It's Just Sports - Hour 1

WWL's Seth Dunlap talks about LSU baseball, the NCAA baseball selection process as well as Justify winning the Preakness.

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Lamar and everybody is set Dunlap fear with you this morning on it's just sports we know lots talk about today you know I was talking to since say in or send. Are you sending millions in May here late may have a lot talked about and well today. Sports wise we actually do whale a lot to talk about especially with a LSU. Because they're baseball team going to be in the SEC turn needing to win. What at least one game if not two to secure themselves a regional bid won't get into that here in just a little bit. And it's we've got a big injury for you that I hand on my show double coverage a couple of days ago with the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee Scott Sidwell. He'll break down exactly what the selection committee looks for. When that. Cutting down the bubble. And we'll get into some issues surrounding college athletics it was a fascinating are real we'll play up for you the second half of this hour and also for LSU the big news late last week breaking nets jolting Joseph Borough the transfer from Ohio State the quarterback. He did officially choose LSU over Cincinnati. He backed up JPJ tiberi sell the last 23 years up there Ohio State he graduated Susie grad transfered come into play right away. Talked Cody war shrimp. About it's just what that means for LSU football and who might be the odd man out in that quarterback room. Also we've got cavs Celtics game three last night's tabs. Being the first one of the series and a thirty point blow out. Of the Celtics in tonight's it's the Western Conference finals action this afternoon with Golden State's. And Houston that series tied one game apiece readers think nobody ever seems to be able to beats. Golden State in their place will Houston be able to do that will break that down also boogie cousins he given interviews to be undefeated. He had not spoken publicly or on the record. Almost at all since his Achilles tendon injury and he talked about free agency where he wants to go if he wants to come back to the pelicans tally might feel a little bit burns. By some here fans and media same team was better without him. Professed any interview while so you know that and we have our first as a WW all staff compilation NFL power rankings or get into a related to show up. So there's the rundown again usually late may. Especially on the Sunday morning sports show. We're kind of that's kind of slow break he kinda dig for topics. Not so today we've got a lot to talk about. Let's start off with a LSU baseball because you heard mark Bernard just a couple of minutes ago say yet they got routed yesterday. By Auburn so they lose two or three in that series. And they go the entire season. With out winning an SEC baseball roadster is first time in pulmonary his tenure the status happened on the other side I guess. You'll control sliver of bright news it was the first time since 2003. That Ellis you had won every single SEC home series. But it's. They are absolutely squarely. On the NCAA tournament bubble going in that series against our here's what I thought needed to happen then and in the SEC Tara I thought they needed to win three more games. Whether that was in that series or in the SEC tournament to really lock down a bit. Will only got one win. It was in the middle game of that series against the nation's number one pitcher so. I think. But they're gonna have to win two games here. In the SEC tournaments really secure themselves a bit now they get a very winnable game. On Tuesday which is the first game in the SEC tournament. A first day I should say in the SEC tournament when the take on at Mississippi State that's a 431. Pitch on the SEC network and right here. On WWL radio so that that game is very winnable. There when that one day and they get the nation's number one team. In Florida but it's it's double elimination after that first games they got a little bit. Of the world a room after that first game and here's the thing if they lose in a Mississippi State. Alex they're in the regionals I don't think there's anyway that the selection committee is gonna put LSU in a regional. When they would have won only four games the entire season away from Alex box stadium it's pretty incredible. They are. Four and fourteen on the road. Owen won a neutral site games so they're four and fifteen right now. Away from the box that is obviously not good. And not be futility that we're used to here with LSU baseball. There's a myriad of reasons why this season has been a little bit disappointing injury certainly up among them and you go back to last. Season in the college World Series win then a freshman pitcher Eric walker. Pentagon Tommy John surgery. And he was able to pitch that caused baseball World Series final against Florida might cost them that serious and certainly. Put a damper on their season here. Today Collison said he did how are you having that guy to anchor. You or Friday night's starter. In the rotation for LSU all of a sudden you've got to kind of piecemeal together Zach casts moves out the closers troll. Comes into the starting rotation and he was. Rocky start the season in the middle part of the Erie. He was good news very good numbers that Erin said OK this looks like the guy that we thought real good stuff. Mid ninety's. To high ninety's fastball. Intimidating presence on the mound but I've always said here's the thing was jackass and