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Sunday, June 17th
WWL's Seth Dunlap talks about 2018 College World Series news, the 2018 New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame inductees as well as Steve Gleason being unanimously endorsed to receive the Congressional Gold Medal.

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Audubon and happy Father's Day everybody Seth Dunlap with you this morning our number two all talk a lot of saints mini camp and saints hall of fame this hour we'll have interviews from earlier in the week with Lance Moore and with Pierre Thomas the two newest members going to be nervous members after they are enshrined in the saints hall of fame. Also congratulations to photographer Michael Hebert. Who will be honored with the portal league award. After the recognition by the selection committee we will get to those in just a little bit ass also some awesome recognition for Steve Gleason. Tell you about that but we got to get to a college World Series up to aid because that tournament has started no LA issued today Bonner. I really quickly though I'm been glued there that whole news breaks this Mexico Germany and this is fantastic notices. It's been one of the great upsets. Recently in a World Cup tournament Germany the huge favorites Mexico. Not expected really even get out of group play may be a dark horse to do that it's certainly not expected. And now one nothing lead in the second half before Mexico. Keeping an eye on that should wrap up here before our show is over. So the cars were series enters day new to you just heard mark Menard to talk about that bugs in a mark. As he will be a two time father in just a little bit has one young when now and one on the way congratulations to mark and his family. And yesterday we had the tournament favorite in the college World Series. Lose Oregon State's who was the tournament favorite last year. And was knocked out by LSU after a couple of losses in the semi finals while Lawson North Carolina now I told you. I told my program double coverage. Previewed this on credit I said whoever wins that game. Carolina organ state is going to be my favorite to win this tournament. And now was organ states. I thought that they were just too good offensively to be in the pitching staff but the give up eight runs here. Heimlich. Got the loss and North Carolina now and they have to be your favorite. Ford is just not playing well enough foresee them today but from my money it's the Tar Heels. The favorites now in this tournament Mississippi State how about the bulldogs and I know there's not a lot of love for mr. B state and LSU fans I get it. But what a story what an unbelievable story for that program after Andy cannon zero resigns. At the beginning of the season they lose their head coach. They're stuck in a Meyer they're terrible for the first half of SEC player so. And they drag themselves out of it scratched and clawed their way through the regional through the super regional and here they are on the cultural series. And they gets a one nothing win yesterday. Over. Ha hello of this Washington. Everybody its massive beast it. While at the Washington State University sunny time. Those Huskies lose merit pay that was an early yeah. Yeah well. I don't hit pac twelve day but I do not have any love loss for Washington so Abul direct all of my ire towards the Washington Huskies. Now today we've got a couple games we told you. Florida's going to be in action against Texas Tech that is probably other two favorite certainly the two favorites on that side of the bracket text explains so well. Florida. It's number one team in the entire nation. Almost the whole season but they have really struggled the last month their cell remember at the end of the regular season. I lost four consecutive games. Got knocked out of the SE is determined by LA issue and then in the super regionals if you saw this on Monday they were playing Auburn. In extra innings they needed it. They ball the bounce off the Auburn right fielder's glove. Fit bounce over the wall and extras for a home run. In order to win that game and events under the car World Series today have gotten fortunate here. A couple of times late and I don't think there is anybody outside Gainesville. And outside of Florida fans who wanna see them repeat here when not mean just. They're not really fun I don't know how to explain it's not fun baseball watch and ovitz. Not us discern a file it's not tangible I say that bitty judicial watch Florida play. Oh fun baseball team to watch right now. On the College Baseball way the other game Texas and Arkansas so we've seen one LA SEC team win. So far as in Mississippi State today we'll see Arkansas against Texas. And Florida against Texas Tech and the gain series continues tomorrow see what happens here. But I think all LSU fans happy the Oregon State Washington Iran nobody really a big organ state fans out here. Special attrition. Oh let's go and take early breakers we got a big interview coming up. Wanna replay at all with