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Saturday, December 16th

Its' Hunt Fish, Talk on More Outdoors with Don Dubuc, Keith Lusher and tournament pro Jason Jason Pittman.  Fishing and hunting contest cheating, that pesky privste property problem and Christmas Goodies.


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Not quite accurate a key flushes your dog to Butte that's me but what is taking off today being. Filled in for by Jason Pittman enough fisherman and Keith why don't you want to introduce Jason nineties the regular on little show official report. That's right decent this is local after that senior run. But I series called in order to a bad period and about what that date and name pop and a lot of effort created by debt in the gates in the as far as communicating with them and he does the media events with that we was that by you'd answer last week and now we we ran our our. Our premium member books and we get real deal with that but he helped me out a lot certainly appreciate gazans. And we can cut up a little bit you're an argument that the payment down a little bit on this notices this and more about which college roundtable discussed. A rounder could be square just become a tabled do. If you wanna come update my guess is long regional at the FCC to put us off the that we are now I don't know that. Jason welcome aboard glad to have you here for this edition on feast on. And thanks a lot if I sound a little. Quiet until then ball and Obama. Do you shouldn't. Gathered won't. Law will be in the on would be greedy and wait for some figured about which I would vote field corner. Whether. Fort Greene win. On the on the water and I'm under way about it and now it's loop around early in the morning and then Wheaton. We're known as pretty gambled on and on and applicable I'm wouldn't agent. Well that's been you know a lot of other people. Along the maverick on the state it's surprisingly slow say surprisingly because of what this. The initial holy week scouting report says while at the fisheries did it fly ailment and elsewhere and twice as many pars displaces we Atlanta's split. But it's out there all chalked up in the Goldman you know we threw the party that nobody showed up on the support. In some slim Pickens well. He definitely was got screamer out and everything for the parties. All of that the little a little peel bark in your name and actually can you do agree countered. I'm glad. I got to live another day not gonna it will but I think that would have thought well. Well now that's a bar and it's really kind of been a mystery you know and you remember the days only option trail would speak code with a as far as C it'd be no reason. I remember I don't know if you two guys in Memphis fought back but we used to have what was called a bonus to Nazis. And they would expand duck season extra ten days. In it would limit the arming to designated open water areas Lake Pontchartrain like accidentally born. A lot of the big coastal estuaries realism not true lakes estuaries. Where they would rest up that would allow you Hahnemann limitless tent you can kill ten of them after the regular season closed. Problem was. Nobody head pop up blinds back and not normal open water you had to try to fine a point of land. And which vehicle is out hopefully they would they would actually come close enough to land where you can on so that wasn't a lot of participation and success but. The point is that was so many album. To be able to have to give you an extra ten days in an extra ten birds per day that was a lot of an opportunity to get out to him on it and all of a sudden they took the real mills few years ago and it seems like they're coming back. This year more than evident on give a lot of reports analogue and fisheries Clio reflects the same a lot of small blue build don't agree whatever name you wanna call. Well I. Definitely coming up into. And local technical and pretty good influx of younger in her split we did down here well. You know it wouldn't surprise me though if you. People took note of it and maybe erase it from three or something like that my own borders on the same thing. It's it's so hard that hard to predict what's gonna happen a year to year so could just be thankful that we allowed the. Well it's not my favorite bird on but I know some are some people skewed. Because they say that then. African freedoms commonalities among the total panic. They needed YouTube but as far as talk. I mean those guys it'll a great uncle Matalin and wages. In tale would make them in the kind of slapped those at least sit down and talk to quote. Not a toe injury not a agree looks like a 747. It runway. Yeah they got to win behind. You better put some steal every hole lead in for it and knows that take on opening up in them. But anyway. Duck hunting in all things don't let us in eruption on some of them blow the regret the gun and taken them to you I'm an adult body. No actually. I'm Obama though right now. The amount of work and food burger truck come off the light now get the people root canal mainly emotional. You know I'm I'm actually you know. Obama of the date my own in my band the fact that they were gonna build that argument over Omnia east girl so we we parted ways that they'd like. A will with daylight and get should concern. Well you know I was talking to a guy we went fission and non Eagles