Is it hypocritical for Steve Bannon, a Trump loyalist, to criticize Mitt Romney for not serving in the military?

Wednesday, December 6th

Steve Bannon bashed Mitt Romney last night for his criticism of Roy Moore because Romney and his sons never served in the military.  Do you see the hypocrisy?  Is it hypocritical for Steve Bannon, a Trump loyalist, to criticize Mitt Romney for not serving in the military?  


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Well yesterday we said when we get together again this afternoon it is going to be colts it is calls it is breezy love it I know so much you are probably. Around. In admiration of the only because I get to walk to work live downtown a lot from my apartment building took over the stations in downtown. I drive trial wanna drive when I have to pad somewhere. But I walk every day to and from to and from work and that sounds like a nice thing right except for mornings like this immediately it's kind of chilly. And he's very very cold walking in and you get in between the buildings. It's like a wind tunnel are you usually when you open up under pointer street Ana winds blowing off the river it's it's chilly and yesterday afternoon. I have an umbrella. I was soaked. By the time I got home so there are disadvantages. To walking to and from work every day by the advantages outweigh the disadvantage is welcome to our show this afternoon or chilly Wednesday December the sixth. I tomorrow we're just gonna have fun on the show. Because tomorrow is a game day saints Thursday night football. It's a huge game between the saints and the Atlanta Falcons and and every one of those games is there is a big game so I I wanna have fun tomorrow unless something blows up. Where is gonna have a good time on the show. Tomorrow afternoon and our pregame show begins at 3 o'clock so we do have an abbreviated show from one to three tomorrow afternoon. The truck administration has announced plans to change something the Obama administration did that in and of itself is not a big deal it's not a surprise. It took administration has announced plans to roll back. And Obama administration rule concerning tip pooling. So the current law. Allows tipped employees. To keep their chips. The truck administration through the Labor Department wants to change that. So Vieira a waiter or waitress. Bartender. All of your tips. Go into a tip pool. And the manager decides. How the chips are dispersed. Some may go to their. Coax. Some regard British warships. Who knows somebody go in their pockets. Interesting interesting plan we'll talk about this a little bit later and I know a lot of you work in the service industry or have worked in the service industry self. That's not going to be actually conversation a little bit later in the show also we didn't get to a yesterday we will get to with this afternoon. The father of UCLA basketball player accused of stealing items from upscale stores in China. Pulls his son out of UCLA indignant that his son was suspended indefinitely. The hard ball as soon for. Stirring up controversy. Is she using his son to generate publicity for his sneaker company a fair question we'll talk about that. In the next hour. First up on our show on this afternoon last night had there was a rally in fair hope Alabama won in my favor too little cities in America. And I've I lived. In Daphne Lipton and the ball county side the Eastern Shore. Of fob mobile when I am I worked in in mobile on. Channel five and two and 99.9. And just I I lost at a great life's never got a fair hope are quite often there was a place called judge Roy bean soup which which is packed and on Sundays and but with the police she stood on push chalk marks on everybody's tire. And can they were just waiting when he received tire rolling down the road that had the mark on it they would automatically pull you over for truck driver and experts I just treated pretty heavily territory v.s that was a that was fair or not I don't know but it was inching topic. So. It's a beautiful little city and I'm Steve Bannon was their last night its support of Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore. The election in Alabama is now less than a week away. Steve Bannon dashed. Mitt Romney. Criticizing Mitt Romney and his sons. For never serving in the military. You wait to France to be a missionary what guys were dying and rice paddies of Vietnam yet five sons not one day of service. In Afghanistan and Iraq. Do you. Do you pick up on there's a hypocrisy that I'm picking up on. This guy dancing. Represents. President trump. In a lot of six. He's a loyal. Trumps support. This is where we are in America today. This kind of stuff doesn't matter because it doesn't get recognized. Because if if it's something that you want to believe the and that's all you see you don't see that trump had a total of five deferments. He's an athlete. He's playing I think football and basketball. But he gets a deferment and military. And at and at some forty scud bad feet. And so so so how could a supporter of Trump's latest put again doesn't really matter no it doesn't matter. Because. The people who want to believe what they want to believe. Police that they don't care about the hypocrisy. But that's where we are in America. Tenth