It's Just Sports - Hour 2

Kristian Garic Its Just Sports
Sunday, June 24th
WWL’s Kristian Garic discusses the actions of certain communities attempting to ban youth football; talks with former New Orleans Saint Archie Manning at the Manning Passing Academy; the possible offseason moves for the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Well false start by meet pre snap penalties or kill us. Will have an hour to. Christie Garrett here for each sports till noon last hour talking about. The idea that someone you tackle football banned. Some states are legislating it. Out. You know I think that what happens is sometimes. We don't want to. Educate people on something about the dangers of something. Because football is dangerous let's be clear a populist appeared tell you that you tackle football is super safe it's not. It's not the danger that some people would have you believe though with the about a concussions etc. But. We don't we don't wanna educate folks on the dangers instead we just wanna ban it. And again like I said last hour. If you ban it then that takes that domino down. Then they're gonna come after junior high football in high school football the college football. And and look they'll be a day and time where somebody's gonna collapse there college football is gonna go that way in high school football. It's hard to fathom given the popularity. Of high school football at the state. But it's not that way across the country some states and don't care but I its Opel also communities don't care about high school football it's not that big of a deal to be out here at least parts. It's a huge deal. We just want to get rid of it instead of educating folks about hey here seminars. In all that stuff educate folks these leaf can have a parent's seminar where a look this is the statistical data as we know that as to the inherent risks it's too. Brain injury through your child. I guess that I've coached he football often offer a number of years Melissa's house eighteenth 122 years. And icy and again about doctor media. Maybe I missed a few. Our didn't recognize that you can dot not as educated as that with a look for. Certainly wasn't at the time when I was eighteen and nineteen it when he because it wasn't such a big deal back then. I would venture a guess I talked a lot high school coaches the other day. Last year for example on the high school and having concussions. But I would venture Ghassan the off on years I've been coaching football. I might have seen maybe 181. Gosh. The bigger. Risk is. Broken collarbone. Broken ankles. Broken wrists. Some would argue though that it's that it's the constant self could custom blows that they're getting but I I go back to education. Educate. Your coaches and your parents it's changed the way high school coaches coach this sport. In practice. It's changed the way they teach the technique. Al's coaching football not to long ago. I did I rarely let my kids hit in practice. Any of so Chris how they get ready for the game. Well he could still do that but that some youth coaches make the mistake of make it into a blood bath every practice and has brutalized in the kids and make it a banged heads for thirty minutes and in a one and out one half hour. Practice. Is costly beat on each other. At that that does no good that would make you tougher. It makes you more has to contact its objection your head injuries. Headaches can cautions so Picasso blows. I I ran practice. Very simply. I starved them from contact age. To vent my kids from being banged up and scared and tentative contact. I talked in the right way to do it and Allen live occasionally but by the time they got the big gains because they didn't have much on technique craved it. And they were absolutely monsters. I think it can have a an effect like that but more portly. We should which he should think about is how can in the sport of youth tackle football educate parents and coaches. Properly. Don't ban it. Don't certainly don't legislated out of it out up out of my kids opportunity to play the sport. My eleven year old. Doesn't play tackle football. Played it when he was nine. Explain flag football. On his own decision he decided that we didn't as his parents. He decided that he's gonna get back in the tackle football when he used to junior high. I think it's a good age. Because that's what would stemming from this though. What's what's causing this is more and more parents are coming out. And even pro football players are saying I'm putting up eight restriction on my kid. As to when he can play tackle football and a lot of are saying in net and it rated 1213. Etc. So therefore people say well than what you'll meet you tackle football. You do. I think they're a minority not the majority of those that are listed out wait tiller will older. I'm fine with if if Hayden said the issue that he wanted to play I'm fine with that. I'm not that concerned about it because here's the thing too that this argument of sub can cus of blows. Not all these kids got to go play college football. That