Lance Moore and Lance Moore going to be inducted into the saints hall of fame he talked a Christian Bobby on sports stock earlier this week we'll have that inner before you next sunset stomach it's just sports on WW welcome back to this. She let me misread again as I'd cut myself off fifth combat the so answer your figures here on the buttons this morning have Father's Day everybody. So one nothing Mexico overturning the favorites Germany in the World Cup very surprising results so far were into the sixtieth minutes. In that harmony and balance should conclude for our show is over odds are you about an incredible honor that Steve Gleason will jets. In about ten minutes and we will talk. Or at least a replay an interview from earlier this week Deuce McAllister talked to Lance Moore I was wrong I was three machine I have a strong. It was Pierre Thomas who talked to Christian embody Lance Moore talk to do shall without a little bit. But right now here's a news from earlier in the week remember Pierre Thomas Lance Moore are selected for induction to the saints hall of fame. Here's that interview. Welcome back sports talk. I still Wear my Pierre Thomas Jersey to the games on politics line and 87870639. When the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic. Pierre Thomas at Pierre underscore Thomas on two to four seats. Running back and Super Bowl champion Pierre congratulations on going to the saints I'll think. You bet eyes to look let me ask you what made you so good run in the screenplay. Lima Freeman. You know you know in every bite if they're part. In here that Twitter page there in earlier days it. It it's very acting you and I think we all won the Oscar. When it comes at a screenplay. You know we don't do our job to be. We followed the path. The drop back pass to true in. You know we also like blocking game. All rely on the bigger job blocking below their receivers either. Is that it again and it's being team effort accurate. I'd have my page is like if they doubt in my apartment when my role outpatient has the ball. You pop rockers. Now apparent tell the president would add nation of what was your mindset that when you consider. That. You wanna play pro ball obviously you plated. Confident align. Numerous Illinois but all of Sonia freeagent. And I you know a fellow Big Ten and Big Ten player of Pittman from Ohio State be drafted. And we just thought about coming down it wasn't like man Obama do whatever it takes to make this team in. And then all of a sudden you own a team that man a household name Reggie Bush just a break down all that experience. From the get go win. You were trying to desist tablets is so we make the team. More. I'm not a college. You know are determined yet there and Wear out AMOCO where I want it go I had a few options you know we've. That a vote by. That you eat it builders. On the ground a lot of different things start become always is that it and it by the Kia patriot. What they've told inside. Inside. Great pick and without forming into those bank told John they either in all local level while the see you down there at the time when I was rookie. And a pulpit of the U lately game is out and work noted here I didn't think it would been well. Awful two it would. I'm not gonna be shop around a I wanna make a change so apple won't gloat or it will bring it to go you know that is about it lately and oh. Our game compliment him. Ultimately what they think it uh oh you know the guy that was there Ricky you know W Pittman who are really what that they well. You meet you can. You're a with a big I am obligated to be started on that I want art that. While mark that was culminated how can I help you guys out and I hope it organ that they. It could pop you know that now mama that could. You know that there could help well in the organization. And you're committed to. Roll. Now from Chicago. A lot of people a lot of Daimler a rookie. I would be like old argument here it that would cut down on the suspect that it not gonna happen. Of the total. I've had. You know what it might spill off the lead so hopefully my craft that marketers. That I can't make that he will make it into it you know. You know god he year career that sample army. And organization is all the power it with that. They you know the organization. So much mileage out of print. Lobby it's work but I think the critical little you know with me through pool via figured you know that and they let you know. Now pair and it's great that you giving credit the team needs that I got this one takes that makes it's dollars 0961. And it's says tell appears dies Q credits his teammates who beforehand we couldn't run pass a screen pass to save a life. And it's I know it's all about setting up the block be humble and you selling it and drew everyone's selling it but that year when I was always impressed with your patients. In how you would set of the blockers in Denton now and obviously division you had. To make those cuts that now Pierre. And oh what a great name Pierre in Louisiana right with the frigid. It goes