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Sunday, March 4th
WWL's Kristian Garic discusses LSU basketball as they head towards the SEC tournament as well as LSU baseball with Louisiana Network's Jeff Palermo and former major league pitcher Scott Sanders.

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Yes indeed separate five welcoming to another edition of it's just sports here on WWL in math and and dot com on Kristian garic keeping me company for the next two hours cannot wait hang out with you guys for two hours four lines are open final four to 60187 text 87870. Jump off on a number of topics today obviously college basketball rocked by one of the biggest scandals and sports. The past decade and FBI investigation exposes all kinds of in permissible benefits to college players what is the solution is the one you don't rule the main culprit as to why we have so much corruption in the sport it's a part of it. Vomit on the Internet. Honestly I think it's being part of it because here's the thing I. First college football is not just exclusive the college basketball Hampshire this stuff goes on a football programs that perhaps even baseball programs these big time. College basketball programs. It's it's it's the issued I don't think we're gonna come to immediate resolution on. For a while but the one and done rule I've never been a fan of for a number of reasons but. It allows agents to talk to players that are high school. In the NFL at least he can't talk to to an agent. Com and sign with a agent lefty. He declared he could have conversations there there's ways around that I'm not even if that has to pass off the old you know. Plea completely on the board I hate that but I think the one and done. In the influence that these agents can have on these players and their families. That are coming out of high school play when your college basketball. Beats all kinds nefarious opportunities. That. Ultimately they can't pass up look at the AAU circuit. These agents are all in their two of their check that the aid circuits he talked moment for the even now. You know high school I just think that the NCAA mark imports and strategies are needed not gonna pay. College players which I agree with. But the changes I think you need to make any team be eight ball two degrees well. And police and agents you know you'd. Better policing of agents in general on college campuses. And it's hard to come back because. If you think about it the way if you uneducated on now I hope hopefully I can do that we basically always he's a certified. Most of lawyers the off it survived. By the NBA or the NFL have to test Pate we 500 dollars roughly that's what is it on orders BA. And indeed it there all vetted by the players association that while players association football and butlers of and what the way it works the big time forms that big time agents. Have medium reload you know 45 guys and he's. And in. That are sort bodies that is 45 others that don't quote unquote certified but it still part of the farm. A part of their their office because the F connection because they can reach people because they're the courier in the one that goes out there. It's as they now are I won't stop it is here's how here's how do that here's you know X amount of dollars so it never really changed hands. From the agency's. By its quote unquote directly affiliated. With the agency. Ultimately delivers the goods are delivers. Messages. I think people that conversations. Paying people sign. So. It looked a guy that it. Has the opportunity to talk to on an athlete it's because of the job like oh. And most of a lot of them are on the up and up. There are some out there though that are not above board and not they're not above that they would he will for people want. On a Thelma impermissible benefits what is legal what goes on a lot of times is. Want to players signs with an agent. In the NFL. They typically might finance their training especially there in the first round got the segment epic it behooves. An agent to make sure that players it is is training. So as it worked out stomp mindset. You meet them back. I spent 80000 dollars. You know funny some nice money to train or becoming a formal anti vehicle it's electric. Point one to 40000 dollars for vehicle so those companies ultimately it was all legal things. But it's nefarious stuff behind the scenes that goes on in college that's well I think to a degree college football. That. Yet to find solutions to and I think the one to dole is part of that solution. Getting rid of the ones don't rule the sport lets loose. Also Ellison baseball would almost like New York. 73 shutout innings last night. Dominant over sacred heart at the Q Gil grunting oceans expected. Seven enough and they take on southeastern today at 3 PM 230 pregame. Right here on WOLA she trying to exact some revenge for midweek loss to the alliance earlier in week five to force all eyes on that route creepy in the held it back in action tonight as well. The only mavericks trying to extend their winning streak to eight. It's just sports look at to