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Sunday, April 15th

WWL's Kristian Garic talks about the New Orleans Pelicans big win Saturday night against the Portland Trailblazers with Jake Madison, host of Locked on Pelicans; a new show, "Southern Charm New Orleans" featuring former New Orleans Saint Jeff Charleston.


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So par five welcoming the Sunday edition of she Garrick here with if the next two hours. What if things off later on the ocean Sports Radio network tiger's going for the sweep of Tennessee Volunteers. And nine to three victory from a LA shoot last night back then a few moments lots that you want. In the next two hours about the new world pelicans 9795. Win over the Portland Trail Blazers in game one of the UB. Playoffs last night eighty coming up big but also drew holiday I think. Was to keep that ball game but the first time at seven years the falcons not a playoff victory in the cup. Take a leg up in the series with the Portland trailblazers Jake Madison from. Locked on poker podcast will join us up our first break. You're you welcome a call 5042 and so when he suddenly text 87 Yates who was the MVP of last night's win for. The new world pelican does it ate the true holiday Raj on Rondo also showed up facilitating. As well OG three choices who it is you or MVP from last night's game. In back to Ellis you baseball about. Seventeen minutes it got the over thirty hits in two games against Tennessee you start saying well Christian maybe off let's start come alive. Is the second worst pitching staff in the SEC Tennessee at trotted out there in Baton Rouge last game so to you with a grain of salt however. You're the big key the other thing about Jake slaughter start at hot he's hit three home runs in two games three home runs in this series. The problem I have with. They'll have those two home runs in that you don't prided ideas as to Oman at bats he looks great and he has two other bats that. It looks completely baffle. So it's the up and down plavsic's Lotte continues however it's good to see his back starting gate owner Jack Watson remains hot as ever at the plate. Apps it at three tigers and with three hits yesterday. If memory serves me correctly via been retired 33 minutes. Had three hits that watched it on the play it as a Knick who owns. It's what plans if your kid out there. If your kid out there in about a approach it how to hit the baseball etc. Go watch it want to play at this lefties Fridays doesn't matter he stays within himself. The swing is the same he's so consistent such a great hitter because he doesn't try to do too much use left field use right he'll move paying it back up the middle. It ground balls to the infield hit line drives the opposite way. Now a lot of power put consistency. You're young player trying to figure out this game just go watch it on the planet is at the plate. Polite to open at 5042601870. Text eight Seve Seve also the NFL draft. Lesson two weeks away. When the saints to a 27. I haven't straightened back in my. Mock draft latest addition to you know like come. I just think that seat her position at 27 that they could move back out of the first round. For quarterback hungry team it'll Mark Jackson still on them were the saints don't need to draft Mark Jackson despite what others might say what would you might say. It only to draft Mark Jackson don't you draft a quarterback right now this year. The time is now unit developed. The assets you can't the same players at forties in these similar to that point seven so why not trade back there's a quarterback out there. Like Denver Broncos for example might wanna get up back in the first round as an aggregate quarterback they want. At five they might see the Mark Jackson is there. Their potential successor that their guy seek trade pact with the Broncos they've got played ammunition yet he's second round pick the you don't have that plus more points. And it's the same player 27 through 46 might only have about 21 round grades on on players managers dressed. So you you virtually draft and player in the second round even William for tropic if you stay at least seven so it makes sense to meet. The trade back where you want the seats ago what do you want the saints to do you want to stay put trade up about that that's been their MO I don't think so. Not this year. I would I would be shocked if they did treatment just because unless it's for a premiere pass rusher. Maybe a guy like Bradley jumpstart the humble little bit. Then I could see it but he's project at the top ten Phoenix outside the top ten for whatever reason you'll move up I'm OK with that yet conviction that's an area that. If they need. Two addresses pass rusher you look at their their all out there they're offseason additions this year it's all been about. Addressing certain needs wide receiver they did that with Cameron Meredith they have a dress tied in position. They've added some depth along the off of one which a month which Rodney added it. In the defensive backfield Kurt Coleman so areas that they haven't really addressed that it's been tight end who put their best position. To address those positions. In the draft coming up and less than two weeks. Steadily come back with Jake Madison locked up held its podcast next it's just sports on the Sunday here on the beat to a before last night the pelicans hadn't won a playoff game in tool until last night. Since they were named hornets last and they won a playoff games have news you Anthony Davis was still in high school. 