all these kids less than half of what it opened high school football that are played football. So you're not gonna have the constant self Picasso blows to their head. Now that's the one that that that play youth junior high high college. High school college yet you're at you're subject of avarice. You're more at risk. But. I don't see the point of being any football. Because of the sub sub because of blows. The less we say oh all these kids are gonna play pro football so therefore they have been a at a higher risked her sub concussion blows it concussions because they play football. Like it is it does add up to me. And we don't have the definitive. Numbers and stats. About CT we don't know enough yet. But I think it's up that a programs that you programs out there that have tackle football to educate. The parenting coaches. USA football there is a great job of teaching coaches. Clinics etc. fundamentally sound. But as parents I think it's your job also to make sure you're educator on your all of so you can make that decision for your child with your child. Any football is not the answer. It is not the answer 50426018718. What's going audio I want you on W ago led team. Paid stick micro questions about in the it might take a little bit probably you know will there and so I at all. On. I played lousy he would vote for until flow. Okay. And it. At that forward deploy an art school are refereed. A little he would. OK and that it. It. Only two dangers there he is what do little kids is between one and play. Thirteen euros against like eleven year old goes the thirteen euro's been prepared trains in life. And eleven goals have. Most of America. Wolf most you can tackle football leagues don't have thirteen year old play those are Judea IT. Well inside out reduce a boat here to guide the vision for where accuse. Kids that don't wanna play you what they deployed. And that's me its eleven year olds. Well in the way it goes views. It it depends Hubert yet. Right you're older. Quote beyond thirteen year old you want and say Dugard. Yeah yeah yeah bad. A rep read all of those gains in Ottawa on boycott would and a lot of up and all of our school. One company you're meat from the literally feel our daughter rapper in art school. And I haven't seen very many good options act all our normal broken blade. Broke an all around. The oh. You don't act on it there banking production dropped off sloppy throughout. Rep re on their game starts that went. Because this leaders should not bear. In on top of that on top of that. Advancement in their helmet. It's taken a lot of that pressure. Off without. And that that my people. Yoga I'm out is greeted dean and a lot of those instances. In particular the it is they have made advancements. With the equipment. But more importantly. What you can control as a coach and as a parent. As a coach you can control how you practice. How much contact you expose kids do. Because it used to be. Oh ya. Ya gotta be about these kids got to get gonna get hit a lot and eat it every day bull ring let's play bull ring in. And and it and all that stuff. That's that's a misnomer. You don't need that necessarily to coach football youth football effectively dug a line when you're on W to vote lead. Yeah it won't. Question played football. In junior high school bowler in an art school. And art and culture so to say that good you know. I'm. Coach. They're all. Oh. There. Are acting maybe strange. Actual. Coach now. A teacher cute go and competed. You know under calming you know they still developing. Then next page of her own interest. But it is still recall. Really went oh culture at all. Approached. Go. In the virtual just one so. This which there. Yeah it's sad that that you you were taught how to properly tackle and I think that that happens sometimes youth football in particular that level it. It's not being taught properly but again that's up to the coach now to be educated the educated. And it's a total leaks and force and make sure that those coaches are it properly. Teaching. A player. How to tackle football without being at risk for injury or are overdue. Risk heightened sense of risk. Heightened recessions and that's the world sort of four. For injury and in particular to an actor there and art or whatnot so I think it's a travesty thinks of the full bodied travesty. If it is that you coach and they're not teaching. Tackle how to properly tackle I think that that's a little leaks to govern I think that's up to parents to make sure insist upon. I know file is apparent in and night he was not being caught an attack like be asking a lot of questions. And it they were that they were. Taught improperly I'd I'd be asking a lot of questions and a coach. Will the way comeback here it's just sports on DaVita dwelling anathema dot com I look back it's just sports caught up with Archie Manning a committee passed an academy on Friday is joined now by saints let. Archie Manning Greg stock. Pivotal minute to Google regional medical sent a CEO and another great event these guys aren't