If You Can't Get Excited Now, You Never Will!

The Pelicans are making their way through the playoffs...are you watching?  Kristian says if you can't get excited about the Pelicans now, there's a problem.  What do you think?  Have you jumped on the Pelicans bandwagon?


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And it's a great Wednesday simplify welcome in to sports talk your til 630 tonight. Whenever he's off to Nielsen Sports Radio network excuse me 6 o'clock. And he's off to Yale she Sports Radio network they're taking on the tires to get onto angry wave 6 o'clock pregame 631 pitch. Amber earlier master control the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert across from me I'm Kristian garic. And pelicans 111102. They're up two games to none over the Portland TrailBlazer that they dismantled. Portland last night I guess at 111102. Up Freddie Mazda a ping people online at W to build I com who's the pelicans. In BP for the first two games in the series is a drew holiday Raj on Rondo or entity was a perhaps coach Alvin Gentry cast your vote on line. At WWL dot com final four to 60187 on the phone lines of text and 870. Hates everybody I heard you say in the sport flash they're obviously drew holiday what he's meant in its a player that's been maligned because of injuries at setter over his time in some more questioning. His contract worth when he got that that big deal last year but. He's proven to be. Huge addition to this team in the playoffs but I would argue. Rush on Rondo here's why. Did you see last night where he basically studied the Portland trailblazers so well he was called out their sets and plays to his teammates before it was even developing. Well and especially bill Laing when he makes 2033. Pointers. I mean that speaks for itself but it's gonna take a team effort you know in the playoffs. You cages to be leaning on ADR Jrue Holiday like you said. A Rondo needs the continued become a big and you know he's gonna push to peso. The one. Think he does it needed to is. You know have turnovers. And you know of the going to be aggressive that will come about but if he can avoid that they keep that number low. I think the games that too big for Rondo that you look at meritage. Mean he shot dead rainbow. Three pointer. They get the ball went out the TV screen. Analysts Ohio patent and nothing but net it was unbelievable and it's shaping. When he shaved his beard in the players reminding them to you gotta keep that thing tight. Daddy's average and two warning for. A point two points a game so law I think is an is a critical game. Thursday night it was a wise say that is because. When you have a team down. You wanna kick him in the death and you know put that nail in the coffin because you don't get many a rays of hope. And it'll last time Portland telling them their locker room while with this with the kings and we came away with a win. Suddenly the atmosphere is going to be unbelievable the first playoff game in the food kinks there since 2015. Dollars and that number we loss in game four of their first round against the Golden State Warriors but. They is going to be a sea of red. And I'm talking about pelicans redneck trailblazers red because all fans at Thursday's game will receive their red doing bigger pelicans playoff teacher. Please you know I want to highlight those freebies and and I'll be wearing that and hopefully have some meaning. That a forward is through three years on the road are I remember that season that was a special season and the bottom line is. They give a ray of hope. To the fans is like take Carol home court. And you don't win at home where all the sun the fans are high five and in Hoover and tolerant and win a series. To me that that's that realistic expectations obviously when Europe tool now. Chris you have 20 is like UN 92% and at time. So you don't wanna be in this 7% where you don't take care of in the city you look at last year and it occurred. And an and wanted to serve percent. Now Rondo when he broke his thumb that the Celtics are the bulls were out to bogus the Celtics. And the Celtics came back and beat him so I think it's critical that blog Vickie keep them down become loaded big win come Thursday night. I don't know arise on Rondo but really. This text sent sums it up pretty good how about we to series over before we were about a series of UPI agree totally that but through two games you have the walkway with a pressed by a lot of things. With the pelicans basketball team. And they are playing team ball right now as as the text or points out. That's the thing going into Portland and rich city and enact proud of that atmosphere it shows you the moxie this basketball team and I think another factor is. That the playoff experience of Raj on Rondo and being able to guide to these guys through this process and NB you know pull off two wins and a building. How well why do you look at that building since January 1 the trailblazers are twenty wins in three losses. And a pelicans that have gone and hostile environment they've now won three games in a row against Portland on the role. So when you look at all that how can and not bode well you confidence but I'll still take approached the matter with the sport. If you stout on defense. And getting those units of stops. Look who's played Damian and Hilliard better. I mean why like we drew holidays are guarding indicates score you wanna makes