Is it wrong to sell a T-shirt promoting the hanging of journalists?

Friday, December 1st
Walmart has pulled a T-shirt that was on sale that promoted killing journalists. The words on the T-shirt are Rope. Tree.  Journalist. Some assembly required. But if Walmart pulled the T-shirt from stores – that means some higher-ups initially approved the T-shirt for sale in stores. Do you think it was just a joke? Are we becoming too sensitive in this country?

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It's Friday the beginning of the weekend the beginning of December this is the month a lot of holidays for so many people and of course this is the month with Christmas is we're gonna start place of Christmas music on the show this afternoon. And Lou we've got a lot to talk about we're gonna have fun later in the show well we're gonna lightness up a little bit and I'd like to do that on on a Friday by. But honestly there was just some serious breaking news before the show today that we really had to had to go with. It is free for all Friday that means we talk about the biggest topics of the week and I guess the biggest shocker of the week was Matt Lauer. On being fired by NBC's four. Very serious charge of the sexual. On harassment and match spot among other things. Took it out in front of an employee and you just you know as we said yesterday the big theme of the show yesterday was guys don't take it out. Let her do that don't you do that it especially if it's an employee you'll work it's not a good idea also there's a story on our our website WWL dot com. About odd sexual harassment and the Christmas party. Now over the years I've been to a lot of Christmas parties. And some people drink. Some people dance it and I'll tell you eat you could have a certain image. With your company. And based on what you do with the Christmas party you're ruin your your image ruined forever. Because people will forever remember you for. That moment. So. We're gonna do a little more research on into this to find out whether or not. HR. And the HR rules and regulations extends to the Christmas party. Now it's a station Christmas party but it's if it's not in the office. Is it fair game. I'm not suggesting there anybody do anything that's inappropriate but. You know be buddhists. What if somebody has some way to dance or I mean I look I seem unlikely people start make an out you know in the parking lot outside of the Christmas party. Mike Connie can police are doing meet I'm sure you've seen a lot of it as well so it's going to be interesting topic to talk about as we get buy into the holidays. Were also like talking this afternoon about Wal-Mart pulling a T shirt from its web site. The T shirt red. Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required. Wal-Mart has pulled the T shirt after. They perceive to complaints from owners organization as sir right -- enemies like it's. I guess a lot of people think it's funny. Because it reflects the anti media sentiment time in this country. I'm just surprised that Wal-Mart allowed it to get on their web site. It didn't take it down until they've received a complaint is a totally inappropriate to have a T shirt on sale that promotes. Essentially killing journalist. I mean if you hang somebody from our broken tree you know trying to hurt him he try to kill. Also we're talking about the breaking news today that former national security advisor. And trump official during the campaign and the transition of a truck administration. Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. And he admits that senior trumped transition officials. Directed him to contact the Russians. This doesn't mean that there's this touches trump this is not an indictment of president trump himself. And we've talked about and others have talked about it as well it it could be dead two this was all being done and trop was too busy to even be bothered with. Or did he know. Now a lot of people say what difference does it make. The problem is. Is. Colluding with. A foreign entity. To change our election. It's one thing if the Russians did it on their own. It's another thing is the Russians were fed inside information. From the truck campaign or from any campaign for that matter but in this case we're talking about the truth campaign. If the truth campaign. He did them inside information this is where you target this is what you do here's the information that we have is that happen. That's wrong. And I think that what is clear from all of this is that. There there is a need for an investigation. Up to this point I said there's enough information for an investigation and certainly now Michael Flynn a pleading guilty. And are George proper novelist. Op pleading guilty I mean that this is no longer fake news. I don't see how anybody can make a case four perfect news. Let her start horn is on CBS a political correspondent and a professor at the university. Our university. And he said there's still a lot of unanswered questions. We still need more information on this. We have to have a better sense of who directed Michael Flynn but if it was Donald Trump or somebody close to him. This is getting very very close to the Oval Office parents are north continue to thought about on the higher ups in the Trump Organization the fact that what he said in court sets down some bread crumbs suggests. That he is saying more. Two Robert Mueller in private that he is answering their questions and the that he is potentially giving them leads to higher ups in the White House. David Weinstein is a former federal prosecutor and he seduces the Associated Press interview. By tying himself to discharge capsized exposure