and enhancer but when you look at. Now and the rule and when you look at how they gonna call helmet to helmet in the future how that Blair wig will get kicked Calvin. I'm at a number of states say that you probably heard this blog here as they get knocked out. It 2011. And that party not is given the ruled that that's also did suitable. Because really where. DR Georgia the idea just elaborate on that particular play. And widened and I don't know of the agreement of the habit but I think that you might be getting into a little bit better to do wonders who by they were that good in 2000. We do agree I think we could award or. We. Made it wouldn't it be a short time he ever. Actually played at home who were well. That yearly renewal. We've got now Arco and like you I think that team we were on the upper it would if that game. They would came out of nowhere nor Napoli added you know the last minute I Obama trying to protect not though. And now he he got me on that my belt which. I mean I would say anybody like that they go to PayPal. That no different than it not been actively you and it is beyond which you read is not really its audit your. How about being worked out again go typical physical sport. You showed up at the right time. I mean air pocket you know they defend the right but a different outcome. But I mean it is what it is. Is that back here I felt that we had a comfortable with beer you know we had to do it became the back you would grow to mark. Leo Markey urged her to repeat here and you know you guys that the Butler did a good job. Oh you know he. It would have been great for him to actually you know what it would be buried at all with former teammate you know true are they go to Beirut that super cute though. And now. I think I think it would have been who go to year I think that the cup year. You know if we're in it that way no because it was right at a record. Pierre Thomas pharmacies run a back seat hall of Famer PR I wanna take you back. Special teams is where you come. I guess carve your niche out originally you have blocked punt and Seattle and increases in game is that really kind of when when the he caught the coaches on. Hold the open. I think it would be really cool there I would. That we. Chicago. That. I think got caught there you know right in a year like IQ late party back in active duty. I can do it sure America do I could be a year. If you need me to be a year ago back regarded rely on the job done and Peter Ripa the work you're way. I'm out driver you know. That my position with the organizations that promote like a year to your day compared open. So you know. You know you don't let quit you know however. You know you know you feel. Well don't know except for that I think big game we gain really they're the art career and also. I think. Back on Chicago and they'll. But apparently it did. United is definitely needed. Pierre what are your impressions of Al Tamara and his rookie season what are your expectations ramming your two. Well there are predicted it would be. His talent is freakish our strength is unbelievable. Communicated drought in my guys. Our balances are compatible. I think he'd try to step. Because they're really he had the media straight. It admirably. Of what they do the very count it here. I expect to see a lot a lot of great things you know warm and future. Now Pierre. Your former teammate. Does the caller's now in the Booth he's doing the color on the saints radio break broadcast you got any stories like bid. It I didn't do is treat these like a rug get this a banner I'm Heidi tree DDB BD keep you humble are Yani stories we'll do so what. Well Matt you always. Great guy you always hear how well in court in. You know I needed answered he always Margaret LEO. You know. Put it felt they're very. You know when he being let me know. It is you got that he really OC learn I have watched or alt though I would say that it cannot carry out my. I think being prompted. I mean. I learn a little bit and lot you know you want to order a boring day. Look back ailment is the what he knew that he that though and it fully true that that ball. And you can bet that they'll be unbelievable and he's been a big guy. I mean that parts that you think Arabic. And what the have it is and that he. As a guide it Xperia. It is I believe. Lou and I'm have. Eight. Do with them more laid back guy might look. You know your duties and you know you gotta do it. And I can't haired the reason I bring it up because apology. Maybe ask Fred McAfee how are they Craig Heyward used adhesive. Google is still bothered him that his day with a. You have Freddie Freddie Freddie did it it would get funny guy he's. He says you're either you'd agree about that out of me you know. Pierre Thomas saints hall of Famer foresees one of that Super Bowl champion. Thanks for the visiting and once again congratulations. Thank fair argument. Big news for our Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore is they've been. Selected for induction and the saints all the fame self so lamp here it's