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Kristian Garic Its Just Sports
Sunday, April 22nd

WWL's Kristian Garic talks about LSU sports including the LSU spring football game as well as the status of LSU baseball. 


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Often brought an hour to it's just sports here on this Sunday morning it's our battle soggy. And what is clear skies now. I'm Kristian garic here with the for the next hour when these off field Sports Radio network at noon for pre game coverage. A game three between LSU baseball and South Carolina Gamecocks. They make 20 series and it's looking for the sweep today over the tigers. First pitch at 1230114. Yesterday Ellis you went down. To South Carolina Friday night got shut out eleven often. And look good for Allah issue trying to avoid the sweep today there are nine and eight in SEC play and of course the talk of the entire NBA. Tires city vehicle south. You order wells pelicans closing out the Portland trailblazers in this week last night 1311. When he three. There off the feast or Wednesday in the semis final round in the Western Conference playoffs. How fun is this. In a basketball team that is rule in the hottest in the league right now. City that's galvanized and got behind his pal basketball team. Tackled the statement town games three and four in the smoking sinner. That'll be fun next week also. The NFL draft coming up this week so exciting times around here that's for sure bullet to open at 504. 26018 semi tech's 87870. Down the street. In Baton Rouge LSU national elk club spring game took place yesterday well it's with Jeff Palermo mark W dot com columnist. The breakdown action quarterback races still anybody's game at this point. Justin McMillan willow sees miles Brennan. The defense looked really good offense. Work in progress this at least will pick up where most rain and a few moments. 5042601878. X 87870. Continue to break down the saints will be eighteen schedule. At this tops and its twists and turns as it's at. Weeks three through eight. Are extinct. You got one home game. And that stretch one yup I weakened there so basically from September 16. Week to. You don't see the saints back in the superdome it till November 4. I'm sorry October 8. One time. So what's that about three weeks ego and a bye week. Two more road games so from October 8 two of of fourth basically have a whole month where he sees saints' home. Back to back the start at home back to back to close out at home it's Pittsburgh and Carolina at five prime time gains. For the saints when he eighteen opposed to one last year. You could make an argument for the Philadelphia Eagles I thought that was going to be a prime time. But it happened put. November 29 through December 17. Weeks what. Thirteen 14153. Straight road games. At Dallas at ten day. At Carolina on Monday Night Football. Short week it's the pursuit of apple for tweet bug off and now. Which a record prediction for the saints haven't seen the schedule. 5042550426018. Sending text 870 eights at almost gave up my personal cell phone there. So that would 256 and you looking at the schedule. For me. It's not a soft open if you will the first four weeks are winnable games. I think you'd be in the bye we get 51. They match up really well Baltimore this year evident the past. That Minnesota game. I'm pop out by say an L so I I got to that after the by. Gold at that Minnesota Vikings game. At six A wants 262 at home is Los Angeles rams. Tough match of the you're at home. Seven and two on the road against Cincinnati. They'll beat the bagels. Eight and two. Who loses Philadelphia at home not 783. Atlanta Falcons at home Thursday night and I'll lose that game no way on Thanksgiving Day. So what's that nine at three. They'll beat Dallas Cowboys. On Thursday night football Tenet three. At Tampa Bay the next week I had that is a loss that typically the seat stub their toe it at bay on the road. Eleventh at a tennis for. I and then at Carolina. Monday Night Football so it's always play well Carolina and that could be a colder weather game. Won't seat their though that what eleven David pod system to a map Lebanon for. Pittsburgh Steelers closed out its Carolina Panthers in week 1617. At saint drop at the Pittsburgh sweeping Carolina. So I got it backwards they'll lose at that game it's Carolina here in the world ones. Then they'll beat Pittsburgh Steelers and twelve and for what will that be good enough for number one seed in the playoffs will find out usually 1213 wins. Q there that's my record production twelve and four for the saints right now and go this is a little bit silly exercise that because you haven't had the draft yet at. One organized team activity or. Many campers like accidentally gutsy. The nuances of this team is at first blush just eighteenth season. Schedule quote for your predictions at 5426018786878. That will step away it's just sports. The wake of that which a poem short every little dot com columnist here on the all the tires in the saint stubby had well the LSU spring game yesterday in Baton Rouge. National L clubs spring game I should say. Welcome back it's just sports. Who stood out who didn't. The office apparently then. Leaving some people with some questions as I think everybody expected when coach and coach Ron