what Jeff Palermo next here on the beat of low enough that come here Ellison baseball seven ultimate victory over cigar last night Jeff Palermo joins us now are W dot com also ordeal she's a regular network and a jet that was dominant performance and killed over his best by far. Audio season. It would the media or you know real art for Caleb to begin the season. Well and then back at go back the back art now walk single batter I think is. It's a good granted I think Toledo sacred heart. That's part count wise I'd be. Two to work in great play. And I know what Grambling and their two. Background might be a better that little taker hard but. I feel that the fact that they were able world strike. I'd get it had better be doubted that cat what really do look like what Friday night aren't supposed to. And Friday against that Toledo. And gale Gilbert was really a that was good and now you get that Beijing late it's out there today. Who I think in the game if things work out well Albany area I think he's your number keep starter yet. Like Caleb Gilbert's we said Sunday starter because. Way to get good stuff. Fairly high tactic that you haven't round pick by that. So I died at obviously has. Talent and good stop blog he over the back injury in and ready to go today. A six run fifth inning bats came alive for election. How likely approach from Charlotte Chico that the hitting coach for Ellis shoot in the pitch was thrown. Now he's 85 dip down into the seventies. Are some of his off speed stuff and he basically told that if they look we seal up that matter what it is off speed and I were were were cautioned that a big. And a big fifth inning there by about that seventh straight hits with two outs and he wrote you'll talk about. Being in the clutch and what wins in the SEC when he Marleau is put your plane you source Eaton school around with two outs those that's usually the difference and as he looks. You're righted and Ella Hewitt state a lot of the opt out and pitchers that the mean Notre Dame view. Are scrambling on Tuesday. Though they're probably can't use that. Instead of Bob Geary now or else fastballs low ninety's what. It'll take some more of these guys that they'll throw it hard it. I think you know a couple guys that we solve little light from them. Now they're bad inject water and three hit night on Friday nick Webb. At a rate at night I believe those yesterday. The night that the seven note guys that struggle a little bit. And then have a big guys at the plate. And able to get them. They'll double it to that adding a little bit back a little bit more respectable. So it that there. Some pretty tough competition you know especially we can get back and look at two out of three from them. You know later in the next few games here only about the conference play in real is the good war about of the team. They get over it at that I think they Canada. They've they've they board and think about it seem early. It up and start out way in the illegal the sacred heart the world I don't know they really learn much about themselves. But the fact that at they pay little adversity at Notre Dame played real well that would do it. But it attacked the team it. I'd play out the third law that about wrote him a shot at that again today. Typically pretty good competition early that that can help the team about it in the long. You know what Jeff Palermo here on. It's just sports in FM and W dual MF and dot com in the Jeff. We look at grant Broussard and how hews too surprised at the bottom line that are really produce how big is that for the. What appears can battery you have an adjustment back lot I think that via. The other thing that that yours. Open old guys. You know adjustment went down after opening weekend. And sac lot. They're what war without an injury so. Not bad though you guys so you need other guys that law. And so now if Al abuse and Bradford are produced. Would jot it down combat. What do you do a guy like a lot that. Applied water in he you know nick Weber even did jordin it would got to keep it because. They're going to be a bit of loss object jam there. Well there Abbott decision today to add our values that settled and it's short. That wiping out is that sort that out when jobs that come back and happy that Michael back the third base were equally flat even. And then again. Do you know Jake water. He's guilty god it's gonna be really body for it back that the so. That that that they keep an eye I mean we're still another they are released a label or jot that get back. But I think that enemy and adjusting to belted it out about a critical point that he's and one. But what the Jerry decide to do there or advocate I think got met and as an everyday player out there. That may be in my Egypt between values. And Jake waters are getting it. At that point a middle side Indian. And that they AJ latest in the star for the LT tires cells come before a conclusion when you saw Todd Peterson bumped to the Tuesday night game against the southeast and pitch in mid week contests would not. What a very good site for Todd Peterson went whoa what kind