five years but that's going to rely upon the credibility. Of this testimony and the war focused testimony to the investigation. Which in an agreement like this shows a big do value passed. And senator Tammy Baldwin a Democrat from Wisconsin had done this to say abouts how this might impact the American people. Oh I certainly our panel we sectarian John I'm not I'm messed up. It's like radius of some residents of an MS subways and on this aside this is not a comment about the tax bill it's it's it's going through and apparently they have enough votes to pass it but it hasn't passed yet as far as I know I'm I'm. Trying to follow leaders as best I can while I do show. I don't think it is passed yet. I don't you know based on what I've heard about this plan I don't feel really good about this tax plan. Because I feel like they're gonna be people like me. And many view over going to be adversely affected by this for a long time in our country's gonna be adversely affected as well. Based on the the deficit in the contribution to tooth to that debt it would have to disagree dooming the to plan's gonna. Could I generate revenue allegedly. But it's also gonna cost a hell of a lot more than the cost is going to be a lot higher than the revenue was gonna generate. Now what's interesting is there have been an and I know I'm sure there are people who have reasons to support this. But there have been no hearings on this whatsoever. So nobody has actually read where debated. This deal in public. Does that. Seem right. Is this part of the. Draining the swamp. You know it there have been complaints in the past about trying to push legislation through. And it seems like that's what's happening right now so is the administration. So desperate for a victory. Doctor willing to just shove something through even though the Republicans have criticized that in the past. Center Tammy Baldwin Democrat from Wisconsin had this to say about the American people. Let's be honest with the American people. This bill is largely a tax giveaway. To the wealthiest foot view and big corporations. While millions of middle class families would get a tax hike. Tart if you wanna join us for the comment about any they were talking about underserved free for all Friday our numbers 2601878. In a text numbers 878 separate from Metairie Amy welcome to our show. I mean thank you for having me since I am I just wanted to comment about the Wal-Mart. Product that T shirt that was available on line and and I'm a little bit and I am a third party dollar per Not Wal-Mart. But just the procedure for listing and new product on the web site about them on it only takes fifteen minutes. I'd get upload the pictures that I wasted. The description of the guy act and then you just press submit product and then within fifteen minutes it available for purchase. So it. But I I don't know what happened during that fifteen minutes the end. Yeah I bet you you don't understand my point to do it it seems that I'm I'm not saying you're wrong and I appreciate the insight information you're here you're giving me. But he it's it seems unlikely that Wal-Mart would have allowed an anti Christian message to get their free even fifteen minutes and so again I. Somebody wasn't looking. Yes someone had it was. I guess they review it real quick. They should definitely tighter to read. Well in a worst case scenario Wal-Mart thought it was a good idea. Can I get it fed their instead the the consumers that go to Wal-Mart the average consumer there goes through to Wal-Mart. Yeah I agree I agree as do that in Asia. Amy I appreciate the call and you have a wonderful weekend. If you're on hold stay where this you've got a comment on numbers 26018. Sanity text is a 7870. And here's a Texas and is Mack keep pushing that CNN blank. Hey Michael Flynn pleading guilty when he plead guilty to I mean the minute Michael Flynn helping the enemy. I'm just reporting the news. So we're ending chris' music to our Saturday this is another one of my my favorite Christmas songs and it is also a title like the Mariah Carey song all I want for Christmas issue. But this is Vince Vance. And the valiants. So John let's do this this is a nice song let's let this run through the break and we'll pick it up at the end of this break. I'm stooge and we'll be back on Debbie have you well. It's Friday December the first tumor handing assume early Christmas music to our show here on every of your own of course our sister station magic are 11 point nine they got the magic of Christmas going on right now. And they've got that done pipe to a whole station. I go to the restroom I hear Christmas music I walked down the hall here Christmas music. And done it's it's my Nissan it's a little sentimental and and there are Christmas songs that make be released sad because I'm a very sentimental person. So sometimes I get. San and I'm walking around the holes but then I hear some of the songs that are very. For realistic are coming up out of the news break come a special song that we played for Matt Lauer. On metal our prime fired by NBC to suite four on a serious charges of sexual harassment and apparently now we're learning that NBC was aware of what was going on. And did not think. That's why win this one serious charge came up. Allegation cannot. NBC was quick to fire Matt Lauer and Matt Howard did have a button under his desk. That allowed him to. Automatically lock the door from his desk. When somebody was in his office. So nobody could come in pat I'm assuming it wasn't because he did with the person to come out but he was about to do something like maybe take it out. He was about to do something he'd want anybody