I. When I was talking about this last week I wanted to make sure I mention and I'll do it again then not really trying to bag on. Zack guess who's just a college kid just a second year. And it Plame College Baseball so I'm not really trying to disparage the kid too much but here's what I see objectively. I don't see a starters. Starting pitcher's mentality on the mound I just don't he has that. High intensity. Closers role mentality did he developed his freshman year. That he still show a seized the highs are very high and the lows are very low he. Does not have an even keel on the mound which doesn't. When you to be a good starting pitcher anywhere whether that's high school college. Or when he'll move on employed professional baseball you've got to have a more even keel presents. A little more for a lack of a better phrase mental stability on the mound because you look at what happened in that game one. All the sudden he loses a number nine batter in the order and then he allows you can see the frustration on the kid's face when that happened all of a sudden. Six straight guys in a breaching base with two outs. And he gets buried in that game. Little microcosm of Zach has the season to I think he could never be aid capable starting pitcher no. But right now there is no doubt that he is he struggling and he's not their best pitcher. He's not that's material Hilliard the last five outings for Zach cast Susie ERA. Is over six. In his last six are so this isn't a blip on the radar this is a one or two bad starts for Zack yes this is a trend. This is the trend ends it's one of the reasons LSU has been getting buried in the series. You know I just it's. The way things are set up here. I doubt pulmonary is gonna make any changes in the SEC tournament and certainly if they get into the regional I still do leaves jackass is going to be your game one starter. In the regionals and be a little different because it was SEC tournament to start early so the united seek any of those guys. Likely on Tuesday to see somebody else maybe be it should deceive. What he said but. It's probably some of the exact desperate. Would you be at all surprised. If they get into regional maybe have an extended break let's say they went. Let's say they went Tuesday you'll lose Wednesday and then when Thursday. And then lose retinal have basically a full week off would you be surprised at all to see pulmonary movement kill Hilliard to that game one. When you really. You really need a win in these regionals. In that game one to set yourself up would you be surprised at all to see the freshman pitch game one. I wouldn't. I wouldn't at all. What do you think tiger fans like this is not the baseball season you wanted but hope is not lost again their in necessity tourniquet got a very winnable game against Mississippi State on Tuesday. And I think they need to win to. If they win one and lose the next two day are squarely. On the bubble. I don't think the selection committee would put demand. But maybe. They'd be close it's it's so tight here it's so tight and we'll talk to Scott's into all the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee. In just a little bit about it what do you think give me a call 5042601. His seventies the phone number. 504260187. You can also text me. At 87 B 870. Yeah I had clubs and pick the brain pulmonary behind the scenes is that so many injuries this not just the one there walker you've had. The injury earlier in the store so he's back now on the bullpen and the young freshman free and phenom who. Everybody. Everybody's thoughts. Would be. One of your starters. And the rotation Josh Smith has been injured it's. Broussard has been injured this year Zach Watson he's been banged up you had hunter fiduciary banged up earlier this year it's been a myriad of injuries. This year for LSU. There's a couple of highlights. Dave what's ones we have. There. Are we got a couple of LSU baseball highlights here and you'll get to your phone calls. And here's the first Ellis you run from yesterday area as promised joining us now. That's that doesn't have a let's go to the phone lines here 5042601870. You're on WW audio ahead. Court. And that's. And while we are you. LA LA I have never okay I've been doing this for seven years your now I have never heard anybody call that I've never heard anybody call the show and say hey when jealousy basketball students do it. While I mean you know because I mean I haven't visited the bird you know problem L you all sports baseball and act they're dark they're not gonna go anywhere if they even make it's the region. We can just get what both these and the Barak who regard the shrimp boat captain which is why triple toe to not and then they would six games they'd be Amir. And you know we were away we know we got talent coming and we've got probably the best coach Jim Ellison went all the or. This from what he did last year would not a lot of talent. So quite a basketball history. All you're not the only one I wrote about that extensively bitten the one sports of the major sports that's it you're excited right now. Is LSU basketball and that's us LC fans or mass to offense should be really excited about that team they've got one of the top recruiting classes in the nation. They've got 25 star guys not Brees a and M not read and Emmett Williams cumin and Danish super senate about LSU best will no doubt. But it's been a long time. Since you could legitimately say. The most exciting thing around LSU sports right now as the basketball program. And that's not an indictment. On will wade