Is it okay to ignore the White House's lies?

Thursday, June 21st
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about how the American public should be expected to react when the President of the United States tells a lie

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Well it's the first day of summer and I just wanna be honest with you about some technical issues were having here it's ever to be well. It has nothing to do with you receiving us here receiving a so I just fine by. Have you ever had a computer crash your work yeah I mean it happens. Those things aren't perfect so we had a computer crash here and so right now we're not able to take breaks with commercials. So there may be some times when I just I'm converse with Ian poker studio producer just alive on the year and we'll just do the best we can't. OK so it is the first day of summer on I was not there last night. But the Eagles were the smoothie king senator I've I was not able to be there it hurt being not being there and if you would they know was great. I guess similar followers on the SO TA. Scrutiny or FaceBook page. Too I'm giving some of the songs that they played so we're gonna feature a few of the songs they played last night it's our ball from music this afternoon. If we actually get to breaks and if novel and we just replace some of the songs. So on we do have a lot to talk about. Some things are planned. But this is live radio and I never really know where the show's gonna go. Our only obligation to the FCC. Is we have to put down on the law of the moment that we lose control of the show and as long as we do that. We're okay our graduate this and again on a lot to talk about. And we'll figure out doubled this is Gunner palace is kind of our primary I may be talking. Live on the year two of two of you know because at this at this point on there are no breaks so we're just gonna roll through here. And I'd appreciate your help secure a caller show. 260187. ER Tex is a 7870. You know I think and I mentioned this in as a reserve talking to your new Norman before the show. The fact signal Norman and I don't totally agree on the immigration issue. More than marijuana issue or other issues I think it's really refreshing. I think it's great that we can have different opinions. And this really just I think. Proves that for those of you who think that there's some kind of big meeting. And management tells us what to say. This a farce. And there's no way you can prove us wrong because it's simply doesn't happen. That is shake news. And I respect the management here WWL. And intercom. For allowing us to be free to express our opinions. And like there are so many stations around this country they are all conservative. There are plenty of conservative voices all over the country and then there's a Fox News Channel which dominates the cable news networks. There's all of that so isn't refreshing. When there's something different. Now you might not agree with everything that I say. But I'd like to think that when you hear the other side of something if challenge issue I'm gonna necessarily change your mind. But if you disagree with me it made further enhance. Your feelings about your opinions. You know when you're just when your when your fed. The information that you totally agree with. You when you seek confirmation bias. When you seek information that confirms Iran parts. Then. What are you learning. So I love the fact that I'm not a conservative. I'm not a liberal. Even though there are people who think I'm one or the other and it doesn't matter what they think because it's not true. If you listen to this show you hear a lot of conservative ideology. Coming from me. You also hear liberal ideology coming from me you also hear criticism. Of the right and the left are a lot of criticism for liberal ideology. But people are so quick to took to label people today. That. It's sad. But everybody's everybody's labels. You don't have to know exactly what somebody yes. And I'm sure that if you look really honest with yourself. You are not totally conservative totally liberal. But so many people feel like 82 belong to the political tribes. And they can't break away from it even if they don't necessarily agree with six. And that's part of what we're gonna talk about this afternoon. Where Syria and immigration issue. I'm just getting the word that. The rehab after what we aren't we got our system back up and running I mean this was kind of like being on an airline. And the airlines going down. Going down fast and those guys in there are engineering department and you know they they saved so we we're we're back it jive cruising altitude support. What we're doing fine sir Ian I let's do the song summer in the city going into the break OK I told you we have to do some conversing live on the air. Okay all presidents law. But. That doesn't make it right. And when a sitting president lies. It should be pointed out. It should be talked about. It should be criticized. President Clinton lied about having a sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky. President George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. And President Obama lied about being able to keep your own doctor under obamacare. Now the magnitude of those lives were different sports they were still lies. So all presidents Stewart. Actually we all lie at times. But president trumpets turned lying into on a standard operating procedure. For the office of the presidency. And even if you're trust supporter textured bother you because today's gonna calm when. Somebody else is gonna be in office and you're not going to be able to argue that they can't lie. Because you supported trump in what are obvious slots. Truckers doing some things good at. The economy is is for a lot of people the economy is booming. And whether he deserves creditor or not he's president. He gets credit for that in the guise of the public. If the economy tanks the president gets the point. What makes this great threat to our democracy. Is the denials. And the excuses. They're used to either ignore the law. Or justify the