Is it time to hit the panic button on the Saints?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, September 13th

Tommy talks to Deuce McAllister about the Saints loss to Minnesota and the upcoming game against New England.


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Saints are playing the New England Patriots. For the next game here in the dome. A lot of heart a gap of loss on Monday nine weeks on after. He had 24 hours to kinda kinda get out your system. Let's look at it from maybe a more non emotional standpoint but that we welcome in the leading rusher in all time history for. The University of Mississippi and also for an organization called annual and saints and it's a nice man is Miguel. Ages. Until well and you. Brokered here to tell me what you saw Monday night as again the all time leading rusher in saints history and I guess we'll start. With the running backs so many people are talking about Mark Ingram seen in the hole make in the currency Adrian Peterson seen in a home making cuts. And even the the rookie Alvin Tamara what it would did you seek. Well or not all doom little. Are largely. They would like to or played better you know surgical running backs. Just because you are weakened to control the game a little bit more. Oh there are some very small holes. That they probably mirrors and it is Tuesday they receive all. Saying anything to be our democracy. You talk about first hole and talk about got markers years of war brokered. Themselves so all of Mercury little boo and it is and they just want another Sony that you that this. Our running back by committee I don't think there's any committee with you you're pretty much the committee but. Is that signs of Sean Payton has philosophy you're changing NFL. I. Pull it apart and not know the goal and our structure. Tortured and shot. So are. You know two players and senators. Are sure. He's that is how he heat again and old and you know put. It street where there at the straight oh. If it's still steps to play in big to serve not so you know here. Go out and be successful because. To be skewed to explore a outages or. But from a place election standpoint you've been around it's so much as a running back if you get their groove and and there's some people have good days some people have bad days but your urges CNN and it's happened and then your cotton and doing the right thing. It did you wanna stay in the game at that point India and did do you often agree with the coach here we why would they take in iris for example if your going like that d.s why would they take you out. All and normally normally it here groove and accuse you're making a run incur if people want to come to gold he. That these are. Some sort person to person to. You know all played eat soup can give up. At that Egypt court. Police in this nation and how people all of these is because. Our total or altered to stir. That we're not alone. It'll. Use so when our personnel grouping to. There are success that too many to come back to. Look their age of what is sure. That saint patient or is like personal. Took the it is in recruit you to work so what brought it or option to give to. Oil. But Adrian Peterson in the thing and got me reduce or at least that I thought is that. Well I don't I could have expected anything else or did he think it was gonna change for him to be here do you think he's got a problem when not playing enough. And ball. He wore to the sugar and they'll just say you know obviously you probably want to participate. In war. Partly called bit too pretty in. You. Who go out are about ports just send in human Byrd Al it's so. No all all the banks you don't. Sit at or who else is gonna wish. That you see on burst at all that. So we'll need to be treated so this all actually are. In a a lot compute contributed. Yeah it's as old tree so old. A shortage. In hopes the supported. To the update. That it that you league true. Will we see sideline confrontations. In I don't know if you know Adrian Peterson was kidding around saying who's telling coach made me love demon you could see. You know just from the untrained guy aide looked like do alpha male standing off say a glaring in each other but. Did you ever in your career have crossed words with the coach and and this is presuming that those were cross words on and off they were not know. If you read his lips it looks like gay he could have been saying as he says that we would need to run the ball up there you know what. Hum what happens like you know the coaches they head coach but the beginning at these two alpha males is that something that. Yeah you've seen a lot of any NFL are or does it have a lasting thing years it just the heat of the moment and battlers etc. So force really trust me. Yeah I mean whether it was loose on the it was that well that was part of urgent court greater. You know because ball so you'll usual Richard you tortured she series took a sometimes you go out and is that on. It. And then page. I'm talking act all GE does it seem all wish. You know I am a doctor or go to her and tore a piece succeed until that you saw this. And mutual electorate here. It important to see. Ocean and has come. Date well we'll break. So that can be successful. He agent Peter he's just on ice or. Chubby. Too broad and and it also features some prayers are. Carded an 80. Explorer. On. A bridge or come. Scored it one. Other or legal situation. Asylum it was sort. Slope into a place succeeds. Only at