certainly not his fault throughout the basketball programs fall. But that's not where this football program is used to being specifically. The baseball program based programs going to be fine. As early as it was just it was a confluence. Of some bad luck some bad injuries and just. Replacing. That veteran class and they had last year. Whose real young team that is really struggling here as they go through some adversity I've no doubt. But LSU based laws can be back as one of the best teams in the nation next year especially if they bring much these guys back. I don't think Zach has obviously with his struggles he's not gonna declare a few does. That's a huge mistake he needs to come back because next it'll one got a or wondering about is Zach Watson malls Zach Watson. Declare for the draft he has had a spectacular year but again that bad here either. As a show on the power needed is a freshman. Battled through the injuries but it's 5052 point put friend now sack Watson will be back. Here's a highlights LSU's first run yesterday. In the prairie chickens slaughtered for first first pitch line drive base hit into left field. Looking around there are going to be Cabrera and you'll be way did slaughter in the third try to stretch it the second. At Broussard slides in Bedford safely tigers the board. So LSU gets on the board first but then the rest of the game yesterday Sam law like this. Reach him. We got. Three run home run their for Auburn again most of the game sound like that fourteen to five Auburn wins that and they win the series we'll take a break you're gonna come back Mort your calls talking about LSU baseball. We'll also talk a little preakness. Yesterday the Triple Crown. Pursuit of it anyway is remained intact to justify it. Won the Kentucky Derby. And he won the preakness one race away from becoming the second Triple Crown winner. This decades about that for replay that race for you coming up Aussie can join us 504260187. Or use the phone number. I'm Seth Dunlap it's just sports continues on WW. Welcome back toggle LSU baseball here's the texts at 87870. Excuses many areas not recruit well the last few years especially pitching. What I just completely disagree especially in the pitching standpoint you've got. Eric walker exact cast Mattel Hilliard a jail Avis knicks stores others does it grates. Young core pitching wise now you've been decimated by injuries at that position at times it's not recruiting now not recruiting what gets your calls here on LSU. In just demanded first the preakness. Was yesterday the Triple Crown. It stays alive and water race it was last night in the fog. Will pick up the race here some salads the last half of the race good magic challenging justified justify who won the Kentucky Derby. And a runaway this one was a lot closer here's the finale. They're half length apart on the backstretch and that's fine. Including internal hard together third and fourth. Conquest only his fifth Mike Smith has gone American dollar on the inside five lengths unbelievable because the Bard turned. The two of them have been together since they gates open and know their noses up fired. Three quarters 111 left. Always dreaming of plastic admired. And over. Always. Is that he's not giving. Hi Erica Pratt and well justify actually won that race I was there a couple of bridges the those exciting and hails a little Sunday morning is that there at. We got a justified though he wins by a half point organ match and that's actually exactly what it sounded like. I listen to it flat site so just replace justify there at the way and that's exactly what a senate like he was a half link up. Any one by a half black half length. Calm over. Revised so it was good match dues aptly that their towards me and a lone sailor deal Benson source. Finished fifth so good finish their violent sailor fit that it's pretty well and acquitted himself pretty well these two races. We're gonna take a break we come back we'll talk discuss it we'll chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee and also your calls a 50426. So. 187 handset Dunlap. It's WW. What's more the. I'll let that they meet your response is listen to that again very is the preakness from yesterday justify. Out of the seven position wins again and actually that was the position he was into the Kentucky Derby the seven spot. So justify now a chance to win the second its Triple Crown this decade and had been a long time to really knew that four American Ferrell wanted to couple years ago. Did you or you're not do you watch remembered America pearl and I Triple Crown I think every single sports fan and I know remembers exactly where they were when American Farrell won that I was out at the daily international beer fest that was big tent there there's one TV in the whole place. It was lose 110 and everybody's got an actually started conglomerate adding around this tense as you'll want to our own behalf. Mature eight it's the Belmont and I you know was probably about 2300 people. Around this one tense. Men and watch that race is pretty incredible now we've got the relatives only happen a couple of times and our lifetime. To be a long time to this happens again will maybe not maybe not now Bob Baffert its use the trainer for American Ferrell he's also the trainer for justify. Here's CN after the race yesterday. Oh man that was that was the nail biter I mean you know that. Feel that they put it to us it was a good horse he was going name like they have their own private match raised in somebody had to give me like I'm glad it was announced