If you don't or can't yet vote does your opinion matter?

Thursday, February 22nd

The high school students actively voicing their opinions have been dismissed because many are not even old enough to vote, therefore, their opinions don’t count. If the opinions of high school students too young to vote don’t count - then if you don’t vote - do your opinions count? Plus continued talk about NRA and gun violence. Full 3 pm hour.


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I hope you're having a great Thursday afternoon the spring like weather done is continue and there really is no sign ever gonna get any cold weather anytime soon you mean you. Q you saw the line mean in a pinch reported parts of it central north Louisiana. They're getting very cold weather but this front is not gonna move through. New Orleans so another spring like. Afternoon in the city I'm scared graduate this afternoon. There was a comment that was made on the show yesterday. And I want to expound on that. Camera today here in just a moment but if you're just tuning and we're talking about the president's problem listening session with students yesterday. The CNN town hall meeting last night in Florida with the students faculty and parents. And Ross are talking about Wayne Lapierre the head of the NRA and his speech before a conservative group this morning in DC. And the National Rifle Association is accusing supporters of gun control. Of exploiting the mass school shooting in Florida to promote their anti gun agenda. I guess that's in the same way. That gun rights activists have used those situations. To say things like sandy hook was a conspiracy it was set up by the government as a way of forcing this country to have a better gun control. Mean this. Came out from the far right. So I guess it's the same as that so I guess. Way not peer. The NRA I guess they would know about exploiting a shooting the 'cause they do the same thing as they sit at the very opening of the show this is a tough just a tough conversation from the because. I understand both sides. I understand what the NRA saint. I don't agree. But I understand their point and some of their points are very very legitimate. And the NRA does some things like school would shield program. Where they have a plan to help. Have armed guards at schools. What's wrong with that. But there are people only at the site who don't even wanna work with the NRA because it's the NRA. And then you have the NRA using scare tactics. To push the other side away and to do what they can to attract more members looked. The NRA think about it it's the NRA is powerful. And it's very very very rich. They have money. In a nation of 340 million people. The only have five Billy. They don't need this country alike tend to be successful. They just need enough people to like them to make them rich. And that's what's already happened. Marco Rubio last night at the I get to that here in just a moment but let let's do a couple of highlights of it affects your calls in just a moment. But a script it to a couple of the highlights are I'm from from last night and then I'm gonna tell you came up on the show yesterday which I think is a really interesting thing to think of at the CNN town hall last night's hosted by her Jake Tapper. I democratic representative from Florida Ted Deutch had this to say about the community. The ou folks in our community don't want words they don't want to thoughts and prayers they don't want discussions today why. And senator Bill Nelson Democrat from Florida were their last night on the station he had this to say about certain weapons. I grew up Porter ranch I've always had guns I hunt and all my life. I still hunt with my son. But an AK 47 and end an eight. I see and here's the part that I understand. I'm not a gun enthusiast but if I wore. I think I would want to own one of those comments. And I would wanna go to the range of I would want to experience that if I'm into guns that I'm gonna wanna hit I'm gonna wanna experienced data extreme. So I understand that. But there should be more done. To keep them out of the hands of the wrong people it's not gonna make us all safe it doesn't mean it's some bad people aren't gonna get a hold of them. But this idea that since the law and this is another problem. They are those who say well you know the laws not gonna changes and make us all safe. So let's not do anything. But you don't do anything. Even the president is talking about raising the age for buying a gun from eighteen to 21 I can argue that you should be able to buy garnered eighteen. But there should not be this income grew its where you can buy a handgun. You can't by hand and until you're 21 which complain they are fifteen when you're eighteen I mean. This just expose us to stupidity of some of the gun laws and and how they're apply it just makes sense to me. Last night at the scene in town hall. Can McCaskey. A student. I addressed Marco Rubio ballot and Ari funds serve. Can you tell me right now that you might accept a single donation from the NR. And here where is Marco Rubio is response you get. I side. Influx of any movement beyond that. The influence of these groups comes not from money he influence comes from the millions of people that agree. Yeah right. I applaud Marco Rubio for going there I thought he was brave to do that Florida governor Rick Scott was not. I'm Rick Scott has an a plus rating with the NRA. He doesn't want to jeopardize sent. So more important than dealing with this issue he wants to protect the money that he's getting from