station by himself a lot. In the past that as much fun to go by and I used to hunt myself but I don't finish mama self. He's so well here's the deal he says I can stay as long as don't want nobody complains I can leave early fall we don't argue about web ago. All what the use the base of any of that stuff you know it's so excellent to be said. A lot of I don't know about Barton part eaten those people and brought it back and hit it. It's the that tremendous in the in other. Oh yeah you know we'd do well anyway I hope what we wanna talk about first of all this talk about some issues as we do long unfinished talk and what prompted him bring this up with this latest case of contests fraud cheating although wasn't actually on not yet it may still come and ask individuals that it confessed to doing it has not yet incited it charged a month now that doesn't mean it's not gonna happen. But they competitor in a kayak Washington and it was a catch fogel in at least. In these stunning get more and more popular way you catch the fish he says that next to Rula you take a picture at least at this time of the day. During the picture in net becomes your entry and it goes strictly by land is no low weight limits on that and prizes are awarded based on that. And is becoming increasingly common in in panel kayak tournaments Tom in this will it was Eldon what happened was individual confessed to. Taking a picture that it caught fish earlier in the year in used it as a full old. Catch totaled release entry in the Rula it measured 41 point 25 inches. Well he took that same picture. Easily altered the photograph to make the rule will look like it was at 44 point 25. Saint fish same picture same rule of but the measuring all of the ruling had been digitally altered. Somebody caught it brought it to his attention. And he confessed that on the kayak that he would have won was 25 dollars and it is accepted his entry it would have been winning fish. Since that time they keep the the club they've been been from participating in the future contest. They stopped short of turning double politicians to do have a statute of Louisiana law. That hunting and fishing contest fraud. Is it is punishable and it fits over a certain amount and it becomes a felt it and there's been several cases that that it didn't. And and that's just one of many and I did. All the years of it cases come across my desk. In what it comes to mind is his place in in north Louisiana. Wanna say it's around Astra Epson west Munro morehouse past. Cults in the sporting goods as a huge sporting goods. In their portal big buck and has been for years and giveaways and pretty lucrative prizes. Full meal is guns lots of things and I can't say I'm bill's theory is this is where people would actually charged with contests fraud. Because they would Cheney. And the reason they want was to win some of these big money prizes and when it cheating me. Either trespassing. Now running out of season on private property owning past hours at night. And you see a lot of these people would go on catch fish and it would indicate an eagle back in the tournament opens and take a mom trying to bring me. People stuff and weights down in this fish to try to get them wade and annexed Kuwait to. And ecologists begs the question I mean all we really accomplish in. Anything good for the sport but in this certainly you know the feeling of competition. On you can catch the biggest. The heaviest that's one thing. But it'll have people who encouraged and motivated to do these. You know these despicable things in trying to cheat to win prizes in Cannes in some instances. I don't want in the news release thanked the rodeos in tournaments in. Big but not as Jason you've finished in the professionals. That's a whole different game but not this it has never been any cheating done. And anybody caught they get caught cheating and that too. Because naturally the prizes even more lucrative in that. That got you got to have a competition to compete as a professional and you couldn't be a professional fisherman in these tournaments without it being competition is everybody's saying. But on these are the ones that it just fun supposed to be fun things in. And it makes a lot of money for charity it and you know encourages people who want to buy attack equipment fish but a discount wondered how would life. In fishing and hunting be without the competitive. So that that's. Monday and told me a long time ago when when I wanted to mention you know the professional circuit it. That weren't once money in their dunes as a possibility that we and people wouldn't drinks thanks. And you know I think that that's one you know dislike what you just explained it in encountered anything in value by available. People will go that extra amount commit to feel good about so and you know I was very fortunate. Being raised out there and I'll Obama anger and infection Conning in and learned that a quick aid integrity as a lot to do was. How you live in your life when you know just in. It's been phenomenal to. And to be able to see how things where and and different things so. A total and on paper that a greater. You got a custom always gonna take a break while you do that be right back with the updates at their teeth aren't here at the shotgun goal often a big branch national wildlife refuge local we'll find out what happened in the did