I'm Not Betting on LSU

Professional handicapper with Doc's Sports Services, Raphael Esparza, talks to Krisitan about the line on LSU and what Vegas thinks LSU will do this season.

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Is LSU in the in the program in the incline or decline or Connor remaining stagnant. How many wins for L issue over and under is at seven from Vegas. You taking over our the other. Final four to 601 a seventy text 8787. And have Raphael sparked a spar as a professional handicap or with doc sports services join us right now rob Gil thinks that the time we so appreciate it. Not a problem. Raphael so over and under wins for LSU it's seven what's what's the reason you guys set it at seven. You can't read it. Sound outlook I've pretty much all of these on community opened up with Miami near Miami that three point favorite in week one. I think a lot better in the back and put my money and intimate look at new wind speed over a minute that we you know bullish. But I just don't even go past. That can be an out of Auburn Georgia Alabama. I'm relieved that the league is going to be even better and it happened meddling in 08. Which is right now L issue. Lot of young populist the quarterback could mean surprise a lot of people would do wonders. And I think it's going to be a paper about these builders so like that but that game and it can be hard again. Where are they will they be favored if you if you look at. We three years Auburn on the road would they be for Ellis should be favored nagging. Now I don't think he'll be papered. In Auburn immediate. Now I think it could be that the right mean and yet of course Alabama two of the main. I really like it. Is that it. All of cabinda and pride in it you know I'll be watching these important. OK so there's in theory two losses right there right 33 games. In the got. The Ole miss in there. Which you never and I. Yeah that that the that the question mark what. Would omit connect. Amnesia begat the bigger question mark it would now accused of. And obviously you got Florida the following week on eroding gains though they would be favored there either. They'll we I think it. Appropriately. Right now that you have on Alley shoot like old war. The media buys an impending on schedule now that we're thinking yet in order would be off now. Three straight home games after the Florida game he got Georgia Mississippi State and Alabama. He gets the key thing to be favored against Georgia or Alabama and I'll clear though that they would be right. I don't know I'll be either one gentleman we did break up the middle middle of the schedule coming up a awarded a lot of be read. Toward a couple of tours that number could be it could be that important swing and I'll. I'll determine how would that alchemy against that. Circled on my might not be an excellent advantage because. That number could be that the templates we depending on how LSU played. As well. Down sonic go down the list and and figure out where where in losses might come from where the winds might come. This summer talk about Georgia Miami Auburn Alabama they're not beaten Alabama I don't care what any LSU fans says unless Alabama just flat out does not show up to the stadium. And forfeits they're still whale policies beat Alabama this year and aside from some crazy miracle. So. Who or who are some of the teams aside from Alabama. Course of the teams this year in the SEC mention Alderman who are some of the teams in the SEC they could surprise with with even bigger win totals and maybe a people thing about. Now. Just took a look at what the makers. That we have. Typical work program my book you used to be about it you odd numbered and I mr. I'd like him if I execute our eyes off equipment that would. I was elected leaders tee. I think it can be. And it he's been a lot better. But I'm glad that there an apt but a bit our side and are not quite and be a unit shall I have alleged beating Arkansas. That you could immediately available in November and trying to on the speaking. I like him going to Arkansas and Whitney and acting and me waiting it race. Huge Clinton and you know that didn't get that big government they got back at them but. I think Arkansas might be that team like that scripting you like lob him but did you know doubts by solar energy meanwhile are the worst season. Rob hill spar is a professional any capital with doc sports services. Add VS I doc sports on Twitter. Run el Amin I don't know I don't know how how could LSU get above seven Wesley and others would what do you feel like could be hit. The wildcard then getting above that seven wins special. I think that. There opposite the pick and scored them that they could. Be the point it is over regulated out with a point. And I totally different opposite that we mean Elliott you and keep it intact. I came at me. In Quebec community. At the other one right opined I think it. The greens are. Provisions of the quarterback in the army corps did it surprise that the war in. What are already being Manolo and get big ugly cornerback went in opposite David it would more. I mean what I'd get it in any. A bit of quarterback. David piper then we can type and maybe. We can that it could beat tech is you know I don't blow our own remote. I think on the wooded and have a minute. At the that he Indiana. It couldn't be that would be on opposite event. Use the Internet. I think it is a great quarterback that these media. Eight. Eight I think that minimize that impact the election. Eight wins her as the Max. I think but yet we waited until I mean that all of that and about older you know numbers in order to did it. Alabama and Arkansas and I have little an apple number. So late wins Coachella and those drawn. Can't survive that can't. I think he's gone this year I mean and let the the money to make it that night. And I waited a little immunity in ticket. And a goal is to allied victory and I think even in Wimbledon and Tuesday. Raphael sparked a professional handicap with Cox sports services good insight we Persian. I almost doubling comeback for Ryan admits that he YE putting down LSU Christian can we to have this conversation this sports talk here on WL investment aka.