law. President trump signing an executive order ending his administration's new policy. A separating children and parents at the border. And the lies that preceded that action or impossible to ignore by any patriotic American who still believes in the idea honesty and accountability. Department of Homeland Security secretary tears genius. Tweeter on Sunday. We do not have a policy of separating families. Period. As you sort out the word period. To emphasize the fact that we do not have a policy of separating campus the very next day. Secretary you'll see is here in New Orleans. Defending the president's policy. At the national sheriffs association. It was a policy. In an article published Tuesday. On This point was made. Department of Homeland Security secretary to Christian Nielsen. Pulled no punches on Monday when defending president trumps controversial policy. During a speech in a meeting at the national sheriffs association. Even Fox News recognized it as a policy. Secretary Nielsen next appeared in front of reporters at the White House in the briefing room at a press conference. She continued to insist. That there was no policy even though she had just tweeted out the other day that there was a policy. They also continued in the UC continue this before reporters that only congress. And the president said to slash article only conference. Can stop the process of separating children from their parents at the Porter only congress. Nielsen's defiant defense of president trumps policy. Was flawed. To a point of being an embarrassment. The truck administration. Created a new policy. This is a fact. On April 6. Attorney general Jeff Sessions ordered a new zero tolerance policy. For the border. So now. The president signs an executive order ending the policy. Not only what's your policy. But he all along he had the power. To stop it. But he was using the kid this confirms what I believe from the beginning about this which is he was used in the kids. As a political weapon. To get what he wanted from congress and as it turns out. The eight list of trump loyalists. Got to be so impressive. In condemning. President trump. That he had no choice and apparently hit his wife the First Lady Maloney at. And his daughter you vodka has something to do with convincing a dead you gotta stop us. He didn't. He had the power all want to look you can love trump but how can you how can you accept this. This discrepancy. And this is unbelievable Samie. And what I find most scary and we we started talking about the gesture. Is the idea. That if you or he can't supporter. And if you refuse to ever did anything wrong. Even when trop. Lice and and you couldn't you can pointed out and and and prove that that this was a deception this was a lot. If you can't accept that. Then we are in deep trouble. Very deep trouble. And whether it's trump oral bomb those who can see no wrong in the candidate that they support. Or the reason America is so divided. And the recent politicians manipulate. The public. We're pawns. Because some of us too many of us believe everything. Candidate cents. And that gives information to tell us where the hell they want. And president truck went to on. Two was a bit of Soria to look Minnesota last night. He was in Duluth Minnesota last night talking like he was the hero look what I did I sign this executive order we're just the other day he said I can't do anything. Which your stimulus is that I can't do anything he can't do anything this is all up to congress that was along. Love depressant. But don't accept allies. And if Barack Obama did this when he was president I would be saying the exact same thing. If you would like to join us of comments are numbers 26 so. One in seventy. Terry code 5042601. A seventy. And or tech's number of SA seven or your sanity. I'm skirt today is the first day of summer. Well I don't know present happy of a scene there where do you go through Lama port of entry or your your singular Christ's and I say it's not that and easy to get across on the border. And have you ever cross the border in either Mexico or Canada or advice from the United States as you can know and if you go to another country. They obviously check your your passport. But I've gone to the border. Between the US in Mexico couple times and a few times of between the border of the United States and Canada. I'm and they checked you baloney truck was visiting the migrant children shelter in Texas and here's part of what she said. OK so much for having me here today he met them fear and we believe it's. Personal. Let me do. Interview and think he'll probably do do. We'll have. Why did you do. And it's yeah. I could listen to her talk all day I mean I'm serious I just I I love her accent. As she apparently had a voice in the president deciding along with Ibaka the president decide he just signed an executive order. President trumpeter rally last night where he said this about the Democrats sit down. Cracked open border policies. Have also allowed MS thirteen to break into our country. And drugs to more endurance race at what is stopping. It's almost as if that is a simplistic way of saying that's the only way they get him. Statistics show that this MS thirteen gang. Which Russia is horrible. But you know anything about him their horrible. And I supported the president calling them animals because they are animals. He was right when he called and animals. But this is all about politics because there are a lot of Democrats that don't want open borders. And as far as the MS thirteen gang getting into this country. Deal with the percentages. Zero point 1%. Coming into the country that we don't want them in this country. Of course we don't. But you know we've got you. Criminals coming out of neighborhoods. Every day in America. Where she can sell that to. Meet your calls on front Kenner Craig welcome to the show. And I don't Ahmad had a couple questions in an addict comment. The question I had I'd like to note investing reassert what is that actual true meaning nurture steps of political asylum the first countries built to. Or that the country that you