he miss the answer coming up next after this on more outdoors. You know on WW well at them HD two and live streaming it down out there was guys that. And the buy you woman Wendy billion dollars up partying somewhere keys get any updates on her eyes she okay is she make at home Orion. Yeah there is a very it's yeah actually been in the U you comment on the our next segment with a with a private person's public plan you know we need. Very passionate about that. Analysts used that is some of those comments but that's expected Jason Pittman Jason our conversation was interrupted by a great doctor Dragan agent because. We heard three shots rang out what was the end result. Well all I apologize I'm trying to get the mute button does there's a lot of things election bird out here so. He can get came out of nowhere and over the top of the vehicle on the meat but before. You buy dot. Overeat and a player there on the a I wanted to make it look good pricking beat her so we're on the radio yeah. I change it now. Finally settled in over in the third shot was call the wind during the little. If that happens again don't mute as we wanna hear. When it was nice we absolutely witness at least the sound that's always had to go through them. The medium of radio. Anyway we're talking about the contest honing in fishing contests cheating in them for audits. Louisiana statute which. Actually brings people convictions fines for doing it can be charged with a felony in. And the net on your record is no fun you have to put you go away feud convicted felon you know locked to assess our own. Which means and honing pretty much in. A lot of cases stuff does happen. Before we get Keith take on that Jason get back to you can you call some. Billy major rule glee airing. Of people that caught cheating in the professional right. PA SS as a doctor and call a few moments available for going on waters that they would not supposed to going off limits to fishing areas like that. And that cannot always be determined to be the fault intent of the person don't. And as a result of the next stop and talk about the private public access to waterways. BA SS of problems to consider a common back the Louisiana and to straighten that mess out. Exactly exactly good nourishment from isolated cases saying thank goodness it and I actually did. And though they had one left here so maybe you're before they would from. Somebody put. Fictional barrel and law and so like Bentley and Alabama. But you know the good partners. All of the department of natural resources that Malek and entry tickets so experience but couldn't. You know it is the and that that was great you know there are some gray areas like he says with with. Problem water and lowering the install it. Anglos and the oil. Thanks so we're in the qualifier for that day I'll profession and started airing. You know followers. Blatantly cheating or over. Putting finish outlook open like that on the on the professional. Like the bass masters and here and I'll have that W. You Dershowitz integrity involved and and I get ballot tricks and now considered a lull. You know people feel more comfortable about it. Rabbit would they were around you know if the local content in the open by. Nobody really jumped out at me on the professional the and dealing with. It's you know. I get has their integrity questions. Well it had so much mortal lose I mean you get caught cheating in a professional high profile term you'd gone. Your reputation is oval with you can hang up anymore chances of them competing again off. Horizon to the top or even being considered by responses or anything like that. On the other side that is besides professional ranks of Thai news CCA star Terrell to ethnic as a very well Ron. They they preserve the integrity of the that there have been people who have been disqualified either through not being able passed polygraph test aura. Refusing to take them or just refusing to prizes when confronted and saying you know does this allegation has come out. And I think that. Takes away a lot from a Hammond happened but again. Compliment the organization because that's the last thing they want to happen is people to get the idea that you can change in this thing in not get caught it and somebody who plays by the rules. Gets burned he ever said anything yet on this what what's your take on all of this whole situation. You know that effort are. My instinct was to jackets beat some of the past parliament that he competed and the guy you were talking. And here the couple first late victories under his belt and it kind of makes you wonder. You know it just puts doubt into all the other past tournaments that he's competed in. You know out of the statute of limitations does as far as past tournament goes the key to pull Hubble photos and recheck them let. The inner these things happen. Ever wants now you know I guess that it's gonna get the attention of the club that it happened to it I'm pretty sure they'll they'll be more aggressive. It is these things happen and I think it is important instead of Latin that ruins. The club so parliament or you know not think. The contestants needed to state that patent and ink going compete and again in just just like in that saw the all of the slate and then not let it affect you know saying oh well you know they get Jeter's not competent to use the net term we're not gonna go