of player they put out there any deal they do latest. What might send Christmas acute dialogue now and you know he had Andrew. Tortured or nick or you mean to you guys that they've been kind of wait. No pulmonary and actor Alec you really struggled for a couple weeks. He you know you guys and yet plated these. There were really wait and counting on it and get help until now finally got laid it. Your ticket. Back surgery amber. He'd back eat eat from Puerto they did it with 3215. Pound. At the bank upload it to be really good pitcher. That mention drive it in the seventy rob but bad. Pat ball low ninety's. Rob aging command great pitches are strikes. You'd it last year in high school and I in oh airport by oh ERA though. That can edit Paul the epic Star Wars and negate the critical piece of that team. I would avenging my own it war fighting day. Job just get impacted. And I think India and your number two starter. And then if Eduardo the heat may fall to sell off at a party oh you never know but they don't work out well for that cat in the if he has issues once again that the it and went on strike. Ellison basketball shifting gears to the tires on. The cordon. And they'd win 7857. Season finale is analogous tourniquet out next week it got the bulldogs once again. Will waits at the steamroller pretty. They can figure out away at that they play in that hurdle courtroom now. The game winning streak gambled and a seven game. What street and road. But don't borrow or road games currently. We January. Up again and Nike of course though the play at home or. Noble quarter old leaky court. What that team and when match right now a lot of good king. Rob. What we've seen and played Georgia Alabama. You know even South Carolina earlier this week he'd pick up right and especially down low in the front court. He just doesn't match up very well animated they'll have it happen that there for the target team. You get a team that doesn't. Day ballot that allowed you don't move really. All that. A lot of good thing they Kenya it was early night they had a lot of guys contribute. Trash about wandered to operate both those guys in double figures in a brand name that I imported sixteen point in yesterday's game. In China the big. Will wait Astride the kind of on block all the potential. In a war to add the go to guy coming out of high school here in cruise. It matters that trap I mean some people thought maybe that like Libya. Oh maybe not at the tour wanted but it got two years would be usable and the NBA. And he built it hasn't figured it out yet talent level deconstruct it and now. And I don't know I don't know if he'll ever get that out of a bullet. When when he's perform any and he played well so it really top would be an appointment with that each state team again now on Thursday whose. At stake out whack by Tenet the earlier that week they got whacked by bullets you. So who knows where their cabinet level that. And I think what we've seen from what way you can have a few days to prepare. In it to get it seemed in the right by that band there so cup would be. A big hit it that I'm good enough though the dude in a game inning game that the where. You know that there seemed like and it the year Auburn someone like that work. You know there are one of the teams in the league but on any given night they did they get in it than the I think helping now why not eroded by an neutral environment I think it's going to be demanding that the man. What it would it would think that Obama control row date they've kind of wilted. It's comedy game like young teen do. But doubted neutral apartment the other document had to pay that they'll. I want to go a bit Saturday I think be determined that the count but what game. I think would be. Would be pretty good. Jeff Palermo here on it's a sports on DaVita lawyer at dot com market dot com columnist up reprieve in the timing things. No problem. You bet LSU and southeast today at 3 PM on the baseball at 230 pre covered right here on. Or which is sports here Poland open final four to six awaits them it's just sports on them be deployment and 6877. Welcome back it's just sports mr. love geek. At some Georgia beings. The land don't know where that's loses channeling jar jar. Welcome back it's a sports full lines open final four to 601878. X 870. 87 LSU baseball and action tonight today at 2:30 pre game 3 o'clock for pitching in south eastern also duels pelicans in two with. To Madison locked until it podcast in the 11 o'clock hour held on for the eighth straight win tonight. Against Dallas Mavericks try to get home on Friday march 9. As a out that it is very very raucous loud pumped up or at least in should be excited about the votes. You know assert is lost because it was Erica you'll read the eulogies that's for sure right trees on. The pelicans. LSU in southeastern and it kind of a house divided if you aren't debt divided camp Sanders LSU pitcher has got its Anders. Southeastern lions a first baseman. The two sons of Scott Sanders form easily pitcher for the mine in this Scott oh what he'd do it and daylight today and we