probably give you any stay I wanna or west. It's I'm not mistaken Craig as the country if your destination. That if you're coming from Central America Ari you wouldn't seek asylum in Mexico if you didn't want to be received asylum in the United States which is what are a lot of them do. And I'm not an expert on their split. They're there has stood the some kind of a evidence that you are the victim of this either. Political or some kind of violent. A thread or or persecution I mean they're. I don't know exactly how they do it but I the year if they they do confirm that it's not just somebody coming and saying I want asylum. And my other question and I noble or what other countries like eighties at a issue at a lot march in which Mary inaudible. Open source. If we do this that they have an eight game and my last question our question is. You know all. Think they're old actor things that are all sides individuals who are here. This country get out billions of dollars and eighty I'm pretty sure our researcher at. Nice seat there in these countries well we do what we do. What I'm trying to say is you know eight. They are experts think you're better Errol people may start or the book it's. Craig got a lot of people make an argument and it was through NAFTA that the president was trying to our question or maybe get out of it was through NAFTA the North American Free Trade Agreement there's a really helped Mexico. I'm improve so will continue I don't know if you Arnold hang on I'm still we're coming right back. OK they're all liars. But does that mean we shouldn't challenge a sitting president when he lines whoever the president is. I'm still there was a big draw one Bergen street over the weekend and NO PD is being praised for how they handled a difficult situation we'll talk about that in the next hour. Let me share this text as you before architecture calls as as some for the love of blank managers act as a basic price for the love of Christ. I mentioned that I I like Maloney transaction. You love her accent. Can you give me aid. Give me a Franken for a little break it could free you screw it it's the accent of a fascist gold digging. Slovenian. Former porn model who married an abomination how cute and Connolly. Are you really this much of an idiot Scotia. Do your freaking research it's all propaganda theater and your phone in fort. Then dude. You're way over think in this. You know there are some. There are a lot of fun people on game particularly at a coffee shop in Metairie that I parred go to as often as I can ensure that all the time but I don't get out there very often does have a downtown. They're from Eastern Europe. As a from the Soviet Union a lot directions. I'm not gonna apologize for loving the accent of eastern European people that's a the only accent I like but I like that accent too. I wonder if this person on. Talks when he Japanese. Do you think all Japanese. Are responsible for Pearl Harbor. I mean this is that this is the the stupidity of hate. That we deal with everyday in this country. Are Karl here on WWL. Hello Carl. And from Vanderbilt Joseph welcome to the show. Yes gates says he would tell me to her 190 hole and noted any politics. Much what the president. Would be caught memoir. I want to be expected that which ain't your shame they didn't. Ear canal. That the president is like never liked Clinton said George. Rice or Joseph what you're doing now what you don't let me tell you doing chided. Now I know now what would trounce. All of it but he says there's never and it's now. It's not gonna stop until I agree with you but it doesn't mean that we should sit around here like a much of saps and accept a blatant lie and I'll tell you what you're doing Joseph. You're doing well a lot of children listen to me. You're doing what you're doing a lot of people do. And that is you are. You're you're not for what trump did you want to ignore this blatant deception. And so the best deep fault position for you was to go back at six or what about the others. That is typical eager to. Okay wait hold on that note achievement due partly. OK so it. Do you not agree. That this was the most. It dead in its. So optimistic so. That being out there in CNBC. But. That's the problem. Joseph I don't have to wait wait hold on a minute timeout I don't care how did it but things don't giving credit for changing my. Joan Condit tell you know you're not listening and I I feel sorry for you because you're not no reason what's being said I don't feel site. I see. You know. Listen. What you're doing is. It is typical. I am her shell I'm focusing on look I'm glad he changed it. I can't speak for CNN and MSNBC I I'm not an employee of those networks. I do my own thing and I had been focusing for the beginning on. What led up to this the deceptive it. Deceptive ness of it all and I am for president Robert I give him credit for changing his mind but what I don't like or don't go loyalist and the saps the don't even see the deception or what do make excuses and justify the deception that's the problem. What do you mean days did not tell you mistake. The key to. No that's part of Joseph don't you bring your ire. Joke that's find the problem is is that you're attacking me because you think I don't respect the mistake or detected he changed it. I do. I think it's good but he changed it I can't speak for what CNN and MSNBC your doing. I'm glad he changed. But what I don't like is the idea that he's not holding himself accountable he flicked it lied. He told you he couldn't do anything about it and then boom. When his loyalists are to turn against him he does something about it. And this is the kind of stuff that we need to hold politicians accountable for I don't care who the politician is. It so happens that Donald Trump won the election. And so we're talking about Donald Trump because he's the president. If you rejoice for your comments are numbers 260. 