because. For the most part everybody you know trying to do the right thing trying to have on trying to compete so. Armed and instead of just sit and art and on and maybe expecting news tight in the brain that he has an idea. For some of the tournaments. I don't know some undue authority it kayak I'm not. You know to up to date with the kind experiments but wanna purchase official well boards that are that are handed out these contestants that but well you know and then. Maybe you give the ball more back that way to eliminate some of the doctor in the photo at the cotton. Like wonderment cada kind of peace. The ruler did you hear about that. So I mean show the rule doesn't make you know they don't have the tape for. Scaled Ernie thank dominion that the money in an official ball board where they it is. Lighted up and take the patron and the ball or back that way apology it. August the bottom line question is. Should we even have come at a competition in fishing in harmony. I say I am really got to the point I'm against cloning contest fishing around Connell 61 win half those of the other. But I have just seen what that does I mean news encourages people to go trespassed. On night and lie cheat steal. And because to win the prizes if you didn't have these big prizes in it was just the bragging rights you might embolden cheek but I think most of this is brought about. Because it's such a lucrative prize people feel like it's worth taking a risk of getting caught. To get the reward. On I think it also takes away from the sport. You know when you start honing to get the biggest of the best instead of the experience or the interaction in skilled that it took to get it you can win a big but not this would hurdles deal. A lot of people you go where they are and that's gonna determine your odds increase dramatically winning the contest. You get a guy that sun on public land has to adhere to public regulations. His chance to win the big buckeye and this is a much but I think his experience that he comes away with from wanting. Is going to be just as valuable may be more than a guy with a lot of money that goes to a very exclusive place and as a Condo for a on a duck idea stand. And there's nothing wrong with that but I mean to pit them against each other. I don't know it's just run. Almost like. Yeah I agree with you with a hunting thing but the fishing man that they wanted it's tough to penalize. You know folks that that this these tournaments I've experienced the rock of this intern and then I concede. But it could become. You know so addictive but so much part of your life. It is sponsored the kind of libel. You know this thing known no competition whatsoever for a few people had that seat. Think it's just it's just part of the territory in the these clubs these terrorists know that can happen they just need to be on guard in. And and not to ballot comes in out. Well the other thing is the use of polygraph arm. A lot of people will realize that polygraphs are not full proved there of people who. Can condition themselves to beat. In you know they're not accepted in the court of law now for an organization and others in the case of CCA it would start tournament. They put it in the in the rules that you agree to when you sign your name and you pay your money and an. You agree to abide by the rules the rules say if you can't pass a polygraph test you know like prized. Now the law doesn't say that that that rule does and then if they wanna take it to a a lawyer than they consume and say you know what do they wanna say but. That that seems to be content drop but that doesn't always mean that the person cheated a did not cheat because they pale off fail law passed upon. And you know you know you see the outrage in these things happen I mean these guys that are dealt a hard blows socially when they're caught cheating. But one thing we don't think about it how do you deal with this internal I mean. Even if you are arguably in the term and you live with that internally and deal with that you're you're content consulate calling out on it. Early they cut rather net zero position and finish plants and then you know. Not have to look over my shoulder and my conscience nagging apnea but cheating here haven't blue route cut rulers. Of Photoshop Victor. Yeah. I have another haven't worked worked a link yeah. If they haven't learned how to ignore elect on just too well. While there's a say in that you know we knew you arrived as a as a good honest ethical sportsman is when you do the right thing when no one's looking. And I can tell you my test happen moment many years ago but a lot of years ago. Was leaving out of hiding place. It was Dolan primitive weapons season animals alone. I was driving out in the deer step now owns wrote this is not a public wrote. And it was probably four or five minutes past league shooting but I could see the Buckley Newsday he was standing man. He was asking for all I had to do was stick the Mosul dropped the windy and catalyst via. And I thought about it and pass that up and told stories as someone else is vicious shot at the acid now. He's a Bollywood that was no game one how to get approved the time it was necklace and I would. I think we can article diseases like that that's when you considered to be an honest and ethical real sport. Oh well. Definitely in and now I'll look at the same almost the