it out you don't have to get any kind of rhythm of Figaro which are doing. But listen. When you look at the column you'll get Hilliard in that that you'd. Period that billion Damione Lewis yeah yeah I'm like bush in his veins and yet but when you look at dipped to. There's like no one has played that time the defense against him in so when I look at right now where whereas it. And now you know and in the NBA looks at this you look holiday in Davis. And now be open I guess that in the sports players become the first teammates to make all the bits of first team. Chris Paul the Andrei jarred did that with the clippers that was in at the in his sixteenth season now only three other teammates have done it. In the past two decades so you talk about twenty years Rondo didn't that I to not a divas and Jim you know definitely we Kevin Garnett. When the Celtics. Mated back in 2011. Tim Duncan bruise bowling made it three straight years nothing on present that is tumbles 609. There Michael Jordan like an old school is Scottie Pippen did it from 96 to 98. So what you think of the pelicans as is pushing it running gun you know and the coach gentry a warriors dive office. But look at the. All pelicans this hour Nextel all NFL draft here on sports talk property Mazda people on line. At WW dot com. Whose opponent MVP for the first two games in their series against Portland that tells dropped to nothing Jrue Holiday. Raj on Rondo Anthony Davis coach Alvin Gentry cast your vote online or calls a 5042 Zito when he sending text 87 eights and I see market Portland bodies fired up I'm fired up. Let's give it the sports talk here on the beat him too well the New Orleans jazz and heritage festival is almost here and W two L wants that. Since you to the party at the best for free can see Aerosmith. Rod Stewart's being at Jimmy Buffett. While Richie Bonnie Raitt Sheryl Crow and many many more now through Friday to win is win Jazz Fest tickets plus they passed for two. To the bill like sent joint between now on 8 PM for the Jazz Fest artist song of the day when you hear it I'll give that number to call in to win a free tickets to the new loans. Jazz and heritage festival presented by shell from W dwell on our partners Miller Lite official beer of Jazz Fest Miller Lite great taste. Less filling. Bullets over a 504260187. Welcome back to sports talk still. Take it reveling in the pelicans. 111102 victory last night over the Portland trailblazers taken a stranglehold on the series at two games. A two game series lead now market Portland called us the other day was hallmark you're on W grew up. Those you have no idea how much. Last week I. Mean. We literally running. Oh. And I'm. And I'd like you know pop up. I'd bet we're right at him. Yet. Dot com. I'd just let them out in. Eminent. I didn't. Happen. So Marquardt UN attendants are you just on this. Eagle on alert and every. Saturday. And a. Right. When it. Went away. They brought right. Good good pop rock and the defense was phenomenal. How do you ever run. Of course you know and beauty yeah yeah yeah yeah. I. The two way playing ability of drew holiday has made a huge difference in the series yeah yeah. Well we had a career high with 33 point oh yeah. Aria yeah and. That many and then give it I'll read I am crying. And yet. So mark so mark its hostile environment because they really love they're trailblazers. Was it as an opposing band to V. In that arena like you're pregnant and could you look at how Aaron you do you feel like we threaten no one. And yeah. Then. We. Went. We. Keep it up Marc keep up mark. Game three tomorrow night. Can be rockets in smoking's in a market thinks things are the phone call is sold out games three and four and is leaking senate Thursday and Saturday. And men it's going to be that's before Bob's going to be over there a more eagle with a gain yeah I'm. Gonna get a halftime report oppose gay report talk to a set later on in double coverage I guess he's going single covers does these days solo man to man. Yeah men men men and says has that ability. But you look at that. Like I don't know how can you not like Rondo. I mean to be just a hater. Especially this day and age he's gonna speak his mind yet it's a new and its allies coaches but no I mean that the pelicans team needs now love. I I know what I say is people get put out by this is a little rough around the edges the media etc. but who cares and catch him play Iowa. He had what what he had he had nine assists last night the idea that he ran away from a troubled though yeah day he ran the pace the pace of play for the pelican has been something. And they've they've been doing when a successful all yearlong. And eight they've been doing it and been able to keep doing it for the first two gazes are well Olympic. Day or Iran and those are important because definitely it is she's like cool hand Luke this is he's too cool for school I mean you look around a disease same. Like he's overwhelmed never so I think in the pregame. And halftime and locker room. He's almost like a player coach and coach gentry trust is advised I know and because he knows Rondell within the best and visited team in his situation. So you look at right now Christian in 96 games without 98. As the only player in the roster who has played in more than 35 playoff games. Now it put that in perspective. Q talk about experiencing. That's on the UK pay far I guess you could pay part