came out. Warning the fans today it's not that product Jeff Palermo joining us now are W dot com columnist Jeff overall woody what your take away from spring game yesterday. While I think got a point now we expected. Within the surprise water and the goalie. Or you know there was that the thing that was really drawn up by the media. Basically because you really. There are. Eaten the actor Robert hey you know we're the code word and it's been great with what model when he was here. A lot of things that that there were never real it. Come to fruition what Leo record the role of the electorate were kinda built in band. But in India that voted for export credits that were wearing. That the quarterback battle with either. But there at the Portland is trying to develop that one short article they would act because we want to wait to make their little Al beat the Tampa guys. Transfer away opening that we saw yesterday. The court cut our record activity while Bret added that I. Tended to at least now we only yesterday I ordered the book what are these are the bill. And it got a guy like the ballot who kind of and Adam. Well what well what could collapse. More about out of Mercury. So. That competition will go away. Through. Paul camp there and I think it's gonna go out like group the first ordered the report he I think that it. You know here he all of the guys that they get an opportunity. In the per couple bond. You're what they want the real gave you do again. Jeff I don't know file like that are I hate that. It going to be like out our profile. I think it's a good thing or a bad thing I did it there if it's that equal but I mean. Okay Al Al either it's what. I think that that they can there's no difference maker on this team they still right a difference maker cornerback. And that's what it takes right Evan if you're going to be out. It you're going to be cured Rica the Tiger Stadium in October that year. You need a different maker quarterback debate that. Yesterday they don't. Jeff is their war. I guess excitement surrounding the LSU basketball team in that case. Well it seemed like the quality of its hit the name. On wall able to us. You'd get the big point yesterday having a cat by the upper. Orbit that yet though. The really good point like sports that are at play at a couple little bright spot by. It's the tape they exit though that they don't have the right guy or Brad and that they. All right global oil for these aren't even that they. Are guys. Well there. But. You know here. What we received a wild ride and it's fair because typically been that for a little year. What the corporate profit here it is that back there. Well. Britain record that he. And power kidnappers that they welcome the court. Didn't. It will what's the lowest common denominator what's the common denominator. I mean they don't have they don't have a quarterback who really haven't had a quarterback guru on the stat maybe Cam Cameron. But we saw that worked out but to my knowledge Ellis you Jeff hasn't had that quarterback whisperer. That they can really coach up guys at deposition and in with echoes that spins less miles and it's been is now at notre. Yeah I would say though you know and it. And I like even bigger I. You know eat either good guy. Eat eat eat bleed purple and bill there's there's no doubt about that he'd go in the position he played it back into. In a different time where news. You know throw the football what. Necessity like it is now I'm at bat for it that there would be tickled about it. It will be given time is that the PK come out QWERTY well that they'll go in that they'll practical. When they hired a good. He's been if these that your quarterback with Burton hope I'm wise I don't know where little. Galactic. You know that that the topic promote their. Jeff. What forty plays I think out of the 75 or from the shock and so we got a little bit of a glimpse as to how much seat. LSU using shock announcement formation. And who. Worked quite Ebert I. And I Colbert right who is the deal here and rate the top tackle it through the different. Well what we beat from Greek mythology that you know with current. Third period what occurred near the guy you're able. You know. Channel got Carol utilities it. Rightly noted that you used the week do you know all the way. Or where there. You. Well that. You're would logical. And he knows how to use the word back yet I think. It's even bigger that that strike. It is. Is that one receiver that I would conclude it with current because they don't Albert a typical 34 wide receiver. Again called networked it but I think it or not. They edit. Or even though the pride picnic or whether. It. Guys are very athletic and at the pocket break. To Booker added that get report Hebert wanted better you know making it past the war. They might. Move the chain put their way so the option or oh yeah. And it old line here with the company that did well in order that really mobile core. Payout Jeff Palermo adds a level LR in the W build dot com columnist for LA issue and Jeff. The defense so steady as can be gave Iran has got to get another fine defense looks like. On the court another debacle that there are. About it. Look look at he would you have been impacted Albert. Now granted I'll use it and you probably they're they're likely starting