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Sunday, April 15th

WWL's Kristian Garic talks about LSU baseball, Pelicans basketball, and Saints off-season moves including an interview with new Saints wide receiver Cameron Meredith.


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Often run an hour to hear of richest sports on WWL investment dot com here until news this owl you'll hear from. Saint slot receiver Cameron Meredith I sat down him earlier in the week LA issue demolish his Tennessee fourteen to five they take the series looking for the sweep today at four. Against Tennessee and LSU their office alive a little bit but they with a grain of salt. As Tennessee post the second worst pitching staff collectively. In the Southeastern Conference. Ellis shootout 2313. 86 in the SEC. Good for third place in the AFC west. Were unable to. Gain any ground on division lead Arkansas and swept south Carolina at double header yesterday polite to open at 504. 2601878. X 87870. If it's six home conference the series Ellis yeah. Jake slaughter has three of those app of he takes Ottawa couple but also talked to Pelz held basketball 9795. Went over Portland last night on the road in rich city. Taken the advantage early on in this series. Game two is Tuesday. Anthony Davis goes for 3514 and four holiday 21 in seven. But he was being here I think that. Last second block there preserve the victory. For the dual pelicans look just put it perspective it's been seven years. Since we Saul the pelicans. Win a playoff game actually in the points. Exciting times in this city and when you consider how. Doom and gloom it was for bogey cousins are for the team when. They lost bode cousins they seem like there are going to be lottery position there's gonna go south real fast that happen. He rallied re invent it how they played the game and a team and a team that's what we wanted to play shrewd moves preen in Mirotic. Roger on Rondo part of the mix in a facilitator Jrue Holiday stepping up his game big time. A big hats off that organization hats off that team would deal with adversity we saw at times width. What the polls in the Philadelphia Eagles solidly when he lost arson Wednesday rallied around and Teresa project can be a boon to a team outlook. Make no mistake about apple because make that team better but. I just find it fascinating how they have reinvented themselves. To you to where they are and what does a pesky basketball team. It I probably shoot if they get out of the series of Portland. Go state doesn't want to face them. They don't want to face this basketball team that's not one that you look at that don't yet that's the ideal matchup for the pelican but he's in the same thing. The warriors not the ideal matchup you want. Haven't sec Iraq. For particular busiest port though team to. On Tuesday bullet to open at 5042601878. X 87870. Ranking upgrading the saints offseason so far what they've done in free agency. What grade would you give it. Let's solid beat you tell me at 2601878. X 8787. Solid knee. Not anything eye popping they did things. Prove it some areas that they maintain some depth in some areas I think German push rod. Patrick Robinson like those two sightings along Kurt Coleman on our Davis linebacker he might be my fever offseason signings so far. I've gotten better obviously it got Cameron Meredith were sure to create from Chicago. Typical. Moves the saints could bargains. They were breaking the bank for for players. So the Indy that you would have fallen today and delegates who trap a couple years ago. When added Gerris bird at a high price and look how that worked out that the saints have learned their lesson about what free agency is meant for. And there. An organization how they approach free agency is back on point where. They not a lot there over spin they don't have the money to overspend but it typically doesn't work out this is my issue with Regis the general. You know. You see in the east teams go out there. She shelling out big box big box and you overpay in greens that just happens. Typically. Of all the teams that are dole out the beat contracts. There's going to be 45 guys and two years they're going to be trying to rework the team that we were those contracts that it's not it. And they need to stay there's always buyer's remorse on those high priced. Free agents and the saints don't have to worry about that heavy I price freeze they brought it. So just about everybody that's going to play. It was added to this team. Came in right about what they expect that the pay. Mean I wanted to set that you overpaid to clean greens do but it's not an exorbitant amount of money ego gosh. Hiked its contract. Still waiting to see with the State's gonna do with Kobe cleaner. Polite to open at 5042601870. Text 8787 hellish you baseball going for the sweep of Tennessee today at 4 o'clock 330. Pre game coverage starts right here on. WWL I anathema dot com come back we'll Cameron Meredith next punish a sports. Welcome back to sports talk here on WWL IMF and the dot com join now by saints wide receiver Cameron Meredith signed a two year ten million dollar deal. Just couple days ago overshoot to free agent from Chicago cam congratulations on the deal the human the world saying I'm your reserve. Did you think the bears we're gonna match this hard when it first happened did you would just walk us through that. You know all of I'm looking at all and the little belonged. Those gold Obama probably around movie. One up on the option could think most quoted in the book they're -- thing so. On the blue curtain