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Kristian Garic Its Just Sports
Sunday, June 24th
WWL’s Kristian Garic discusses LSU athletics as he talks with LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron and head baseball coach Paul Mainieri.

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Paid out separate buy will commence this Sunday edition of it's just sports here on W valley investment Docomo and Kristian garic lots to recap from the week that was in the world of sports coming up you'll hear from -- she baseball coach in team USA baseball coach pulmonary along with L -- football coach and those drawn coach so Ellis shoot Caribbean. Please next Thursday. That walk ons in Metairie coach Oden. Is that will be out there alone mosquitoes and few others. We appear next Thursday June 28. Reports of via walk on I'm crushing Eric got on joke WA polite to open at 504. 2601878. X 87 meets at a rate time on Friday at the Manning passing academy. Talk Archie Manning in a one agreement that would ray camp that is for. Where youngsters in the very very seriously down there and do great job organizing everything along with the though regional medical's that are. What a great campaign it's been awhile since I've been down there. Hopefully go back every year it was. It test event what's going on still right now and also. The first annual women's clinic on Monday Tuesday and Tobago. Because of the popularity. Etc. war from the women. Oh for the sport of football and it's great event overall we're Manning passing academy. Well over others without what does last Monday sports talk. That's lowered wouldn't do your own it's sports that please kind of recap of the week. And the over under on Ellis you win total is seven wise guys and eighties are you predicting or eat in the over the under. Eight words having the CDC nine. DC six DC seven. I don't see any more than eight for being honest any more than eight I could see seven I could see six. I'm not a nine win guy relish right now I just can't see it. When you look at his schedule. Right now. They open. Against Miami in Arlington. At Jerry's world. On Sunday September 2. Southeastern Louisiana at home. Week to week three at all or. They could conceivably be one too. They typically don't play well at Jordan hare stadium. They don't play well it's all on the road. Lots at the follow weeks with a commitment to a two. Ole miss the file we get home and it's that three to. Now here's where it's Dicey. Florida Georgia Mississippi State Alabama this four game stretch group crucial. Now. I don't see them if Florida was at home I could see that. Win Agassi with relish. Right now I put it that that would put him at 33. They're not beaten Georgia the follow week even though there in Death Valley. So 34. Mississippi State I don't know what's happened is to be state of old it's not that that the punch a bag typically that. Is for LSU. But he was still up put before and for us is the optimism there. Alabama following cannot beat them there for five I don't care what they buy it what it ideologically it says. You know about allowing any given Saturday and all that stuff not beat them they're not deceived not this year. Four or five and Obama probably will be. Ford's idea right should five of five text save them. The following week. Kind of a toss up. Skip Arkansas but that Alabama and Arkansas. So you're four or five kimono Alabama. He beat Arkansas you're 55 if you rice is 65 EPA and MU 75. I don't see it's hard to carve out as many as nine wins it's hard. Maybe get 88. Would be if he somehow beat Florida. On the road. Other winnable games that are on the road for LSU that early stretch between Auburn and Florida think of Florida overall in terms of what which where is more likely to happen. They're gonna be that there already three point dogs against Miami in week one they're going to be dogs and all against Auburn in week three. They'll be favorites you told me as the likely be dogs it's Florida Georgia they'll be favorites it's mr. B stayed out imagine dogs against Alabama. And probably dogs against Arkansas because Arnold wrote. It's a tough exercise due to. When you go through this schedule and in if you if you look at that super political class has yet she has a nine wins nine wins for LSU. Men. That would be a significant accomplishment significant accomplishment. I can't get out war without though I'm not that I'm not that way I look at it objectively. I could see eight like I said I could see seventh certainly. But as fast I could see eight I could see six. I really can't. Over and underwent total for Ellis should issues that seven he take over our the other five before. 