tackle we're not in the behavior they're great though. That might bid. You'd you'd be I think quarterback still going to be if the density that the quarterback. Gentry Kirkland I'll thank really had a spectacular day yesterday. And adding that that's certainly a work in progress well. I think that's brought to a bit the net that have brought that that will be line. That the chief Ian could tell toward the truck seven. And you know accommodate and I think which are at war could be won it. Doubted that that the blinded if he's helped me develop these panic while. But what all of the right but it being you know point out that beats it caliber level about what it got up. Yet that's been seemingly the narrative surrounding LSU for the better part of the last ten years they've got these. Great defense of stars that can never really completely put together offensively in particular at the quarterback position Jeff and about. Point five seconds Ellison baseball trying to stave off the sweep today. In South Carolina is it is it hyperbolic for me to say it's very clear that this young LSU baseball team cannot hit quality at secret. I think that a statement that he can even open land when we could get that'd be. They bickered and activities that pitcher and it. That entity that it and it can get like Greg. They black guy. I mean literally order vote or only its so. Right at the debate. They just know that it that are. Count me all the big bird are the code by well he really the only bit that kind of guy about that are there single double guys. And so that. That BP need 345 its world literally string together beginning. You know them they'll do that in this series with South Carolina to a level tournament thanks. Christian particular. Event the look. Against expanding on Ellis should baseball does with Scott Sanders at use him mentally seven point one Major League Baseball pitcher after the news but. Jake slaughters is a player that has at all has the ability. So up and down super frustrating relish baseball fans to again welcome apparent bank two balls out of the ballpark strikeouts six straight. Well us plate appearances after that so it's relief Russian diplomat effective. Temper your enthusiasm for the sells baseball team understands that go through little bit about. A rebuild our down years trying to reload for next year they should be really good it won in 1989 and even qualify for the post season this year. Does that light as knows baseball fans sometimes via. He's like at last year's season like you haven't this year identity in the SEC early for relish it just sports here on W duo LSU trying to avoid a the sweep today in South Carolina 1231 pitch eleven before that tires got. Pasted pretty good yesterday spotted the gamecocks. An eight nothing lead and lost on Friday eleven nothing got shut out. Joining us now Scott Sanders former Major League Baseball pitcher act you know sand and 27. On Twitter Scott. What I always have a conversation with Jeff Palermo and just thought about this Seles who line up they're so young in in. It just it seems like it's it's equality pitching staff in the SEC. Ella she's not a bail him consistently. Well yeah that's it to open about it you know every every week and at least you know based. You know to the roots that's received threatening. In energy right now with some injuries going down you know some guys have been. Put some spark that really horse will be able spark so. It's really kind of unfair. To the integrity in the colonial rule take two or three years we chopped or even talked. Should I haven't typical onkyo and you know what. But they you know every Friday night charities it's going to be tough you know and then in the key is you know. Deal activity on Wednesday. It's huge. It within nine and eight right now in the SEC. What's usually take to qualify for accidentally it might have about 1213 SE. At least. You know I wrote in response to him in the regional you know I don't know will be in the Atlantic posted on next a national student you know yeah there are ghost of the region even though it's it's really about their memories of the that was you in liquor in the morning when the big spending and and which brings the most money you know and getting into a body so mean that cover it would give animals that thing but. I think he's probably the evening 1415 wins in the immediate to that you term that you know and when a couple games and and the technology they always play social you know what has become his term also hope this week it was a beacon. That they were gonna you know as you know step up to to a literal but yet the independents are homeless or mentions in. In Arkansas mobile and any they went into what you want to say that ultimately where you know the streets what or consultant he's been with at the bottom are sort of help they can just be one legitimate way. Ellis is now up to nine on the roadways ballot box the how how concerning is an is that Scott. An earmark of a young team. It exactly. What is remarkable young teen and and in that injury plagued team you know eligible to veto the they will be to a man rule but what with all the moms should be taken this year and how they have not. Had this that it distort the view in Albany we have is up nine those numbers about in the lap together yet. So it is