1870. Harry code 504. To 6 L morning seventy. Text. Based 7870. Here's attacks ESCO go we just saw Cheryl. Chicken taco and leave. The beef for real men. I have no problem with my masculinity. And if you think that eating meat is the only thing that makes you a man can you obviously don't want to understand what it means to be event. I'm Scrooge for coming back on WL. And this continues to be such a passionate topic of discussion not I've got a daily FaceBook on video post on our. Our FaceBook page WWL radio and it just about. Whether or not we should accept blatant obvious lies and deceptions from a sitting president just because of the president's or don't. And I found out that many people who are responding to that on our FaceBook page right now. Are saying a few scoot and having to tomatoes so what the people in the back and don't don't don't give him extra work to do with the good enough to do. And have time to. Delete itself means you can't express yourself intelligently than they don't do it. Mean just comes down to you know so be it. Here's a Texas says. Scoot whether right Rick agree with your opinions or not. I think you do a great job of presenting. Material. And treating all sides fairly great job well thank you for that and again those those nice text or not nearly as fun as of the every once. Is in the the Texas screw Tehran. I lost sought shell of a chicken tacos. Are we gender our region during and politicizing tacos now. What has America become money as those are true received if you just tuned enemies and some guy was like attacking me saying you probably eat soft shelled chicken tacos. Instead of real meat because only real men. Eight we'll meet. Honestly I have a list of references. And I would be happy to have those references. Vouch for my masculinity. From gentility Karl you're under a bit of fuel. I. It. People. Eight. And there. But. It. Will. She stroked her. Ear or. Let it. Play. But. If you get so. It. But it. What. If. Karl yeah I know I know there. I know there's some debate about their suit and here right you know George W. Bush now which are responsible for that he was because he was president. In the same way that presidents get the blame of the credit because they're an office. Yes I mean if you wanna get technical about it it was Cheney. It was all the people behind the scenes they created this myth around our weapons of mass destruction. Because Karl Rove and others wanted bush to be in wartime president for reelection. So this was something that they worked on. And you can't tell me. It did Saddam Hussein with his crude weaponry. He can't tell me that he was so Smart to our intelligence couldn't even detect him hiding all the weapons. So the conventional wisdom is they've really weren't there. Well. Our. That. Or. What are they are all the destruction we bought. Carl look I I I I get it putting in shambles the weapons were not there and it's a shame that George W. Bush wish. Which put on the chopping block collect that by the people who work I'm burning him and it was mainly Cheney and Karl Rove. Let me explain to you how hateful. People are and how quick people or to criticize. I sit at the beginning of the show a dead I wasn't able to make it to the Eagles concert last night. And I got some followers on my FaceBook page to tell me some of the songs that they play because I was gonna use that as buffer music. Here's a Texas since you haven't played one Eagles tune you played plenty of Chicago a few weeks ago. If we African Parikh. I have a eagles' song planned out of despite not even through the first hour yet. And just like not there. I know it's hot out there and was the first day of summer your IPP owed about something else but good lord. Give me a chance to get this hour over with before you criticize that I didn't play an Eagles are in the first hour. Are here it is mr. inpatient there regal Sox. Mean if you're their last night it had to be fabulous. Hire a couldn't be their last night I make is in many concerts only camera I couldn't be their last night. I'm glad you were there. And Jeff from my FaceBook followers on the SO TA has faced a patient got some on songs they played last night there will play as bumper music throughout our show. So just a moment ago somebody has suggested debt. Are probably eat soft chicken tacos and not real meat because I'm not a real man. I'm getting text like this when. They scoot I know a couple really bad dudes that happen to be vegetarian. And detect Cisco and I haven't eaten meat Parker poultry. Since July 1 of last year. Just fish vegetables. Fruit and we pasta and I'll look that guy's ass LO well. Here is another Texas says they scoot outside chance chicken tacos are cool but you should try brisket tacos. Where sun. Two local local solace is to dive you know I don't eat red meat I mean I'll be honest about their enemies if you think that's the definition of a man you're ready resonate. Many don't get. Underneath red meat it's it's my choice. And unhealthy into a fine view and I'm not criticizing if he fed me. But I just think it's so interesting how people have such a warped view such such a simplistic view of what it takes to be nationally and what it takes to be a man. In fact in a lot of people who are overly macho. And have that kind of mentality. They're really very insecure with their feminine side. They have a feminine side because everybody has a masculine and feminine side male and female. There was talk about that one there ever a couple of books. I wonder when we speak the on the study and understanding a masculine. Psychology. And she study feminine psychology by Robert a Johnson heard Byrd both those effects I just ordered that premise on. And our read him again so we'll have that topic on the show Wednesday. Okay look if you want to hold stay with us we will get back to Europe called sudden here's a text our retirement is the answer for you scoot. Your tools and cranky. It could bring it on come on bring it ought. Love who I am love REM I have never felt better and never had more fun in my life and tonight. I'm not even tell you are go to tonight but I'll have a blast. And you might even have a hard time keeping up with and solve the form of those taxed. All right and a PD did a great job with a brawl on per verbal talk about that next on.