seed then it was Sarah really obvious about who has more integrity Roy Moore or Mitt Romney. You wanna talk about honor integrity brother bring it bring it down here at Alabama. You have that not big on the stage. You have the guts to get on a stage of Amanda's served in Vietnam and you expect us to believe honor integrity judge Roy Moore has more. Our honor and integrity and that pinky finger and your entire family has and has told CNN. Steve Bennett last night to relish for Roy Moore is here to comment. On numbers 2601 a seventy. Mary Karr 5042601. A seventy. December's 877. I I you know I'm almost gonna start embracing the park received because we're not gonna make you go away. Funny we might as well look at this as part of comedy in America. And put the leftist hypocritical as well. It's just that Donald Trump is president. This is going on right now so this is what we're talking about it. And I just. I am so disheartened by the degree with which we are now a hypocritical nation. Which are hypocritical states of America. And it's so obvious that so many different. Junction points. Also. Time magazine has announced its person of the year. It's the silence breakers. And Kelly can't Estes a time magazine dot com editor and here's where she said. From that point on everybody was really united that this was the right choice that this was kind of an unparalleled outpouring of support and and something that would really a sea change of the likes that we haven't seen in recent history. I agree the other day somebody called the show and ask me who I thought time magazine's person of the year Caribbean and by the way some people don't really understand the person of the year. It's not necessarily an honor. It can be. But it's not necessarily a person of the year that is being honored because if I'm not mistaken wasn't Hitler. Person of the year may well back then it was Manny Ethier wasn't hit by a man of the year for time magazine. The person of the year is the person or the group to have the biggest influence on the news it's not necessarily an honor. And this is caller said well. I think it might be Harvey Weinstein are so massive what about those who who talked about the sexual harassment. What about those who were partisan the hash tag me to campaign. It seems like if they have the biggest impact on the news in this past year that's what turned out to take. Are you OK with the silence breakers but he persevered. And isn't there are arm in the picture. It data showed these it Taylor Swift and how messy job I think he actually judge is there among those set featured they're they're among the high profile people who were part of the Silas breakers with a sexual harassment thing. But there's an arm in an and I I believe the armed -- sense. Those who didn't come forward those who didn't wanna be identified. So are you OK with that being person of the year. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon here's the number 260. When he Saturday Terry code 5042601. A seventy. Tech's number a seventy ace every all right Issa it's chilly out there and by the way if we never rained. I just opened in the skies open up what a yesterday during rush hour traffic. Man that had to make traffic a mass and then I was watching your traffic this morning and a lot of you were caught in a lot of traffic this morning so hopefully some better commutes this afternoon we'll have updates throughout the afternoon. I'm scoot shiver coming right back under review well. Yeah on Al Franken I think it's a pretty much over dared to. I'm sorry about that but you know this is just what happens send and in fairness of what turned the criticism is of others. I think to serve pretty much time to go so we'll see what he does tomorrow. Now I did play this song awhile back for Jeff Sessions thinking that he was as was out but he still in shall soon after an Al Franken he says scheduled to make a statement. A tomorrow afternoon. Here is a Texas says son finally it feels like Christmas I hope we get snow. Well you've heard the forecast there is a possibility of a wintering mix which could include a few snowflakes. Mainly on the new we're sure and this I guess is going to be late Thursday. Early Friday. The temperatures are gonna be cold enough for wintering mix the big question is will there be enough precipitation. And it looks like over towards mobile. Is there is even a better chance of snow in May be no longer the Mississippi Gulf Coast but I know right now just with this this possibility they are they're starting to run. They're starting to warm up the snowplows in saint Tammany parish. Ramallah on the road. Get ready. So we're talking about a time magazine's person of the year the silence breakers to osu came through. We're sees a stories of sexual harassment. And when you think about the news this past year I think that's a good choice for the person or the crew that had the biggest impact on the news. I'm here's a pretty Jerry brought to you called this hour. Do you agree with time magazine's person of the year on being the women and men that came forward with sexual harassment allegations. 63%. Say no they don't. 38% say yes they agree. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites to be a hero to icon look if if president trough would have been names again this year I think that would have been fair. He had a tremendous impact on enters this year. Colin cabinet. Had a tremendous impact on murders this year like to see him being named person fear again. This is not an honor as much as it is just a recognition of the person had the biggest impact. On the news. Were also talking about the they charged up rally for candidate for him more. Last cited Karol Alabama. If you're listening over that area we have a lot of listeners and in that area if you're listening in an area and you where they are you wanted to join us for the comment too soon caller show. For unitary code 5042601870. So Steve Canon Boyce it was part of this. To me it was very insulting. That he insulted. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney was critical of Roy Moore. He's one of the Republicans who has served the courage to say he shouldn't be incentive. And Steve Bannon just dashed. Romney and his sons for not serving in the military. And yet Steve Bannon. Totally supports the man in the White House. Who went to great lengths to avoid serving in the military and Joseph Scarborough on the morning Joseph on MSNBC. Said this morning that the date Donald Trump graduated from college. Forty soldiers were killed in Vietnam. That one day. So. It's just interesting to me that there are so many who will not recognize the hypocrisy. See Ben Curtis said a lot of things about Steve Moore by bashing Mitt Romney. To make his case. Because see he didn't end and I got a text just a moment ago about the conditions that Mitt Romney where don't mean Mitt Romney went on missions to me he was a missionary. I mean it just seems like a very very good man. Not everybody served in the military. Not everybody was passed. Not everybody was stressed that not everybody not everybody tried to get out of it. Donald Trump did it. And he did get out of it so high U two's how do you use not serving in the military are avoiding military should hardly use that as an attack. Against somebody who didn't go in the military when Donald trumped it again I don't understand it. Steve Bennett talked about conservative activists. In Alabama. They'll never have your back. The only using your vote to keep their power make their money. They could care less what happens out bounty could tell that by that trade deals they support you tell that by the immigration laws that they refuse to enforce. Do you think they Karabakh gates finally. Do you think they care about the economic hate crimes they've foist it on the working men and women. I mean what he even start with that. It if you think there's not a war. A civil war within the Republican Party. Think again. And Steve Bannon is they're generally. These are general Robert elitist point. By the way to those of you don't know a Steve Bannon does his many of you are familiar if you're part of the baby boomer generation. You're very familiar with. Steven's grandfather now we're so race stand in from Johnny quest. Number race. It was a one always just a lot of trouble. Here's an update on our pretty Jack but people this afternoon do you agree with time magazine's person of the year being the men and the women. Does that sound came forward for sexual harassment allegations 56%. Disagreed no wrong wrong person. 44% agree. Did assure opinion by going to our web site W Euro dot com. We'll get to love more your comments coming up here is just a few minutes will continue a conversation about the other rally. Also have another on another comment from a Steve van and also we're talking about time magazine. And time dot com may mean that these are men and women who came forward for sexual harassment allegations as this be the person of the year. And we you think about the impact of all of this had on not only on the news. But on America. I think that was a good choice and if you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601 a seventy. Erick are 504260187. Or text is a 7870. On I've posted a video by something we're gonna talk about later on the WWL radio and the scoop on the year FaceBook pages and it's about. The president's plan to change. Detecting. Process. In the workplace will get to that later in the show we'll be right back. Are we're gonna dedicate this song to every man who is guilty hater inadvertently or on purpose. Of sexually harassing women. I think creeps. Will be good to name two or discard those people. I'm screwed in the afternoon are 1053 WWL SN 870 AM and DaVita drills dot com and we welcome you relishing or every York. I'm being brought line or on the radio on your on your phones. Last night there was a rally with Republican candidate Roy Moore Steve Bannon was fair calm among other things he bashing Mitt Romney and criticized Romney for. Odds for bashing our Roy Moore. I'm saying that Roy Moore has more integrity in his little finger than Romney has in his his whole body and I. And we talk about somebody like Mitt Romney in mean you might not agree with his politics. But that's that's really a stretch and I think that expose this on the character of a Steve Bennett. I mentioned a moment ago how how serious the civil war is within the Republican Party. And I mentioned vets like I consider Steve Bannon to be deer are Robert. And