just sports that was earlier this week on sports stocked with Christian and Bobby. We'll hear from Lance Moore as. My fear conversation recently on the station as two friends Lance and Deuce McAllister. Got a chance to chats as deuces host and sports socked by himself on Friday Nash job by. Deuce. So were we continue to watch. Germany and Mexico here and this one now into the 72. Minute. And Mexico stole the one nothing really one of the most incredible stats of the World Cup last time. In point fourteen. When Germany won the whole thing they trailed only eight minutes the entire. World Cup the entire World Cup Germany Deutsche really minutes. Opening match. They've now trailed for forty minutes to Mexico's next coast scored in the 33 minute may continue to hold a one nothing lead this once. Captivating mean. Going back and forth a couple leave on tourists and a somber and for Mexico hate me if you want US soccer fans and that's what's big rival that. The clear to his nomination this tournament. I am. In North American champion. If you away on the selection of the saints to the hall of fame Lance Pierre. Nor talk about the Steve Gleason or you may call phone lines are open last half hour of the program 5042601870. Is that phone number 5042601870. You can text me at 87 B. 87 Bibi sure sign up for our sports alerts. On our text sliding and updates on the saints LA issue. All breaking news straight to your phone when it happens it's great even for me you know I work here are usually pretty in the loop even Allard some stuff. First from those text ads true story all your reduce text the word sports to 8787. East that's sports to 87 B 870. Analogy is signed up for those sticks which we never charge at all. For texts. But if you plan charges for texts. A text and data rates dual loyalty quick break here on a come back. Incredible news four and Steve Gleason he'll be on her home and nation's highest awards tell you about that next. It's just sports I'm set on lap on WW the sports story of the morning the World Cup welcome back I'm Seth Dunlap it's just sports some checks coming in on the World Cup Germany seems wants to talk about this morning at age 787 years and from the final four from justice. Starting lineup for Germany is frustrating to go Mexico. Mexico up one nothing now in the 78. Minute they almost have slept two to nothing. And a breakaway on account a bit Germany back on the attack right now but only twelve minutes plus. Added time. To get the equalizer here here's attacks in the 95 as much is it hurts you have to root for the CONCACAF teams USA only back in four years. If you wanna know what that word means what the world is CONCACAF that sounds like just some sea shell something that's just the confederation of North American. Football teams from football countries in the United States Mexico Canada. The Caribbean Central America they're all in that organization. Let grouping anyway and the United States not able to make it out there Mexico is is they're kind of hope for CONCACAF or North America. That group North America isn't America the Caribbean here. They have a very surprising one nothing lead over Germany right now Germany he have V. Have the tournament favorites. And all the sports books they won last and Moya said the only trailed for eight minutes total in the entire World Cup and when he fourteen they've already trailed. Fifty total minutes in their opening match of this World Cup this one will be complete before. Our show ends at noon we'll keep you updated here I told you that it's. Former saints safety and special team or Steve Gleason. That's an incredible news. Over the week he was. Unanimously. Endorsed by the United States senate's. And it is so hard. To get that body to unanimously agree on. And the thing I don't care what it is I don't care what it is but they unanimously agree on this and they certainly should have. They endorsed Steve Gleason. For the congressional. Gold medal that is the highest. Civilian honor awarded by congress Steve Gleason one step closer to. Very literally wearing that. Medal wearing down towards. And I think it is incredibly. Deserves. IA do not think there is one athletes. Former athlete right now that embodies. The warrior spirits the fight that toughness to the drive the perseverance. That he does and how is texting somebody who. And I don't get mistake at all. Somebody from the two to five saying it's complete nonsense the Steve Gleason is getting endorsed for this and I couldn't believe I got that text really there is not a person. Former athlete more deserving of this award he has been. The epitome of somebody advocating. Publicly. For awareness acceptance. And the fight of that disease he brought a a human face to it is has brought the struggle AL west. In two lives not just your New Orleans in the gulf south but everywhere across the country. And it's. He is. Certainly worthy of that congressional gold medal. Congratulations. To Steve Gleason here on father nano he's a proud Papa and I cannot wait I really cannot wait to see