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Kristian Garic Its Just Sports
Sunday, April 22nd

WWL's Kristian Garic talks about numerous topics: the Pelicans sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA Playoffs; the NFL Draft beginning this week; the Saints 2018 schedule. 


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And simplify welcome in to another edition of it's just sports on Kristian garic here with it till 12 o'clock today and plenty. That you want who got the pelicans sweep the blue trailblazers. Won 31123. Anti Davis goes off for 47 drew holiday goes for 41 Rondo put sixteen assists on the stat line. Davis also contribute eleven rebounds and three blocks and the feel good story of a story in the NBA right now the hottest team in the right here in New Orleans and it's your wall pelicans. Polite to open at 5042601870. Text 8787. You're gonna hear from. Bargain basement get you ready for the NFL draft. Next hour you'll hear from Scott Sanders. Ellison baseball and also recap the spring game are debatable dot com columnist Jeff Palermo in the 11 o'clock hour as well. How loud was that smoking's in their. Paint the picture for me is that with the with the environment was like in the smoking since yesterday in the pelicans closed out Portland trailblazers now often faced the Golden State Warriors. In the second round of the NBA playoffs also. I'm incident that Don. April quick for weather update good doc I think you very much for the update on is of course it's a severe weather in those areas Dmitry take proper caution. In any time you seen anything out there that you needed. It you know get information out there some that in your neck of the woods and severe weather polar people feel free calls Bible were. 2601 race and also become a traffic issues that freer related those as well I'm 4260187. If they Davis scored 33 this franchise playoff record 47 points in the second half he was in Fuego on fire. Also this hour break down low in FL draft in. Will saints when he eighteen schedule is out how favorable is it what like it'll keep that round as well plenty to chew on as limited. For the next two hours Ellison baseball was badly yesterday eleven before they got shut out Friday night eleven nothing. So when he could afford to teams not very good but the bottom line is I think we're seeing. From the cell she baseball team. There struggling equality yes secrets in the feast of last week and on a Porsche staff from. The Tennessee Volunteers and South Carolina and I was an Osama the that that that the tigers have a chance at its listeners knew what they do. But he did. The trial would sweep today with South Carolina. Is getting healthy that's the team that can be very leery dangerous down the stretch year. It will be surprised if he sees him in normal law perhaps making it the prawn in the college World Series will find out what was like that South Carolina team it's legit out there healthy. Back played well Ellis Utah State law this week today aired nine and eight in the SEC. He begin to wonder too. Are they going to be. Host for regional super regional aid might be on the tournament public money all five for the tournament this point. And it. There on the bubble I think he will qualify adults see him hosting a regional so little Zeum host the super regional. Just one of those years for elections the week goes the awful last year's. College Walters finals appeared lost before the gators battling for gators ours in saint right now how good that program can also. My goodness heart repeat those guys here in Europe but also be back. Down kind of year for Ellis unit lost it broke back that we contest the two lane to on fighting Saturday to. South Carolina. We'll subway come back Jake Madison at the widget on Twitter. Lot dump held its podcast now is thrilling series sweep for the pelicans. Over the Portland trouble is it's a sports on W two well you're right it is just sports and what a great sports town it is right now especially the pelicans sweeping the Portland trailblazers. Last night close out that series now looking ahead to Golden State next week. Go to the cultural group for bringing into Madison Al rail line want what's going on Alley on W well. I haven't been to the arena plan. Got a bar and played the earth and out of that. Locked away writing literally crying currently is neither side. Last night game what. I don't. Know what may be I my. Computer at all. And they have been having even make it for so many years and it is at Arctic. Acting lay up Rondo was the name being locked in at eight and it actually. Grow until mid town at the player it bent and made a holiday. In the it's here and. Who. That the that's an eyelash at it I. Marco. Face a full called welcome in state Madison at Nolan Jake locked on pelicans podcast and Jake tell me I hotter team right now in the NBA that you know better than health right now. You know there's this team's plane as do that apology could imagine right now and he started putting this altogether and the receivers you and they were on a five game winning streak. But there are seen in the clip that things change a little bit you can finally being cramped but. But being seen watch film of that dream team and come up with a plan at any game play in the court for game 567. Games. President is going one all won all went off but I think that's been really