you start with you. A great turnout unity and in some seven awesome. Yeah always had a that two directions there would Aristide's camp less eyes with kicked off. What a thirty year and some enough. Had to just finish our second practice today. We're grave vote them or fifty cues on thirty coaches. Forty album or a college quarterbacks are now this is ruled. Thing we've religious edit this the last couple years the forty quarterbacks. Or around now throw it out there working count under the status of Payton and you Mike Shanahan. Is here's some other. Quarterback people. And I'm so we. Got receivers in four. So we got receivers here for real issue. A person should mention Nichols Nichols number receivers and they would shoot to weigh in south Alabama. And southeast Louisiana so. It's a pretty impressive session going on out there right now is that running routes throw good news about an hour. Fifty minutes and so we appreciate those receivers coming overdue and that force it is great work for. Quarterbacks who. You know they do a great service for us coach and our kids here so which there's some things for prevail in this session hopefully the official. I want to your product is affected you in your poison that mr. eminently well ahead we've been fortunate in them. Which started this in 1996 and going to ever miss Cooper's been here wonders. They knew Obama's so. And also Kate mentioning that now fortunate nobody Davis and Jeff Hawkins though. They were doing we started this camp in 96. And that it would mean the whole whole way so it is that all four. RT. Brainchild was this as far as this concept in camp and was it something to get the boys some actual work. Or yo how it all come about to get to where we are now here's a story dues. I actually went to camp when he was a sophomore group. It was called out as an academy. It was over it Stamford college in Birmingham. And a coach Bowden was there there's three excellence and camp. And at the time. It note in especially in in south Louisiana existence anymore like. Many people with throwing the ball and who's got Ron Ron and exit historic camp on it these quarterbacks around here enters. To get all the passing game into the high school game so. That that's what we did into Dayton says storm mission is trust. Would that founded. Trying cues to be college players for pro bowlers if that if that works out this fire. We're trying to enhance that high school spears if kids choose to play house who football. With bill like though they don't have a good journey in good experience that you do is you got to go to next level at the next level which you play with a lot of gas. And you know the heart is saying and they love the passion they love the game so that's what we could do here. It's been a lot of folk we do. You know and our drills to get good fundamentals but we've lecture series about leadership about team work. And just things we think will be beneficial to Allman. In in and they go to college here. Would they go out the business world that some things that supplement. You know this scoop the ball has long today it is beneficial if people are to go back on Monday it is at the the women's clinic that's that's got to show them this year due Breivik like do sub and several times two well was. Is this football people and this notice. It's. Is where the drugs that have photos to deceive this it was with the there it's true it's true Phnom. You know also new this year you know through the years. We've had some mom some girls who want to before the man has details related no. And oh lead how the in the and so forth so Jeff Hawkins. Camp director we've got to get did this year you legislated through cycles of both honors TV show. It was a young lady who played that school football running back and she's whose stated. And so we said you know we. Millions is scale of millions games so for the women have to. They sit there watch football they become big fans witnessed. That there with a corner it was horrible but denied. Careful Tuesday through ladies and in girls and we'll see Geico I think Payton said today that his daughter went flat rate in Denver. I think I think it's she does not just out there isn't last week and his his daughter mostly about and a source of news though she puzzled sapiens or twin brother. However prepare Prada over. What you guys are Archie Greg picked and what you think perhaps I urged parents are saints legend Archie Manning. It's just sports rules on here on WL investment knock one down here and it's just sports wouldn't college World Series final organ state. In Arkansas beginning tomorrow best of three in all law obviously pulling for. The SEC in Arkansas when apple. When that series. Cannot will not root for state I think you guys have heard much stance on that university. And a baseball program in general. I'll so they bounced pretty early Ellis hope for all SEC final in this state couldn't come through. In delivering that or state beat him yesterday the year two times wrote that bounced them missed the beastie