If you voted for President Trump are you concerned about his stability?

Thursday, October 12th

Even if you voted for President Trump are you concerned about the stability and credibility of the President? At what moment did you either confirm or change your positive opinion of the President? Are these concerns legitimate or biased?


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Welcome to our show and a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I hear that we're gonna feel less humidity especially tonight and tomorrow morning it's still going to be hot but there is an alleged cold front. That is moving through but I think we're actually gonna feel fall weather sometime next week so it is coming. The big question is what's gonna happen with the National Anthem Sunday afternoon and the Mercedes-Benz superdome. No Norman was talking about the controversy over nearly two the National Anthem. This is all about rights it's all about what is appropriate it's about a lot of different things a furor holes and you wanna stay on hold a ditch your calls here. In just a few minutes also let me remind you that. I've got appeared Alicia tickets to giveaway for the LSU Auburn game Saturday. Death Valley if you would be a caller to our contests line when you hear. The only issue fight song. You're going to be aware of the tickets and the the phone numbers that you don't call the content don't call leave the line that you calling to get it on the show. Call the contest like. Which is area code 504260. Win and you might wanna write that down WWL contest saw 2609467. Eighth caller points to take us to see LSU and older and that is going to be one great game Saturday afternoon. I hope it's a great game always a really great team and LSU has. Shown some positive signs recently. It isn't often that I question. What I should talk about on the show. And if you listen you know that I'm not afraid of controversy all topics. I'm also not afraid of criticism. But I thought long and hard. About whether or not to address. This topic. And the more I got into it. The more I realized. If I'm any kind of an incredible talk show host. I can't. Not addressed this issue. It's been addressed in the news. This is not. A popular thing to talk about with a lot of talk radio listeners. And I wanna be honest with you I'm gonna get a lot of criticism for this. A lot. And that's okay. What I'm asking is if you agree with me. I would like you to be as loud. As the opposition years. I don't care about the opposition forces. But so often. You feel like only one side is hurt. Because one side and it's the negative side decide that disagrees. Is always a louder aside up for debate. And I guess part of that is human nature. If you had a terrible meal at a restaurant you're more likely to tell people that if you had a great deal of restaurant. But you're going to be more passionate about it you might say oh we have a greatly. Complement this it was terrible and let me tell you walked. So. As I get into this but not only for this topic. But for a lot of topics. If you disagree. Where's the negative. Then standup and be hurt. Because there really are moral flaws. Then there are of them. There's a collection of information pouring out of the White House. And that is combined with absurd words and comments. For president trump himself. And all of this should send a shockwave. Across the golf America. President trump tweeted a message. To America. It amounted to a threat to take away NBC's license to broadcast. Because of a story the president says is false or. Fake news. This story involves reports from sources there were in the room at the time. That president trump said he wanted to take the US nuclear arsenal. An increase of ten fold. The president says that's not true. And NBC should lose its broadcast license or something to that effect. President trump also denounce another NBC story. By secretary of state Rex Tillerson calling the president. A blanking moral. NBC claims to have credible witnesses. And is standing by both of these stories in the face of president crop insisting. This estate news. But there's more. President truckers reported to have blurted out I hate everyone in the White House. They're also reports that the president's admirable chief of staff general George Kelly. Is frustrated. And he's miserable in his position. And there's talk of a graceful exit. For Jim Kelly. The president says that. Estate news. President trump bullied his way into the debate over the NFL players nearly two the National Anthem and we continue that debate. The president created fake news himself this week. When he deceptively misrepresent or a statement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. This is all just gone to the point where it cannot be ignored. And it has to be taken collectively as a sign that something is not right. Roger Goodell statement did this is not my opinion this is a fact. Roger Goodell statement said that everyone should stay and for the National Anthem. President truck jumped on that statement as proof that his involvement in the controversy cost the NFL to change its position on the issue. Dell statement was consistent with the NFL rule that players should stand for the National Anthem. President trumped touted his power by saying the NFL rule. Had been changed and the league was demanding that players stand. The difference between the definitions of should and demanding. It's obvious to the average middle school student. President trumps child like attack on the height. A senator Bob Corcoran. Who openly challenged the president's ability to lead America. Was met with further condemnation and more questions about president trusts mental. An emotional state. Coworker said the White House. Is like an adult daycare center. This picture. It is being paid to president trumps mental and emotional state is frightening to me. Now his