and the rating that is getting from the NRA. This it is it an exact example of how powerful the NRA is. But I applaud Marco Rubio for being there. He talked about some of the problems. That would not be solved with gun laws alone. I'd say the palms or facing here today cannot be solved by gun laws alone. And I'm gonna tell you what we've done already what I hope relatively normal life is the fact are absolutely nothing about what you work. And here's what you get a little choice did you say that. And and have a son a father Fred Gutenberg drew a lost a son can't ion torrent posted daughter into into shooting and I'm he referred to it he says they're killing machines and luckily that's the opinion of a lot of people like and I understand that as well. A rubio went on to talk about the problem whereas the so called assault style weapons threat. I do really what you're saying is true I believe that someone like this individual and anyone like him shouldn't have any done about this is that any guy. But I want to explain to for a moment the problem with the law then they call the assault weapons ban. Andrew we also went on to talk about Tom loopholes and that if you if you ban. If you ban some guns well UB banning every guy. It's not the loopholes that's the problem that once you start looking at how easy it is to get around you literally have to manage every semi automatic rifle. Yeah okay. It. And unmarked or Marco Rubio are sweeter today that he's not in favor of banning semiautomatic. Weapons he also last night at through the town hall on a CNN. Said that he would consider supporting. Bought stock grants and also better background checks. If you are eighteen years and agents should not be able to my rifle on our support a law that takes that right away. Support the banning a bonds stocks and and I know that the president sort of the attorney general to do it and if he doesn't we should do it by law. I will support changing our background system so that it includes more information that it includes now. I gotta check just a moment ago from somebody has said John explain further what she meant when you said it was a good show last night. I think that just explained it I mean that there was a lot of open conversation. There was a lot of passion. And I really saw there's a lot of deep that the students were really. Really brave on a national stage and we're not intimidated and they we're not gonna just accept patent political answers. Here's something that came up on the show yesterday that I wanna talk about further today. I got a text yesterday. From a listener. They said. And this reflects the attitude of a lot of people the opinions of these students. Doesn't matter. Because they're not even old enough to vote. Some are but some marked. Some may not be old enough to vote now but they will be old enough to vote by 2020. But this sport up a really interesting concept. It's a student's opinion doesn't matter. Because they can't vote. Then does your opinion matter if you don't vote. A lot of people don't vote. Look sometimes something comes up and you can't vote. But there are people who don't vote. Do you lose your right to have an opinion in America if you don't vote. And if you say no then you cannot argue. That the students' opinions don't matter because they can't vote. If you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 260. One a seventy. Harry code 5042601. A seventy text 87070. Now I did number 2601878. Text. Page survey seven. I'm scoops and we're coming right back. Under review well. Any surprise there's Wal-Mart ran this. This album but Sheryl Crow song is called love is a good thing. Yeah I understand that yet it did die it did hurt sales in the beginning but but ultimately our she got so so much exposure from a that I don't think she really suffered. Before you back your calls and we share a couple more moments last night from the CNN town hall. In South Florida I Dana Lohse where's he spokeswoman for the art of the NRA and she get a really good job of standing up for her organization. And they picked a very very good spokesperson here's part of what she had to say about the NRA and the mentally ill. This individual was nuts and I ignore them millions of people that I represent as a part of this organization I'm here speaking for. None of us support. People who are crazy who like danger to themselves for a danger to others can you know hands on a firearm. And she sheriff Scott Israel the Broward County sheriff immediately responded to watch the NRA spokesperson had to say. I understand you're standing up for the NRA and I understand that's what you're supposed to do. But you just told this group of people that you are standing up for them you're not standing up for that. And he. Made it back to your calls and demon year on WW dimension Damon. Yeah I am a big and so what you just talking about I think it's improper. I guess they call a column. They handle lots in the world a lot to get out when you have an Ari. Help make this isn't about gun control all of this protecting. If there that want supply in the garden and their of course there's an old book and who. That they they should not be at the table and that's why not build. A school. The lives are are demanding that these politicians. Not beat ball. The same thing that actually helping Chela. Well Damon I certainly understand that point but you know if the NRA. Has a plan mean just like people don't even wanna talk about it because it's the NRA and if they are willing to with all the money they have if they are