9795. The first playoff victory for the pelicans in seven years last night over the Portland trailblazers Anthony Davis goes for. 35 points fourteen rebounds four blocked shots Jrue Holiday was a star of the show. At last second block. Four seconds left 21 points seven rebounds but as the block. That was heard around the world and also playoff Rondo showed up help help help me Rondo. Selected their Jake Madison locked up pelicans podcaster on the vehicle placement. Problem. Maker. You vets say is that huge win to get him. To get game one and protests at the tone for the series they prove that they can certainly win the series last night in game. Yes absolutely yes very good all around the performance from the team unity a needed victory in the mediators things will be scored the game 35 points the defense that he had as well to keep the Portland guard the weight from the rim. Trying to judge them ball a little bit you are to quality taking care of business on the perimeter defense that we between Miller and all of those are two guys that go well for forty on any given night. You eat and they were held to just read points in the first capping a little bit hotter after that's okay. They're gonna happen but to slow them down like that. Shows that the tokens are going to be a continued as you are going in the should be able we've mr. your mute now all they have to do was take care of home court. You look at. Nancy Davis obviously the points he put impetus talk about drew holiday ease he was really that the star of the show. Yeah he's that kind of under rated all season long and look I was one of the guys went out there criticized the falcons after signing into that big money deal thinking he would live up to that but he's really below all expectations the way all season long and he doesn't repeat eclipse first in ornaments. These are confused with actually won a the worst defense going into the new year since January 1 they've been a top ten squad they currently ranked. Thirteenth at the end of the regular season but it's significant improvement in that you would. We true holiday shutting perimeter players that would that you saw. Balk at the end that basically sealed the win for the pelican he also does the job on the topic that we report overnight. He's on him to ride an attack and trying keep littler and the call ball bounce secretly making those guys worked. Extra on the deeper on the ball and tire them out offensively which is gonna limit their effectiveness. Men needed everything you want from him he didn't shoot well from three to start the strongest points in the paint. The knicks were very potent combo would pair him with Anthony Davis. Jake go to rip city one of the toughest places to play in the NBA across the board and a lot of two pt victory how big is that as well from moment. Yeah you know I think it just shows the Republicans might turn in the coffin is that they have this was a team that was 24. And seventeen on the road they're not scared to go anywhere in the NBA. And have to get a win even if they were to get down by double digits you saw them come back. But it came down against Milwaukee fifteen down in San Antonio and they were able to come back and get those victories and important for the ambulance or because they don't have home court advantage they're gonna need to win two road games they wanna make it deep playoff run. I think there have confidence that they can go out at the end when wherever the teams split. Take I think they handle the Portland's duo of Damien Willard NC Jim column. You don't need insert which holiday kind of ran them off but perimeter into Anthony Davis download which really limited their perspective and so on yell into whether he is whenever they were should be. Not giving them open uncontested looks. There also comes from the bench. You Ian Clark had significant minutes last night off the bench where the pelican. There's an arms. Started against the Amy Willard for. The warriors last year in the plant he's got to be pretty poorly you know candidate than these guys meet the kind of narrative of lasers tiller who what was let your guard rotation between holiday. You Clark E'Twaun Moore and even Rondo playoff run to alienate the very real things oh he's not as effective effectively. But you know three yard that you can kind of rotated keeping them fresh drink and he met backward because little little heard him called. You get appointed by his unique economy elect typical otherwise they're going to be quite typical for the pelican. Hey analogy Madison at Lola Jake on Twitter locked up pelicans podcasts here on it's just sports and Jake now you eat you you talk about Russia Rondo as a unit to stated that may be my next question but. He put into words necessarily visit the numbers are going to blow you away right at day in day out it's typically not an employee labor put into words what he means and what do you mean. By playoff Rondo. You know they can guns just so Smart and really kind of amp up his play on the biggest stage that you saw them last year. With the Chicago Bulls win two games almost single handedly against the bop. Both executive and leave with injury for the rest of the series they probably beat Boston in map wants and you know they other instruments talked about it last thank you have a dime a quart. Who's essentially cook who knows what's going on and Anthony