big because went out. I'd be right game play and get the ball game road and adding him to give McCall airport but of the old players to be here and they got it and sharp Qatar who weren't able to do it. For whole games let alone all Yuri and Portland played right into the hands of New Orleans and that was even more time to prep for what likely going to be equal because epic world to me they're gonna sweet potato and to hear whispers that maybe come up with another building game plan to make that you're you're very close and you can bet right now. The Golden State there you set that they're gonna have to play new war room in the next round of the playoffs. Look at Anthony davis' numbers we averaged in this series 33 points twelve rebounds to almost three blocks a game. And one and a half steals I mean if he's not asserting himself now on the on the big stage and I am by. Talk about how big was dark. He could potentially be I think we're seeing him born on the big stage as. One of the stars or if not the biggest star in the NBA kind of a passing of the torch from LeBron. 28 via IMI beehive hyperbolic but I I think it's good to see it take. I don't think you're actually that they expelled the toward bigger Kevin Durant. Any davis' in this conversation right now in this stage in the player in the sixty sweeping the receipt. He absolutely committed himself as a top five players in the NBA and becoming a comedian that ever hope to see from him that we all wanted him to become. It is a guy that was one of the creek prospect coming into the NBA over the past what year to recruitment that player who who brought entered the draft. He lived up to a lot of that he put a great number but he never won and he never necessarily you know certain and so what we see him. This season especially in the DiMarco as an injury. And that he's done in the NBA player that he became the alpha dog on this team record to beat him to victory regular reading he could put that he muttered back at parent. We get it done. The fourth quarter of the game last night between him and holiday scored 25. Of the book and final when he six point. That which you want your star players to do you but what you want to leaders to do you seen them be more vocal they're showing more emotion and that has gotten kind of we get away at times from the spotlight from leading the team the past but not this year he's stepped. First and foremost. Under the biggest stage and lead this team to upset sweep. Of the three seed in the Western Conference where this is what we wanted to see from him he will be even more so and what he's acting differently that the men and at the top five player whether god that you're looking to become a lead the next generation of the MBA. You like that. That's great we got to stop what I was thinking about this the other day where. You know when Republicans in each other that it failed a phrase or word whatever you have that. The kind of did acknowledge that quote they. Yet you don't tell policy will like eighty. Can you to get that you know yet who that chance right before kick off for the saints walk and do read before tip off for the pelicans you gonna say in. At the great questions. Not only need to do but that's important for building an identity if you admit and he has always been there. Have always supported the team do you need things to try to grab hold look like that. They're really kind of you yourself an identity that they ain't gonna hang their hat on and everything I think typically wake up and for the anthem before they announced the player that everyone in the arena there for the great idea. Jake when you look at. Were rocks on Rondo. How real is playoff Rondo just because mean he contributes sixteen assists yesterday. And throughout the series. He was calling out sets for the Portland trailblazers I mean it's almost like having a Coachella. Yeah and beyond that Cuba on court that you see him it will be his what you get a little bit more dialed in Woodstock times during the regular he's in the he's his caddie gave up into games very lackadaisical did not care. But the playoffs are different story with him he knows what he needs to do and he's one of the driving forces behind your team chemistry. Behind these guys playing so well together. Get them altogether they want. Film you know there was the story that came out and Portland after game one. But damion Willard in the game column where pepper wraps up text each other on what they needed view pertain to you. And rock band that they're cute I ever went to my hotel room and we want them broke down film together for a couple of hours and that's the kind of thing he does with this team the but he adds to the level they like to keep calling out there except. Our defense getting people organized and we need to be. Basketball like you'd been a bit of an issue for this team over the past number of years but when Rondo they're organizing new Guinea's cent. It's not a concern whatsoever I think that definitely played a big part in the pocket smothering defense that managed to completely. It made me gain in load into game column for the majority of the theories. Jake fascinating conversation we've been Avant throughout this playoff run it would held up high you cover of for a number of years now. Pose a lot pump pelicans podcast. A year you're better suited to this than me what would you. Keys