Jacob Klinger says the Steelers defense will be the key against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Divisional Playoffs Sunday afternoon

Saints Football
Saturday, January 13th

Deke Belavia and the "Cajun Cannon" Bobby Hebert discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers with Jacob Klinger, who is the Steelers reporter for PennLive.com


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It up with talk about the Steelers. And Jack what now. Take a point of he's the Steelers reporter the and a lot decked out ticket thank you so much fulltime and it's almost like. If there's a match of this weekend where nothing it took place in the regular season. Nobody's even remotely thinking anything about that matchup it's this one it's almost like that was centuries ago that he net even happen. This is clearly when you look at Pittsburgh experience vs Jackson videos you know. Potential but they're going up against that a Steelers team the B in the code at home. And their quarterback is the volume of experience compared to began space. Yeah I know emotionally it does elect answering it might happen. I don't think that the act like these and gotten where not PP get paired. That is we in the water and relatively clean me up in alpha. I've heard a lot of them were acting in a competent and bright and people who talk about that thank you to win it. The jackpot bigger than a lot of and not hard to beat them you know are back in the legal. Ticket which you when you say that you may be on back like last year you know that game against Miami it was a lot closer in the score indicated. Something and that's an appointment may be you might see on folding on you stand them mean may look time. I don't think I would would drop back relax here connected to eat and then is better than it is funny enough the I think when you're a candidate he bit and control the clock and can put our quarterback and force turnovers. And then you know nook possess grow acquired. You'd. I can see that either you know making permanent date. That they keep them behind eight ball. But the one that made that a week's fine. I don't think that officers can provide that arm. But you know speak up and up and up to the loot. Now Jacob how about. To mean more. Bubbly they'll lose the winning form of the reason why bring that up. A Steelers Steelers lose six in all this season when he has thirty touches or more so it is not that farm I'd say well what it says the receiver horror. He's gonna touch the ball thirty times more. And you look it. The old saying well. He wasn't ready for this season heating go to training camp. You know all of us that contributed their disease Republican he had a heart here at fort at six touches sixty boarded the other player in the league. So I mean I don't know if he kind of instantly you know and he got us as. I don't know that I'll pay little one might retire as the it was and to embrace that because Libya on reality he might talk about to blow when he should've backed that up. Man. And I think he was and kind of take it with. You know it's kind of an extra them. But it's hard and the players go habit and it did you have any course that got one minute it's kind of you know they're back in and how bad. The fired aren't I you know bring the practice. Sunday. You know it is one of the nonprofit news in sports writer is if you brought back at the ball striker than winning. They're winning the marketed at one. But the kuwaitis now is actually speaking you can control the car and belt buckle and the ball it has map in hand up and down. They could put him out opposite or up and block out Antonio Brown. And it's completed on how to act as though what do you if your vote be sent to jaguars and. Yet Jake let I'd say they're not and considering. That that poor performances in elite that Ben Roethlisberger had. But it it's like. That high you handle adversity is crude crucial are critical in the NFL but since they gained we've thrown what 22 touchdown passes seven X. Quarterback rating 103 in them a look at the jaguars. They've gone to a 23 on the road since beating the Steelers. But therein wins were against the browns and the colts though. I mean Alison I think the jaguars that Ross is unbelievable. That you put Drew Brees on on on the jaguars are simply Oracle's then you talk about there over the patriots in the Steelers but. It's enlightenment Robert kind of handled adversity. Because every time we know five. Intercept that had to shock the QB says that no matter Hamachi spirit yeah. I think decade with big tanks onto the team as a whole you know and so that the patriot news. That the Panama and they've really committed to have gone they've been gone a lot out there after that and rock Bergen and measurably. Better cornerbacks and Stan just in to mark read more efficient. Let stupid prank the so yet you think to be clear that this student should win the game but connections and picked an Olympic. And it basically of the vote right on now again you know the quarterback Matt disputed that and that while it is quite upbeat. So shallow because they're going somebody get on what. Now they don't Jacob when you look at. You wanna keep it deep it's off balance and everyone always talks. Around the league when he casually observe in the jaguar defense in the players they have on that defense when you looked at the Fillmore to tape for the game in general. I hear you had shading the caller would have bum ankle and he's still are ranked a 119. I almost eight approach. That it may be on bell has a 100 yard topic been robbed regret not have success in like you see probably have. Double digit win. Yeah me happy. I think the formula that bullet that is the jaguars may be of a dispute. You know again barring injury Antonio Brown as the key not McCain that Mike Tomlin said yesterday afternoon he expects quite. But yet it's it is again that the content of the ground. You know another 6820 yeah. Danny and artwork. And it just makes it easier for them targets not. Challenge Catholic and we don't feel are under pressure arm and potentially you know the field back again. Given us the latest on the Steelers and act or report opinion not that. Take a clean up politics appointment and take up on the school at the DL IN GE all underscored ticket thank you so much of the time. It ought to gain tomorrow Aqua.