that. There was you know just so happy that we believe we got it done and I mean he's he's just a great northward to handle that pressure and keep on running. Incredible horse and we should see an incredible race and a couple weeks. At the Belmont we'll take a break when we come back LSU fans hang around because we have a massive interview for you Scott said while the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee join me on double coverage man I'd show a couple of days ago great insights in the selection process we also talk a little world of college athletics in the state of college athletics will do that next time Seth Dunlap this is it's just sports on WW what do Mac it's a sport Seth Dunlap with you this morning LSU baseball fans as promised let's get right to it I talked to the chairman of the NCAA selection committee. Scott Sidwell late sir I knew it was on Friday I believe. On my program double coverage at night here's that interview joining us now to talk about it at all. Is the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee Scott Sidwell Scots really appreciate the time tonight man how you do it. Are. Currently are no thank you he joined us before Scott former Tulane athletic directors Syracuse now is over at the University of San Francisco. Solitaire and this guy could we talked about it before he talked a couple of times last year but the tickets in the selection process again this is something he told us before that. It's a long process that you likely already started. You know what what what we do that the committee has ten members on the committee and now broke up into it deprived that I get regions and so what we do is we reached what retort by many which made up by regions. Our coaches and the partner for our administrators that that we get our three. Conference call late April early may you know look at two lap one more. On Monday and Beckett followed up by. A national committee called on the following the following days. On Tuesday and then of course ultimately we take all that information that coaches people that reach is well. Each committee member has. You know read that there are tied to that they follow that and there you know job to come under the theory. You know well educated on on what's going on in that region and Al ready go at some apps feel what's happening around the country. And that's why we have the conference call the preparation and and certainly a lot of full crawl rate of people that you know street so. He noted a lot of work in the slot time put into it a lot down there should not so that's our responsibility and make sure they. You know we get the very best teams put put in position ago so what I consider one of the great term it's all sport which is a cultural series that. Culminates an option to regional law professor. You know I agree to a great time for everybody involved. You know using or talking to you're talking about top eight seed process and criteria because though she's usually in that mix certainly not this year so let's talk about the ball a little bit. What is the committee look out when sorting out that bubble during your process. Well you know become this becomes a pretty guidelines there's a lot of data that we. There were given that it's consistent and everybody that play streaker. Why plus seemed to play Kyle school. Level everybody's work the same metric should be. How that gets to live based on. You know what league you're it and then we played copper and originally to circle. You know whether in the ability trial for organ again and it cane or a to travel within your region becomes a factor so you know it's really typical talking about trying to achieve. You know create equality for 320 teacher try to will them to war. When you know 31 of those are going to be out acted after. A bit so. So the teams that are you know that are in the at large. So sure sure really done it too. The thing they can control. And that's where were their nonconference schedule you know who did big challenge themselves that they win games against Jean. You know that they went out of region and try to correct step up and stature. To get themselves you know big wins that would would help move terror guy you can really struggled at Howard they haven't played the last ten. Who were there common opponents of people who were ahead of them because those types of that in the types that are important to put because we really need to analyze this should we make sure to do the very best part expecting there. Scott Sid Lowe joining us here on double coverage she's the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee onset Dunlap thanks for joining us. I talked about RPI there is that a starting point for your committee is that just mix here among all the factors how big role does RPI play. Well like that it is one of many things and certainly not to deciding factor in any way shape form or what it does as he gets some common. You know blueprint they're but he. Follow and so it's real and play game you know who they RPI is made at the three components so which you'll win loss record. Future opponents win loss record and in your public support went on record so the most the biggest part of that is. Take your win loss record. And that's 50% of it meant your opponents is point five in your parts coach so what you try to do try to. You know nineteen. Non conference schedule. It's here it's here lately it does not have a lot walking yet to channel yourself. Outside of your league accurately to a bunch stroking. Can read and that's a strong and you can play the