I Am Ready

Newell Normand
Monday, October 16th

Mayoral runoff candidate Desiree Charbonnet says we need to get rid of the noise and focus on what’s real.  Charbonnet says safety is number one.  Do you think her plan for a path to significant change in the city of New Orleans is the path for you?


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In this studio is missed Deseret Sharma today one of the U runoff candidates for mayor. Who is one of two ladies that will make history in the city in New Orleans has we will we will definitely elect a female mayor. For the first time in the history and I for one think that that's a good thing so congratulations and thanks for joining us thank you. Think you know so you know in the aftermath there of that first primary now or into that the general. Things a little different. The spotlight is on to not eighteen ranked so I'm sure that'll be a deep dive so how do you feel after Saturday until I. I feel great I feel motivated and excited I'm so happy to be in the runoff. Com the people have spoken and clearly they are looking at two people come to be their next mayor. I love the city of New Orleans and I love its citizens even more I cannot wait to be the city's next there. So you end up getting 30% of the vote and then. You know moving into the second primary. What are your thoughts about the fact that citywide but 32% turnout 31% turnout. Well you know you always wanna see more turnout than exact home but to my goal is to get even more people out next time. You know when you talk about me getting 30% one thing that your listeners need to be very clear about is that. Idea ended up in Iran off I receive 30% of the vote to die young even after being attacked. By over 600000. Dollars of combined money from home from a pack and obviously the trash can right. It was more than one pack is as our call them you know and and yes so yeah I mean it is set but the slates clean we're starting over now and assess in this second primary and so what are you see is is you're. That your. Chewed topped it topped two challenges in this second primary in getting your message across. To the voters well making sure that I get my vote out my base for shore. And not making sure that I speak directly to the people what we need to do now is no longer be distracted by those who want to. You know really maintain control or take control of City Hall you know some of the attacks were very ugly but to. These came from people when you have to question. You know do they really want control of city on. So speaking to the people is hugely important making sure they get my message getting these distractions out of the way. The wall and got just getting my message out loud and clear without without the town background noise so to speak. So we think about the issues. Or other then. The last rain storm we have crime is always. Crimes my number one issue that is which asked me right to listen crime is number one. Hmmm I am the only candidate that's that was crime day in and day out for the last ten years. Come every single day not only dealing with crime but NO PD as well there's not a day that went by where I did not deal with the new Orleans police officer. I know. That the number one issue on people's mind this crime I absolutely have to make people feel safe again and I have a plan for that. You know we have got to build these numbers back up I've got to retain the police officers that we currently have. You know I know for a fact we lost some officers to to Jefferson Parish come over this last these last couple years I'd like to see and I can guarantee I lost some TL two. Did you okay so we'll trade off there. And I surface eight and I'll I'll put you know to the listeners you know the main thing I need them to understand that I have heard them. I know that people don't feel safe I know that people don't feel comfortable walking their babies in strollers in the evening after dinner. And people are driving around the block two times before they get out their cars for fear safety in the evening on acceptable that shouldn't be people should feel relaxed. Comfortable and happy in this city. So you've talked a lot about having a national search noon and why do you feel so strongly. Well it's a new day and I. I want the very best person I confined. For our citizens and that doesn't mean that the current. Chief. Can't re apply it just means I have got to make sure I'm getting the very best person acting yet. How we need to make significant changes. That person has to be able to reduce significant Al violent crime pardon me. Significantly. That's going to be a prerequisite net gonna have to prove that they've done that wherever they coming from so it's it's huge to me to choose that person. So the other top issue that we talk about a lot of sewage water born men. In the previous conversation with miss Cantrell and unbeknownst to me I didn't realize the CEO. Has not there the CFOs not there and in terms leaving. And I said you skipped scaring the living daylights out of me his so obviously huge management board what are your thoughts relative to the sewage and water. Well first of all we can't have a person running sewerage and water board and the department of public works at the same time anymore we have seen that that does not work. I believe that we saw on congress wasn't for the arrangement under merely that is correct mr. grant was from running both organizations. And again as I said that completely did not work so what we have to do is have separate people running each of those organizations. I am not going to bend on. In demanding that the head of sort of more aboard B a licensed professional engineer who understands. Jermaine inch sewage water. And that the department of public works person be appropriate for that job it's well they have to understand the nature of what they're doing I have to be professionals in that. How particular area in order to be the heads of those departments now that issue is yes. Working together they have traditionally not worked to