want to both your kids. Plea for the for those teams. They're good workers that they deliberately you know so what had acted got a present for Obama but two of but to a widgets and an injury. And as a cook and Judy that day. Manager for the day it but at a chuck good might well. So I guess it all depends incessant its guns and that we southeastern. A tablet acutely self Internet companies and now it shows you the system problems are global in the ultimate job and important that we don't know it. That's tough and that it household. Page debate this campaign in Scott today the legal back and forth on days like today maybe texting each other less lethal. And you know in to go with them that day and I I don't know that anybody would be would be chemically you don't want pops Michael that one I reserve what you mean but have. Against the yen you know a picture in straight. Talk backed up that by all of the lets you know Wednesday. They have and so but I wouldn't be a positive look smack talking going back to review. How familiar are you with aids related to start Ellis. Probably wouldn't believe you're even though you know what you know the issue and those who have minor surgery. October the ball very solid he was using like you know 8991. Freshman to. They're no good control with the with the breaking ball change. On good some good football and in the Patrick you are serving in. I also want to know what did the eulogy about arms you probably the cab which you'll. Go oh yeah and and and so what. I know I think the only issue we have now as though it's our get this you know stamina on. You know which means I'll allow on the stopped watching you eat. These are very very Burnett pitched so while that does well you'd be built up does it stripped them and get you know and it is it is it is. Jiangxi you know games you win together. Hey Al Scots in a form easily baseball pitcher also some for LSU in the sun on the southeast of lines teams can't Sanders for LSU Scott Sanders for. The southeast alliance in out of that your goal of the schemes now. Oh yeah you know you know. I definitely in the car on 12 or 1 o'clock wrote that intrusion. And get ready for sure no witness of the world. Talking about QQ what about his performance last night that you do nothing about expect yet that we Nokia it would probably Simmons director of both really great coaches and policy people try to do too much the first couple times so what does it mean. The young kids would goods go in and in determination. And anyone. You know we got Scott back at you about you talk million apparently it's and so and so but I think both you guys really supportive you know. And just and that's what themselves the last couple. Are about you know. They would do what was I mean strike one he's historic one machine you know I mean it. All coming due to double trouble when he comes up in the zone or admit middle in the would normally. It's paying court stated that the needs and got a solid ball you know you don't change were strike and yeah that would go. Out you move. And Hispanic so in the controller down in the count them out or it could have really chill out there and do it. Scott just got a text from a buddy of yours a buddy of mine buddy me shoot. Interview about Lisa's interview my voice got caught him at nickel state used a roommate. That's right but it via split book but the bottom Merom dog news moments there was that it that it did the economy that so what do. A toast or the other day you know. Knew it was coming to mug is in on the mound you always want their hearts that amount. And then in went out at the ought to be thought of going to step on the ice which we each other. Oh. What. But it's an element of broad. Yeah you guys. We've game Alford was kind of became aina I know I did that game for these guys who travel or circles thought about that. That's your right east east at your buddies is dominating guys were fantastic for a for child baseball well yes it's an paint the picture if you can't Scott. The coach that twelve year old Little League World Series team who's on the team have guys. Rom so that they would actually that you took that fortunately it was your child can play can be. A virtuoso. At thirteen you know you would seven point three. And but. And in Bonn no and it's remarkable arguing well. Present Scotty. You'd atop these cameras that Cameron played with the ball and alternate team. Department Jordan brother's note you. I had you are roared in the plated Delgado. You know is going to school and college you. That I had. And I have a kid from Nashville billboard Quinn of China and professionally. On a team indicated Rockford he came to me from Tuscaloosa Alabama. Indian it on the stand for Stanford in Alabama that's pampered pampered. She. Sam you don't want him on the team did a toggle Sam Houston from and what is saint Thomas Moore he wanted to shoot. No matter what and here a couple offers to play another smarts. My tree Quinn you know just that there's an outcome term mine he played deeply for me I want a team. Well when and Cuba on the you'd so. I you have