else to say. So he pushes a budget locks the door you think Matt Lauer install them. Or did somebody NBC installment. So that's the problem here I'm getting a couple of text. About my criticism of the of the T shirt rope. Tree journalist some assembly required. And the questions are about freedom of speech. My criticism is. Of deep company a major corporation. Promoting a product. That calls for the deaths of journalists. I think it's inappropriate. If an individual group with an agenda did that I would still think this too sure it is wrong whether it's a by journalist or. Cab drivers are over drivers. Or whoever Europe Europe's at west. Getting I I would be upset if there are I would think it was buried appropriate if it was. Rope tree liberals. Rope tree conservatives it's inappropriate but my main criticism is not just a freedom of speech. It's of a major company in America and allowing this on our web site. If you wanna join us for numbers 2601878. Text 87870. A from Baton Rouge Gerri you're under the WL. Your one. Good. I thought that China on the tax bill can. The open here and issue out there and I guess public. And an open here and they have gotten to be they'd like a Broadway play soul. The Ater. Com. And doesn't. There's really. Entity. Where they'll actually get it done anymore I was like. Dave pars and you'd think that the Democratic Party in general does stick together. And that day in and she's not to negotiate day is they choose not to. Insure insure that not sure. Made it that way. I don't really think that day had any intention on trying to. Negotiate. And then yeah waited this sort attacked. The biggest piece it is reduction in corporate rates. You put the US but millions wanted to I. Taxes on corporations to one of the lowest which I would imagine what it resolved then company's. Common activity US. And Jerry I I understand now but it but to but it's being sold to the public on the assumption that the corporations are gonna take this money. And give people raises and hire more people. And that's an assumption that history shows a scrappy Nate. If such and is that something and not here here. And moved back here. Sunday that it left here urban combat. We've been a competitive disadvantage. And so it's not. But late birdies and never juries labor is never going to be cheaper in America so there are always been those companies right now unless something more dramatic is done. There will always be companies that go overseas to feed the American creed and that transcends politics. I mean we're greedy bunch. We do not a lot of our way to we don't we should not go out of our way to buy American. That your tiger and and it's it's apple would do its objectives for the most. And it's capitalism has. We Jerry bring up an interesting point about the of the public you I I agree with you about the the you know it's almost like a passion play being acted out what is an open hearing that there were no hearings for this. And I'm I'm hearing Democrats say the same thing the Republican said over obamacare. And I don't understand the tolerance for the hypocrisy of well we criticize the Democrats for doing it but now we're gonna do it. And I don't like hearing that optic politicians have not Rand. The deal and they're asked to vote don't attach just doesn't seem right to me. Yeah I mean not I agree both this is not appropriate. You know I do I do believe and instances. That the Republicans stayed out of the negotiations and so it was clear it got to get past them and tried to insert themselves. At that point signed a new day at the state. We're not able that is think the same has happened now. I think the eleventh hour that the Democrats will try to insert themselves and it. I think it's probably going to be the on the because bill evidence. I think there's a tendency to. Have them sit back and Republicans and Democrats try to stick together. Not break ranks. Home and not necessarily do what's best for the American people. Well and and that's what we the American people maybe not you were neither vessel we asked them to do because we so we applaud so loudly we we cheer for our party. Like it's like it's a sporting event and that's our team and and when when when one party Stonewall suit against the other parties are right so they they do it because there are a reflection of America. Yeah it's it's it is extremely divisive. 40. Again and the second term but did four trump is. Greeted him immediately where there were no locker choices in this in this last election Gerri I'm gonna have a minute have to leave it there because I've got news coming up for you agree weekend. If you wanna join a secure hold stay with us if you would join us our numbers 2601 a seventy or text. Is a 7870 beautiful Friday afternoon on Stewart coming right back on to have you well. Morning national TV host Matt Lauer fired by NBC because squarely sexually harassed people he paid but he took. It out and and locked the door. A. And they know when I first played this song as our youngest jockey on the radio here in New Orleans I had no idea thought we'd be playing this later. On a talk show on WWL. Are talking about Matt Lauer are being fired a major national media O Steve fired in the morning decries. He was so locking restored sexually harassing people behind closed doors I stood if you wanna join us this Friday afternoon on numbers 2601870. Tech's 87870. Is it wrong to cellist T shirts promoting the hanging of journalists. That's a pretty checkbook and youthful 67%. Say yes. 33% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com a from Hammond amber welcome to the show. I'm an error in there yeah I I really. Like I