willing to. Two to finance. Guards its schools that I think that's a plan that we should look into. Considering. You know on the back in the cut. Him no your not going to know your buying guns in the and are you buying guns from the manufactures. Oval will support. Mode to stroke. Well. Aren't the problem but it's OK to be. Yeah I it's my understanding those achieved it regards as I mean the guards that they would hire the mean that would not be. That would not be a lot of I guess some people would have to go out and buy a gun so I understand that point but I just again I I think. I went out with a lot. Simply born habit. No every play every part. Every guard you'll hear you hire you would partner. Come. Out. And I think you're right. For people who don't. Expect. It would be shall. Do weapon. Will. Help get the boy. You that. Damon I have to I have to leave it there because of gardeners coming up but look I understand your point but the NRA does not distribute guns I understand that they wouldn't. They would just support the measure because it would help the people who support in the gun manufacturers. We'll continue this conversation if your hole stay with a signed scoot Toomer coming right back. The good news tunnel. And be nice everybody do their run I mean not everybody should do that because some people need to have a gun with them. But don't far too many people take on this and they don't know how to use them responsibly and I mean you I'm never ever on the show ever addressing. The many the millions and millions the majority of gun owners who are responsible gun owners. We're getting news this afternoon they Jefferson Parish officials say students have been arrested in connection with a possible threat made a great ski high school Metairie. Two juvenile males and arrested for terrorizing in connection with a photograph. Every share on social media. Jim mr. sheriff's office says. That the photograph showed one of the two students posing in front of a white board with a drawing of him and the words future school shooter. Above the draw. And then there was a possible threat it to Helen Cox hi earlier. There were some problems side in the foolish Celso food scare. Is this. Is this just kids joking around. Or is this just an example of like I can be famous. Mean if if getting arrested is something that you strive to do because it makes you famous then you know go for bread. You know you have to give the authorities. Some some credit here because they have to take these threats seriously. Because some of these might just be kids teenagers joking around trying to be funny. By one of the problems with the last shooter in in South Florida was that there were some signs there that people didn't take. Seriously enough Wayne Lapierre is head of the NRA he spoke to a conservative group in Washington DC today. And he. Only he talked about it. He talked about the obvious. That banning guns doesn't always solve the problems. There lies don't stop illegal criminals from crossing our borders every single day. There are laws don't stop the scourge of gang violence and drug crime. That's savages Baltimore. Chicago. And every major American community. You know this is a legitimate point but is this a reason to not do anything to see this is the impasse that I IC. Here we've got one side that says well it's arkansas' problems so what's onto anything. You've got another site saying let's let's let's do something let's at least stepped forward because there's a lot of legislation that just never goes anywhere because he gets locked up. Because it doesn't. It doesn't come to debate infect the Florida house. Just the other day. All the students were heading there from South Florida that the Florida house. Voted to not even consider. Not even debate. And assault weapons span. And Wayne Lapierre and the the the NRA what what they're doing is they're using fear tactics. They're trying to convince you. It any adjustment and gun laws. Raising the age or anything. This puts us on the verge of socialism. And socialists are gonna get into power and the first thing they're gonna do. Is take your Second Amendment Rights away. And I just don't see any trends. This leads me to believe we're on the verge of socialism or they were even on the verge of having our guns taken away from the West Bank John here and every WL. It's Matt. Or outlook talk. Like that. I'm. Oh. Most. People watching more and are. And a lot of people in America. And they represent me and millions like me who contribute them. Wait and wait a way to manage wait a you you you're telling me the NRA does not work on behalf of gun manufacturers. Don't. I just haven't done but don't they don't sing on the air to do that to the NRA doesn't represent gun manufacturers because they do. I didn't say they didn't do more than that we just don't come on the show say they don't represent a gun manufacturers. And lastly you know what they're worried. And the Saul why people rely on Iraq. Okay telling. But if you can. So if you bang and the problem. Who. Oh I I I understand that I mean that was appointed Marco Rubio made last night and that may say he said you know I think there were 200 weapons that would be banned but there are thousands of weapons there. What would have to be banned used to band thousands and thousands of weapons if if that went through but it seems to me that there is a there's a way to two words that to where it is more difficult it's not going to be impossible. But more difficult for the wrong people to get their hands on guards and I think