has been no spill have been cool cause. The defense from a mild bargain that we've put them. How much we thought about playing in this offense under Sean Payton and with quarterback Drew Brees in the multitude of weapons that they have on this office. And I mean bill but close and lock them up wolf didn't play with a hope and quarterback alone won't they touched third. You know global receivable two in Notre Dame did prove very enthused and so. You know playoffs internships so I'm a lot of success over there and not final presentation. Can Meredith saints wide receiver joining us here on sports talk in camp. How much interaction he had with Sean Payton yet about what division he might have for you. Because different about it or mobile food with. We live in the afternoon and go over. Know what can only happen. Nokia is it the Edwards blew up in an envelope from that point that perspective not a good thing but in saying we're McClellan wrote that. They can tremble when you won't play and that's pollution and you know trying to take advantage of this match and if so does so. And you live in an unmarked so that made it up already who. How much did Curtis Johnson obviously play a role in this he coach you in Chicago. How much about the familiarity he do you feel confident with what Curtis Johnson now. If the jury that they're relying you know that's so they'll come up there and that's always been. Well I'm sure you could the good work can mean. On no clue into thinking what coach and I learned along with them on those big development told that good player so I don't know. Welcome where we left off hopefully we'll know until they're losing. How's your ACL UCL unique. And it's good. Offensive toward its long process but permanent effect. On normal schedule so long no I'm excited to deductible on the roads in or we didn't play bulletin just in Richardson. Are you running and all the anyway shape or form. Are you running and all you do any kind of football related movements. I'm sure you have a window blood match between a non. Try to joke about your morning and you know you can the most clearly does so or not so good run on it and so what does so. A Dutch whereas you know I was but on you know just the just it really play and enjoy having off it hasn't come that put. Yeah I'm sure that's near future. Do you expect to be able to take part in. OTAs are mini camper and and training camp. You know my goal to do that between champ normal multi award Goolsbee greatness even though home opener well look just let them and and so backs but. No no footage of the doctors hate the sort of let you do know I'm gonna go there and listen to them. And look good because you know especially so. Along the moment I mean what did you Beck no no doubt about it but essential low one up. Did go to earlier that Fidel and so while mama didn't get better and stay there you know. Drew Brees. Is notorious for getting receivers together I know you might Thomas get together do you anticipate get together in the off season the Dodgers didn't you timing with him some one a one time with Drew Brees. Well yep income. San Diego is where they go in to go better check their children just a little bit and well we'll just that moment so to be close to the core group and all of them didn't go to in this and get on the same page you don't want to do so I'm not. But he'll be Boutros. New assay wide receiver Cameron Meredith joining us here on sports talk on W broad cam. There's a unique fan base down here in New Orleans a very passion I'm sure you've learned that yet any interaction yet within that nation. Yeah and remember that the first the first emotional that the vote so I got. When I got more visit you know just. It is you know they've of those players were pressured by the player and it was so nothing but love and will be you know the great city great and when the people were so. So so part of what he's saying so. On the go through decided to go out there and you know coming in them cheer me on the report. Do you like to eat meant a reluctant and dirty elixir of love bogey down. Yeah do you have had New Orleans cuisine yet our number one Ramallah Beirut and unknown server. You can't deliver that counts is the area pursued. I also could urban. I'm pretty good though only good down there and try so. Kansas 54 lecture run does. Yeah LE ME hobbies outside of football lady Egan do you share what do you do to cut unwind. No it didn't. Of course are you grew up call of duty that hello willow do on spare time of love looking at playbook and then the only looking out pretty soon so. A different big enough to golf course. Alone you know booting. What's love Netflix little old enough pretty chill wouldn't root themselves who. Cameron Meredith congratulations. Thanks art. New state wide receiver Cameron Meredith. Earlier in week out sports talk. How to use it yet what you do with them for soft. He heard the interview there he's come back from the ACL UCL injury. And look no fans are. You hear about this here about real player that they decide they drafted that. Might have an injury history I need to remind you aren't made that don't mind you Drew Brees had it missing signs of a pretty bad at that. And I know that they've had their missteps at times with medical diagnosis it's etc. put out wouldn't be too concerned about the CO CO injury came from. He's going to be ready by week one you buy you privacy of start training camp on the PUP list. It think it's slow at the palisades operate with injuries like this state in a one had a setback too early. Put I'm not concerned