him. Wear that medal and and I've known Steve not personally but I've. Followed Steve's career. And last for very very long time went to the same university both went to Washington State University. And followed on here when he went to the saints in the blocked punts and everything after is by with mail last. It's incredible story an incredible man and it will be an incredible moment. When he dons that award. We'll take a break here when we come back Deuce McAllister get a chance to sit down with Lance Moore on Friday on sports stocks talk about his upcoming induction into the saints hall of fame will play that for you in next still won nothing Mexico 82 minute eight minutes plus added time to gulf before Mexico pulls the stunner I'm Seth Dunlap it's just sports on WW it's now the 85 minutes and again this would be one of the starters recently and World Cup certainly group play anyways Mexico on top of tournament favorites Germany. One nothing in that those two clubs two teams opening matches. Dave Ellis mine I know you're not a huge. I think you kind of embodied the casual soccer tenure even kind of intrigued by what's going on and we're talking off the air but of Iowa it's evident that your about the rules of audit but definitely definitely as far as aspects of the game but that's OK right that's OK not to know all of the intricacies of of soccer yeah I think that's one of the one of the reasons a lot of American sports fans. You say they hate soccer they don't want talking and instantly understand that's okay not understand I think it's absolutely yes or as james' concern Alex's. The whole world knows about football we'll only know about football certainly in this country into a rest of the world those football another way. Yet we are talking about the yellow cars that are becoming pretty physically I think two of them in the last 34 minutes of play here. Ford Germany and a yellow card doesn't lead to huge exceeded two yellow cards in one match. That will lead to your a disqualification one red card. Injured disqualified there's so 86 minute now you go nine the in soccer so they got four minutes left they do add time depending on number two running clock in soccer. The thing on how much injury time stoppage time that they will add so we'll see I'm guessing it probably goes about 94 minutes yet but eight minutes here at your Mexico to trample. And the absolute stark. As we told you earlier this week actually on Friday Deuce McAllister post in sports such nice job deuce by himself on Friday as Christian had a day off. He got a chance to talk to Lance Moore who will be inducted into the saints hall of fame alongside Pierre Thomas and photographer. Michael Hebert Hebert who get the Florida leaderboard here's deuces conversation with Lance Moore. I have Lance Moore. At Lance Moore sixth inning one of the new inductees. Into the saints hall of fame Lance how you doing. What do mental pretty good pretty good outlook and now short sleeve while there is or the other day about feeling good and. Well well first of I have to tell you congratulations I wasn't able to attend this ceremony but not seen a lot of clips on minimum extremely. Just I'm I'm happy for you had before appear. Just because it worked did you gas putting in and they'll just. Tell took to tell listeners a little bit about that whole process of learning about it and you know just some of the emotions that you have distinction about just some of the relationships the plays. X that are. What do you mean. This is something and it the air and I have known about for a couple of months now he and obviously wanted to keep it secretive and out yesterday though for me it was just. How part two. Hold back from Caroline pretty much everybody well you know and obviously that is. An exciting. Almost you know picnic and exciting ending to to to my apple bought career and you know just the work that we had to put him here and myself being shot on that it. Yesterday I mean we work guys that are out there may you know we were first round draft these were undrafted guys and kind of had to take a harder road in and that's a you know be written in the otters the credit for the work we put in and you know it it is definitely off the men and some in the that we'll live opera. Lansdale a guy that was undrafted and on going through Katrina year I remember. Mean you've been in the locker room one time man. Just thinking about getting kicked out of the Alamo doll you know being ahead being displaced and you know wondering about how low warns us. That's season talk a little bit about their season until you know you talk about. Playing in Miami playing in the super in the Super Bowl and just cap it off to right way. Obviously what our rookie even in 2005. And and I I kind of made mention of it yesterday I felt like. As a rookie. Every single day I'm like wow what the vote lie that we work we were a team without all pretty much we were moving from place a place we did have. Luxury facilities that all the other gain had to me this. Something that that hot and