and adds to media bundles and debated 3.3 million. But then what I'll look at Rondo just to show you threats it is a bogey 'cause is considered the best big man in the game. But because this played 535. Career regular season games that the second most of any player in NBA history any hasn't reached the post season. And here he got a cat and Rondo. Christian. Look I mean he played 98. So bad that that you can easily cause a hundred playoff games he got experience and and then you know the one declared I was above cousins. For shark ties band. And that Jude from Israel the cast he was on the roster a meanie of cities and on the roster from a eighty got hurt for a week week and a half. Viet 552. As the only player would more. Then bogey cousin Phil. And I think a guy like bug because you know he could be. Flamboyant I don't know does the right word a confrontational. With the technicals and officials. Then I think because those kids in the wall the boogie cousins. Talk back to the right word but even I challenge. Rondo right casinos run on those are the hell he's talking about. Yeah look as to SR out last night AD was hot from the floor. And knew they won incidents align a couple times that Rondo slowly but surely started the if you watched it he wants to close the tell him what would they wanted to get up and down to Iran right anywhere any negative usually yeah they were doing it and they were set the pace of that game. From the start last night it looked they survived a couple runs from Portland. But by and large they pulled away at the end because of their pace of play you're seeing Alvin Gentry having come on over from the warriors couple years ago. Finally been a little play his brand of basketball kind of in the playoffs got a two game lead. And Alec hats off to the the pills for a number of reasons but in particular after you lose bone cousins you terra descriptive rewrite it. And he played for Brandon Bass well when you appoint its successful. Well the show you how they're structured in a team effort they won by nine points. On the road. And AD that he was scored the fourth quarter. And again the good numbers I'd like. No I think that bodes well for the gin. What he's done may be having this scored 3540 an obvious he's called upon to do that any as the come through but I I think that's a good sign when you get contributions across the board. Guys step it up. And you still win by nine and eighty Disney was Gordon report quarter. This was projected to go six to seven games. Might modify that people think and sweep for the Pelz. I think is a six iron. The Pallet is gonna win. I don't know of the winter's night in. All bets are off and you're you're really looking at a Sweden one game at a time though. Pelicans are doing a bigger and the playoffs. Well what do you say Chris I don't know they were gonna win last night because I was like. I was really the more athletic basketball team you could see that sports talk here on W two well. Jrue Holiday. Or what. Coach Alvin Gentry said about him. He's the best two way player in the game and a bit of a stretch that you coached well hookers and why exactly he said if he didn't. Name me and better to a player than drowned in and you can name him yet but he did I play and he's basically saying he's basically saying he's the best when this hour yeah. Well it's also because. Violin and why I now know coli Leonard to me is. That Dallas the Dallas and good. Assessment I think of two way player. That. Via I always gamble acquire later in the future with the spurs and where he's getting in. But when he said. We basically says as far as a two way guy goes. He's as good as anybody in the league require Leonard being Al. I would. Tentative agreement that. Drew. Tomorrow night and Saturday trying to close that maybe even sweep the Portland trailblazers. Larry what's well are you on W two well. And secret that Bob you know grow. Oh latter. Drug then go to the Ramallah the beaded would have going week. So I've played three slam built in thing. They don't do I take it all move on move on him. Now now think about it would just. Two weeks ago basically that Portland cain's you all of and they won. In his with the king sinners so when that long ago but. I agree got to keep the momentum going and now obviously they're all important. But if you get telly we get a split. I would much wind Thursday night. And India and you could possibly have a sweet but it still three that'd be three to one I was definitely. Think we take care of it is for sure it was under the most pressure pelicans are the trouble is right all right now though the pelicans letter TrailBlazer have to lose is that may have to go on the road hostile environment. Look who we lost. All into a hold. Home court of you know and considering that environment build the pressure is on that the pelicans. To have a great showing come Thursday night so does it could be pressing so hard as you want to have agreed showing. For the fans of the delegates played. Better on the road than it did at home this year. That didn't. The pellet or double analysts say. I wanted to better road records. Amongst the best that blog did that whole. That a lot higher than yet as the still. I mean. I think is a different team different time. But yet that depression Devlin the pelican is not the truth. I think come toward the congress you look at what point do you think gaining loads of