Insulating pipes

The weather in Louisiana has been colder than normal. 


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Mr. meteorologist. Dame knows. Good morning and man Nash no no worry about the pipes this morning yeah no the mother nature's here of course you pipes with a a second while she dead end well thing is though they'll let your guard Omnicare is tonight and tomorrow night back to. You know what we're looking within the cold hard for parents and clouds are moving out today which is the good news that means we get some sunshine today. The bad news is it means we will have another hard freeze overnight tonight into tomorrow morning we will but this morning some fun actually going on snow along the coastline I ever got answers yeah I've gotten text messages and it's 7870 from bracelet Gramercy and Covington between 230 and 3 AM myself flurries. And you're saying it's happening right. Now Monica yes we have some decent if you go to my Twitter page gave underscored just bomb we have. Down in urus an error in the weeks you know leave bill Louisiana actually some accumulating snow down there aren't some of the vehicles and ultimately road trip. Yeah so are due Carter is on the way trying to get down the newseum which we can find. I think is the snow is about to come to an end anyway we all expected to be here it's roughly between 3 AM and six Hammond were almost at 6 o'clock so. It's exiting just on cue there the civic conceal flurry here in town this morning but temperatures in the thirties. It allowed to write you know please we just kind of missed out on the snow here there were reports Aaron what are the current temperatures as we know with 36. Better than the 26 with Catholic districts it is held in front. 33 to a fully wind chills in the twenties and thirty is not the single digits and teens. Like yesterday's in Estonia bubble up today as the the temperatures will drop down to the upper 20 still this morning in need to lower thirties he uttered just below freezing here in the world once. Little later than normal normally this. You get the coal is by 7 AM and then they stoke rebounding what's that he may take talk about it and then we'll start to one back now. Wasilla sunshine this afternoon to mark 42 degrees the ball. I had as a warm weather we've been so I'll take temperatures in the forties he couldn't get there yesterday had some record lows yesterday looks like we won't have any today but we could get more record low. Tomorrow we could then come close to them as well tonight and a drop down to 23 of the Norse short 28 on the social work. This is with some clear skies expected for tonight's are definitely be quite cold. I can. As we go on into tonight's it definitely take all this freeze precautions once again for tonight. And then as we head on into tomorrow lot of sunshine 44. Down the twenties and both sides of late Thursday night Friday sunny 48. Backed the twenties north thirty south but still some freezing conditions Friday night. And 52 on Saturday. That. How hard and it's great to do differently brand on and winds were tailgating Sunday for a 340 kick off in the superdome wall temperatures Beilein well look at that 67. For nice club that's yet as part near seventy when we're party and outside the gum and getting our game faces on. For the saints to face the Panthers in the playoffs that sounds nice every parent. It's indeed yes so we're looking at that as we head into Sunday then Monday. Still the sixties but fraught brings us showers and thunderstorms. Now. Well and we Sunday we are dormant so there on missile celebrate into the night hopefully after the saints advances divisional round of the playoffs. And then we'll worry about that on Monday morning so no pipe wrapping this morning don't have to keep the water trickling this morning but tomorrow night into. I mean tonight into Thursday morning you will have to make sure used your posts are wrapped and you are trickling that water and just to keep them. Wrapped anyway. I don't steal Abdul. I don't understand where the piper appears from previous years I don't know why people have to reroute their plight while that is leaving on. I mean if you did a couple of years ago me if you know disintegrated or better we can but has stood styrofoam stuff last forever she sat yeah I've never understood that. If people who remove their type wrap I put them in the one raw it's people file has been a San why do you. Get off from previous years why isn't it still there keep your pipes wrapped always do and and decide on present X rated 7870 says my pipe wrapped gets knocked off by a weenie eating every year. When I cut grass that's why after replace it most as my dog ate my pipe wrap from the last Turkey is so that's why I him reroute the dog ate the pipe wrap. It is. Yes to have surgery to removed to a dog pass type dog eating styrofoam that's a little weaker now the president vaccinated 78 Demi says of people who have to buy new pipe wrap every year. Are the same people have to go by Newport why do it every year to board their windows during hurricane season. It what do you what do Williams is he's an absolutely nowhere to story here plywood. We hear this story a vibrant just stays there MIC we needed off for your dog eats at. People have been vaccinated 78% of all kinds of reasons on why they no longer a pipe wrapped one person says well I'm getting use my powers of my pipe is or. Well I didn't say your faucet. Obviously take to cover any wrapping off your faucet. But the height that leads to the faucet why would you take the wrapping off on that someone earlier had suggested the problem was that their dog eats the piper. Somebody else says they cats in his neighborhood. Use the pipe rappers are scratching post and terror and up and then it falls off. And then I got to thank. I don't know what happened in my play press complex it or don't have like eighteen inches of pipe to that will be rapid in one Madison so I don't know what went. Have a great day folks happy hunting.