the excitement level for the pelican fan base right now in other words if you seem more more support this team because. How we can conversations all the time on sports talk about you know the people want it says this is a football town appellate held it will always be second fiddle. But I contend that. New worlds can be both a football and basketball town there's no reason why both of these teams can't co exist and share the limelight. It's. Time to kind of get you that. New Orleans and that people would name and the professional printer if you could mean Wear out left and how. At the time that they've been in the city Batman. You build a big oil and B we all know it's about winning winning gains. And sweeper a hectic period time not as one and game industry not just one. You know he's in one playoff run you need to do it over multiple years multiple hired you're starting he'd he'd get. Get planted here to the pulpit to really grow. Also I think help that is that the very likable team you've got electoral quality got elect him but he gave its wearing your past they haven't necessarily had those type of the players that type of personality the people can really get behind and root for guys that really leave at all on the court. I think you're seeing now really start to take off you're seeing if you read everywhere you go during the city. Been at all hours where roll with suddenly gains on UV it found on you don't need after that people would just there early to watch it. At current quarter that last weekend are not people who were complete strangers wearing potent pack stuff. Up to each other about the demon that quality in the lead block in game one. Because the kind of groundswell of support they needed to billable long term very passionate and based. It that he carried over the next he's in and week again in the play out after this heat and I think that where you really start to see this to hold for a longer period of time. Take how well they match it would go to stay with out stuff curry. It's still going to be let let's not like it is Golden State roster still maybe the greatest rapper ever assembled in the NBA but when you have fifteen point it's what they duties and still give Golden State Warriors some trouble particularly in side. But no one can contain it that he gave extreme agreement indeed it. The kind of slipped a little bit this year you don't necessarily want opera Kevin Durant audience that he gave it because he should still be taken to the rack post him up and shoot jumpers over and would stop and that you spent up a little bit. That he's gonna come down Q and you stop the three point shooting Barack speckled stated capable of clay concentrate among green. Eight Kevin Durant oral absolute threat from the outside the falcons do not walk to get into a three point shootout with any team gap they've gotten decent three point shooter but it comes and goes where the warriors are working to fix it they can run those guys up the report on potentially run a similar deepened to what they did the Portland trapped on the perimeter trying to funnel guys to the rim where you have in that he gave it says that rim protector he's a top 51 in the NBA I. I think their enemy is your quotes is the most people would expect. Not likely to witness you're expected to keep you get it to game six game seven and not get swept in the second round Michael state you're considered that to be appeared that he can popping you can build off of going into next year. And I think you go a long ways swing bogey. When another playoff you know an extended playoff run and swim in the summer. Yeah absolutely you've been here in the world for the past two games written on the back in a forgotten that call. With a leg that you can't really go and a walk on a cart when you don't want you to go greeted on the bench. But that long in the uncomfortable heat. Is an easy thing to do which he has so body in the he's been here supporting his teammates giving him the extra energy but I think you made a bit of a difference for at least two home games he looks like he's happy year eastward how loud it is in three expert who eat it in the movie tinker. Shelling in the kind of well I think he appreciates that but the guy win loyalty and can't support really matter and and that it again and decide here in new world long term. Also helped but he can't be davis' best friend you'd be sure you bring back back to the team. Wherever you can find you wherever you look for your podcast search locked on pelicans podcasts you'll find it. Are currently under baker and you bet take naps and there goes locked on pelicans podcasts or CBS news update on local news headlines you'll come back we'll Martin pitchman dual NFL. Draft from agent perspective what's it like in a life of an NFL sort of like contract advisor. AKA and FL agent but like that next here on it's just sports on the beat to a blog back it's just sports on the Sunday morning NFL draft this week four days away. And exciting times obviously around the city the saints in the trap also. For agents. One of we got on this right now Martin efficient from the program for a long levee several times in the past Marc Howard meant. Yeah I know it's kind of waterlogged out there and I'm dual well obviously the falcons this week and sweep in the Portland trailblazers got. The draft come company couldn't beat could be better