Davidson that Rhonda was up all night for the game watching bill. And with the Portland Trail Blazers were calling plays late in the fourth quarter Rondo clean up what they were gonna do better how much he knows what's going on the court and have a guy like that an extension of a compute step up their organizing people. You're comparing beats being in more than that that he runs the offense for export this key and so incredibly well. Look at. Art of good half court all that they wanna get it out in transition they wanna run in the when they're easy uncontested shots the basket when you know got like Rondo who can rebound as well he doesn't solve that. About the reader for defense of freedom they really should look at. Limiting there was Portland's second ship went up into rebounds grabbed does what many disparate data and you see repeated coming with him. An important seems to collapse on them which heated and gives you a three point. An open reporter to the tree remand or any of that he David O'Connell lot in the development wants and the old war that that they're often that there identity. At London's going to be injured that makes little work. Jake something else that came this victory I think from over Portland is. The idea are the notion it was dispel that Helton don't have a lot of playoff. Experience so to speak and we've got guys on the roster that they haven't put together I mean. As a team playing in the playoffs together is their first time relate. So a cut dispelled that notion and I think some of the national pundits and watch them they you know you talk about the oddsmakers. Odds they were two to one dogs. And I think the pelicans proved that last night that they might have this wrong. Yet you know you know apartment with a big slider I think they're just trying to retire some action in certain Aries because of a project to birdsaw. You know in my own internal and looking at tape the offense the defense and everything that this was like 55. 45%. May be in favor of Portland. Which means that this series is going to be really close and it goes back to what I said earlier. It is a team that's different mentally and you're all prepared gotten down on the road they just kind of give up and don't try this broke the game away and look forward to the next one that has been the least this year. To go twenty points seventeen on the road in the NBA where there are hostile environments. He's not an easy thing to do you and it can dispute applicant whatever we're not worried about anything else if we just play our game we're gonna go out and win with that also makes you wonder what could have been if they had the market couldn't help you this year. The visit him it's going to be in bowling team in the playoffs for but whoever that might play in the next round of statements. Eat most likely the warriors that they're not gonna have fun playing this team because right now it doesn't look like the world is really going to be put me steal the series. Onto boy highlight to Alvin Gentry how will he make a fatal mistake in the playoffs look like he coached with great wizardry last night. You have to like the rotations knowing when to sit into the game this figuring that he was gonna play forty minutes or so key to the rotations are bringing you clarkin at the right time. Lisa Clark it's up in the had a Big Three twice. In a row that really kind of ended that run for Portland where it was going on the thirty steal momentum shifted back to the pelican. You think you're timeout right you want you know at what point where the potent look a little higher with Portland coming back into the game he wondered why if you take your time out. That was a smarter move to use so much later kind of weathered the storm a little bit on the court record for the you have those two key grip and gave its record timeout. The final meters you'll beat gave me some very good cookie from him I think. The only speed may be like to see him change it may be at another kind of reputation or change some of the minutes a little bit up there. Your kitchen Davis were very hard at the end of that game on the defense that they were playing you kind of aggressive switching schemes that they do kind of switching all of those smaller guard makes their life a little bit harder. Maybe add two more minutes and you brokered a bit of rest. But yesterday up until the next games Arctic they've got time to kind of recover it shouldn't really be an issue. Game two on Tuesday night what's the keys for the Pelz been. We don't this series is really gonna come down to rebounding in my opinion Metallica in the 21 on the defense supports Portland and a half an offensive rebounding team meat kick it out in transition and run if you take in the ball out of your own whooping inbounded Dietrich is get that you don't have demanded communities in the mid matches that you want. Or that a number of offensive rebounds not like that a number of second chance points. Preventing Republicans from playing with pace in the temple that they wore it a good job of the argument of too many second chance which would which. Which could use them however they need to get those secret support to get out and run everybody's gonna really decide this year. Jake what adjustments to Portland make. Importantly. I think they're looking at this game retained he lost by a few points even though they didn't have a very big game from their guys in the back court. I windy weather in the pick and roll. War