officers. Well it depends also easy we think he's gonna go off because you talk about what are most prolific scorers in the NBA. What these top 23 whatever he could the could shoot but now that being said it doesn't matter who's guarding. And and and acknowledge the gap between the job and so. Chris. Do you think amiss and I know it's based on. Regular season record etc. But it it's fairly obvious to me that the pundits who all heavy almost unanimously picked the blazers to win this. Got it wrong and I think seed seed wise if you just did it based on ability I noticed by a record but. I think he you can make the. Higher it's a great matchup I think we'll look. Look at the demo knows it and make the playoffs would like to regain difference between the trailblazers and then targets. Who end up lose and they're playing game can a team books. But it no they million he's kind of somewhat like perplexing now he could be present considering. Christie look it is Arizona 27 points a game. And and the use of a conversation before the playoffs started to be first team all NBA. Because of his incredible season but the way our remembered the last on McCain this would became more to examine you Dodi did. He had twenty points in the fourth quarter ended over 41. That game. So. Hopefully he does not get all but I would not be shocked all of us and I'll well you know he's too good a player. That I have that kind of outing like he had a horse to a sin bin again. Didn't you look them McCollum average of 21 and a half points a game. That to meet. If you look at duels toughest back cords going to the playoffs. Therein that conversation. Between looted and look element and the palace doesn't shed and now. Context here dates emanates analyst at those fans amp up for the playoffs like yelled at for the saints that I agree may get raucous let me get unbelievable. How do rich city. Rich cities by one of the toughest venues in the NBA. And the bell has gone into rip city and rip the heart out of Portland trailblazers and their fans. May get tough may get brutal in there he got an opportunity. We'll be if you're you're still that we got we got room for you restore calm Alabama are you glad I I I Reese legitimacy that's fine but if you know I am now he'll. You've never been yelled when he going to be he'll never mean I'm now you could be like while you don't like basketball but do you like. New Orleans sports I mean you a New Orleans then. I mean you know whether you from. The golf Coles gone amiss to simulate from Biloxi are even mobile we gonna cheer for Atlanta Hawks. Well you gonna be on that talent has been by like the saints though. I look at that Thursday night to have a type atmosphere even though they lost. When they were up but the war is aggressive by eighteen points and gave Ford 2015. Outlook given that kind of environment. Where. All of us that if you're standing up a chair and in someone's sitting by you says sit down I can't see the game you'd come though you stand up and you watch it with the right. And he you know come on big league get into it who feel fill the Myers at the vibes Philly. The moment where you didn't you know Guzman is getting pretty sells you the hairs raising on our you know you fired up but it team in. Little free song yet resellers for its drug whose rise. To be goose bump and that connects with the kings that are. I suddenly come back here sports on rules on till 6 o'clock tonight hellish baseball. And Tulane at 630. Mike did chilly day coming up next hour all NFL draft in the meantime. Pelz Pelz and more pills and took game 211102. Over the Portland trailblazers this is sports talk here on W grew up welcome back to sports talk here on W growing anathema dot com. Yet non Christian. My understanding. Now I'm not trying to put the cart before the horse but I guess I am looking ahead. If we win the series not not if when we win this series against the trailblazers. C Myers standing and I think you might address this in the future digital receipt. According to how you start to play elves there ready have the bracket that. That if if we win. We played a winner of the spurs warriors series with the war is you know to zero also. So ally we play in the rockets that my understanding. Caller our tanks. But but. We're playing the warriors now you know what's interest in Koji. You know over the warriors said while staff curry. In a village that knee injury. He's going to be out. You know for the first round of the play else. Within now what I've heard as of late Africa who Wear read his studies out there are more weeks. So you might not be ready. Abby and it's very next Ronald LB UH well let's that we went up to Golden State. And beat the warriors who announced that. None though that that Nicholas death and greatest which he might be degraded shooter of all time. In basketball as far as where you can launch it and his accuracy. So yeah what Kevin Durant and believable you look at their whole roster and the players they have it. I tell you what do we be betrayal boys who played awards were announced that curry hell yeah we got a chance to win a good I think a great chance. Hello the tax all of the energy you're at right now from the pelicans fans in particular. Hey well your pals here tomorrow work whether eagle of the game or not you do you do for the saints and I tell your boss in over the saint Leo I'm rock compelled to Barnum and nobody's in Iraq to