same type scored we will work and it could. But don't want on Pettigrew and handing big beer and have seen a clue. Swimming next to the boat. And it was one of those did you know could have easily just. Could you got there and could look I killed the twelfth hole if the budget is just it open about it it. You know a lot of it like that they can do without bringing in the people you were. Now wouldn't expect you to shoot Jason but to the top dog maybe the at old and as a girl or. That isn't. No way there's no way and and yeah it was I mean it was the most beautiful magnificent look at the years ever since women. And that was about you know ten years ago when I was. And it went in there and tell the story and keep people we like monopoly. Programs and shot by what group would and it was just kind of curled lip. Right. Nobody appreciates that but you. And I regret you know what you did. Absolutely count so what about the sport you know and that it that way in the sport it will not even a sport anymore just about in me now. Well hopefully it's. Yet really well hopefully you know things will improve on that meant ground annals illness in deteriorate mute it and maybe they'll. Stock people sought thinking twice about eagle offering such lucrative prizes to kick the prize level fairly low. He certainly did it it's commensurate with him on it out among. I think we're not saying on is you know in we put in question is if I get permits. Don't function well I won't cry yeah but I'm I'm an open in his own. You know. If minority I am quite didn't work. Well let me tell you that's Colby outback is the kayak of guy as the Cadillac guy Axel might be in a little luck. Plastic cheap BDP and then you you get that win once that's one trial on it you know. That's not true Wall Street. So I guess I guess it's about me in my group. Outright you always want a bigger and more glitzy boat that's that I'd guys we take a break in today's topic we come back keep the widget you off the most about is front there's public water axes and not let up on this. Is in the law's goal on really in many points central. Now. It's rearing its ugly head southeast Louisiana and people not like it will be back listening on pitched our. Jason Pittman Keith luncheon on done Dubuque packet that is. Too but there's talk on chilly Saturday morning for those. The views Michael winners there are always complain about not getting enough well there's a he can't complain that this December certainly good news Africa down here speaking of Conning. I guess that's where our latest controversy euros it. Camera on the first list of proxies in about a month ago when the yellow signs started being spotted along the shoreline of the ITW. From the release for the plug lawless town man. Signs stating and no pitching no honing in note trespassed. And this isn't uncommon we keep private property signs in the march here in there and nobody really paid attention too much about it but when you turn into a canal and start this in and someone informs you that are floating on private property. You know that's that's when things get a little complicated and but beyond it didn't seem to be in black and white. As far as as we see so far. It seemed like property owner doctor sent an epic and claimed the water that brought along land and if they continue to get away and it seems like it is it's gonna spread throughout the state. Our member first hear about it few years back the elite series sternum in India in the past master open term and out of Orange Texas where. Anglers were warned to stay out of private water temple on Orlando. Then you know and news for the fishermen being run by using gold in the shadow and leave bill and beat it attainment. Then and it seems like we did it's just spreading if you theater on sooner or later this is gonna affect you. So if you don't care and and get ready because it won't be long before. You hadn't O'Connor canals in that you fit for years and yet signed in deep. So we're a long way from figures. Feel like we should take a little time right now and maybe maybe get some advice on where we stand with this issue I've been. Getting tons of email after right in the store with Gary you know. He's been generally. It was so a lot like fisheries that the landowners were gonna. Start running people out of the canal that was there in the march Polonia ITW. He brought its allies would oppose on the left side and and a man that scene man in the quality it runs the gamut people at an advise what it is that guy's domain. You know guys tell me the water can't you know emphatically. In that there's no doubt in the mind then there are people telling me fighting a losing battle so. I'd like to do Q2 state. Not really on the subject but more along the lines of where we stand right now done. Will go to you first Sunday contacted a lot like fisheries and the sheriff's office and was told by boat that they would not. People that this does canals and back in the dot and then. That's the big relief at least for the time being about like it just get your take on where we stand right now. And maybe get too personal choice says if you would this that area it it's the plate that you normally it. Well you're right I spoke to all the parties involved wallet and fisheries issue at me. That they would not going to enforce trespassing. And they don't do it anywhere else in the