through screamed what are you trying get through holiday off of the need Wheeler holiday should be burst in Moby that's without a doubt you know the votes are Ian we saw the performance that he had last night and he really was the story of the game. They've got to get through holiday away conveniently would be that it stop right there and they're only gonna go as far as Willard called taken soaked. Trying to force through qualities which onto Turkish. Ought to Evan Turner and trying post about that way to give their guard and revered. They can do that they're not gonna have this low scoring night again in the falcons gonna have to find a way to contain them it with with other players. Jake yellow watch party last night. Got a little while partner out enjoying the game taken everything you are invited you'd you'd wanna come. No I had a RD day of the plant diet I apologize if your program more events out maybe maybe. And the next weekend game that put obviously twos and I get off the air sports talk volume. The back and house once again there may be on the weekend that there you know this thing goes and goes that far. Willow will do that. We'll have to do have to get prepared WWL watts party don't get all the pelican send the other will be a lot of fun. Yet Jake just tell about whether to find locked up pelicans podcaster. Yeah absolutely just search block on wherever you're packets from apple partner I cute stitcher any caveat to all of their got a number of things so previewing the series up will be talking adjustments tomorrow. What Republicans needed dutifully Portland needs to do differently to be muted T dot on this team that you wanna go out. You bet pelicans 9795 victory over the Portland terribly became a game one traffic to strangle on. The series with a victory on. Tuesday in game two. It's just sports rolls on on WWL I welcome back it's a sports southern charm New Orleans Bravo TV debuting tonight reality TV. And then Jeff Charleston a may have former states of its principal Tippett. Mean Deuce McAllister sat down with him on Friday. The good interviews get get chat with Jeff Charles Atlas Jim Charles is joining us now. Who motives incidents have been at Jeff Charleston on to a job argument. Were all not much say yeah that units of the reality TV sit she'll come to all of a sudden. Yes the whole point in your own people on this show coming up what's under. We will quickly wears blue network is on his good arm problem. 8 o'clock central. And can be excited. Should I call you Sergio Charleston or. Do you have a stage name a young man based. Not just you know I don't you know. Orders for some reason. As I read. Previews and reviews of the show. For some reason I feel like I just can't call Egypt anymore. But what's the name. Look you know have a development in a little like a pro wrestler on the unity of the vote Specter and you know obviously it's going to be in the you know after that I don't know it's it's in development. What's the name of the show those southern charm so ultimate Obama are wrong in southern charm New Orleans and as I do a little research on this Jeff are you sure. About this name here. Took a cargo. Oh no I know the name of the show want to mark your name. Expect that the yeah then I'll object Charleston. Through throughout. You know it looked. It's just like when I was playing well as the Indianapolis the call me electrician when I got down here you know twilight. White light and maybe. OK mentally you know essence that's wildlife habitat that's why light didn't lose a little background of this so drawn. To sort of talking with the group before and you know Volvo which were quite a while and it's it's it's going through life and you'll. And it's you know it's it's a relationship with a married couples we got people that are single we've got people that all they're thinking about marriage. It's like in New Orleans and we know it's different than the rest of the country and have a good time. We party we eat you know we had dinner with dual it's just. You know I got involved with you know a year ago and other public opinion were doing. But a lot of fun great group of people evocative family in telephone. Hey Jeff of that I ask a question for you may not answer I don't know but. The post Super Bowl celebration. How much of a do you remember. A man or you know overall it's comfortable bought. A puppet that looks that there's a point you know known more of the video talk about it talk about normal in the pocket now it is. Analysts tell me the dock and I'm like got a good light wobbling and go come on pop afloat at this point climb to the top. At Roland yelling dark like dark and the light pokes takes me out or sit in my legs she's Obama should come hang in on the same. It all on the you know. That the students time to stop signal the retton going. And obviously let go in depth in the pale. At a club that go look up about my career was over bin I was you know that it was. The that's just where many stories you know coast to global celebrates about the entire city went like that because. What's that Tuesday game and the parties still continued on that Wednesday. I think that knew I would economic team and anxious. Huge party needs. Did not stop. That Tuesday about after choosing okay more about the meal or look at them parting. When they were there knew that the more you have the great material change it would go without a woman that lived in the French Quarter like when I was