gather that has been a problem they are dealing with the same public right of way. Therefore they should be cohesion between the two I'm gonna demand that. My first ninety days in office I'm gonna demand a report that's going to say that from them rather that's going to say how you two are going to work together. How the department's console up. We'll pick up in his conversation when we return where visiting would Deseret Sharma netting who will be one of two history making women in the city in New Orleans. So we wanna hear from you 260187. Near tech 6787. In this is Noelle Norman under every WL. We're back door talking to Deseret Sharma today one of two run off candidates for mayor. Musharraf today. You talked a lot about leadership in the first primary one of the two top characteristics. About you. Hmm that sets you apart from everyone else's relates leadership. I am a collaborator and I have been proven to be a collaborator. I'm not a solo act I realize that you cannot. Do these jobs on your own he set the vision the goals but you've got have very good people around you. It sets me apart again is secondly is that have been elected official in this town for over twenty years now. The first ten years I was a recorder of mortgages for the city. I reopen that office within six weeks after Hurricane Katrina. In the convention center I was one of the very first public office has to reopen after the storm because I knew that. The citizens needed access to the air real estate records if nothing else right after the storm. Hmmm I have also. Participated in encouraged the merger of my office now when there was a a move to downsize some government in this city. I agreed. That it was the right thing to merge my office into the clerk of courts office thereby emerging myself out of that job so I look at myself as a reform candidate. And there's been no other elected official in this town who've agreed to merge their office and I'm really do away with her office. And again as chief judge at municipal court. We were faced with merging two courts. Municipal traffic court and within that merger required us to reduce the court by one judge and I agreed to that as well. And down so when I step down that eliminated my seat so I am I am all for doing what is right for the listeners and the people that I serve. Hmmm what's in their best interest and that's proven and I have served with and honesty and integrity the entire time. What are the other issues that comes up frequently is light remediation. And it is a challenge and it is a slippery slope I get a but it is it really is done doesn't take too many bad apples out there to really. Destroy the value of ones property on the neighboring properties in the equity that they have in in that property. So what are your thoughts about how you're gonna handle blight remediation movement followers. Yet we have to do a better job of moving the property what ever the city's program is right now in my opinion simply does not work. There are too many complaints about light the light brings in rodents it's a health issue. Crime can become a part of that as well a result of that as well so my my idea is to number one. You know we talk about affordable housing. If we could get some of these blighted properties into the hands of people who wanna be first time home owners give them soft second mortgages so that they can then be home owners. 60% of the residents in the city of New Orleans are renters. We really need to flip back to the opposite and so we can do that. How we can get some of this blight off of the streets also part of my plan to recruit police officers and have them state. Is to offer them as well some of these fighting properties. And again offer them that same incentive. The second mark in the second the soft second rather. What that does it not only does it live alleviate blight it brings a police officer to your neighborhood. It also then encourages that officer to stay because one of the problems we've been having is that they've been coming being train and then leaving two other police department so. That's actually another part of my recruitment plan for panel PD. So we'll be back and we'll talk more about this issue about financing assistance as opposed to zoning. Approached to play remediation and we'll give you the last word about what your thoughts are going into the second primary. Stay with this is is Noual lawman and I'm joined by Deseret Sharma and one of the two run off candidates for mayor. Will be right back we're back in we're talking into Deseret Sharma and a runoff candidate form mayor. You know we're talking about life remediation but one of the issues that kind of dove tails right into that. Rather the maintenance of our streets through him. Absolutely. And that is a huge priority. I am sick of the bumpy streets chair outs Arnold. Old habits die hard. Come you know our right around the city all day long every day now I'm campaigning and you know. It is a struggle to finest and street we take dike detours all the time. People deserve smooth streets you know people start asking me about what I raise taxes absolutely. Not. Not until people and really and I have a plan to do it at all but the point is people need to see that the tax money they're paying now is doing something in producing results for them. We have. 2.4 billion dollars in the capital projects budget that is moving too slowly we need to get those projects going. We need to take care of every neighborhood we can't fix every shriek but we can't prioritize what I'm going to do it. I'm gonna improve the website road work Nolan dot com. That that actually need to be improved so that people won't know exactly where the workers going on so they can avoid certain places that they know it's gonna cost them a problem. Everybody in this city every neighborhood should have access to smooth street's huge priority. Well Musharraf and thank you so much for joining us today one of two. Rock candidates history will be made in this city and I for one think it's a good thing.