what a great season they had. In Gary Anderson taken over afraid to Kenneth 02. Games into the season. And they were an at large bid three walk off wins. In that the NCAA. Baseball term. Phenomenal year for the bulldogs yes me as an at large bid they were swept by LSU leopard dead at times this year. And it at the long run at CW it's it's goes to show you ago. This is why I love College Baseball. And you can't predict it aegis king it. There's so much parity. And it's impossible to predict how this term so ago. Well I think it ever since there it says that NCAA men's basketball term is the best tournament of all I don't know I agree with that. It's a lot more predictable in the College Baseball because. Of the scholarship restrictions at eleven point seven per school. And look I go baseball can it has its kernels it's obstacles. It can be a tough sport to watch because it can drag on little they can beat 33 and a half hours it could be a long game. But as far as parity and intrigue. In drama I think they cal baseball has more so than maybe most sports the league. Certainly more than football may be more than basketball. The man. I don't know eat again it it's like one of those deals like safety with soccer right Yi Yi YouTube for yours now. By the way your World Cup update. Some team lost who once a team won. One dale. I. I I I see all this crazy about. In the World Cup. It's not into it it's not. And it's every four years. You know the World Cup the World Cup the World Cup erectile now. That by a lot of soccer fans tell me how popular the sport is and how it's growing popularity and it isn't sure it is but. I just don't get into. That Michael petite now my deal if you watch that's fine. More parity. That's what you want you what's been your ninety minutes however feel free that's what you would be entertained the idea at the problem that does not my not my deal. Kick it into it but. Going back College Baseball. You know look you pull apart it's really never thought you'd say that sells you Hampshire. But he'd been warned coach Arkansas I think he's won best in the country. Wayne Knight total amount for the razorbacks tomorrow. I'm sure will be facing the kind like. Mortgage state. We all of the bills new pilot story about a rehash that. Couple Sundays ago I was a little low hot on this. This whole subject in this conversation won't res revisit. But you pull of Arkansas. To be your state. Bullets open at 5042601878. X 87870. I agree love College Baseball you can keep college basketball. I mean look I'm not saying that college basketball's not fun it certainly is I love March Madness that's great time assistant office pools etc. The brackets. That's neat but it's much more predictable. Then baseball. Yet you had a sixteenth seed beat it once he this year. I'd. You also. Can predict though typically with pretty good accuracy. Which teams are likely to make. A deep run based on seeding. College Baseball much harder it justice. I will subway come back you football should we panic in this country. So we'll start a conversation Bible for. 260 18 semi tech's 8787 and this is W it will cut text here AT 8787 for 1540 being a soccer fan is cliche. It's the national thing to do be independent hate soccer I. And eat soccer's don't care and watch it. Now catered to have my kids play. I respect. The. Condition of these. Woke up athletes the soccer players. Mean the constant running yet to be in tremendous. Cardiovascular shape to play that sport I respect that and their magnificently coordinated. They do things of that that soccer ball that that most humans cannot do. Just not captivated by the by the team. In a day and age it's funny that people are saying this is sport that it is rising in popularity. But it day and age where most sports. Look at the American sports going on right now. Why you think baseball pro baseball is not necessarily one of the more popular ones. Because as slow as an ally heights of baseball in general is not meant to be high scoring. But football basketball. We went ice a lot of offense we will be entertained it's not but by soccer's not necessarily offensive sport not be be wrong and explaining it that that way. But it does seem like that when a look at the school board games or 2111. Bill. Mean I know that's a lot of scoring for soccer you know through three goals. But. But I jokingly said it's a few years back. You'll make soccer more inching ever by starts with a with a yellow card I am about it starts he'll guard. I don't know I mean expected it's one of those ports where he wants he offered to a C a lot of a lot of action to me there's too much of the back and forth back and forth but no reward for goal and a and that soccer fans would argue well that's the point of that. It's so difficult and it's still rewarding what you do score. But I think it in order for to get to the popularity that somewhat like it. Like to believe it's going. Would be anymore office begging he used to. 211 enough then to Taka and cut it for for for people like me. I want out that's why football is so awesome. Because. Look we complain a belly ache about some of the rule changes but they have made an offensive game therefore. Appeasing an appealing their to their fans. Who wanna see more often it's more points. That's what that's what we crave. That's why football so great PC games. 