thinker but a week you may not have to do it. You have as Stefan nonconference schedule wanna find injured and so you know there's there's no exact science student and if there was an XXX it was helping out a bumper it true that committee. Keep an open. So there is human element in it look our job mr. Make sure we know about those teams are read and that's that's what it was lecture important regional vice that he could we hear about. Can that may have been you know had their top top pitcher injured for two weekends and or get them back or you know they had something and something happened where they couldn't. Couldn't play on their field you know in the northeast we see that type that. In the northern half the United States we keep working and couldn't even play at home game for the first in Belmont because the weather and ethical on the road. Out of that affect things and so other there's a lot a lot of factors go to ER PI is the on their body. Has that consistent measurable. Sure now you talked about home lawyer records of factors and RPI bit just otherwise does record away from home is that something you look at or a more about the overall resonate you're not and outside of RPI. We know and I know you know this cell issue now three in fourteen. Three and thirteen away from Alex box stadium in the SEC. You know look at Steve. There's there's there's too much factors that are involved certainly playing on the road is more difficult plague almanac and that fact PR PI excuse in the way. Thank you get you know point seven. Are we purchased one point tree on the road when you win so. So achieve in fact early they're that you know depending on. The road you know that can either really help cure or church you know somewhat so. Without being checked you know what to expect playing team on the road which it especially in the copper. If you. If you have the opportunity to ago. Place somebody away from your place in had to do in order a little little better view you know and did you do you know when the series and most I. He's elite teams from the SEC you're looking out to a record eleven teams from this conference Cuban. Litters it's. It's surged and as it has been traditionally are really really baseball cockroach and and just great chip and thought you know look I. There is a lot of baseball will be played between now and the time we actually. Don't know people on Memorial Day morning and yet he seats with a well positioned as there always is at Tampa. A number change getting it in it and number really cute to be. Point you know in the top top apps bitten outwit outlast you giving him so to say that there you know opening you're just thinking yeah it's it's premature. At this point and and Woolsey were calling them. Our Ed sky you know tiger fans are grossly offended mask this so can you give me insight into where LSU stands right now with the committee. But you know it let's go she's been. They've ever been a team that's that's being played played good baseball and enhancing times where their inflation the baseball and and certainly you know a key. Inside the SEC that we talked about it and I think they've you know continue to be someone that we destruction and or have it in a lot of beer. Could conversational as we move forward the next you know the next few weeks. Scott Sidwell chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee joining us Scott and pursued that I like to transition just talking about Kana. The stated in the NCAA and give your inside and soon college athletics at that's okay. Oh with a gesture and put a lot of issues that we know surrounding college athletics right now pay for athletes image and likeness usage college realignment the FBI investigation into corruption and college best ought to cloud hanging over college athletics but. Shining through at all he is record revenues right now what's yours take on the state of the NCAA and college athletics. Well for first and you know which they bow and it's really a dynamic kind of be to be a partner elders a lot of lot of great interest a lot of growing and exploding. Opportunities. You know it relates to that. Revenues and continue to weaken in that you know you know exposure of the schools and those factions and an end and there are also a lot of elk is you know shortly. What you just mentioned each and every one of those and narrow rightist. Is are significant and people are gonna you know going to be decided something's going to be decided in the courtroom so Marty that we other landmark decision that just happened this week here at the supreme quarterback around legalization of opening going back to state. And those types of things and it creates a corporate lawyer accountant. But I but I tell you that the and they. You know it all comes back to look he's got a bunch of great. Young men and women that their terror penal after the chase their dreams and and market great education throughout the country and so first provide that opportunity for them as its first foremost and and then beyond that that's. That's what the school thing to do it to figure out all these. All these issues and he'd much after the it's the educated and you have to make sure that your your follow but I would say that. You know the NCAA. Has probably not. Ever at any more interest than it does today both popular and bad and so that's our topic conversation out for a lot of people. You mentioned the supreme court's decision room lifting the ban on sports spending across the nation the federal ban anyways slipped up to the states right now is something