state unless it's on private land. Like India on in case weather may be another issue involvement that's illegal now just to come get a trespass is vegan refer you to local sheriff's office. Some parishes have on water sheriffs patrols on did not. New Orleans does not this last area in question is in Orleans parish. When I brought it up to the all these parish sheriff's office they even know what I was talking about had no idea I'm not even shoot it they knew where I was talking about. So they have no intentions of sending anybody out on the boat to settle trespassing on humans on the water. Also spoke to the land the land owners face with. I guess if he forced New Orleans parish it would take all of the legal action to get them to. And force his trespassing but then again they beat Clinton himself in the middle of you know of something that's not really been clearly decided in court of law whether it is public or private access. That land don't truly believes now when he bought the property has become a recent moment. That he bought private access to 90% on the waterways one is portion of that land he firmly believes that. I do not told him I'd disagree with a I don't think he does ended the only way at seven going to be settled as each case right now with optical. Before the court but who would charge someone. There is nobody is gonna charge anyone until something got into an act of violence with a it was a confrontation. And fight. Tally. Injury in in the police called in the investigated. There's nobody it's like the wild west nobody's gonna come down and in and say one way or the out on the land on it did tell me that is options would be to. We'll put up gates but he puts up gates then these Bill. Gates down. He said the way he liked the work is a compromise. He leases the property for duck hunting if you leave his dock comes alone you don't go into upon. In interfere with dot com while at school on either early in the morning on new on the duck season. He's willing to allow people going and fish as they've always done. I think that's a very fair compromise in. As a fisherman how would certainly respect the duck congress and it is I would respect the fisherman in not rom up on him a fussy catching fish in the back of an apartment. So that would be a workable solution. There's other issues. Crabbing I don't know what's gonna happen in that area because it's heavily cramped area and crab traps got to sit on the bottom. Which is that was the only reason you know he says you trespass and got a bureaucrat trap is on my land which he'd be right. But who we would get to enforce it I don't know. It's a mess that's all I can say at this point it's a mass as a mass all across the state. Something needs to be done to get some alien nation where at the hopefully that the final solution would be pull up but it may happen by GPS. In every piece of ground on the and it tells you whether it's state homeless federally owned. Privately owned loans that. And what their policy is in until that happens these these confrontations in lawsuits going on. Yep yep mum my fears something that you know like he says somebody's gonna get hurt I think that's that's what's gonna take. For any any legal action to happen. The police boats are so adamant. Apparently nobody can know in the water and they talk like Dave they're so here it is if it ever comes down someone confront nor am I really don't think they're gonna back them. And now with content season upon us these guns guns involved. Things that matter can't force someone gets buried and killed in conflict said the same and that's you know it's that's what need to happen to. Put some shed some light on their disposal legislature those. You know Louisiana real estate that doesn't that it it seems simpler and other states total of 49 dean haven't waters public property so. Poole who knows a little appetite there face BCA really need to get involvement people who wait and see you know. We're CCA span that this statement like to get your take on. Well it could pull that log on I forgot what it was hit a golf. You know it. Want you. They're not getting along and get some of what goes and water goes in there. India. And going in owner point. Absolutely but also see the fisherman's. That you comments that it will. You know leave it alone but walker is it somebody great here with Cornel. You know one spot it won't again if they don't want to and it is the only out there. I would I would look at the legislation. Org it put the route to abate in the naked. Green line with the collections because I look. I'm here like to all those it undertakes something bad happen and then everybody in the cold here. So with with the audiences. Out who opting. You know print it here so not Cumberland you know book covered. But he did it nobody will make that decision until money and make that decision and and I mean you know. The ball by. And all you can really want to go out there or Condit do the right and it goes. Warner to Opel and the complications as a mean all of war and. Until we aren't happy you know it's like non bad. Gap now also want to reiterate what Darryl carpenter that a few weeks ago when he joined it's on the showdown meets. Mean it makes special effort not to blur the language here is the spy is not over actual physical plan. What we traditionally call property this is Oprah war you know