we have in and I didn't know that I figured out how was that and you know it just it just being able to progress from that these are not really get any claim I would not play at all beating gains. On the net net the years go on start to get a little bit of opportunity out he's starting in the Princeton and making the plays and and kind of realizing like hey I'm not only cannot play here but I that there would be year. An and I knew that I got the ability of the matter out of being ready. And when that opportunity presented itself make sure that most popular guy throughout my career was was somebody that they would do and not just. Going out there and you know the first opportunity comes I'll make a play I mean just. Just continuing to make those late and have the mentality. You know I hadn't quite made just just to keep me hungry to keep you motivated and keep you work in. I'm just as hard now harder than that it opera came into. When you. When you and when you went to practice a lot of times and and and I'm just trying to paint the pitcher for the fan that didn't know. So life for myself the first thing we would do when we come out you have special teams just a first and we would normally do. A lot of times edu and drew Henson Moore you know there was couple more receivers would go out even pre practice. Or obviously 95% at times you guys stayed out pulls practiced to stilts a little bit about what you GAO's work at all whether it was that week for the game or just certain routes. That he wanted to see you run or that you want to run. What do you mean to her with. Communicating with guy. And kind of taking. A guess. Measure the hall of how got the now they're bump in the we didn't get right in practice you knew it Europe after cracked the route that's a perfectionist. And that. Type. You know my bet is that trotted back. Like so when we would make mistake it would have been you know without that thing into a move likely it will get that after practice. I'll about it before practice bubble bubble after practice. Ann and four. Receiver quarterback mean that relationship. Is pair. A minute not just the act as an oh it's being able talking communicated. You know having mutual respect for one another so that when something happened on the Uga on the same page. You can come together and be able to communicate what you saw wife in which you did and answer was also meant that and trusting. To be able to come it would be information that we're getting out there on the field in the dialogue cot there. You know it now always. Running a million route after practice to get on the same page it might be running to reroute. And then talking. Five or six more right. You know and it is. Because you don't want them right yourself crazy before yet to play on Sunday so. You know that was that an awkward relationship that it wouldn't let me interrupt me to be true. He did a great job take care but for short and we all wanted to make sure this week that we can take care. Yeah an enemy we knew we talked about Lance well you know talk about the risk receivers like. Colson and and and every and and and meet each wing talk about them right now we talk and Lance Moore the new inductees. And to the saints hall of fame and so. Lance is still a little bit about what should Dolan now and you gotta tell me when when we go zero or three receivers your wife correct. Well it depends on the person now like. It did it three receivers are to be playing. The app. What are they so you'd you know if dipped just option that you write if option correct yeah yeah that that's your favorite player. One love. But I mean there's there's been boom outlet you almost say a majority of the time because we had cold and cold the plate inside. A majority I'll play the position as well so on the kind of split between the F yet we're sure. The two point conversion play well is loud banana or what was the most. No that was. You wait speed mask what the two or number Q speaks. You know I like to us which one could hit. Yeah but now. Have partnered up wit quarterback guru extraordinaire George Whitfield. I'm out here in San Diego we train where he quarterback. We also. Go on the road. To a but different cities throughout the summer we've been up for by city though aren't that number. I'm doing quarterback receiver out workshops like it was like used the word workshop because it was like it did work camp. Is a little reviews and not quite. Up just being with what we're we're we're back out there'll on the ball out right at one one quarterback on a billion ball we we we start. From ground zero from the basic fundamentals. Of quarterback receiver play and we build from there. I'm so that. That kind of web it's been a majority of my time dual and also oh you know still kind of doing the media being here and there. Had to show that he called final drive on irrespective minute radio. Uh oh I guess what we'd see it that can happen again becoming the and then. You know do a little bit for for European or an a network on TV as well she manages. Just being