312031303431. When you look at pro basketball. Team the light at the school board for for a buck a buck 25. About fifteen. Almost nightly for the Golden State Warriors. So that that that kind of play where it's an offensive oriented game. Excite people it's people to watch. If Ellis unit the seventh game over and under coach O may go. Talk about that earlier look. At the that this evidence five. Phyllis you go seven to five. That's and it's hard decision to make. Looked at 2090 recruiting class looks really good relishing really good. But I think somebody else and a coach that those recruits intelligent goes 75 this year. If they go nine in three. Beautiful win. Hey you can look at it go. In the program is it is on the uptick. Right now. Ideology program. Is probably. I would say out of three categories. On the rise or on the incline on the decline or stagnant Alexy stagnant leaning towards the line and is being honest. There's nothing about. Right now this year that points at their minutes on the right now if you look past. This season regardless of what their records going to be that I think it's more along lines of it's on the inclined because of the recruiting class yet commitments when in nineteen. You picked up their stately picked up a four star quarterback from Alabama. Their commitments. And texting me by the way talk to his coach on Friday's high school football coach. That Donald and Simmons oppressive. 3 point eight GPA. Of an earlier rule the at LSU in December. Recommit athletic talent. I'm no more recruit in the country by by many. Experts. Jimmy alive Wallace who budget you're on W him well. Payment like I agree that he would I think that World Cup has you know obviously cruising around the not like bats well we'll follow football. I think he nutrient. And certain aspect you know with the national. And you know I I got probationary and you know we knock off Argentina's economic power house market where people get it up about that. Just like you know Christian a lot of your callers well that issue and if you honestly Japanese do Gregory chronology they Dana. It's like you know their load it is that he you know she's the real keen football can actually win a championship lately and not knock on two and that's. How it's being we saw that eventually went undefeated and going anywhere. What was that twenty years ago so. You know that my take on that and B we fracture what the comment I equal to watch. Comp again you know Apollo creed as far as she's concerned. I'm excited about the future I think you're out in nineteen did got a week that B class hopefully come in we indeed big restart the I think are going to be. Critical of these half of what people are saying in the bottom. Where it meeker will in which is accretion column McCourt knew it. How will relish Ukrainian deal with speeding ticket holders been out in the dollars with their daily. Deal had seen 20000 and BC that the pop for some of those beans this year that. Be it seven we I mean it edit in the house. Schedule that the rebuilding year India minded Albanian. We got a few losses in the whole mark over there's going to be throwing me 45 out and indeed he got you know. Some alliger you know our being in Beulah bat. That looked hold on don't don't go and Overton got some for you. Bad look you'll you won't look good in and that's things that athletic directors of booster start paying attention to that and then I'll speak its look. It the bottom line if it effects that the university bottom line. And that's why they ghosts evident five and changes are probably a foot because. They wanna make money off their football program rightfully so that's it's huge money making opportunity as part of rebuilding years here's the thing I scrutiny Jimmy. Ellen she's a program that can't afford the they can't get it artery Leo you can't you're you're you're you're you're playing and with it'll lead of giants. You can't rebuild now he would have it he you have a year that you're not gonna reasonably win a national title are with the SEC champs yes. It. And if if Alabama can conceivably. We'll off wins at the winds at an elegy a program that has that capability in the debate it was coaching and I know that Nick Saban. Is it's a once in a generation I think coach and he beat me he's the greatest college coach of my generation for sure. Put. I want to shift gears real quick what what do you think I don't know if you heard my interview Alvin Gentry the rodeo sports talk about what's cousins. The sound it sounded like he thinks another team after a read through life he it's not like he was. Overly optimistic that because it was going to be back. With a pal next season. Com com that you agree town EU agreed Allen I think you know you went