longtime friend Tom Barrick coupe produced the president's inauguration. Has now come forward and questioned who Donald Trump has become since becoming president because his behavior is beneath him. The president's political siamese twins Steve Bannon. Said the president trump only has a 30% chance of finishing his first term. And the biggest threat to the president is the 25 amendment which gives his cabinet the power to remove the president from office I doubt that that would happen. Put all of these clues. That something isn't right in the White House. And those disturbing one is is the president's blatant disregard for the First Amendment. And the suggestion that NBC's right to have a license to broadcast is in question. Because of what the president deems fake news. This should send a chill up the spine of every American. Especially the trumped loyalists. Gore also loyal to the constitution. First of all for the record. Networks do not have broadcast licenses. That goes to the individual stations. NBC I think owns 28 stations. But those local stations have licenses the president was wrong about. They're having a broadcast license but. That's the way this is being operate the system this is what's what's coming out of the white house on a daily basis and it just building and building and build. First of all. As I said there's still license to broadcast for network. But also the the severe retaliation. For story damaging to the president's image. Is the kind of threat. But you that you hear about in a government led by a dictator. Not the government of the United States. Republican senator Bob sense. Of Kansas. Question the president Trump's comment. About the NBC story showed that he was denying the very oath of office he swore to when he took office. Time. After time. President trump has defined himself as a person who was obsessed with getting attention. And it's driven by his message eco. And appears to be willing to go to any lengths to protect his image and his ego even if it comes to the detriment. Of the American people. Not all of the host on the Fox News Channel. Our super conservative. But Neil Cavuto. Candy described is a very conservative host on fox news' Neil could borrow is a very loyal trump supporter. This week on his Fox News show. Neil Cavuto. Directed his commentary directly to the president of the United States personally. And in the commentary. Cavuto said. To the president. Some of your tweets are making the people you need to run for cover. He said on your tax plan. Mr. art of the deal. Is killing the deal. New Google also said on Fox News. You can't drain the swamped. If all you're doing is throwing mud. He said to the president tweeting out tacky insults. Just seems beneath you. Cavuto said the president is running out of friends faster. Then he's running out of time. And finally he said it frees you. It can't be the thunderous applause of a base that is a growing. It's time to reach beyond that base. You are the president of all of the people. At the close of his commentary. Neil Cavuto said he's gonna get taxed. They say he's clueless. He's gonna get text that claim he's had a global list. He even said I'll get Texas AM affect you for switch personally Felix. But he said that he was motivated to talk directly to president trump. About being a human being he. It's not harmful message directed to the president. From a host of the cable news network that is constantly. Something that he's racing and promoting. Is this fake news to Mr. President. If you would like to join us for the comment. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Erick are 504260187. Texan for states every Saturday. And again. I know I'm gonna be criticized for this and that criticism is gonna be laughed out because that group. Because it's it's a against something is very very loud. So I'm asking you if you agree with me that we need to stand up and be as loud as they your. Because they're truly are more of us in Aurora Sam and this this base of president trump in his mind. It's not the group to put him in the White House. A lot of people still wanna talk about what was talked about last hour the NFL protests in that the National Anthem will continue that conversation. Overall solve this afternoon gonna talk about. What seems to be instability coming from the White House. I'm skirt and we'll be back and every of your own. Hey you know is there is laws and hate for the president of Yugoslavia pace for President Obama as well. And by the way I Kellyanne Conway who counsels the president. This is humorous. She said she doesn't use the term fake news. She's designed the person in the west wing. Who's never actually uttered the words fake news well that's already been proven wrong we're dissident here in just a few red asylum to get back to our your calls here. From Covington. Jennifer thanks Franken on your on WWL. Hello Jen. My comment and question and it concerns the NFL but we can easily worked into your marvel okay. The First Amendment. Has been used to alliance some of them were and in. Speech and actions. That we can imagine. Forward. Player that right to eat. The president has been just speak. And it's great to be though. Each itself he needs the I. Is my question. About the now. One scenario. Do the players people you know. Come up with this scenario that. With one record player. Well I would say that the players that won a protest. Are winning now because they are still protesting. And if there are no rules in the NFL preventing them from protesting and they're not breaking any rules however the NFL teams do have a right. In my opinion. Two. To pass certain rules that would prevent them from dealing the the NBA has has a rule that all players must stand. For the National Anthem but that doesn't mean that some are gonna find another way to protest while they're standing so. You know it's if you think about it it's really difficult to rob somebody of it's the opportunity to make a gesture. Hahn but then also again that the teams in the NFL date they had every right to set new rules and so far that has not changed. Yeah. I objective. When it. To own that you can have free speech on the football field they. A very definite objective. Why they're protests. And and how would you define checked us. How we should find that the objective. We. Commentary. For bringing. 