26018786878. That was the way combat you'll hear from. LSU coach and o.s run next here on WW LI MF doc are on a text line and 8787 you forgot about Joseph Borough OK so you think that Joseph Borough is going to be your cedar and C ballot issue. Not buying that either look. In our time when the job at Ohio State and vote count was may be deeper quarterback TT parent company but. To think that Joseph pros that come in here be the difference between seven and five and nine threes silly. It's just it is. Helping ease to wins worthy only makes a difference in two wins. It one. To borrow is not going to be a savior. Of the social football program. Ellis you coach and those -- caught up with him earlier in the week stimulus. Got coach and knows Ron right now and LSU head football coach coach Gil how aria. William ponson. Would do well thanks for joining us state and you know be in Metairie next week off the Cotto Kermit. Ellison. Or. You know recruiting proportional. But so she goes again in a bit and will be on the boat to. How's the how else is gone so far. So great moments and but they don't directions though Wall Street as regular he's a great job or controls more. Jim international opens sent out. Obviously the addition of joke. As good competition. Two quote about we're excited it was gonna have all out. Oh we've well we've welcomed the noble one wide receiver recruiting class and the country a year. Outlook could go. Excited and very direct and open it up when we should recruit Greg to oral. LSU football coach and oh drawn here on sports talk in coach mentioned Joseph borrow the transfer from Ohio State. Two years on what made you go go after the settlement. You don't you know best available obviously. Brilliant Red Bull like miles per just. But look. She's. A tremendous job would slightly quarterback here. Well this debate. Will always open Q. And it could be what sort of the ocean. Well he's in the world a tremendous job that worries them. He took the brittle or what will warn quarterback. But obviously we go to burger quote actually if you wedge. Coach some I would look at this move assailant Joseph blow would that transfer. To LSU if he wasn't a short some sort of deal that he would be the starting quarterback is that not true. Well it is what. Should we don't know what model will feel recovery approach to. Was given the opportunity to compete. Well holes still to. And public doesn't want well some of the but it probably cinema sport position. You know everybody to complete with Portland. And not those problems. We'll talk about Devon White if I could Cotto he's been talk Muslim best offensive players in the country what does it mean your football team. Well it. Is important regular. Well obviously. He's a little easier than ever read talks about records of those who yeah it's true. Well well well. There are a lot of things moral legal or partners. Tremendously. Think you'd get better these pretty neutral but there's. It had 600. Meters two more predictable as rule him out of school a tremendous. A possible or throw epic. Water but it what are some of the country. Coach eight do you like this new law. Redshirt freshman rule in play at the four games is still redshirt. I'm well when we left hurtful or no war. Formal roster right now would have benefited from potential huge crash. A bit of treatment of rule it optional world. What do you like about it though I mean this is to explain that. Flexibility. Figured you'd flexibility. Even reasonable rule on short a couple of poor of a government on the bulk of appeal. Total pour as season he may be principally. What are actually. The gimmick deal. Total but it didn't separate structure apart at the maturity global should you suggest applicable as we that'll put. Report games would get used to lecture. How should football coach and overdrawn here on sports talk on. W him well coached the offensive line looks to be a strength of your teenager that now. Other side and so it's great article. Will probably report should be jewels is coming back he's still pretty well pity. But as more of war. All the Buick does is go back you know open. Review right tackle. There are guys that we really well who is indigo shall transfer date in. June reported or as well as the code to open. A repeal that we can be pretty deep personal position. It. Opens. Fairly new in the SEC the transfer over ruled you like that. Billion bushel but we don't do obviously. Transport rule all of a true red dress or that our medical school school. But probably written it. How much eating at him it can impact teams. Well probably in this economic approach which shall actually goes. Public will use to roll out that. And jewelry and interest or. Britain will vocal leader Trent our own ball your trip where. The interest we. That'll surgical well. Wanna blow local ratio a shortcut crucial we've got a good could be. Tremendous and also there's I would sort of as a whip Trent. They're real well. Ellis who coached and o.s run here on sports talk he lost Darius I slash it to the NFL what he CNN running back group. What you know and it breaks Olympics. From circle there COPEL believe it. But. Put the greens total of about sort of discovered by. Pushing Europe at the issues and Greg young man. Well I it was a letter delivered one replies. What it walks of romantic music story. Yeah Lilly has tremendous that you let let format. As I would urge wearing it wouldn't support secret Korean paper was quite Oprah's. And a million we're reporting to retreat back to. Put a joke goes. But the ball as Moby Obama's fault typically very important. Kozo masculine enough odd question here DMI tunes are are Spotify annoyed that. Romo. OK look like if I went into your college Louisiana playlist is who your fear musically in other words if you ledges rock gallery licences. You know the