at an elite level. They played fat they played better against faster faster moving up. The strategy is much different much stronger much better in the NFL that's the way you can approach a mark that. In batting college a lot of guys that are trying to get it now try to make that up. I mean why do we like the Olympics why why don't we achieve a high school rat out a rat that's a Rahm might and I'd like sport and you wanna watch it got tight at. Put in the boat captain Allen and take it to the next level. I'm with you mark I don't you know again I'm out I'm all about the NFL I had to choose if if if there was a game on. In college football save time Xena saw much of the NFL Isiah. Face of the focal Anthony Slidell is going on Anthony college or pros. Fake Christians but the ball well. No opening got a big big plus. But it it. Well it's easy to believe that it's easy to be college football fan these days if you're an Alabama fan. A mile course don't love college football you guys are dominating. Portly. Program. You. And to. Publicly. Well I would like college or pro led. You. Would. Optical. That he would. No like we're having I don't like recruit you know why but again in the the NFL doesn't have a right old time either with the draft but. I mean does he miss on players that are players that then that went undrafted in the being superstars. Same thing with with recruiting. You know topic star on committees one starring Drew Brees is a one star recruit one star. But if they can't both the church of. No I know I don't but did the NFL system's not perfect either I get that. You know. Sports utopia it was too well and it was born in Alabama woman should be. Not the problem quite warm up screen that you. Want the game. All in all through. Knew that the suggestion that your. Kids need to columnist and model and indeed true. Protein. You know. And how does this policy now is up there a lot more air with that of tailgating and getting tight on. That we do here. Yeah but it's not on the level of college and a great college delegates not. It's more business oriented I knowledge that is an aids more business oriented in the NFL it's more festive. And friendly family environment. In in college it's it's it's community. My guess it is pageantry. And it and it's it's more business like in the NFL and that's some people are turned on by that some people are turned off by that. Face of the ball going to come back for chuck Shawna. And Steven also. Who check in down in Jacksonville Zach Goode all postal locked on jaguars podcast Marcel Darius. Have been hot water the sports talk here on W tomorrow. Jacksonville Jaguars Marcel Darius and a bit of hot water if you're on hold sit tight Sean big Mike and chuck. Good back for your phone calls. Welcome back to sports talk Christian Garrick here. Yeah Marshall Darius and a bit have a now a problem that's that's it's a bit of an issue Zach at all post lock on jaguars podcast and Zach underscored Goodall. On Twitter Zach this this woman that claims that. Marcel Darius gave her an STD and apparently had on consensual sex other while she was sleep and how how much of the jaguars talked about this. So part. Pretty quiet so far matches the picnic but you know when it comes in the league like guys and it triggered political pop icon making any comment. I think I'll Koppel and company about that. That's probably in the work but regardless. We're gonna have to comment on the you know because it doesn't beat duke and bad that they treated fortunate here. Now we're coming in the NFL has as their investigation to this is well and regardless of what the law says or what the what the police find. We all know that the NFL's investigation is independent so looks like to me in some way shape or form. It's likely that Marcel Darius is gonna face some sort of leash it sanctions here. Think so the massacre there now multiple cases against him one of them. Apparently came out of that orbit but it kept very quiet and not their 82. Not unconventional sex that app. Leader whiplash. Not that passed in being able to lower ranked entry entered about Tampa where a woman claimed that two shouldn't drug. And then taking a bite at a party and around local news on illegal. Product has started selling Darren Sharper who started selling their Jeanne. Look at. That car. Not good good a precarious obviously India NFL locker room right. Obviously kind come down on the things a lot harder you work for so. I expect there could be come form a giant in their attention to both equally and assuming that you found guilty by the NFL in any way shape form compartment on. It's coming allegations are there now and that the other router you delegation one not one actually one. Eagle. While what's the jaguar decency about this. The government's reaction now from our people out on their people whether fair. One. Lots eloquently put it. Protected the web and I'm completely with that I agree that we wouldn't want no don't want someone like him on the team out it'll be good at. The same time in the global war you know also exclude the idea of recruiting guilty so I tip about what those guys I think are pretty. Audio on file with the instant approve you as one of the great things about this country the right. But it is time once now once you're found guilty though you deserve to be slammed. In our. Definitely it's I think in some call whether or not he was the actual court entered that house or at some credit out. If he found guilty people are talking about his career being over by that and more like what you need to get things got out they'll keep this just. Zach at all locked on jaguars. Had Zach underscore good at all to close to Goodell for me announce our end it's important that. And Zach thanks for the time we pre shipment. Absolutely I'd go back for Sean and chuck can you to a final four to 6018 semi tech's 870 eights and also. In the NBA he won on the seed the playoffs regardless of conference one through sixteen good or bad idea for the NBA. Keep the latest card playoff format intact we have such an imbalance between the west in the east 504260. When it's only text 870. Eight having to sports talk here on W duo. Which do you prefer college or pro football. It's our blue blue runner foods of people long lines for you at W derailed icon. Cast your vote there are calls a 5042. Z 01870 Sean and Hammond what's going on Sean you're on WWL. You Erick Erickson. I'm a football program. No matter award parole colored. I'm want to look that a you know your. It. I guess the the pageantry as. They cleared. You know drag and they'll electronic. Data. At epic game and