collective you know so that argument as to whether or not. Landowners in in incorporate water at the property. Hey look in Webster's dictionary is just something that is known person business or a piece of land and buildings on it. And that I think that's what stronger running off that just cannot fathom water being. Property and anything else on this issue before we take a break Fella. Oh. I'd like to see him get started. It's going to be a long drawn out on its past five. It is a public. Profit may be a lot of the court would Domenici can be made. But at least start with a small Amy the one that's the most contention right now. In and get on a map. But the GPS coordinates and designate this as private does public. It's gradually expand that out until Michaels does come it's gonna take a long arms and beef on the expense of the B. That I have one comment from windy it's dent in the common now act not to abuse do with the attitude on that windy. Conflict that to me like yes as a matter and it. Public we can cook. Then he says those screaming a lot of need to realize that is long of the landowners have the law on them. And LBW out and the local terror and forces. They're just wait in the brat screaming about it but turn up the issues they're just making things work themselves does Polonia public war find you something though it's. Now. I know my lack the attitude that windy would normally said that with Switzerland's answer here that her com. So we're gonna take a break here on its stock with Don Dubuque in in gates and Pittman will come back. We're gonna lighten lighten the town here talk a little Christmas what's on Christmas. We've slipped to keep it right here from its stock or more out to work. Welcome back into on this talk this morning people out there it would Don Dubuque and Jason Pittman. Special guests that I feel super windy billion pound guys I know that to you probably have all year you're. Christmas shopping done. That he'd give strapped out of the way you'd just that good though that's a little. And at it does anything on your wish list that you'd like to see underneath the tree anything new that you just happened at Dayton. Bureaucrat turned an angler and man you know how many an opera but you you glitter. How about you that is got to be something new that you just have to have make it more fit so what's the what's the new oil and Dayton's wishlists. Well right now one shot on the part of the best out of it. You know. It's one of those deals they've. I'm more than in Pau I think most. Let extinction and now we're in honor of the work people were trying to for. Good occurred. Monks on the though that if we own it would probably is going to go without no wait for her wait pretty thing good you know. The one cool thing. It has gotten its Christmas there's a lot more. So you know in light up in front of the boat early in the morning content or you know if you. Stuff like that Coke nut and nothing jumped out into. As it looked neither have to have great deal mean quote I really would like saying. And people that searchers drop will be late night. I think right about now hot chocolate valued basis when I leave look old on all of that we should lift the not really really well. Nothing really deal if scored that anybody want to make it in the until. Care of me. I'll give you that Edgar related if it goes the battle is that true anywhere really. Yet though it did get them some gift card done and you have everything. So while we're just anything else it's. Well I'll found a new toy aisle want in a lot of people don't have this if you dia on argument doc. Is a range find. Couldn't believe how much fun those things on the use and also serve a real purpose but I think a lot of honest. That's may be the last time Annika the rifle with a scope in the boots and the flashlight in the them a cell and all of the normal stuff he used the range finder where you can pinpoint the exact distance of the target. It is not only. Good to use to improve your view on the bill but it's fun I was that was shared ideas stand. And we went out would ask people all of gas what's the distances that the what would you wait you think it is and you would not believe the wide range of guesses and and most everybody was wrong. And that that range finder is exactly accurate and helped you when you bowl or you're shooting a rifle. And is just one little items and I think most owners don't think by themselves but would be happy again. Absolutely and some on the range finders you know the last thing you'd think in them that oh man and he wanted to when you actually needed at the moment. Not the media and police early and they need anything just thankfully have you know a great Lexington and loved outdoors and have those to live here of leading you know a I would you know it is something now think enough that really like in the asylum for. For Marco pro Cameron you know do a lot of video with the with the web site out load something called. They troll grow no eyewitnesses allowed your camera attached to alleged core line. And when you're troll and so it keeps the camera and talent squared it doesn't swirl on the line and the camera fixes on the date. European hold on I have loved get out there on the bridges. And do the troll Nvidia and have some footage of the Trout kitten. It like a rattle trap for a beat to school is that that would