tell you tomorrow also looked. When you out about where were you going tomorrow. Work hard just run around he won the grocery store. And shows team sport they did they they deserve that. Much we have to have so kind of pelicans member of Buick cars shirt hat and a hat son being in Kenya Kenya house in your closet. So now you go to gave tomorrow night you can receive a red do it bigger. Pelicans twelve teachers but it. Got a learning gains to get that and a lot of but I'm sure you have at least one pelican and would like Christensen had car assured that you were or were. Got a text your 87879019. Haven't watched a basketball game in years good for the pelicans congratulations but we have no business having a team we talked football. Golf majors during the summertime in my office and circle of friends the sooner this two month post season is over the better. Gets us closer to fall. Next weekend. He is the draft the Zurich classic can't wait. And it's finally you can consume all three of those meat. What would preclude you from taking an old Elvis playoff basketball you've still watches are classic. He could still watch LSU baseball. You still watch the draft a neat thing about that while why would you would you closures self off to. Seeing and experiencing a playoff run that hasn't happened in this city for three years and a team. That has an opportunity to advance in to the second round of the playoffs. How are innocent. To have a conversation. This individual what is it 9019. Yet Muslims in politics. Then I'll say okay let's say we do establish some winning tradition. Like for a decide mentioned I think it was yesterday before by the Memphis Grizzlies. They haven't won anything. And it did this year were terrible with eight straight seasons. There when the playoffs. Would it be had to kind of product in New Orleans that consistency on this take off all our fewer senatorial spurs that's a small market. The senate senatorial spurs you look at it that they were relevant even before reported first century. What is gone back in 1998 wouldn't about it two decades. Borders spurs irrelevant what it had that kind of team in New Orleans. Shame on new. That you would not support. The pelicans it and that was the case. Because. Did not. In a wanna be in that number and if you like sports did you leave that you gave the number of sports. That day and I think it would support a winner so it just takes back a call that if the pelicans wire. To have sixteenth success how could you not. Support. One animals. Domino are best teams in NBA. Bobby look out on the self admitted casual at best basketball fan and I leash on the bandwagon and look out I'll I'll full disclosure I might have watched. Five basketball games this year with the dogs play including two of included the playoffs right right through regular season games. But I'm into a lenient I it represents this city. It represents. That and as I really finally go basketball league is the NBA and you've got to bet that it went really really well look it's even my dad is also in another casual back office I'll like we'll we don't like it it just it were one that won't we follow the category which I think a lot of held its fans are in a pay cut wake me up nudge me wind. When they're winning when they're in the playoffs. Even my dad is it is solid on tells he's he's search now I would times a game what channels and on etc. so I think that's healthy for this city in you can support. This team in that way. You know I'd be almost like and save the rams. The Los as Ramsey NFL truly relevant. You know the rams out of sight out of mind with all the sudden the rams who really good. And all and wanted to best NFC teams. You know what they've been out wedding adding I'm gonna do something else but of their winning. I'm just in to see the support the rams we get going forward the save daddy's. All of us and irrelevant perhaps a dozen years who have gotten old school loyal fan base with the LA rams. I don't know there mavericks have been Ellie charges. But it be able to support a winner. So I think about how also be able feel. About professional basketball basketball in south Louisiana. Is now I got people and Alex up about their football team not to let the lakers like the lakers are winners David and that's a high ticket. You know to go to lakers game but the rams as them I guess kind of liked. How the local fan base views Iran as how a lot of local fan base running your views appellate sixty. 809 I hate basketball but I'm all in and had to fight yet again goes back to be a threat and any of your Arlen they've got New Orleans written on their chest. Why did you not how would you not want to support that. How would you not go back for Alan mark in Michael next here on sports talk on W two well I role in the next hour. Alan market Michael you guys will lead off next Ariel hot on the pelicans. Also got a text here 8787 how do you support Desert Classic would no dog in the hunt but can't support the pelicans hater I'll never spots could text 0215. Nextel might get two days will go on. All NFL draft gonna carry over as well Johnson tells conversation. Into next hour stand by the from my good CA 11:5 o'clock when things author Leo she sports. Radio network at 6 PM. Ellis who baseball in action tonight trying to solve their road woes at two in seven against Tulane first pitch in now is at 630 body Christian here on sports talk on WL.