really part of that is look at the industry. What did not in there about a reputation because arms and give them interest. It's really up to play of expectations this is all most urgent street when you go to road in Utah crowd. Talking up kitchen. That stop what we're young team and any injuries. Scott Sanders for Major League Baseball pitcher pat yo Sam it 27 on Twitter hanging out here on issue of sports at an L issues game three against South Carolina they can at twelve. Thirty Latin for your pre game coverage starts at noon when I sign off the air and Scott's right now. Down the stretch here they still got Auburn got Arkansas and Alabama and Ole miss in the SEC. Four series basically you put yourself on this today if you get swept. You pretty much have to win two out of three in three out of the four final immediacy series. Yeah that can be with a proposal poems and it you know a couple commandeered a corporal but he added that the that the borrow from the bottom line is. They kept supporting more consistent in approach right now it would seem like when he pitched in one inning and pitched out so he's become. Put those two things together. Look you know what can come out spikes you know they do that sort of like old dispute are they different group wrote in use but. Arctic acting as you know we opened judgment that those that back. We are open will be back next weekend you know that you know the ball to Jordan wasn't in so gripping once that was should get those guys. Back and hopefully get some back to back in the back in a brand respect this weekend. I think that you were so they can play a little bit I would. They get to those. It's just about being healthy and don't put the best players on orbit on that field you know party Saturday and Sunday. What Scott what does it was camps in that you let your son obviously he's not pitching staff what was he saying about the team in the mindset in the in the boot. You know a big believer in zone in just the news as you know that there are just a click at all. But being in. Really really really good. They're predicting but it just like to do you know every time Moses and little one vote all Q1 hopeful there you know when the start did you do as well the bowl and blow. Ball as well the starred pitcher. Doesn't do audible and was picked him up right now. Those things happening right now you know what would disturb the non you'll aren't they on the sports so. Those things happen because. There's a precedent when you're in the that there were 00 but in the day there they're right there as she went from the it is it's more with just its younger inexperienced and too relaxed because their own for the two. It is something that they're not in Britain doesn't happen to dislike him you know. It isn't big on a target these ball. You know in an in into that regional. And hopefully in Spartan and that you know he beat whoever comes going to be what you should not yet that would open arms back in the super regional. Scott Sanders our guest here at you know salmon on Twitter form lately baseball. Pitchers Scott is there anything you can see and a united I'm really Conn maybe feel foolish even. Asking this question but is there anything pulmonary can do. And it to me it's like hey. He's doing the best he can always got to be like the fact that they've managed to carve out nine wins in the SEC. With the many guys they've lost this year I think that. You know the question it's clear that he's he's doing. The best he can't with a little he's got. You definitely need to please. A good job with the piece of policy that peace proposal that. It shouldn't it like example have been. He'd just take the port you know the Bane. And what are we as we. And that peace proposal was not even in the mix in and at all so being done the best he can do up to this point he's had partners in it to step in our partners. The big is Lima. It is you know you look at his bullpen you know analogy is so reliable import gone right now that are. I would be shocked that your I'm sure he's sort of the report he's probably. You definitely have the the exact was gonna happen at least distract you know grew stronger and see. He's trying to pick each kid out put the situation should that are all the other formula candidate example. He came in and help lead to lead an important partner. In the coaches like so I don't coach at most street as you as a woman I know this could do. It would inexperience and injuries and in the movement port. You know he's one day one days in camp there next week is looking good job of Mercury news review. Went out of the yesterday you know his first. Eighteen year old kid those in need what would it curb also. That's gonna happen and it seems nor ruled. Scott Sanders could stop them appreciate the visit men hopefully Alice you can avoid the sweep today at 1230 or go to our I've met thanks for. The insight always enjoyed talking he's got. They are ribeiro. Argue that. Most of my comeback wrap up here on it's just sports league yup to LSU baseball today. At 1230 pregame coverage starts at noon on the LG Sports Radio network this is W to a I have a rare look. Her data potter mass control and also. You know audience rare look. In the phone in my phone. This coming years. So fun for me. I have a blast on the and it felt throughout