that. You another HDs in the NCAA it was prepared for him any thoughts on us. He held it come up in conversation. You know vote on. A local level as well as you know and and the cockroach. Talks and to protect I I would check in order that it shares now that it. You know now that it's here it's something that people are gonna have to address. As relates to bear in a league appearing in a state to believe that they limit over an educator you know one of the things you know that's been pretty. You know corn central to that we get into the postseason with. Pat Nixon and postseason tournaments and Bogans and those things that it was always big campaign. They'll call don't bet on in owner which were the athletes say look the integrity of the game. Did that. It's kept that core of what we do that never happens scandals over time as it relates to actually being in the stretch thanks so I think it's something we. We really have to pay attention to them how we can at best in opposition ourselves choose to make sure that. At the end of the days that integrity of the game that's being played is is that they'd check. I'm curious conference realignment happens here in the SE CC these mega conferences. Forming the conglomeration of these teams in the conference is really legislation and natural progression. The NCAA. Did do you think that this is a good thing do you think you just neutral that day either way it's by every thought some cop drew Lima does not stop and rented studio it's still here it's still happening. Ever seen here recently talking about Scott. Well you know look deep people you know that they feel this conference in in higher education VIP leak. And the Ivy League was formed well over 400 years ago of a combination of great academic schools that played like athletics ticket to chipper. And so that and now morphed into doctor pleasure later he got all the realignment schools that are trying to align themselves. Both in competition but what they do academically too you know a lot of cuts come out to. Where are they playing grant research institutions. Going to align with each other around around athletics and inside certain region that which you have been southeast conference. You know and out of the West Coast you have. The pack twelve right at similar type of institutions that alive. You know their state institutions and that's thank. I would say ultimately. You know at the end of the day the one thing that doesn't get mentioned a lot and we can proponents of it here on the west coaster viewership churchgoers. There really is no rule. In the NCAA rule book says that any institution. Can make the decision that they can spend as much as they walked. To be as good as they wannabe so who. Depending on where you are New York that the decision by the school. And so what she sees you see sometimes schools and we wanna be something bigger than we or else we need to get a life with people that are bigger. And and certainly that's what's that's what people are chasing. But even inside that accurate purely an I have you know at the same revenues as another wanted to make sure that that they that. That's what you try to do generate revenues which you need to try to compete at that level that your church. Not necessarily the association at Ole. Beyond our you know what ask you to speak for the entire NCAA bids you personally and I guess as athletic director for USF is there any one of these issues kind of hanging over cause athletics right now the concerns you the most whether it's a grass leads. The FBI investigation dreaming that. Kind of moves legal concerns you the most got. Well I would say concern you know life is why I think wonder but he felt. Track you know more more than anything it is through the court case that that's happening as it relates to. You know I think it's a chink in case and Jeff Jeffrey Kessler who has the person who brought. Free agency to the NFL there took a court case it's gonna start up again. You know here sometime next year or supposed to our court filings are and that's what sustained. Going to be in front of the same general Claudia will open that that was the one that there rule that you know name image and likeness was was something that. The other schools that says. Couldn't couldn't collude together to to work to keep kids from. Pat after they graduate having access to their name and license V8 sports and that it'll banning case that was one where basically. It'll women you know popular group of people in and they sued to say look after we graduated. He didn't have the right to take heartening they would like to create a video game public team that played. Five years ten years ago twenty years ago that was that Arctic in its like so I think that one. And that really relate to the capping scholarships. And that schools can't come together. As a group as we have NCAA over thousand. And create. Artificial caps on on scholarships artificial caps on salary. No number of people I think because that and in this case at least play mr. sang. You know the pitcher here colluding to keep down. You know the way people are gonna compete go forward so so that bet too that these actors and more entry towards. Well it's an incredible. Interest in time for the world college athletics and its incredibly fun time for the world College Baseball Scott's a bowl the chairman of the NCAA baseball selection committee. And the athletic director at the University of San Francisco really appreciate the time tonight Scott awesome as always thanks so much of the time yeah. I'm Seth Dunlap this is WW.