about the steel and steel and it's not the injury that the career threatening injury that it once was now 1520 years ago. But how you use cam merit. What he's that he's very similar yet very similar skill sets. A better version of Randy Coleman. As a receiver as a pass catcher. A pure pass catcher. He's got he's got good speed so it's another guy down on it in in the slot you can use. That's versatility. Play the slot at least need. He's restricted free to tender one point nine million dollars a camera merit it's probably an upgrade over over Willie sneaked. So. He can run block Tia asks them to whole Lotta that he he's built like. Radical at 63. But again he's better that are hands so his versatility I think you'll like this side of green in Cameron Meredith and bodily you'll have to active. The payers. The eight tendered and at the lowest compensation level cost of which means no. Compensation. Last time the saints. Might cause will PT EST here last month saints signed restricted. Free agent off another team. Jason David and program. Side of the colts now I'm not saying it's gonna work that out weakness you'd have you'd pick. For the Jason David retreat under that's not the case here it all he doesn't work out. It worked out law yet street out five point six million dollar guaranteed money. Put that's a drop in the bucket compared which speaking it's a two year deal. Camera Meredith I think it was Smart as well say hey you know. I'm off an injury but I also would be locked in at a cheap price that would put up big numbers he puts up big numbers. This year are the second year of this contract he's out there on the market it paid once again in other ways seats to let the pay. Couple years war Mike Thomas interest Pete he just picked up his fifth year option. Earlier in the week as well and now this is kind of vindication because I think it is p.s it is start really. Round in the form and I think economic global this year when he's healthy. It's a Pro Bowl caliber player and I think he settlement the right spot like art not necessarily tackle these finally able acetylene and at that spot. And that kicked around like apple etc. I think he's he's he's he's settled in nicely at our position I don't they originally draft that means that the he was going to be a tackle. There was some out there saying he'd be better suited to play guard struggled for. About a year two's first couple of seasons but. He he thought he had latches that season to date bullets open at 5042601878. X 8787. Worthy. Tradable non tradable saints players you often see teams move around players on draft are over draft weekend. Where those guys that no matter no matter who call you're you're at an apartment they ask for breeze. Alvin can Mara Cameron Jordan. Com Marshall out of those guys opposite those of the trade doubles. Who are the trade doubles. On the saints' roster. Couple made on the mine and that is going to be blasphemy this might seem. Way out there but I gotta wonder given Toronto arms it's injury history. It does seem to be will entertain him. In a team movie and third round draft pick at Arkansas. Are saw part probably was calm. And he's got the county he's up he should have been drafted first round. He's 144740. Columbine. Freakish athletic ability. Wreckage is a great player let that outstanding player problem is injuries. In a got a big contract out of it and yet that would. Calls hole eagle hole without easily route guides. The couple others that might go Ross. He wanted to movie could. Not that dexterity to meet him Max Unger now. He's fine east cheap. These outstanding center. It's just sports rolls on here phone lines open at 504260187. Text 870. 87 ignore the untreatable in tradable saints players that. Up next to weigh in as well which a sports here on WWL I commitment dot com I want to back it's just sports pelicans 9795. Win in game one over the Portland trailblazers. In game one it's on line for yet WWL column. Right made out all right with via nasty soggy weather came through this area. Yesterday called on select the rate was never going to Chinese. A bright bright sun shine now but chilly temperatures. Anyway. Go back to the tradable and untreatable saints players are. Is Mark Ingram tradable cherries tradable. Interim final year of his contract. Play well. But again I think at that point your rob Peter to pay Paul Knauss my closure to ward off. That's what happens okay draft day you think you're you're you're you're not really shop at a player but here's your own race. Hey what do you take your marketing. That the discussed the price. Each a first round draft pick just not give me BH's second and taken more along the lines of if you get 34 price and you know another pick on top of that three to five someone that you're not the first round two of the five. But. Do you really want to do that mean look at the tandem of outlook from our Mark Ingram what they did last year. In his office. He wanted to disrupt that that's why I almost would put him in the untreatable category. 