20 we are certain. Socially and that's correct or at least were. Happening there. I believe. I so what you're what you're saying Jenny is what is it. It'll have kept himself in my hair. You know I think I'm staying important excellent. Side he has jewels. Well I you know I I don't know I can't answer that but the players are hypocritical if they don't do more than just Neil you you can't just kneel and say you want change you have to go out and do something and Jen I'm getting close to yourself. I've got to leave it there on the the players into the players that are nearly if if they are so. Strongly convicted when it comes to dealing with this issue. Then they have got two for their own credibility they've got to go on and do something. If you're Arnold stay with a signed scooter will be right tackle and every if you don't. Kellyanne Conway says that she doesn't use the term fake news. Well that's. That's not true. Since November Kellyanne Conway has lasted at least three news stories on Twitter. As fake news. Many close in New York Times article. Where she talked about on our Tennessee to publicly talk about what the president is thinking. In an interview in February with the CNN's Jake Tapper. Kellyanne Conway criticized. Fake news coverage of the top administration and defines it as presumptive. Presumptive and negativity about us. Crawford Texas Kevin you're on WWL thanks frank and on. They're going through some good. Or get your Treo pro bowlers were you. Revenue over wrote the merger. Occurs. Well when you Debra frontier who have because we've got really Ambrose here you are frozen just don't. Defense the problem are the Louisiana collect our referral service. Did you attend to go a little faster when you when you come back home and when you leave. Wrote about it record in government work for me and just. So I guess it. A are below. That are lower court anyone implemented or if the original builders. So but it bantam. Don't really hear speculate most people. I think VO of people of people that might not be here via a few months effort through urban affairs of people. I don't know the Democrat and Vietnam problem problem ridiculous and all of them so. Were critical about your color of somebody's. And not feature rather than a novel you do model to a you know lord via that affect him. Well I think it's I think it's too easy to say somebody's unpatriotic if they don't figure specific definition of patriotism but I I I I tend to think that people who understand the constitution. And understand. From our freedoms and understands America I I consider those people for the most part to be very very patriotic. Well and and you bring about the president look at all but marked him any political order elect you water column on Bravo. We're gonna pick off all of a mortar Communist or your org. You know I don't know don't personally in public commitment to. We know it was. Divers. Not reluctant to them anyway you have a thing like here at the average and leading anything. And oh that bird. Our revenues simply unless you're you're truck driver so Europe I do you ever see people do weird things in cars. Okay we don't even have sort of don't don't. Don't even answer but I can only imagine it. Interpret McGraw got to give up all of our practices. Jim and I figure there's. Is on the phone. And they complain about Brad forever but the book. I know Kevin I appreciate Colin drive carefully from the North Shore music did you mean. I shelling your under the WL. Thank you could take him have been waiting were shifted some minutes but I like to get my point across and I appreciate. Is bringing out which you bring enough about president and anybody that criticized issue. I think they need to be created and because it doesn't need people like. I think you do an intent to job within. Frankly my husband's there in years in the United States Marine Corps he was a Marine Corps later. It appalled me to see anybody Neil. In uniform. Whatever it is excellent and staring down on the job. Whether they think I'm not there on the job with the uniform. On that food policy. Migrant international market. But doesn't web producer and come back to the fact that there's no rule against what they do let me again maybe that should change but if there's no rule against what they're doing then they're simply doing what they're allowed to do under the constitution. Well you're right there but disappointed. If you've ever served in the military. It would be apologies are. Know there have been reserved in numerous countless veteran senators call the show is said Dave based fought for their right to Neil. Well. My husband and believes that way and send it that way and I think it's terrible I think if they want to protest they can protect some other tastes. And John for the record you know IIII understand that they have a right to do this and they're not breaking any rules. But I don't think they should do it you know I've talked many many times on this topic about how. Whoa there are times we should all come together as Americans and I think the playing of the National Anthem is one of those times. Okay now I'm be it presidential. I'm presidential. He is confident. The he didn't even know what the 25 amendment why do we do now if you by the president of the United States. You should get that top. Everybody should have about on them amendment. And if you don't know them especially if you think the president should them