the week leading up to cause I try to do you listeners for as informed as Canon. Reaching out to folks in the league sources etc. started doing little of that around this weekend and got some information for you guys have equal likens. I'll scroll through my phone here. Basically a quarterback Lyndon Stevens from Cincinnati. And her back a leak Williams from global. Drawn some interest from the saints significant one for Linda Stephens. Visited with a at the East West Shrine Game had a private work out with a and visit as well top thirty visit which means every NFL team is allotted thirty players they can host at their facilities. For visiting and it it's hard to discern exactly what those mean. How much interest they have. In a player to sometimes they'll bring in a player for a top thirty visit. They won't draft at all just like they did they talk to radical to the come by and that was it. It is bringing it for a top thirty visits they've brought to you Carolyn for top thirty visit they drafted him. So it doesn't necessarily mean all that much they brought ardent key in for a top thirty visit. You know why they met with a hard key four times you know whether duel that. They wanna make sure they know everything. About ardent key that they passed it Ravi Gregory all over they wanna make sure he's not that kind of situation. Where the Dallas Cowboys to deal with huge headaches but a couple of guys on the scroll through a game years here with the public and up some information yet. It's tackles seems to be a big theme. From a the offseason the saints are doing a lot of homework on the pits tackle worked out. It's tackle from the beat Virginia Tech. Tim settles so. I talked to frank Karen I think two as well to pull that up. Yet frank Caron. Worked out for the saints at their local pro day and so that do a lot of things. Around defense lineman now that doesn't mean attested to. Sign. Necessarily in the first round. To go defensive line they're doing a lot of homework there so. Again though it's really hard to discern anything definitively. Based on workouts it's that are you remember last year Al Tamara a private work out with the saints. And Tennessee and and then. The agreement for top thirty visit pat Holmes Sean Payton ran out private workout with him. He's going Kansas City. So. It's hard disarm defamation yard draw an economic inclusion. From these visits from these conversations but restart seen I think it's fascinating that the saints have met with RT four times. I don't think that that's a case where and probably have a long record very quickly year saying the saints should draft art and key. I'll tell you win now it's got to be the right now. The third round it's a great value for the seat if ardent he would fall there if you visited with him four times. And is pre draft process any of these right down the road. In Baton Rouge coach and coach Ron by the way. Was that the teacher for Ryan Nielsen that the line coach of the new world saints he understudy. Under coach and those run so he can play any of Intel. On our key and maybe perhaps provide the saints with some security. Been feeling good about the past the prospect of drafted. Our key in the third round if he gets that far I would be totally OK with that even if there's a slight issue. May be out of things salt Sparky and I know that there are a lot of red flags will be up to 280 count injuries off the field stuff. As you solve those I think with four meetings in the Intel you have as a as an organization in the connection you have between right music can coach you know run by the way. Luge runs serve them Sean Payton as the line coach in 2008. So. Again they should be able to get as much G two on him as possible and they feel culpable in the third round pulled that trigger. That's fine I have new issues that I would have a huge issue. Taking him 27 I don't think anybody will I don't think anybody in touch him in the first forty picks. Outside of that maybe somebody can get desperate reach wrap it up next it's just sports here on W well enough and I'm so glad I don't. Have to draft a quarterback in this class those teams like the browns and others. The top of the strap giants. Now these guys really excite me I think in three or four years is going to be so much buyer's remorse over this quarterback classes at any funny. None of them while we like parts of its generic off into law like that now. Welcome back wrap up here on it's the sport's ultimate textured 87870. Questioning the decision pulmonary saying that the players who have lost confidence a pulmonary after yet back to back walks intentional walks. It's too late in the night no that was the right call by the way. You load the bases those those were the first and second don't matter go for the match if you try to force every base the runner at third matters and it changes how you could fit in the game makes a lot easier replete Ethan Weaver not with NetSuite with the bases loaded now. It sucks that. He walked in the winning run. Two ball put played there but. Was absolutely 100% the right call David Potter. At master control could have done it without you will take all our guests got Sanders chipped Palermo to Madison. Mark punishment sports talk of off Puerto seven Meehan Bobby a bear Ellis baseball coming up simplify about.