them. Yeah more in just in the locker room angle on add in that first off he can't be a shrinking wallflower and either coach or play any NFL right so. Everybody's got this alpha male mentality and after it's over is it just like occasions either game no prowler embodies eleven and but not necessarily about the result of the game but everybody's friendly after the managers on again happens. Yeah. It takes. The situation though. Launched at CE OB and go out. All of you ought to do so and so it takes to rule. That'll big goals for. Her to take hours. Put. Just the success that he bought. Little old QOK. You're strip so. Look at all so you know watched watched a storage at Ole ball can get. You know that you are. Each other because that's their. Roots is so let's see. I think a lot of people yesterday thought New England Tammany and am still losing their first game. It's to be real tough thing for the saints does it matter that the patriots are surfers gamers each Sunday different. Ultimately matters and in the sense that you know we'll see leverage that urgency because the needle loss start 02. And unfortunately that's what happened to one at least a social. Think it matters an accident splitter today you know those aged take your own business. It'll look at it from the standpoint and they have to be more tradition emirates all noble one. Trying to win a lot again. You know there are success. On third now and then Mercer and figure out a way to create a two children. Called horrible word. To recover an adult. Our decline. Bigotry or would sit in the Udall both gore football. It was fortunate that AJ I darker subject sort. What about the other side of the ball with Tom Brady and the weapons gronkowski those kind of things in the saints' defense and match ups. It's you've got to get. And yell all at once record it. You gotta you get pressured. Well one we like that you damage had been just and we didn't create so. It'll look at me inside get argue model wouldn't comment from the outside world. Local org they go ago which pressure on Brady. Try to make you call we'll get him off the spot because lucky that it would will bring coach fraternity would go out ski. Don't know all the men will be back. I'm from India. And it will be because. All good question solely to go to the receiver spot look at that group the Eagles. You know we can make them unprofitable. Who got to make it be immediate pressure on bridge because it's not you and the doctor shall. I'll make you uncomfortable but is Bill Belichick a better coach John Paine. Are happening a multi shape I think we both were really really get culture she ogle our a charge more tomorrow achieved our bill was ready. It's worried about being Egypt coached me at today nightmares. And in game decisions. Of our most polls war earned so big certainly. Be a little more. Builder daughter for a long while absorbing despair and toward work archer years. I'd so. The saints' secondary your thoughts. About what you saw on Monday night and what we might seize Sunday afternoon in the dome in terms of matchups. You're a bunch formation broker Merrill board bunch formations. And you'll. They're all decent people don't know what a bunch formation you need to workable or what in the what these times and also don't know. Entered an order book cheers I handled dogs of America we're about. As. Former smoker corporate once. You own one in the public's. Pletcher out in the stoop to that are sort story car or. And what I want to be on the ball and soccer. And so that that's called the ball. True we don't know that. I had. Although news. Minnesota law. Success limited and so it retreating within their it's. So it's integrity to two to face. That formation just to see how they play a big good report job communicating. You know what somebody irresponsible for the first article crossed the medical. Somebody has to be responsible for the guys go outside and yet we all look. For the got a ghost or feel they do a better job to communicate and how they won't play. Because sometimes you don't play the aforementioned two result look sometimes you don't plated man. So they have to do a better job because route got changed. Sometimes they can run the ball hog formation. The striker you'll that a double talk and communicate. On how they won't play well. Than the two teams that didn't play and a half club mark. Our oh and one the other half for undefeated if you wanna call it that how important is it or how do you put that first loss mind gin and look ahead. Brought it up so being able to split on the game I think that's the most important thing and you really bridge season up until forced. And so right now you or mortgage before you give four. You have a break just because you don't wander in you know after your games so. Think it's critical for this strain to secure a way to get hole. All waited well you know it's all openers world so there should be a little fortunes just from that fact that it all probably use you. Your plate bigger say in the Super Bowl champion so if you ever measuring stick. This is our children grow louder Shia groups or. Deuce a seven Delmon one chi. Just so happy that I get to meet ten million Euro one of the nicer people are mad among liked. Washer Croshere and age you get in the playbook because. You've got to understand that note these are reformers in our current literature right RD motion. While tries in a way to the meetings during. A target date you thank you.