blind. And others it was walking going from a call whatever it is another parade. Did not stop. And I mean that was the biggest thing like it would look I will not play in and so on another game but stay in this city post Super Bowl winner. Jeff did you put it who would be fair city you live life on the edge. Always. Look but don't you know I was train hard play hard. And please note that that apply play hard ball on the field off the field looked it. What like short regatta on which audiences and then you know a good 100% all the. Christian I'll tell you then Jeff we know we we we we're gonna cut it off at some point in this story. But last year. Last year we had the opportunity get together so on and Mickey. We're very very gracious and having some of the former players. That was some of us were pars and bowl team some does not but anyway. He he allows a gold wrote a piece road trips with the guys and let's just say it was really good to see. To see why lay in the sea rim mean. We are here you have Scott pairs Standley. We had a really good group who had we had really we had a lot of fun as well. We have a lot of fun so just wanna think son and me do you do in four. Not only for having us to let us hang out of be around guys in the team let this hang out together as well. India they took care of a dinner. Oh you ignored her character it would go on report recorder look we got the few weeks ago. Would be part of a team we know more than. Locker room. And that should expect chemistry. It's got that older. And that's the biggest thing about about a lot with this team you know why with the team being around the guys you know the team that we think reverend out of very you know brought. Chemistry is there. It devastating that law was. They were still hungry. Just tell us to give that up but it is not so. Jeff Charleston sumo champion saints offensive in 2008 through 2011. Just on treason does he size of this roster right now I had the saints got enough in free agency to put themselves in the position. To a draft the best player available. I think so I mean you look at you look look I like the team a lot. And so are a lot of you know what could it who do law. How the team's been there like it but it did you keep guys that they need it the anywhere close so that used well. Well I mean like in law that. Accept is that only government. JetBlue which your fondest memory noticeable when we played here in the world. Eleven. You know that I got here like we core. I you know look welcome from Indianapolis which you know. That was probably the sweet revenge for me that was my first team they cut me the next year we got to play them and who won't beat them so that was not to pursue multimillion. And but I'm running game C a member going over the remember we were in London and some and started you know it was me and I'm practice squad would score what the number of any got a lot of those states on a professional team that was to a don't want you. Some got some think it started on who'd. That have been on the team for two weeks I don't know what that meant what was when he started saying we work through fan. We've yelled that. And obviously I found out really quick wit dat all chin and but look that was my that was you know bear that trip we would whether we be ten years ago and great. Just I'll bring you back to week wanna 2009. It was a Wednesday. Had a champion to sit down do you are facing rookie to bit of rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford making his NFL debut. You all remember the freshmen come in and how much trouble to get. That a lot of trouble for that you know on that lead down apple apple whispered about it. You know because. Look we we have new deep in the quarter Gregg Williams had set the tempo you know since you retired in Naples real short approach Yates. There was a reason why. We were where'd you go 44 featured in training camp coming off a 88 cedar. Look we have swagger that what's on people wanna with the defense he wanted swagger when you've got someone like mean a couple of aka special teams guy and I'm impressed me goma like. Obviously we had the mentality. To get to more so. Couple like the the mean. I was there he said fresh meat did that in time everything is going to be a big deal but. Not at all look all I it was just kill you rookie quarterback. That's a situation that's you know that's what we're thinking on defense. He was questioning Kazaa yell yell yell about it and a good out of him pretty huge if you know you can see them. Oh I don't know I don't know I download its receipt you know you get journalists. You know that's why they didn't let me interview. Light look. You know just so you know. He's gonna say what would think it so. I styling business daily in my own space blitzer Tola. It. Jeff let's run a look at fourteen year you for your preview your premiere on a lot Sunday right on up front about anatomy yeah. And now the name what went on southern charm right. Governor or so and John was only foment Jeff so do you have like the paparazzi follow you around and snappy and pitches they've worried goes and people point their egos angles that that is. Not that I not at all of that argument look you know normally blow people people a beer business all that knowing you know. He got by Hollywood love it here they all comment and no one bothers them and all that so. You don't play it had to get it done on TV year. Others club owner round by. I don't know that it's