I got a text that says maybe he's there on Ulysses S. Grant. Maybe so. Maybe this is the beginning as a Republican Party changing I don't think so I don't expect that to happen. Because you're simply not enough like minded individuals to support that movement within the Republican Party. Bites. But toward say here's so what Steve Bennett had to say about Roy remorse democratic opponent. I can't believe this brother is run and in the state of Alabama with this record. It's amazing. What planet are you on. Guns abortion immigration trade. He's the Clinton global list. Yeah I mean this is this is an issue will be I don't have a problem we're sort of that the concept of being hurt our global respect you know this is a problem in Alabama meanest discard Doug Jones has a rather liberal record. Now he says he supports the Second Amendment and maybe he'd done this and I don't know that much of Saudi to one of these candidates are no more Bart board more because she's. And so many stupid things that he's got to introduce a lot. And now Whitaker kicked off the the Supreme Court bench in Alabama not once but twice yeah we talked about that stuff on the show. But this is a dilemma for for Alabama and I I understand the concept that this is this is Alabama's decision to make. That's true but you and I should be interested in every signature. That gets elected. And I brought this point up over talking about Kid Rock who were singing about running for the Saturday in in Michigan. And I think he's decided not to run. But somebody made a comment below what what are you care because it's Michigan but there are only 100 senators. And a guy like Roy Moore is like if you think we have stuff to talk about now. Wait to Roy Moore wins and gets in the senate. He's not gonna sit sheepishly in the corner and be court. He's going to be a blow hard for. For this bombastic. Extreme movement within the party so we'll we'll have a lot. To talk about from Kenner David your WW a good afternoon. Think it's true that it's not about the hypocrisy and Bennett bought not attacking president trump. Bob draft department. But I couldn't believe when hers is the now we should leave the children out that this is except that. Political politics. And I wonder if anyone on the liberal side would have attacked president Trump's children about serving in the military even though their active in the administration. Everything the children off base and it showed that. Think them scrawled on his belly. And you know look at the decency of the Democrats the governor of New York when he was founding prostitutes resigned. David what he was found any prostitutes. The Louisiana State Republican central committee gave him a standing ovation and a Republican senate caucus gave that but standing ovation. David you sick you think Al Franken should resign. Yes I do in the coming to that and Condit is gone. So what body has decency and integrity. Although you know who the Republicans don't have that these that the entire city that has both saw. We know it's it's interesting and I think it was 1993. When a senator Bob Packwood from Oregon was involved in a sex scandal Capitol Hill. And John I'm about that time Mitch McConnell. Said that the Republican Party. Should support him being kicked out because of what he's done. Even if they lose the seat because. Integrity was more important than party politic she says that back them. Well a catwalk were mounted on the President Clinton and peace in front page that they set up character counts. The thing people are now voting for Roy more what hypocrites. David I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601 a seventy. Every coach 504260. When he Saturday. Tex embers a 7870. Here's a Texas says some I think trump tennis a bunch of loose cannon. Grant men. Like man affords. Like O'Bannon and the wind down a ski here's another text that says ST ban is a blank. Blank blank. And I'm a Vietnam vet. I'm scoot hangover coming right back into their bureau. And that's what the silence breakers did they set out for their rights it took us some of them awhile to do it but they've they did it and that has been time magazine's person of the year for 2007 team. So I'm Kelly Connor the first time dot com editor explains why these women were chosen. These are the people the men and women who launched a movement against sexual harassment at a speed in the nature that's basically unparalleled in modern times. Yeah I mean I think they're the biggest impact others and and yes there were some men involved in there as well I'll be back to your calls more your checks start coming out from Metairie Chris welcome to the show. And they screw it to be on. A couple of things for Islam dyslexic so horrible names she's gonna have to help me. Okay. Dole and governor. Bill first and ran for governor he as the Republican and the Democrat won what was his name he was from the senate. He had she known as slaves would prostitute. Came out on Tuesday news. It gave him a great politician on the observed Republican. You hold it coming in the key piece on the children's life and bring things home life. Action. Came knocking it being elected. And I wouldn't comment on all of this sexual harassment should consider him a column. I told my nephew who I've