with them until making my head it was it was huge crate them there at twelve cute panicking and we'll have more on the proposed peace in the couple of important global. That's amazing thing about. Are heading to Africa in remote deeply struck. It. And am I welcome to sink in but they would it was it was a sort of on these and now answered. Great group apparent which is which means even beaten better. We'll wolves bow and price like that will result. It machine that it and those kids are playing on Brittany and nine they would not need it just like that. It is you know. Up welcome back to back my lineup and yours. Between one two's Mike everytime one to get on about. What they've they've what was then there's there's been gamers is in the hard nosed players in demeanor that talks. You know you don't would have them do it yet certain it would do in the game and that's a huge it's just what the coach. Did it is the air play that any cut tricks on you being identical twins like. Well amid days. Had I been on the boards that they were 90 in his note today a long time could it significant that can't come aboard the brought. Who do. The he has used his artistic right. But he's actually my favorite family and Adam Opel got a look at the George. Yet domino what you want that amount of rocks while they were in the bra struggled a block in the mortgage you know in left field and was it like a perfect dug out of my element that Eagles from. Oh hated that both. So oh he knows that police are like that equipment. That is amazing because here packing Olympics but does come up locker rooms with impunity. In the courtroom with the constant focus of the I mean that they. You know it's stored in the delivered that when they were younger man. Alluded to turned around he would number it would that the ago when it was predicted that they can predictably many tricks some that would amount Churchill. Apparently her. There's only him there's a fourth market certain spot and mother really elaborate on that threat to the in Allah Allah Scott Sanders form or. Major League Baseball pitchers got. Who did play College Baseball want LSU won on South Easton Scott Sanders for lines camps and if pitcher for the LSU tigers. Just talk about this matchup today kind of round two would expect deceit from LSU on surely gonna have a little or their saddle up based on out worked out on Wednesday. Yeah I definitely I think I think you know I think that was to come a little little more. Now that one excited. I think you know south isn't very good ball club members on the economy and you know they have a team that they're very but he knows Julio on that note you know the and he did that came out the they can't afford you an early you know. And luckily on Wednesday that lies dumped out you know to nicely. Did Picasso and you know and intent so they pretty income you know. They they they play aggressively like nobody is it like you're running like the button on it like to do all it means that we all behind. It also take example it she jumps up on all part of the debate. Novice and kids debate what you want him what he can't play that you can't play their games so cute but alliances they do they have to go on topic and did you runs early. Not relish you policy is just about to that you needed to vote. It report on runs so then you mean in Oakley GO I would think he'd probably be around it he sponsor which is the day. You know so when did you know. It's forty million or so and and in India and an Apatow herbal applicable and they you know Balkans and very well Brit do very well approach you in games when you don't do well you know they've had a couple shaky global template. And again what do it will be kinder than they were going to get in any way with you know. Mostly yet compatible and when winning game on the line you know that cannot Bain and it Marty's been doing a great job in in insured dies down when they checked. That's the order. Scott Sanders here on it's a sports let's run and we appreciate it's got standards. His son camp please relishes his all as a with sun Scottie please for southeast coaching them August that we project of his. Bank robbery and that goes form Major League Baseball pitcher it's a sport you want to be deployment dock on the road that comes into play Jordan. First baseman. Vote short last night at seven enough in victory LSU overseer part of the triple in Alabama. Shoot six run fifth inning for the U tigers only needed. One week deal Gilbert in the kitchen. Masterfully seventh two thirds shutout ball for LA issues shipping gears of vehicles got to come by going on in Indianapolis right now and about LS u.'s DJ charts turn in the sub 444. Pretty impressive. For ails you why about it for 34. In the forty yard dash in the scout Michael right now. Another play that thing at a lot riding on the comp line is garden key. Ellis who count pass rusher. From last year obviously wasn't a query was sixteen as a sophomore but com. He's got a lot right on this because of his absence that he didn't go into it in com press conferences what you know what the reason