'cause you're creating ice seek a hole on necessarily on your roster if you move him now. A kind of year old. Yet a year from now he'll be a free agent saints might wanna say you'll assuming it's up the fuel for him. I don't know that there that market opens in evidence might cause it says 81 mark what's gonna cost you the right price right compensation maybe pull the trigger. Couple others that are treatable. It's a thought year mean you know. How Davis. Serviceable it's alignment it's an odd bit of nose tackle. But that's the signal deposition is not one were typically teams trade four. You know he could find a lot of those guys in the draft. Players similar to that. Of those run stoppers. Guises as two gap players. So. I'm run down the roster is not a whole lot of players ego yeah they they could look to move on May be wholly Ke ha ha. Former second round draft pick out of Washington a few years ago the only thing is we keep our hot. Again now he's spent two out of his first three years in the league on injured reserve. Do you miss some time his rookie season so get it talks we talk about availability. And think about peacock how does not cost anything. Mika production out of him this year he didn't they good or alive return on investment. Because he's so cheap he's on his rookie deal. He could move him. Given his injury history though he might get a fifth round draft pick. He might access to keep probably whip earlier that he should of the second round. Just couple thoughts that Stokley unique yet. The second or third round pick for our costs are and a production. Not there. You be likely to 54. If you wanted to move he got he'd be one of those tradable saint player conversations. 50426018. Heavily taxed 87870. LSU pattern out. A fourteen to five victory over Tennessee last night over thirty hits and two gains for LSU gets Tennessee's. Pitching staff that is second worst in the SEC. I understand fans get excited about scoring as many runs as LSU as these two ball is fourteen and nine. Both victories at 23 runs and ten game and two games an average of with a ten runs per game. This is not war. It's not Brady senior Florida's pitching staff that your your pounding into submission. All right so to you with a grain of Soledad said he's excited about it. Because it's an office that start and produce a little bit I mean Jake slaughter. Looks like. Looks like he might start to turn the war as an offensive player. But policy more consistent basis objects law reform rate to. Announced that. I guess it will take Slorc is like that's it. The blow up their bank two home runs they come up a little silly with two straight strikeouts are a silly in discipline trait played parents. Where he's he's you know Whalen a way it pitches that are outside the strikes. The reason why Antawn the plant this is such a successful hitter at least Ellis shoot it this year and he doesn't chase things. He has an approach is exactly. What he's looking for at the plea. It's rare that you gonna get it on the planet's strikeout it's rare. That you gonna give and the take. A pitch or chase a pitch he knows exactly what he's doing the plate and doesn't deviate teach slaughter it's a little erratic. Say they would sack Watson goes up there he knows exactly where it's looked for and he attacks. Slaughter sometimes the psyche guesses at the pitches that difference between really really good hitter. An average hitter in the SEC guessing verses knowing how to approach it just sports here at W dwelling equipment aka wideout here and it's just sports you know might ease. One of the board treating players talk and a you the audience also David Potter master control was a sports argument occurred draft cut guy draft a rookie. Aren't key technology is probably the most fascinating. Terms of where project him where Willie adopt. He's a top fifteen talent at times. Top fifty. Petty entrap an actress soft where you're gonna with a top ten year. Roth junior year injuries took a leave of absence from the program it's 117. His projections are probably a third round pick. I would be totally fine as it gets is it is is against. It are the idea draft of the first out I I would be running to the podium if marquis were there. 1 saint 1 o'clock at with a knife or stick around route. Absolutely grab him I got just that he's a first round talent. He could be any look he hasn't really. I'll think reached his potential his ceiling is extremely high. Extremely guy. In a first round no. Second round a team might roll the dice. But he's there around three peck out you okay with even trade up to get it down are few felt like you need to. Jump back in round two you wanted to treat it back and around the back end of round two. I'd be OK with that it. Our key is extremely fast and enemy. I distinctive he's got. He's got her a question mark right on concerns. You don't oh we don't know those teams apparently though. What happened why it took that view that since at least seventeen. We don't know so we can't definitively arrive at a conclusion as to what we think it is war should seats strapped them. Now. Those injury and the injury dish issue. Off the field stuff yes that's concerning. Put in the third round that's when you start rolled the dice a little bit on those players are falling. The third round because of some of the things that might have happened to them off the field that have NFL teams a little under it. Ardent key. Fascinating thing about. Food I think he could be eight terror in the National Football League if his personal life is in order. 