other as a country music they're and so what was should feel. But goes Google play books and an expert at. How much at how taken coach. How beneficial are these summer camps in terms of you know give recruiting players they get the LSU experience. I don't know all the coaches but it would be there. Oh went below book and should be able opened cooling of the of the so please open it to Malaysia. All of Mexico although the old schools in the state they come mostly. O regret portal. Schools and camps they give these guys coach and to give them opportunities goal was so yeah. To a integrated. Forward. Well export now easily tale of sporting good moral. Well there's going to be the past couple year we double top guys come account is going to be there could put. What do you expect I agree Williams this year. A little bit more popular as a country go by. Oh or via an option view as you're standing there well he should have a post earlier. Welcome offensive we're gonna see on the fall high in the fall on the field. You know bit rattled the originals would be good descriptive. Lot of more the old look what she would go triple. Through receivership Fuller receive essential. Or probable bird. Sometimes role model well should that would do it coupled with would be open and so breaks even as a tremendous. Also wonders shall. Passing game quarters don't get it put together tremendous advocate shall. Hello San football coach and O drawn here on sports talk. Coach I know you're all ball timely got a breakaway occasionally what he dual boot for the summer terms of a vacation. Well all the fuel oil portrait Cody. Let me city probably result. Column Muslim world from me shall we circled around to the Caribbean Coca report or. Have a blast it will go back to work. It's not like fun house and affable coach and who's run the LSU football caromed and walk ons in Metairie. Next week June 20 from four to 6 PM right here on W demo Kozo. What you elements thanks to visit. I don't know if coach Paul when they assume elegy football coach and goes on you'll hear from coach pulmonary at this out of this hour again. Look at that the season you heard him say there that Stevens Winger. Office coordinator. After the F failed experiment of Mac Canada view we call it played Younes is spread offense. Kind of are PO you know run past satirist early in posting these days in college football. Joseph borrowed the transfer quarterback that will be clear. I asked coach Joseph about it he had to say that I give it. That it's competition etc. but there's no way that Joseph borrowed transfers. To LA issues as a graduate. Unless. He goes. Some sort of assurance. He's going to be the starting quarterback. For the old tires. A good one it's very clear that. He's the guy when you consider this at this point gain. When he's at fault cameo at spring camp. If at all off season that I wait all of our cease McMillan and miles Brennan. And maybe you're not as enthused about a visit wannabes the go outside a graduate transfer quarterback. In jail Borough. There's no way that I think. Joseph Barrow. Won't be the starting quarterback for LSU and and others even a conversation are thought that maybe that might play two quarterbacks two quarterbacks which I'm not a fan of what's the old saying if you have to you have none at the quarterback position. I mean. Talked about it earlier would play the interview. Nothing against Joseph borrows talent. But typically quarterback that is a transfer his first year doesn't make the impact. That. EU EU maybe would like to believe or hope for. Talk about it that's at 78 wins for LSU. So if you're able minded thinking that Joseph borrow. Is were to win that which it ten wins. I've just don't see him making that kind of difference I Acxiom open Ellis shoot certainly. On the office on the football but I don't know that I've seen him make an epic of a difference where it is. You know two wins and he's going to be his seat surface program might just don't see it. Ellis and that's the questions that won back the strength is that it is along the offensive line. Questions that wide receivers well. Who go for the ball to the defense is going to be the defense it's going to be loaded that's the way they they are they are. Absolutely magnificently talented defense football but if you can't score of hard to win at some point that defense is going to be on a few for a long period time. The item that a break him at the office cannot. Come through and play complementary game. Howdy with UCL is getting this year over and under that seven he taking over our the other 504260187868787. Elegy to a pulmonary after our news headlines here on W well commitment dot com once again in the college World Series finals you'll see an SEC team Arkansas in the finals and on organ state starting tomorrow in normal law. Welcome back it's just sports beat your baseball team US AL should baseball coach. Pulmonary caught up with them back on Friday stimulus. Teen USA coach pulmonary OL should coats obviously pulmonary join us now coach aria. Do you hear it. First our house team USA preparations go. Problem going great we're ready to go. But together and actually had an out there on Sunday. It's start playing games on Monday. And then starter or real theory