really be something that the capture from me so. For me they don't like that troll roper we're like go pro camera anything else. Was gonna ask you about patrol encampment do you think that lake punch train as the clarity way you could use him. That's boring right now at yet didn't. At the man right now but yeah there there are signs where it got very very good clarity the problem is those speckled proud very very varied. Touchy when it comes you know trolling it's very rare the particular track ticket. Or camera but when it's on I think we can get it out there. And at least do it looks like for one you know he picked up or online but after school hours. I wouldn't even attempted. All right so you know we talked like you know look let's move into something Jason and you'd you'd get excited with this the Christmas state dinner. And calling on them. A and good golf right now. And I'm not enough to do with encrypt that state dinner anything in common good I would concur. Directors. Anything at all year. You're menu any any wild gain in dollar picked it up this Christmas. I know I personally couldn't have gotten could be. The art of bleeding and got Greg how all the what he wouldn't be here to take a lot of digging out of and that we walk. Believe amount you know for. Almost a week and then I'll cut them in that child and then marinate them in light Montreal they. And putting or something like in. I'll go Obama grew well from the great and it really doesn't matter. Chiles and Don wooten. You know one of my tradition which we used to do more of a New Year's for the game dished and Christmas. And one of the things always try to focus groups you know New Year's Goosen if I can get ahold of the speckled belly final get one I'll big one out of some attic. And I've got a recipe that seem to slow cook it down with a much room dark gravy and stuff it was a spicy sausage stuffing and excellent goose is stocks break it down and fallen apart. And boy what a great dish that is good holiday issue. Not try to while Turkey actually against her because Thanksgiving but I am not a whole lot of Turkey that. And chasing you mentioning Gainey Tate and held a little worried about the game dictates that they look that up front and on nine and I didn't have any problem now. It was a little slimmer than store Kirk bought Turkey but. It was definitely definitely yeah. An occasion to remember you know you know while Turkey and Russia now the problem is is actually shooting laughter you know. Lately it just seemed like it it's tough pill and her locally at least. Well it always has been in Louisiana that's one reason why go to Kansas every year and give me your quick limit them you know there's just another bird we Xena you won't you go in the Louisiana woods and come out with a Turkey already accomplished economy Louisiana took usable on look at over the shoulder the whole time because. There's always somebody behind a tree or something that wants to kill him and he them. But I can tell you this about Turkey on the table. While Turkey is so much more flavorful. That Turkey that unique flavor that Turkey as. It's so much more rope Boston while Turkey and attain Turkey. I don't even use to lay eggs there's very little sign me kisses only need. But those breasts in fact I'm treating someone to my famous wild Turkey fried nuggets dish next week had wanted to freezer for awhile. I cube it up in the small cubes output Somalis saw an awesome mom tender riser on it. And then some cajun seasoning in battery not dislike you would that a chicken nuggets. And make Turkey nuggets and you get one bowl was sweet sour and Evelyn honey mustard and go to town on that while Turkey nuggets says one month. Well I you know children at. Yeah. If he's on he's glad all raw these are they somebody on to integrate. I'll outline in I think it. If and no word. That don't go away. You know my little doubt trip to break it has an opening here or in that it could. All I got nothing against said he do though grass we called pop operas you know you're right Hala you know pepper in in this in this project cheese and wrap that would make him and put on the grueling general well. Definitely definitely and you know the everybody seems to forget it I think it's more about what the problem Brendan currently written and although it looks like a lot good it's the Tripoli. The friends and I am saying it is being appreciative of everything. You know whether. We can we can talk about private land oh we all would you know. The people that I like god battle cry and auger hole it out there. That it would that we count blah and. That they let the Mets know but it's missing board on element the bulls. Could. But again we would upon on the in this certainly appreciate it and appreciate you'd join even those human in the blonde joke was Specter on too much let me know about it on news. And if you end up with any thing. As a final thought the two. You know before Christmas so you know have a Merry Christmas man I am so ready to talk in food here a month ago. Crank the pin up than. Did get a maybe practice my hand and I'm gonna do for Christmas so. I'm yeah Newton got to go in there that could that throw that all the little later that they. I yacht America that there America with there though here for me so. We're gonna sign off on this talk or more outdoor ONEOK five point during HD two.