66238. Got to put a little bit away now much. But he's got the he's got the bid and that bid around the edge that. Very few guys have. You worry little about maturity sure he also worry about him going to college just you know. My down the road that grew at an hour away comes a lot of fanfare a lot of media attention a lot of family it's well. But I think the seat to manage that it be worth the risk in a third round. Anarchy. In the first round. Another player. South Dakota State tight end Dallas builder Goddard excuse me. He wasn't heavily recruited out of high school in Nam on people considered him undersized when he first got to South Dakota State. He was 200 pounds. It have a week program in high school as ice. He's 65 to 56 right now. Those unfinished product projects or products. You're not done he's he's not done when his. Growth that Selig Patrick on line one you're on W liberal if Patrick. I acres in all want to know what you heard anything about worked out. I think. Joseph leste. Yeah it was a local the local pro day. As far as how he did I don't know I. I talked to jell O about a month ago will I get him back on the show as closer maybe Monday or Tuesday it wants sports talk and and had him do it I'll reach out to folks that believe that Michael tell me. I heard he could do fortunately. Fortunately in order. These yeah I don't. And I don't know. I I'd say this I think is I hate it probably NFL team. I love story of Joseph west you know the story itself. Yeah yeah adopting an audit. Is but bidders. Now you got that is is. Is nephew's two nephews got up and yet it is raise them now while he's played football ain't gonna college local kids from tanner. Really I speak a short maturity well beyond his years. And and yet and I I just love I love of as a as a player alone as he would be I think I think he is. Taylor ready for the National Football League have success because of the things that he went through early on in his life and what he's going through now. He got a maturity you not aware if you draft Joseph leste you'll have to worry about this guy get actual the work. Is this guy and go out give himself the trouble. No interest no because he's got too much ride on it generally got two little boys and yet support. Yeah I like court and I go down like you're. That you know you know but he does and does. Generally now look forward out. Yeah it's a safety now. It of it's whether easily say yeah linebackers top company here. Yeah I I I look. I'd like to see him. I'd like to see it land anywhere honestly. Guys like him young young men like him deserve shots like they like that are about to get they've earned the DOS days earned a shot played National Football League. He's an Epoch. I think we're or worse really lack the oh well Argentina. Like the great. How law mean I haven't looked the movie star role models now I think parents are role models. I'll leave that Patrick. Are you too Patrick take care. Yet this whole notion of real. Well and great role models for cues. Through athletes. Know that there are some underprivileged kids sentinel have. The right amount of role models of mom or dad are both in life and that's different story. But the parents that while crop athletes as role models. If prop themselves as role models it's just sports wrap it up next on W wrapping up yardage to sports on W you'll NFN dot com. Couple thoughts from today obviously the pelicans get it done 9795 over the trailblazers. Last night into tomorrow she Tuesday. They've shown I think talent show in the NBA certainly cells in in Portland trailblazers their control of the series. The issue could becomes are they mobile windows with meetings and they play better on the wrote an article however. I think the atmosphere that's gonna be seen in the building it in the S Casey. Is going to be tremendous. On Tuesday RO when he backed world excuse. The series shifts in the world's report Tuesday night when they have home court advantage it's going to be just that home equipment especially if you. It the first two in Portland in an opportunity to close out the series. Your bill that will extra motivation. LSU by the way going fun though as starters have AT lateness. Com TJ but no. He does start today's game three against Tennessee is tigers look to sweep the balls he won fourteen by the SE 93 on Friday. Eight date latest was there Wednesday mid week starter. But fun no out of bullpen has been impressive at times this year as wonder how long I think you're gonna see accommodation. Of both those guys anyway whether eighty latest stock was going to be the starter Arafat knows him and started legacy both those guys I think throat today won the techsters said. It it latest should start over fun now either way. We can find out who you're Sunday guy as you know little about eighty latest news he's particularly in mid week so. If Fargo and opportunities he which he got the find out when you get into the SEC tournament. Unity for starters it into the NCAA tournament unity for starters so to speak so. I thought I think the decision theirs Smart buy but Paul Garcia fun though. Can be a star how long how how deep in the ball game can you know typically worked at the pulpit so far this year so. I would see him go on for five innings plus you party won the series. I want to seriously play in the house money sweep that's great illness silly lose anything. If you if you don't drop in game 341 answers so you play with house money Coleman arguing right things start fun now in jail now Caleb Gilbert pretty impressive last night. Six strikeouts in three innings and give his first save of the season. He was demoted if you will he was original Saturday starting movement killed billiard I think he's going to be the college freshman. I think he's going to be freshman year SEC. Nobody saw that rotation I saw him be a part of rotation. But Caleb Gilbert also I think it's better suited. That's edible says well I push it out of here David pot are mass central Canada without your help also call it irrational attacks on an 87870. Although all the phones at 5042601. Point seven tomorrow Bobby Knight sports talk 48 civil filed out of IBC.