against. Chinese Taipei happily on Thursday or. They're the team they are inspired against Chinese Taipei fight against Japan and I think we're real excited about it. So what they'll play. We well we know you're training over and the Raleigh, North Carolina area and it in a town caught curing North Carolina. And we'll play our entire series against the Chinese Taipei there and then the accurately Japan would kind of go all of the plate two of the danger in North Carolina in Charlotte and Durham. It was good orator for a couple and one in Charleston, South Carolina before flight out there has been you know play at nineteen years since Cuban national team and they. Coach when you're handling all star team like that I've outs out of warning those guys enjoy it. The experience what what are the things you try to teach those guys. What it's life lesson to a baseball while as word things to try to teach him and get him to experience. What did I've I've parked each and every one of the players we were read to extend an invitation and I wanted to make sure that they were doing it for the right reasons. I unity and an opportunity. Best players in the country. That most importantly to to represent our country and where the red white and blue and wanted to make sure that they were all. On board with that. Very proud it is to represent our country. Are but we were in the game. You know the United States of America baseball program in the state dates all is that number one ranked program in the world. Number two is Japan at a retreat Cuba says the series that we there. This summer will go a long way in keeping notes. With the network rates in the world. And it also. 017 point from lecture that PO formula works but. You Olympic clear error adding they both acted in 20/20 and how we would need theories but it seems. Well our our country's team all phi in an Olympic skier so you don't want it would want to kick it has the experience of their life. They're going to be traveled around we're in the red white and it was great players. Are playing against great teams other countries. Erin. I want it to be across most of extra. Speak with our. Coach after action about the college World Series three of four teams. Being SEC team does that validate the SEC delete any just with you know how they've been able to compete so far in the world's leaders. Couldn't it's been pretty amazing when you think about it that we we want our audience in years that's constantly searching pretty well. I don't know anymore now nations needed each passing year you know last year at the finals included two seeking. Lord and Ellis you where we came a short. This year due to potentially happen Arkansas Mississippi State. Final not only to SEC schools that do it EC western division. Schools. It's it's it. It to the series the outlook are they all the plate in our conference and you're in and year out. You know. Two playing they're that it pre school grossly inaccurate will be will we want to keep schools they're but it is it's amazing caliper they spoke with you keep it. In day out. With. Yet she city. Ellis shooting team USA coach pulmonary here on sports talking coach. I I only maybe use a word that I think you used here recently fortunate in terms of the draft you guys were able to get a few guys thing to come back ultimately that decision hasn't made final don't think. But looks like some things work. I guess who worked your way. Alison most player likes that hasn't Watson etc. Have not to come back but what about your incoming class of giving up too it's not like them and you're excited by your income plus. Yet the third spoke about the street here at her for that they're coming back. There are blocker than them and then in court planet. And in fact they all day long beyond USC team which make so little. Or through your experience together and I think it'll be a wonderful experience these guys are all by disturbing. But the armor or direct or pollute their gonna provide great leadership murky picture but I'm I'm really excited about the class. They hit it near current recruiting grouped it. You know went through the draft a couple of termed out Alan mixture of million dollars signing bonuses. And chose from what they believe and now you're believe in our program. And I think they're they're. Guys that are. They're a great career here before they decide to let the professional ranks but it took to cheat that they wayward ignored the professional baseball but in the meantime there are a lot of fun with them here. Or merge. Coach it could this be similar and I try to put the cart before the horse permits and help those three guys going to be key leaders for you guys next year. Similar to how the year before and and when he sixteen when BA guys it. Pass up an opportunity go play pro baseball they wanted to come back and win a national title and and and killed just short but. We get the leadership and at that seventeen team could that could those three guys be similar to that the leadership that you had on that point seventeen team. Well that's similar is very injury nearly. Close birthday and I hope that the results at the same you know we made it to all ma back inaccurately. Great excitement here coach K who Freeman and Kramer Robertson