later the cougar love of the game but most are you got that. You know ordered the bulk senator gonna go on approach. They admire and it occurred. Eric got to get out and buy a brand that our approach their ability that get hurt. You like to in a sense of college football or other perceived innocence of eligible. The air and Aaron. I'd oh it would cheer. I know what you're not oh while. Cleveland. Go way. Beyond yet Carter watcher. All parents worried Alabama. Well our knowledge no but having that now you talk about an article you need to you Dominic crap game in the NFL. In a really good game yet now what I'd rather watch Cleveland. In the New York Jets in our verses. In college football gimme to obscure teams that that are very good and I'm I'm gonna watch the pro game I just him what are parents like rice and rice and somebody else I'm not why rice and in somebody else vs an NFL game I don't care how bad the NFL teams are glued as a bag comparisons are not fair. There at its current playoff. That there could be good but there. By. What I would like street would ever bell is read what they're in the copper. I don't know that you remember a few years. He was in the conference the Doocy got in the conference. Well out of all of not a boat load. Division Warner. Yet a lot and I think where I have to be of value for. For winning your division has to be your award for that shot I got to move on thanks physics a phone call Mike Triplett ESP NFL nation at my trip went on Twitter. Mike what does gun flex right stacked 394 dragon smoke killed Turbo sucker right mean. Well obviously Christian. At that. Now. They have been. Really that it dispute that story and did old Sean Payton Drew Brees as. Is released it early read yet. I appreciate that you know that that it tweeted that out and it felt mill at that might be light. But it took on them. That apparently that I want no. Problem as it. The owner and that's only the West Coast. He really. Did you look a little little little tall anyway between you and they're Korea while winning number their query. Deliberately ignorant when it goes off that I recently learned through language. And and so those guys were great penalties you know breaking down that particular play call let everything and saying well why they fail. But all you know the history of where girl on the developments came from so. I mean they're one of the best as a parent and Anna bell is. And to get them out and out of about a subject you know they're they're obviously. They've mastered or than almost any coach and player come over Italy coach player really cool. I like it plus I'm always that's about it lingo. Yes so I don't mean that the ladies who come up with some of these. These plays and what they need Obama also stuff it's fascinated me any innate it's he has in mind as Welby. You know written in a foreign language for all we know gallium is as far as organs are we don't know any of the stuff means that those great about it. Well it police and it's. You know it is culmination of the bidding. To me. And now want to look like India and like so. He Vietnamese. You know he he's probably one. Of America and and rain we've got it. What are the other each month I can remember governor. And I like. Lol why you have all of those differently in the future ago. The water. You just say it you know what the defense in the now there'll different pitcher on Saturday are on the other 111 are like well OK I didn't know that but and they had a like there's a reason we in. Yeah a pretty pretty instincts tell us you know can be composed and so what do Lauren. What are out in the morning I went into it that when I went into wanting to now open one. Is used as political army everything in aptly call waddle the Internet why accuse that of. Persistent or shorter play. In. What do you. You know if they get longer. Penalties got a but it went in that we restore it was. What fascinated you or anything I brought this clip to Drew Brees added that now or Ebert can provide do that it was a run play promote regular season game against him debate two years. And it's and so you musical note that user record pretax or Europe. And I like so like you recognize that plan like we elect I I was asking him your guerrilla battle in America are you regard. I think we've brought that. Plate twice ever since the last time was two years ago against Tampa today and scored our Arctic sun and a quick look at ease its total recall. Exactly like that await you in that regard but as chip Reid like comparable where. So I. When it's mourners two point conversion. Pass in the Super Bowl and instantly whatever. Well Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob block. And like I wrote my attitude center's phone number he you're dispute goes off. Yet those those two are our our special that's for sure it's at that's good that's good. Good research by you're good to get by yah I like I enjoyed the read as you know speaking NFL. Lingo 101 Sean Payton and and and Drew Brees you find an ESPN. Dot com Mike Triplett add Mike took on Twitter yesterday and it's on Asian reporter. Mike looking at the trading day about two weeks away what's on your mind what's familiar your mind the first week it Kalin what are you wanna seek to make sure your validating you know looking for. You know this. Not not you know I think it yet this season in the bank in a lot of question mark about this being you like to. Fine didn't find them develop during training camp. If they stay healthy you know they've done a lot of good things about it suited to position groups though that the biggest curiosity is there are. That the incident aggressive position outside the camera or. Either you know is Alex so we're going to be out in out in tribute regulators are clerk a couple of quick whip out. To contribute right away at that you'd position and those guys bowl and now. And great change but you know this question marks charitable. And now opens at wide receiver. It Cameron Meredith Indian troop number two receiver. That position has great but it. They aren't simply because it's really Michael Thomas at you injured your Ella question mark there too. At a surprisingly so even the title and position. They don't have it. Hold and couldn't pass it shouldn't be a remote but it would do it matter who Drew Brees throw to but I'm curious to see who develops as the top three targets in the. Michael last year of people online at W Lehman if you had to pick one. Which will which it NFL accountable I realize you over the NFL. You can you covered the college game as well also the year of reunion eakins. Of course go to. And. What