just it's like played in the game you know either you know is there and he really didn't stop so. Underpin that zone right now. Jeff I feel just like to run but what's it like. And you and you've assembled here in New Orleans and you are you would call yourself a new millenium what is it about. This city that it makes people guy's exact shoot yourself and others adding to appear and it played football here for a few seasons five seasons or so but they may get their home. 87 that Internet culture couldn't enjoy it right here. Well it's not before getting angry periodically targeted. Several doors slide into the weekend they enjoy each other. And it's that time we go other other places it's not like that. And norm is definitely a different different than that United States and that's what like a sitting here so. You know always you know thought here. On the being so. Jeff then what do you think of the visit certainly to get to begin cement appreciate it court quicker either euros Jeff Charleston colorful. Former defenseman for an via. The world states and obviously is that Bravo premieres southern. Charm New Orleans tonight at 8 PM it's just sports here on W it well enough and dot com welcome back to it's just sports guy gets up off my chest so. Bear with me as I download a little bit rant here so pardon my rant if you will. So Dez Bryant doused cowboys released though wide receiver. What Friday Thursday Friday. And immediately and it's what seats they'd students while album com. Instantly get something on Twitter eight today's saints targets seats clap as bright. It's moderate center and I get it you trying to collect fans wanna collect as many good players as possible. For the saints now unfortunately the State's limit Roma while salary cap and after Obama the that abide by that. But more importantly it to sink had forty million dollars in money. I wouldn't tent touched the prime. I'll I wanna be spared of this hey we need add him to the saints because it makes them a better team not so fast. I don't think it doubts. It's week. He's a mismatch problem. Not lately last two years he can't separate. Oh by the way the greater mismatch like coming year old locker room. The skies at Eva. He's divisive. I don't want the saints cut in the sky now one chance I don't think it I don't think it's the right not to mention they just signed Cameron Meredith. Restricted free agent for the bears. To a pretty big contract. What's the difference he's 26. That's priced at 49. He got a lot of weapons already in this office. You don't need Dez Bryant you don't want Dez Bryant. Saints fans that are Smart that wanted. Instantly turn their nose at the prospect of Dez Bryant worlds I don't see it happening. The saints have done so much in my last year he was maligning his coaches and teammates. Talk about not to pay cut etc. Any good professional. Football player. Knows how to sidestepped that question. And not put him in the media. I just think Dez Bryant is bad news. The saints or any other team the house now could eagle to doing that work yeah I guess he could. Different kind of coach different route but. Bill Belichick as a way of now. From those guys around getting guys to conform. Sharp pain can to help that you need to channel to that point I don't think you've given up football tackle around. As saints offense if you were hypothetically to add Dez Bryant. Mike Thomas. Cameron Meredith outlook Tamara. Mark Ingram. Willie Snead. Ted Ginn junior. Mean words football gonna go at it like this it just doesn't make sense to me. I was really tired in this. The notion that Dez Bryant would seemingly be a good fit with the camera Meredith stats when he was healthy it's when he sixteen he outperformed Dez Bryant. In receiving yards and receptions. Now those pro day is Brian guys will tell Leo well he had eight more touchdown between sixteen and eight touchdowns to a sixteen camera merit go ahead for. If he'll. Who wins who was his quarterback. Who was merits quarterback. Jay Cutler I mean let's let's not forget who were prepared to and look this last year would be I think he yet when he was healthy. Karen Meredith what health it was a tip on does that prime. Again 700 just just over 730 yards receiving. What's the price tag. No thanks. It's just sports here on W ago coming up next hour on it's just sports my conversation sit down with seats one receiver Cameron Meredith once that taste success. It's the right place here in the world's office's role and a defense that building that's for sure in the seats looked at. One of the contenders in the NFC next year adding Cameron Meredith to the mix FL draft less than two weeks away. And textured 87872. Words on Dez Bryant Adrian Peterson. Yeah he quickly found out that it have a couple balls goal route I'm move on yeah look now at. Just as bad news is that simple if we had it's bad news. The I jets won't follow on Twitter that. For days has been trying to sell me on Dez Bryant. It's Mosley at the Steelers in and now Miami Hurricanes in which I can't really understand either the down here than yet the Steelers fan in. Here mining Turkey's stance that you wanna on load in garage my Twitter with with the saint shouldn't totally confuse anyway. He'll be called sports talk tomorrow apparently he wants have a big showdown with me about trying to. Debate this Dez Bryant Cameron Meredith conversation there is no debate Elliott slaughtered it's just sports here and a vehicle commitment dot com rules.