think there by the title there and you know it. Somebody feel that way in your court I'm like they would say against any other things. You don't ban. Well if somebody didn't like you would it be okay if somebody put Aaron T shirt you know and Hammond congress party teacher around that that you should be killed. I mean that's their opinion I think they're entitled. Not agree with this how it's making now that people don't agree with that some people. Hollywood it. Do you think he had blog know a question of people agree with. Would you agree that that Wal-Mart should keep up on an anti Christian message she sure. And I mean they're Biden out there. Should be alum. Like I've I appreciate your opinion. I ever did have a good weekend. I mean I do understand that and and my criticism is is not as much about the message although I think the message is wrong not because I'm in the media I'm I'm not a journalist by the way. There are times when I do things. Does that make me a journalist. But in general I'm not a journalist. I'm a talk show host. Just like. The Limbaugh's in the Kennedys at that there are journalists. The talk show host. This is what we do. So I'm part of the media on journalist. An example of journalism is what channel four did with their downtrend series which does continue looking into the city the sewage water board. And all that was wrong that led to flooding people lost money people's businesses were flooded because of incompetence in government. Journalists have uncovered secrets. Channel later channel six they also have fired journalist. Did Ted do investigative work this is the role of the meeting. But sometimes people don't like it when them be uncover something that is not conclude with their political ideology or their opinions. So you know I'm I'm I'm sensitive to the T shirt I don't think it's appropriate to suggest a journalist be killed. I'm addressing a much bigger issue though that the problem is not with the media. The media has its problems with the problem is not the media the problem is with the behavior. Of those who get reported in the media that's. The real problem. And from the from the very beginning. Maybe because he's been concern and if he says innocent as he says he is I don't know why president try this concern. I don't know he's he's worried about any of this and ot I am assuming that he is. That's what we hear. But from the beginning he's tried to discredit. Any media outlet except Fox News or tell you Fox News today before out of watching Fox News when I came into the station before the show. And I Jon Scott Fox News they were all over this story. Talking about how the next she was gonna dropped that this is that that they're gonna go for people higher than Michael Flynn. So I don't know what the president says about that if he says that same news is they cause CNN. That he's got to say its stake on Fox News. And in this is the hypocrisy that we try to sort out every afternoon. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy texting 77 he hears a Texas says so. Very simple if you like it buy it if you don't like it I don't buy it thanks for Tyrone in Belle chase Tyrone have a great weekend. Yeah I mean there there's a there's an expected that the I I get. What do you think if Wal-Mart look Wal-Mart has removed to music because they thought it was inappropriate to. It didn't have. I guess you could say it was in two it was a Christian could grow to an hour and a western Christian music but it they have removed things. Musically. Terms of the arts. That they consider inappropriate so I just find it interesting. That Wal-Mart would would allow up on their website rope tree journalist some assembly required. We'll be right back on WL. There is hate and contempt for news medium. Is your hate for the media aren't justified or is it says simply the manifestation of far reflecting your political ideology. Is it wrong to sell a T shirt promoting the hanging of journalists that's our furniture row of people 67% say yes it's wrong. 33% say no it's not here's a Texas says it's. Resist checks owe you keep saying you have a problem with the T shirt that promotes killing her journalist. Shouldn't you be saying you have a problem with the T shirt promoting killing of any. No because some people should be killed. I mean that's our stimulus beyond some in the work on the street cities like that person should be killed. Particular part of the varsity news the person should be kept. So I'm just here protecting journalists I'm just here protecting the people in the media and there are a lot of other people who should die but nobody in the media. I mean is that which replying. Of course it goes without saying that I would be against the teacher promoting killing of anybody. CNN is reporting and again you may say this estate new sport you know what's wait to see I'd differ people who thought everything about Michael Flynn a sports fake news and now we're learning that it's not because he he pleading guilty. Which means it can she don't know he deputies he admitted that he did it. So there is once again another reminder that there's enough evidence for an investigation into whether or not to trump campaign. Colluded with the Russians. And help to them try to affect our election. I think trump would have won anyway. Which is why this is just such. A farcical conversation him anyways. Drop would have won anyway. It was it was it was just it was it was destiny that this candidate was going to win the election. But the problem is if you break the law. In the process of winning the election biked by working with a foreign government to supply them with inside information