are you talking about there not an epic yet. You know pretty easy to beat. But I was congress with a tournament. And he would just things that. I was players more year. I don't either because what city in. Look out and do there and it means a lot to them. But and replayed and development. As well. But I mean I think we we've had these applications at Comerica lab or Michael palace. These guys have been that. Ever they know everybody else in their profession and watch their external. They are working year round. Lead and the campus now as well but they weeded out. You like don't talk about purity is probably about well players are happy to just beyond. Most NFL players are almost. Two in ten. And into motivated to be great so it is you'll. If you think and it L players the ones who don't care your depth at all about that they really care about about being illegally today. I'd rather have my child like solid football but also those that he would be awhile ago but it you want the player who chairs the absolute most about being lead that you want there. Gallup also talk about a might from a from a strategy standpoint. My biggest rub with college football it is. You defending. Space and you defending min in the NFL because the hash marks are much closer you know defending his much space. I. In the almost become graduate. Editors sport is there's some spread up and without so opened. I mean you can make an argument where we're one of the other but obviously in a you were getting the most. For the for the most part I mean announcing new X Saban and Urban Meyer. Our two greatest of all time at either level but. You're kidding the most sophisticated lines the most advancements that you know the most and we get it so you wanna you equated level. The sophistication that it goes up in the open. Mike Triplett ESP NFL nation reporter covering the saints might triple we'll see about two weeks for trading him Mike thanks. Michael back for chuck imparted to a sports talk here on. WW well. I walked back sports talk chuck in concert to a thanks for your patience your on WL. I question it. And join the top Saturday would be. I can kind of disagree with Gil on the oh on hash mark questioned the I think that the detriment you know bill. I understand. You know why they feel it but I don't see that it necessarily make the game more old man on man trying to game. That the players are don't want now. You know shoulder to shoulder but it just takes quite a lot Goldman in short not the not. Too much on patent it did it would the strategy of having. You know that there's the ability to you know controlled. The ball we control. The next play. And it just blocked strategy can often not a game. No he just suggesting dollars and Chuckie. I don't I don't. It's not it's not a good thing it would not be a good thing unit in the NFL. I think yet strategize more because you're in tighter quarters because you'll have the open side of the field wide side of the field that's wearing college football. Most of the time you have so much room out there and a yet not only DF to defend the formation. But you have to almost defend that part of the field words on any NFL because the hash marks. Are so close you're defending the same part of the field along with the men so it's not like you're defending men and another part of the field. Being to be able and things. Like that. But. In general like normal except from watching the sacred prefer the college game however. That kinda changing because I'm really. Getting away with the college game not because the game itself but because of the nature of the college football and today where. If you don't intend injured scene of the disaster. In the game. You know I'm one of those that would from a couple of years ago everybody was all open arms by eligible a couple of games and other city. And that sixteen to fourteen or whatever law to Wisconsin at Lambeau Field. And it gains. But nothing went over you well in the killing again in the attitude you don't. Find a way to play seven games and put template on the books you're scenes just not gonna make it a big it's horrible horrible for the college game. Just as in the inaugural ball game which is part of that thing. Yet chuck and I are here on money they're meant. How likeable I don't like the amount of bowl games you know it's way too many. And look you're right as far as this seven home games in. And playing against in a plane and it's not so tough nonconference schedules but yet. Then again they open the add these big openers you know like Ellis who's open and up against Miami and Alabama has opened up against miss in another big schools in the past I think though that part of college football is great. But as far as that. The other the 38 to nothing beatings of southeastern our our whomever you you well that that's not good for college football but but you have to do it especially. When you're in the SEC when you're playing in an SC's schedule you can't play is tough and non conference schedule because of how tough your conference schedule ultimately this chuck things in a phone call. We'll subway comeback you're the sports talk on WW well. It used to be used to listen to W do all the app called tune in well we're not there anymore you can no longer here W all in over 100 great stations on the tune in app or. Website now the only places you can stream. WWL radio is to be too old icon or the WR's to be ready dot com app and website make the switch now to radio dot com app. Cooler radio dot com. Slash listen or download the radio dot com have now to continue listening to. Don't be to do well in many other great radio stations. For everybody with Amazon's speakers radio dot com is now compatible with Alexa and echo that is great news as we can check us out. Radio dot com. At W rolled iCombi content on our blue are foods opinion poll. Which do you prefer college or pro football right now and our unscientific poll 53% are saying. The NFL 47% saying college football what you say 50426018. Semi tech's 87870 college football games tend. Drag on under the NFL's not most expeditious. Game out there the number of players on roster. Mean there's a number of the reasons why I choose the NFL over eligible nothing gets Kosovo but Matta had to choose between one or the other it's appropriate. NBA. Two as the seed the playoffs regardless of conference one through sixteen is that good are you with a current format the western converts and Eastern Conference not all jumbled up. You want those cheese come place one through sixteen in the NBA for playoff seeding. Tell me 5042601878. X 87870. This is WW well.