for sports fan right now and in the city in the world has future. Absolutely. So Martin let me ask you from a perspective you've got several guys in the representing this year and I didn't know this sovereign that Washington Post article on new 75% of the heat and the body you know players are represented by super agents. But how competitive is it getting the rest of those 25%. If you're an agent that that's not super. Well it's extremely important it's competitive across the top six agencies are a number of clients. In the boutiques. Every fabric that got in L. It's very very. So the only thing we do you know Christian does that mean well. Look it's. What we can we know about outside forces you know when you and equity. To represent the and that's what about shortcut the process. Barton fish from here on it's a sports fissionable sports I groups have several players get ready for the NFL draft one in particular at Tulane. Eric Dickerson just talk about him for a minute in what was that like to work with him getting ready for the NFL draft. Comment you know director suspect in the but it period basic. Most underrated defense. An end to. Us that he's a guy. Such actually probably shook it's. Grown crumpled one interception didn't. Task number sixteen interceptions and has won. But didn't and children. And I'd like to see it it is probably. Well oh on the one. School street either. We got a report the last four lap still. Think that plays ball. We're 32 laser part forty yard dash quote talked you have to start with the are there two years ago really talk. To. Cotchery. Incredible ball critical control. Just super integrity. Should separate it out. Due to. Political. Mark what's this process like obviously I'm sure the players it's nerve racking for them and their training they have some things that can they can just focus in on. But getting ready for the NFL draft from a agent's perspective. How nerve racking isn't also on draft day those three days where you could have guys go in the first round or our our our second or third round perhaps the middle rounds or even go undrafted. What's that process like taken at all and it seemed guys that you day that you expected drafted. And when they get drafted the elation and also the ones that eighty. He thought would retract it say the second round and a fall at the fourth round just talk about that process what that's like for you would be doing during those days. Our clients was prepared. To temper expectations. And the like arrangement. Grew up during draft look at why. In fact sometimes. Maybe it jumped. At the will will. Yeah either actually it's just well chill about to make. So they're prepared. The next step for art though the final. Lobby. Like. He ought to closing. To a jury trial were to the judge. In closing out. The last thing that they don't know about. Your club. And sort. I take pride in making sure that the Bible in addition to opt out their best decision. To apply. More patient they have caught. Trying to. What are called in Asia we. Martin I know you've seen Jerry McGuire that's kind of the that's the the movie of choice when you talk about. What life is like it as an NFL agent how accurate is that. Oh yeah. And by agency. Are loose and but as far as. Incumbents are I clients' success. So. That's realistic look at it is. Dealing. Bouncing back dealing with. Current clients including. Preach you know clout street the bad. It just site. You're a client free agency your top agency post should. Also. I'll just that was it. Somewhat about one bullet but. By march that. Doesn't he tell the negotiation. We tell. Skills that are necessary to. Helped your clients. Increased their draft status prior to. That would respected as a potential there was. Alomar and efficient and tell sort of like contract advisor freshman in will's sports and Marten. So for the three days though I. I I've seen I've seen you enough faith in and how often does your phone ring and then three days of the draft that how how much he's on the on your vote. Will not stop especially in that. So yeah. Just complete pair of draft the draft religion or. Yeah. Unfortunately decisions are made. It. Would sure hurt the negotiation process. You have to have your docs. Well optical or. But the best players. Stepped in. Immediately after the seventh round. Guys. There with time on my could hold out you know in shop around for several. Weeks old about the price at its portal market there's plenty auction. Mart and interrupt and so we have severe weather we get it done aims gives up they sit tight mark I think he's done obviously severe weather threat will keep you updated. A weekly media conversational more efficient and they'll certify contacted by as a freshman will sports bar and I apologize for interrupting their idiot that out. Not a problem at all so not a problem at all the undrafted the undrafted portions you're you're giving your thoughts on that what that's like him we could use. Top players to. So. You have to adopt a stroke ish you have to follow every team tactics. You know. They. Wide receiver. That offers it is what it is. The pool. It would it's not a lot can sign up. It just want to have the most competitive. Camp. Which is great for you to. You want to be. The compensation compensation. Should force such as. To a receiver. And he's got other opportunities and they want you guys. He