we we have rules in this country. And that's against one of the rules. So you know you can dismiss this because this coming from CNN let's wait to see what happens CNN is reporting that Jared Kushner. Is the senior trump official. Did Michael Flynn said directed him. To contact the Russians. Jared Kushner. Married to the president's daughter if aka. Juror commissioner part of the administration. If he did do this. He's in trouble. From Kenner sharing your under the annual. Yes I know how say. You picked. Yeah outlook for from attack and it's not free speech issue. Mr. It can't think why aren't teacher. Yeah inside violent murder should be. And like you wouldn't teacher. Promoted rate in fact heating. Oil and start. Teacher at point there are people. Sherry the only catch there is that you know we have to be careful about how we define in sight. Because if on it if somebody argued dead AT shirt about president trump. Incited and T thought. Or some less disorganization. To commit an act of violence should the T shirt dot edu and cornered. And I would say that in that case a T shirt depending on what the the exact words were but the T shirt may very easily have been protected by First Amendment but you know my main criticism is. Not only the message you mean I don't think it's a proper message for for anybody. But the Wal-Mart a company that has done so many things throughout its history to protect its Christian basis Christian image. VP for the fact that did this was a lauer on on their web site. Even if it might of slipped in there it means that Wal-Mart was not paying attention to this but they've all or they thought it was it was an okay idea. Row three journalists some assembly required. We're out lets have known Craig beat her sitting you know in this world in this United States we have an after. And we do they don't. He's a certain point eight to give an idea. Countless. Cherry I appreciate the coin you have a great weekend and you know what if some if somebody did that I'll be the first to say it's not the T shirts fault it's not wal mart's fault. It's their fault. If you see a message and you act on that message. I don't blame the message. I blame the person who made the decision to act on the message if acting on the message is inappropriate. I'm screwed hang on we'll be right back oh by the way we're gonna have fun in the next hour I promised him I got to Texas is can we talk about the saints yes so add that to the conversation. Next hour. Went over to zero. How auto address something. On the show right now. Before it gets out wanna be proactive and address this up front. So people saw me there. What do we do it publicly. I was at the Tiffany show last night at house of blues. And. Again I I did what were told to get out there and have people pass judgment before and actually part of myself. What I you know I had a reason for going I I'm intensity. I guess was 1988 I was doing the scoop report for our channel five Duffy appeared geo TV in mobile Pensacola. And she had a concert New Kids On The Block for the opening act to shoot a concert my son was with the I think mr. in the summertime receivers he was with me. And subsequently calling out to percent of the interview week we have we've we talk for a disservice interviews it was it was just it kind of bringing back that that memory. But I gotta tell you I was really impressed Swiss what was Tiffany. I was impressed win us how good her forces and some of the stuff she did she's got a new album coming out march April of next year. And some of the stuff that I heard her do last night this is in the parish hall room at the small room to. Hard rock on paternity on. House of blues and I was impressed with the music and a lot of it sounded like you would fit in to two today. So you know she's a quite a different person that she was in in the beginning and wishes to proceed to a two run into her. After all these years. Also I have thought posted a video are on our FaceBook page WE real radio and also the soda on page a scoop on the air. About this controversial T sure you can take a look at that and join in that conversation. And aren't really I guess the main question is. Do you think the media is so hated the members of the media should be killed. I got a text here that essentially asked the question. What's gonna happen if we continue to prosecute. Journalists. Well it's not going to be good because if you think about it it could be argued that the media free press in this country. Is what protects America from ultimately becoming a dictatorship. From New Orleans JE RW WL. Call. Him on. Time. I'm. I think it is really the only substantive. Russia's stories that come out since Russia. Frenzy taken place. O'Meara or stopped took place or even in the campaign. And then others we're copilot small. Not really important. But that is pretty significant. However it's not significant in my view yet as people are making out. Com talking to the Russians is not in collusion. That's our daughter was appointed national security but there. So it's not surprising you're talking Russian tradition. What is curious is this talking about the US. Oh vote on the US team that these sensors legal yeah. It's really mean to be seen what's gonna gaga for like. We'll work. At his agency yeah. Under the Obama administration. He would giving tours. The intelligence agency to edit the you know and yet the personal low number up you brush. Jay I'm gonna I'm gonna have to leave and and have to leave it there are gonna do is coming up and I think you bring up a good point yet this doesn't touch the president yet and what did he say well we're ultimately. Gonna find out.