should have down and read every one. Rally and also what's even more disturbing than that John I've ever I appreciate comments and I think your husband forty different country. What's even more disturbing is the president's on false friend of you know NBC should lose his broadcast license. Networks do not have broadcast licenses. Local TV stations are licensed. Not to networks but the president didn't know that I'm sure some point we'll hear he was just joking. If you know stay with Michigan comment 2601 a seventy Texas every Saturday I dispute a coming back on Debian you'll. Our wrote an op Ed blog for our web sites. A tentative heroes are com titled why America should be concerned. And I've I've got a couple of text and that say I'm mad. I'm not Matt I'm scared. And I'm a very positive doc I mean I've said all along that you know one guy can't ruin this country. One president did the system is strong enough to withstand one president that you think just doesn't do anything right. But I gotta tell you what some things that are going on. I'm scared I'm very concerned about our future. From gin chilly Albert here and having a few out. Hello. Good. And I think if you go back to that day where we. Are you know it would be. If we duplicate. You everything that you need defeat of America. People went missing he made people get popcorn. Do. It and do slides open like America. You know right. Some people are they in or. Horry what you were written. And it it Britain. And him and it's who who ordered or inappropriate that vehicle in the country. I read it right there with them in the pre and yet there. They have to do. So out of you know but. That would like the creative grow that quickly. The player the day. Collected. What. Yeah A owners they're powered through and pull for certain from where. Oh where. But protest and the congress. He's doing very do able to commit via Bart in LA trade. And that's something we're at it as something they're gonna talk about the owners are meeting I've prior I rented to one observation is debts. The collective bargaining agreement allows. The two teams to have their rules about standing for the National Anthem but against somebody may find a loophole in there so we have to wait to see how that turns out. You know my my my whole position has always been luck. I don't think it's the right thing to do but they have a right to due to soreness or not breaking a rule. And there are people who who take from that. The idea that I'm I'm I'm I'm disrespecting the American flank which is absurd. Yeah I don't think so I think. What you don't know about the country is better. You know is your guide them and in you can organize more people readers are you know. They what do you believe in ignorance and it. You know you can go to the front there. You know who. Bring in our program there you might disagree. You know sold them there are people who may my perspective beard here in the black male like that you. He outlook. We're right move or see it apart from sort of interpreter when it weighs. You know I will say that you know are adequate if we're America. And people are or. Whatever. Well that's not bad that's true Albert arrived I appreciate the call here's a Texas as my son is currently serving in the US army. And he has no problem with players kneeling. Here is another text that says say just because they're not breaking any rules by kneeling in protesting doesn't mean I have to like it or agree with it. I have the right to be disgusted by their actions. Absolutely. I haven't heard anybody say that you don't have a right to be discussed it or you don't have a right to have strong feelings about that. Here's a pretty general opinion poll. Are you concerned. That it's there is instability in the White House. And if you're concerned about instability in the White House do you think it's legitimate. Or is it biased. 52% say it's biased. 48% say this talk of instability. Is legitimate. If you are hosting Renaissance scoot and we'll be back on every if you don't. All right the code word is coming up in just about one minutes. Listen to the code word in our nation wide free money contest Texas to 72881. Win a thousand dollars this afternoon do we do right now. Listening to governor of Euro. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll are you concerned. That are no are the concerns and concerns about instability in the White House. Are these concerns legitimate. What do you think they're biased. 52% say buyers 40% say legitimate give us your opinion are going to be if you don't talk allied don't have time dared to squeeze in another call here before the the code word and the news to we'll get back to more of your calls coming up in the next hour also I watched the debate last night at a three top candidates. I took notes about what they said we've got some highlights coming up I know you don't give a damn I know you don't care about you wanna hear about it. But I think it's important because it's a mayor's race. And we talk about issues and if you wanna change things I think it's important to vote so we're gonna add that to the conversation next hour. Whether people were talk about the debate and the mayor's race. Or not. It's important. It's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide free money contest that code word this hour is number. Text and you camera. The DR. 272 waiting for that seven to eighty point. 1000 dollars the easy way is one text to weigh industry money. Listen for the next code word right for the top of the hour news at 5 PM and good luck from Smart radio Entercom and all of us here to be WL. Whenever charge for text but individual plain text and data rates may apply please protection drive. If you're just joining us I also have fun talked about why. For the first time in a long time I'm really scared. About the direction our country and we'll continue that conversation as well.