a dad entry. A busy man a busy man Lance Moore to well I just wanna sell you congratulations and you know. Being inducted into the saint hall of fame and definitely enjoy those little ones on the market too soon as the season approaches thank you. Yes sir thanks for having me and it's an otter chula. He joined the likes of yourself and all the other great and saint floor. I was just a matter of time just had to wait till years counted often you're you're a lot. Are no problem thank you Lance Moore I was Deuce McAllister Lance Moore on Friday from sports stock congratulations slate do said. So Lance set Dunlap here it's just sports and it's just over. Mexico has stunned. Tournament favored Germany. They're celebrating or like mad men that right now and so is that very pro Mexico crowd over and Russians and Steve green. In the stadium in Russia one nothing the final three minutes of extra time. Added time and that was all she wrote solo Mexico gets a critical victory there in the open staged the World Cup. And now Germany up against a little bit Germany heavy favorites in the group asked Serena how it works again there's eight different groups. This is group play round Robin play so there's four teams in each group this group yet Germany Mexico and in Sweden and South Korea Germany heavy favorites come out of this. Group there's two teams it'll come out every group. But Sweden most people's picks we the second team out of your South Korea heavy underdogs not many people thought Mexico had a chance certainly to win this one. And really ought to be able to think they had a chance to come out of this group but all of a sudden yes they are the favorites in this group when Germany. It's up against it cannot afford another loss obviously and probably are going to need a win you can't just afford to draw the next couple matches against Sweden. And South Korea. Biggest when I registered via the broadcast team therefore fox say this the biggest win I agree in the history of Mexican soccer. This one right here as it is awesome I love this time and and I obviously. Wish the United States was better. How deep I get every time the United States in the World Cup they're not this year because of that debacle. Against Trinidad. And Tobago. Last those last October when they couldn't get a drawn were eliminated so that's a bomber. But still fascinating turn and incredible tournament we saw. Portugal Spain and a get a draw earlier hat trick for. Christiane over Patricia Allen although we sell Lille messy world's best player for Argentina missed a penalty kick. That would've given them up a win against it's the Cinderella is in this entire term Iceland Iceland badly about 300000 people so that is now. It's a role in folks we've got. Four app five weeks of this. For more awake to this. World Cup. Here radio. And it's just like I was stock and today potter about its okay. You don't know the secret intricacies of the sport it's okay if you're not a huge fan but if you love sports I don't you don't love this it's the pageantry it's the national pride. Of all these nations and it's. I don't Ali it's more highly intriguing and what we just saw people talk about the low scoring given all you know this but I don't think you get higher attention and and data at the end of any other sport. Mean just don't. As the closing minutes in Germany all out attack there on Mexico Mexico able to hold strong had three or four shots on goal right at the ends. Just weren't able to convert so Mexico they went Germany it was. We're back wrapping up it's just sports net sunset on the app on the VW welcome back it's just sports wrap it up I'm Seth Olympics are hanging announce on this Father's Day Sunday have an incredible Father's Day everybody. And be safe and Pamela fund a fairly good weather I think this was a couple of sprinkles solution be to bed here in the New Orleans area. Enjoy the heck out of it tomorrow on sports stock is Kristian garic returns Bobby Hebert is better or you're on an LSU football team be underestimated by Las Vegas. The talk about the tigers and do you think they'll have more than seven wins this season. And I cannot wait to listen to this part of the show if you could change one play. In NFL history what would it be huddle up with the pros 48 PM on the home of the saints and L issue. WWL. Thanks everybody who joins us today thanks to. Earlier in the week Lance Moore Pierre Thomas and Roman Harper ex saints to a going into the saints hall of fame. For joining us here on WW all thanks to. Dave Parra should you perdition Davis do the rest of the day after work. Of course you are accented tis the season says today hey like I said morals and today it this soccer. Try to it's an incredible tournament it's really fun and if you allow yourself. She just to watch a little bit of it especially have a match like we just did today Germany Mexico. It's you can't help but enjoy yourself when you watch it I'm done your best audience and radio I'll be back tomorrow will handed off feared a Don aims savvy bothers everybody.