got. Trapped at receiver first start chances aren't. And that's it figured I'd. Some other. Courtly. Contract you know one respectful. Perspectives is just what. Which crop it. Is. I looked or about. The possibility situation that's. You know put their money out usually. A while keeping silent nine. Shall change if there are. Martin mr. got to wrap up men thanks for the visit and also the lucky guys your clients next week more efficient. And they'll sort of like content advisor pitchman and wills sports thank more. Oh. That you bet you guys next Thursday Friday it's it's a sports here. On the meeting well welcome back are ready Mazda people online at W would you most into Ellis baseball L she football pelicans playoffs saints' schedule NFL draft right now L playoffs. The album majority vote of 57%. The saints 29%. I was baseball at 11% elegy spring game. 3%. By the whispering game reviews of the office. Kind of grossed just be announced it was not a pretty sight down that route the defense. The could play well. That's what you'd expect elegy had a great defense for that part of ten years the offense. Has been guard by each period no other way to put it. Looks like LSU fans might be it for another down year term in the office. Some fans walking away from the game talked a problem not too happy with they saw from the office and I know and those Ron. A preemptive strike. Sent a fans that are common view where only at thirty bucks in the office installed a stuck with decorate. I don't care that is no excuses. Don't cut any output that you not get any slack cut from me. He needs to be in the needs of the Crist needs looked sharp the quarterback competition is still anyone's guess all of our ceased just McMillan. Fifty cents loss miles Brennan. It's the wide open up in the air. That's in the narrative terms round Il should football for the better part of five years mean every spring we have this company have free fall of this comes as. Who's going to be the quarterback is an equipment as they haven't had a solid a solidified quarterback. The better part of five years it's frustrating for Ellis you've been an of that with that when he eighteen saints season schedule. Kind of favorable to begin. Its Roth. And middle part of the season. If you haven't heard it opened up against Tampa Bay in week one at home to new kick off Cleveland Browns. In week two at home new kick off and go on the road for two straight weeks three and four at the Atlanta Falcons new kick off there on Sunday September 23. Sunday September 30 on the road at the New York Giants are pretty favorable schedule a first for you could see yourself at four North Korean won. You come back home on Monday night October 8 against the Washington Redskins alimony in them fifteen. He got too bye week this works or skip it Tuesday for the saints. After the bye we got October 14 not the ideal fit but not that after the first four games in little more time. Terribly ideally like had a bye week fall week eight or nine patsy later. But anyway so by we October 14 Sunday October 21 they're back. An action on the road to straight now two weeks in the next two weeks. At the Baltimore Ravens real five this season never beaten Baltimore which Sean Payton and Drew Brees. And they go back for a rematch of the NFC divisional round playoff loss at the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday October 28. That is be on the Sunday Night Football seventh week off and now a lot of primetime games dotting the scheduled for the saints. Back at it at home again on Sunday November 4. Think on the Los Angeles rams is where it's really really difficult when you look at the playoff matchups there's two straight and in weeks. From October 28 through November 4. That's at two playoff matchups playoff teams from a year ago at record by kicked off its Los Angeles rams in the superdome. November 11 at Cincinnati bagels nuclear golf there Sunday November 18. New kickoff against the Philadelphia Eagles are 30 your four teams from October. To November 18. Targets playoff teams from a year ago in the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles in your own you're at home it's a tough week. That's Sunday new kick off this Thursday here at home Thanksgiving night against the Atlanta Falcons at seven to want. You have a home Thursday night in its first time it's happened I think for the saints they went to this Thursday night format first time in team history. They host of the game on Thanksgiving you back to back Thursday night games though. So the following week November 29 on Thursday you're on the road at the Dallas Cowboys Nabil fox NFL network at 720. Closed out the schedule at Tampa Bay at Carolina that stretch right there from November 29 through December 17 a rough one. Three straight on the road he close out against the Pittsburgh Steelers at home and the Carolina Panthers. At home as well on Sunday December 30 five primetime games eleven out of the sixteen games. Could be 8305 or primetime kick off. Think about that shows you what the networks think of the world saints that Gadhafi to them a lot and exit by prime time games what your record prediction for the saint based on the schedule on no that's. And a high rule worthy but that's who we do see the steady start pencil in his circle and in. Wins and losses 50426018. Semi tech's 870 except it's just sports you ought to be well.