has that same kind thing happened. This year two in 2019. And make a return trip to Omaha they target for it because they're readers reported it. I feel very confident about the group you know especially because those guys returning. Our work were open and the very young team but you know every year European Cup experience well. No burger. Stick around for years and more. And in fact you know active in their locker compare. Your. But they are they were draft eligible so where are they are still street here in new year. And I agree recruiting client server offers an important market account or church or. We have some good leaders around those players in the senate seek out ball. We quickly and you know this year you know cooker with the purse and he ought to work there that's players spent in the middle order but yet it is somewhat expected big things that. All of these young players but stay. Expect big things like that are returning. LSU team USA coach Altman Larry he's got three tigers within a team USA what secular coach let's run but thanks for the visit could hear good to hear from. Okay Garrett who are very. How good results baseball going to be next year my goodness. Zach has Zach Watson Antoine planet all coming back. This freshman class coming in. It should be really really good dose of baseball team next year. It's just sports here on W him well in admin dot com text here 8787 men all Christian does hero action group Agassi forget Sarandon is in his third year. The front seven defense will be nasty you'll always. Sees the glass half empty. And not apple. Welcome him Warren Ellis shoot. I'm just telling you my honest opinion. I'm not gonna sit appear lied you sugarcoat things Ellis who's gonna win ten games when I don't see it. That's not my rule that's not my deal I don't do stuff like that. Light would like to see him hit ninth and with yes absolutely. The likes yet absolutely not. But that doesn't mean a hammer and I'm telling them I'm telling you like now caller I see it on telling the truth allied field. He could feel differently that's fine. That's what you explained OTC more than more than eight wins. Coming where they've come from. Letzing Alabama accident that at Florida in an Emory turnaround. In one year but it's not have a rom possibility spray them because Jimoh Fisher's second coach. He's that good of a coach Dan Mullen now Florida. I mean c'mon he saw what he did the city state and their program. He has a little better resource that Florida but. My point is that I just have a hard time just. Wearing a purple gold black. Is it go pac ten wed go tigers. It's doesn't work like that. The offense is going to be. The key to this team the front seven that techsters right at the front seven is sick it's going to be it's going to be discussing how good they are on defense. The problem is either I can he win games. And seven. Canon. But how many windows it's hard when those those gains. One or two plays and those kind of games oppose it often taking pitches. You know. Twenty point 11 points 24 points. I don't see that being consistent. I just think that there's a lot. Concern about the office. Transfer quarterback Joseph Borough. Wide receiver who's gonna who's go to the ball to run him back what you get there yet she got a good dolphins want to look next at that that's an important part that's where it starts. If you're gonna have a good offense again have a successful offense you better have offered the line Ellis who has that. What are the cell what to the skill position. Players look like that's obvious question mark Jerry outline one wheel to Ontario on W well. They fresh. This war Mexico. I agree with you all. The issue of these and at the end of the day outlook that update when Arabs to end with a well nominal. Would be really also. Well. But I will check this. I know every year we wanna beat out where all relish it optimistic about it. He's a product that we pull an upset speed dial that this year on because you apart the inner. Can't hold them quotes. All wait to fourth quarter and we can open up the plate what with some different things that we and a chance to thank. Although there. Skeptic about it. I think that we news but now we could do judging from last year. You know. I'd like you don't war that and wanna believe. Oh lead elegy to him to upset Alabama here's I do. You're right he could close in the fourth quarter have a defense that news. But what's the coaching mistake at that point for me Bryant Tuesday and on top of that on top of that. He EP him vertically passing the pats well they're they're all right shut down your running game they're going to show it I mean that's Rodney. You know plays in the passing game. In order of the Alabama I cutesy definitively when I haven't seen Angel girl plays snap the post office that oh yeah he's good enough to beat them. Bridge and up to eight years old girl in my opinion. Honestly I don't know a whole lot about it but just looking back at past history. IT. I agree. That. Probably got an interest. I go to the wanna borrow the quarterbacks that ultimately it's got to be restored or that. Into the season perhaps but it's Joseph Barros got the lose. That's what they have I think ultimately an asleep somewhere in the middle of the