why he left the Ellison. Football team. Last summer. In the coming back that personal deal. Make made sports is Z unit that he has told the team apparently teams. The with the issue with the adversity he was battling what he's going through. You know lap but he's got past that. That off the field test for a national teams. Wants projected to be a top ten pick probably. Back half of round one maybe even around to the early part of round two. Also what weigh in on the start misled congress is I get a lot of I get a lot of questions Twitter etc. Ask him you know she sees taxes well it's Sony's only since the saints traits which obviously entry and I think the seats were interested I'm noticing too interested. What started look at that it asking price the compensation and overall the amount of money he's going to command. One as a eat you know franchise. Tag tenders of those things don't want pay. Should have to pay a if you mores the luxury peace in his office then necessity. And I think they feel like they use that money elsewhere. If they had you know forty it to mean dollar cap space that jacket see that happen a gutsy move for Oxley and jar with pledges excellent football where he's. He's outstanding and because a lot of the dirty work a lot of receivers in today's game don't wanna do but the likelihood that Heatley and new worlds I think is pretty slim. Why spend that money if it's the luxury peace if you view it that way why spend that kind of money when you can draft a guy in the third round. At a much cheaper and much cheaper pay rate and can similar production out of it he's electric piece that's the approach I think the seasonal take. And the black eagle trying to duplicate built on a phenomenal seventeen draft. They hit. It up apart and at seventeen that front in its eighteen now they approached it different at five picks in the first three rounds last year this year. They got too so. Not a lot that a lot to offer current capital. He'll have a a bigger market for Perry fuel. Liquidity trap the last year I think that Jeff Ireland choppy Lewis. And you don't want to you know I think the refocused Alley wanna build their teams. After a couple years of not drafting well that's thing that continued downward spiral so fast if you miss salt water to create its. Want to draft picks such a back and put shoot and that mediocre or below average data were fast. Polite to open a 5042601878. X 87870 it's just sports on W dwell in the aka. Single to left field label with the for the related Jordan for a second that will wait too far. I like to make it. Broussard who. David that event Betty Ford seventy. Sit everybody else's yeah. Runs batted in Nevada's we'll do the same spilled to us but now six nothing LSU. Ellis who want to seven other victory over sacred heart last night welcome back it's a sports Ellis you'll take on south eastern today at 3 PM right here on WLR pre game coverage starts at 230 coming up next hour. That'll pelicans basketball with Jake Madison analytic on Twitter locked on pulpit podcast. Pelz in action today taking on Dallas Mavericks look to extend their winning streak to eight ball games in a row and trying to get home. After a three game road street are three game road trip. But he at home on Friday against the Washington Wizards that atmosphere India. Smoothies that are should be pretty interest and loud and raucous with the Pelz. A place really good basketball on more fronts and I think it's that time worth your your recognize Hobson played AT&T Davison. And what he's been able accomplish in the NBA player of the month for the month of February in rightfully so but. Yet your credit record as do and I think that the shrewd moves from Dell Demps in in Alvin Gentry agreement here attention getting Emeka Okafor off the street basically. After not having played for four years get them in the mix at the success that there haven't. And yet thick reactive mode Alvin Gentry and they'll Pittsburgh. Been able to manage a roster you know look to manage it right the ship after you lost because so held at the hottest team won the hottest teams in the NBA. I think now as now's time. If you wanted to check got a basketball game and get tickets for a secondary market for like five blocks. Or spent a lot of money that's fine. But I have never been wanna tell fans where it's been their money on the saint -- CO ligament different environment now. Felt hot and that's leaking accidentally creating heck of home court. Advantage for the world vote down the strictures that China. Trying to make hay in the Western Conference in the playoff playoffs eating right now. Closest recede a bright projected him at that the Whipple because it's about seven creates the possibility. When it lost week. If I was looking on the season's over and they proved otherwise. Fun to watch right now the world don't talk that. Team that's coming up next our technology on Twitter locked up held its podcast it's a sports rolls on 5042601870. Study involving text me at 8787 if you want to interact crushing Garrick this is W did you well enough from the dot com.