the bigger problem is mental health. It's the government agencies not communicating with each other but don't be nigh eve to the reality that the NRA. A lot of America the majority of Americans can hate the NRA they're OK with that because they're making a ton of money. And again a small tiny percentage of this country belongs to the NRA. But it's so small on 8%. That. Arrogance in which. We. Don't like and are in danger and. If you if you remember it is if you're one of the good guys that's fine you know Wayne Lapierre says he is the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with the gun. Right we need to define who's the good guys are because OK everybody's not everybody with a gun is a good guy and only criminals I mean there are a lot of honest. Law abiding citizens who were not good guys with guns. A lot. That are qualify to actually carry on this. What I'm must appoint or make it John I have to move on I appreciate the call on for the record us insight 2005. Since 2005 gun manufacturers. Have given between. Twenty. And 52 million dollars. To the NRA. So that's sets the record straight. The NRA. Represents. Gun manufacturers. If you're an old hang on I'm scoots will be back under visual. Well that's the attitude a lot of people have like any if you're responsible gun are nothing wrong with that. Got a text here that says some how much do individuals saw contribute to the NRA. You know by the way this this information came from us and our sponsorship fits on the RA. Kicks there are his residency and this goes back 2013. So that's the last information sorted it may be more than that by now. But gun manufacturers of donated twenty to 52 million dollars to the NRA a Todd they wanna know if how much how much independent people donate to the NRA so. A case its membership dues I if there are about five million and Ari members and we just got to figure out the to do Symbian figure that out. I'm wearing gloves here. With the NRA can be entering spoke today in Washington before conservative group. And he really made this is a very very legitimate point about things like Hollywood. If that's true armed security makes us less safe. Let's just go ahead remove from everywhere. Let's removed from the White House. From Capitol Hill. And remove it from all Hollywood. I mean that's a legitimate point. If armed guards. Don't make it safer. Then went to remove removed him from everywhere Thomas here under the WL. Yes thank you are gonna Kolb who are all we stick between now are clueless about the belief that out. Hey are you seeing our rightful if we'd be and that's. Hoosiers beat anybody out all memory. Are I am Emery. What the police stops are what the politicians. And and oh wait it was not a probably that we take these what you expect ought to development block quote start getting jail and do it much damage. And close right you'd like or more damage didn't go back or I'll rifle along on Jews were shooting at a desk. Not the rifle is the lack of respect for our speech as it is and opens aren't what happened did you did you did it they did say. I'm Dan let's talk about what sort of a something else what about John what about universal background checks. I agree with debt I've really odd because I agree I agree with sealed. But you can make a pistol and a close. And it ought to arrive. In the you a couple of clips you can party audit it to people who it is not the major problem. Is not the problem not begun. Problem I had gone out Disco years ago you don't know. Back. Yeah and got shot not let it get shot has not been done why aren't I remember that has that we we. In our. Welcome to the minute you might not be ideal game like. Oh no no that's an asset now on out and accept money. No I don't I don't police tell the police video games are to blame and and I don't think the NRA is totally dewine. Tires don't even Tomas Tomas. Thomas yes I have outs and I don't believe that it's fair to claim entertainment for violent behavior. I'm so I don't buy that I don't buy that argument. And you know we do I don't. Eat out. But lack of respect I blame the right I'm about to day I can I not had not been done you'll be part of its. And got her I don't get it on like good people and thanks and what did you do. That. You'd actually they are that this. Is our. I don't you show. I. On the plane and they Thomas have been playing and all afternoon. I'm sorry you missed it but just because you didn't hear or doesn't mean I didn't play it it doesn't mean that he didn't say it. You are National Rifle Association site that the government which episode it. You heard him play. I herb Wayne Lapierre saying that this morning and didn't that we are on the verge. Of becoming a socialist nation I mean I'm gonna have to leave it there because I've got to get to this for income and I wish I could go on that. Yeah I mean. It's not all the NRA. But this is the problem meeting in the NRA doesn't want anything done. And if we start to work on a few things maybe it would be better. I mean perhaps not but we're Donny and it's it's it's like we're not even trying. And if it really does come down to human behavior we aren't even trying to work on that. So look at the information now that a one year membership in the NRA is a forty dollars. And a two years 75 dollars and five years 175 dollars. Do the math there five million members. The NRA. There's a lot of money. I don't I mean I Jessica due to the match here but there's there's several different levels of sought a joining out. I'm still we'll be right back and interview room.