street and I think it's gonna be one of our LA. Well that case will that's the case in the season is definitely knuckle in the way people think. Well if you can listen hold on giving up the device you're saying Joseph bar always is Xavier will if you're saying that. He's gonna lose his starting job for five games in the season. That means they're you know three points to a three year one report that in that range he's not playing well so that means that your season is definitely do that. Well I don't think it is not so that now mentally. Ill but what I don't know he's going to play now. To really comment and steam. See I'll never know. Well he he played at Ohio State looked they'll they'll they'll they'll they'll they'll adopt and to be adapted to the SEC quite well on Howard but that but. Look if if he loses job for five games into the season because of performance. Then I got. I. Other can of worms and issues. To go through with that disease here you are you eat you recruited as a graduate transfer to be your starting quarterback haven't. You got it wrong and the value do you put in a quarterback that you don't necessarily have a you'd have a higher guard force of that that caused neglect or get Joseph borrow that you're look I would be I think doubt be disastrous relative newbie disasters. It could be could not be. No doubt in my mind as school like with our old quarterback from last year she miles Grunin lower call Brent. I think files were and that's really improve the lot and Ike is pretty mild knee. A little bit or. To develop and that's why think about it sweet and yet. You know it if they know. Now. Your thoughts on this dual quarterback situation. Think that's worked on a communal passing game I think while Brandon has more development to result in stone yet pretty accurate. And I think that air getting this going to be our biggest weapon only because we have laws. There guys and some bars needles in impacts you know they'll. I don't see it takes a phone models see it does because. Who's the receivers who's the running backs yea gotta ought to go off at the line but yeah we have Myles Brand that means. While degree of miles right at that juncture of the season if Joseph borrows have success you stay with them. I don't wanna see the rotational stuff I don't mind. In non conference game yet southeast Louisiana you're blowing about you want to get you get miles ransom wraps pool violent that the changed because he's developed it. Five weeks in the season now east YouTube world via its success they telephone call. It's just sports here on W well enough that helped you guys see where Brett Favre wants to ban outlaw you tackle football tomorrow Brett it's kind of hypocritical I've got to say in. Here you card you've made millions and golfing career. Often it often sport yet you abandoned the youth level the RD seeing it happen at some parts of this country where. You what I'm laughing because legislators. Are legislating lawmakers are legislating that Opel bought enough out. So they have other things to worry about but yet they're worried about. Any youthful ball someone I don't want government tell me or my kid in cannot and McCain can and cannot play. That's up to me as a dad as a parent and add to that child if he doesn't wanna played her she don't wanna play it and fine but banning it I think is unhealthy. I think it's it it's it's perpetrating. On this sport I think it's an attack on the sport I think that football has as such a popularity in particular here in the south. That. We wanted to master lies. This this country. And we will take all things that are. Quote unquote means gain or quote unquote. Violent game and and in disputed out a year. If at some you know we wanna make it to where. Others other sports that that we should we should play because it's football so popular text that it's an attack. I mean the the idea that we should be and you football is silly to me. Because. Of the concussion issues I understand. But it's up to me is the parent. To decide hey. This is war that I wanna keep my son away from a tiller. And 1112 years old. It's no safer in soccer. It's no safer necessarily a figure like football. Alicia where I want assaults goals to prevent skull fractures. It's not safe alternative alternative. I think it if you do this what's next we all get Joey took a look at we see these. These kind of deals come down. What's next okay they're gonna ban youth football now that and get a band. Middle school tackle football oh what's next high school. If you take one down there that the next domino is gonna fall. So at some point yet to have a lot of demarcation. What is that line of demarcation that the idea of banning U football is completely solidity. Let the parents make the decision. For their child other child make that decision along with a pair don't ban. The worst was the committee. It's not necessarily because oh. It's it's so dangerous I've coached he football they don't hit hard enough and oats it's up because of blows like it that but gaining some would get rid of it. This is an attack on football's what is now an attack on football the sport of football that's witnesses because of the popularity. It's a sports rolls on it and next hour Kristian garic this is WWL.