basic goalie. Publicist for being here for the majority of life. When he started seeing the treat girls like you would want someone to treat you much glory days. And I'm I can't even tell me I can just see you know when he took their fielders eakins. Here earlier the only the only problem is bats on that I'd she is a mean nobody wants a picture of their mother on a date. I hope I know that another unfortunate she Crist court. Point eight ups do you realize that and wouldn't surprise as eco of it looked like imam and a guy it was a girl like me very much as a sweet girl should ultimately ultimately. You know just sensible goals that. Yeah I'll and oh man in their mom Shia sheiks have been about a long time zones. It would certainly is. Didn't work. Our date. Over and I gave you guys that everyone is accusing him his name is. Roy Moore Roy Moore OK. I believe what. Record. Actually on Fox News ID date being questioned and then DEE trade action. Fox at all or an easy conservative Republican in received. And I think it was going to be any yes and if you do you know reduce and he's it's him and change. Elena when he says something as innocent something to the effect does you know when he was asked to do Jeffords a teenage girls and he said on not usually. Usually. Are. Wild and come on lets you know there were 141516. Excuse me fourteen or you know on camera for an even in the eighties and they Mississippi the triple a fourteen. Day brought it out but it it is. Any you know what even if the state didn't change it on May be you as part of society should change it or not do it. Hello hi I've I have no problem. I can't handle Thomas seat on the extremely young for my age in and an eighteen and nineteen year old girls come and say. You know almost friendly she'll take you via 49. You know aware. I'm bless you Jean Smart mom looks for years and that she is. And and I actually am weary or cynical should be sir I looked at me like the groups what. And it has been a mile anyway I have no interest in that. Just. Well if it in the school you know. Especially if you're married you should have no interest in that if you were single and an eighteen hour came on dealing and let you know what I dated people are a lot younger than me. But. It has to do with fear their mentality I had to do with their intellect and their personality didn't have anything to do with their age. And and to be honest with you there are a lot of people my age says I don't relate to hunt I've relate to people and in a lot of different categories but I don't Royce to somebody just because they're my age so. It's it's the spirit of the person and I'm assuming that you felt the same way about it. Yeah. I PX this possibly an eighteen year old up there but yet I think eighteen new rules for me millennial. I heard her. Well yeah the young candidate Chris and I'm gonna have to leave it there are gonna get some brave man I enjoyed our conversation thanks for calling ledger part of our. Afternoon audience if you're on house they would assign stooge who will be back. Yes feels like the seasons change it feels like the holidays and right now we've got some arena in downtown New Orleans it may be raining where you are right now. And he's cold and it is windy. From Metairie Jane sure under the W a good afternoon. I could thank you very much you know you'll expression it's cute about it viewpoint you think you get three of the other thing this morning that catch two of and this possible attacks on the Mitt Romney children. But when we looked it looked at his favorite candidate Roy Moore something that I saw today Roy well Roy Moore children. So and they turn it. What has been arrested four times it would 14 in a drug charge and other charges basic driving under the influence both in Alabama into our. And again and again the only drug related arrests in Alabama it's still don't think they run into that would on the mission of the. James even even. I know I've by and its its interesting but even worth even without that where and when you think about Steve Bannon bashing Mitt Romney for criticizing Roy Moore. Bashing him on the basis of he and his five sons did not serve in the military. I don't know that they even tried to get out of going to the military not everybody was asked to go not everybody was draft it but Donald Trump. Did try to get out and he got out on five deferments so how can you be trouble loyalist. And dash Mitt Romney for not going in the military mean again. This is the hypocrisy diddley we'd live with every single day this is the hypocrisy there is killing us. As a nation this is the kind of stuff that is a greater threat to America. That crisis is right now. And by the way to Trump's credit the drug administration's credit. ISS is is is losing their territory they have been losing a lot of territory. You know if if Donald Trump would stop doing some of the things that he was doing in May be they would be more focus on that and more focus on the fact I think around. I'm about 40% is the number often decreases the amount of the decrease in illegal immigrants trying to get her illegal immigrants try to get across the border. Does significant accomplishments they're good but then there's all this other stuff. I'm still it will be right back on WL.