live in LA I mean that's a little than. I know it from mobile out and play. DC united in equipment a little bit of fine but I think could be water seeking you grew up out Pallet in the table lot of money me like Dallas in my ideal. The thing is. My questioner my issue is. When he was healthy. David default indicative in in a week and critical to date him. And we sought entry Altman it is seen play out after he returned it near pitch it to mean every little better Rondo. Was thrown in the port whether it was rock is doing. Urgency got bogey there she reported in the recount. Asia. With the injury. What effect it even a top three player. Default him so much was that like a big brother and you know that is an issue and needless to allotted trend going on where they're on David. But I mean look we what we got him for two years who cares about that so. The big question is can we yet. Anyone who voluntarily come here and I don't for the mere it's Steve it's Rhonda scenario and believe in the situation add any value. Give me that you know. I think we went to the year we get an attacker and years that the body in aid be happy. How much is being the loan book I don't know but it it to me most Iranians now right here on your show. Are not alone read the book I mean are you. At the right price. At the right price. And I don't think you live now in addition I don't think he's. Paying cheaper out there. If they're going to be. I don't think anyways we'll see if we go either way it will the dispatcher didn't treat encode that they are controlled and that they import. You know you were reported but the bad leg recreation yeah political bang theory got hurt against you now. And and they'll let get away. Yeah we have here and we keep David and keep people come into the game and you know it LSU football there's going to be an EP two lane might win more gain you know you this year. And the reality so probably people he let yet but there's been chosen for the whole World Cup thing by. Tape and a lot L issue and to love this state of Louisiana and never went Allah issue but maybe they think of tires. Yeah look I mean Jimmie thanks a focal has always been very pretty insightful. Kick in charge kick in the teen USA it was at that I'd I'd watch it. Absolutely love my country low Mike countryside. Want in the succeed. In any sport that anything that they're doing when they represent this country but. Out of the World Cup will wrap up next here on its sports I wrap it up here on it's just sports Johnny. On itself faults called on Johnny on W well. I they expect more proud you are very throughout. Bart called treason trial on those Ian you. You think the fact are probably doubled 97 million a year and when you do that were on their unity here editorial bond ever. Early season last year on. Yeah I don't know. As a big puzzle it's a big puzzling fact Raj on Rondo but I I take it because of the chemistry what he provided it. On the court more so wood which are paid for Rondo is. The ability to be a coach on off war I mean it's as. He's had that ability to communicate with his teammates to get them in the right spots and kind of be that quarterback on the court so. I you know I think that he would be part of the Paula think they should bring a baca I think he will. The bigger question mark to me it is is because. Think somebody's out there. Look in to coach him and will pay him more so than at pelican should come and offer an Achilles injuries so. John Abell that answer your question. Look final thoughts here. Talk about a lot today obviously the open underwent total for LSU. From Vegas at seven. Idols the nine wins that I could see eight I IC six IC seven. That's realistic in at 68 win range based on the schedule. The big factor though is it the their underdog right now against against Miami in week one. On Sunday September 2 in Dallas. If he can attacking him that I think the entire picture changes. Because you can go to Jordan air. And Auburn in week three in at least if you lose there you're not you're not one to. Be huge difference between. To wanna wanted to know it sounds miniscule small but. Just the Miami can change that over underway until right away it's AP Miami and I think there's a real chance the it. It to nine wins. There's a real chance it. But I don't see them beaten Miami yet that's a program it's really headed in the right direction more excellent job down there in Miami Hurricanes champion. Relevant once again but. Got Auburn on the road in Florida all the road you have muscles stretch there of four games top gain Florida Mississippi State. Georgia and Alabama. All right there all four of those games. Three of those four art Holmes that's positive. But man. That's a gauntlet. That's a tough tough stretch of the season. And he could be headed that Alabama game with three or four loss. While they gave potter master control YouTube out there politics like an eight Sunnis have real phones at 504. Through 601870. Coming out be a body of all sports talk 48. A Christian Derek simplified. About.