Hunt Fish Talk 7am 06-30-18

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, June 30th
Don, Wendy Billiot and Keith Lusher talk with Rex Caffey of Seagrant about public vs. private waters.

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And good Saturday morning welcome into an additional more outdoors we also joined this morning about Rex apnea analysts you've seen grant. Very controversial topic we're gonna discuss this morning out of the public access and to. Public and private waters and no wind on the lets you pick it up monument here. Didn't morning on good morning cheap. I'll look while the west wing then. I haven't noticed any. I think it I think that to artificially. Up on route they've resorted to actually get Marguerite. And there. Nearly. Yeah. As currently at HC. One regarding. Our rival failed passed out march. And we've been talk about the topic for several years apart story armed by the story and it's human being an ounce from buy an extra years. And stories accurately. And high on the issue very passionate about. Different Obey its industry. Wear an hat in part about it for and it kind of went epic or anybody that ought. Now that might be on the times so I'm gonna quote part of the deal query. That tension running water including those running patent number any crime blotter. Directly connected to it I blotter bottom that it can and I have been slower than the line. So they're much more to the video and since it real we want them. This morning that two. That this is. Widespread. Publicity that's sound on recognition and land on several social media. And online platform. But every line was flown. But it on the issues and not one. It looked and and then in the spring of 2007. Representative tried disclaimer and repeat in the Atlantic challenge. Co authored house resolution number 178. Men in the league in a secret program should Aqua. Preparers can injure it or patient groups and individuals. Including several government agency. And to facilitate the meeting possibly recommend legislation. To create a voluntary. Public recreational servitude or more. And you find common ground among them there. In individual. On issue temporary and she threw her private matter bottom without content in the trans. Including. An O line and the non interference private commercial activity. Since three search. Should also include a determination of the availability. Project or in minutes. About parties entering into them voluntary. Public recreational or cheat and use the waterway now that that's a whole lot of jargon on air. But I think it. The jobless a big job as well like now. Site he grants and report titled the the huge title never an acronym for their. Preliminary options for establishing recreational servitude. Or aquatic act over private water bottomed in Atlanta released in early march of this year. Be our 8391. Went for the bat. Shadow like and then that's when we have doctorate captain. We you know he grant who is deeply involved in the limitation of the gathering lines resulting in the 64 page report of their funding. The Iraq War Leon it's our question. I was like you briefly talent what secret is what you condition in which she. I will never forget. Sounds great. Younger. So opera ball I think that onto windy and keep them on the morning. And out again Monday as Rex cap the artwork for the hellish act generic wheezing and Seagram. That secret side of my appointment is where this work was done and is quickly say that the grant. Is a mirror the system and the way grants and of course that Russian public universities across the US over a hundred years ago. And we need to be established in the years ago 1968 and that if we are now the applied research and extension teaching but that'll work that local mechanical they quote we focus mostly on cold lumbering child. And I can tell you more about the compact though that we all work that we know that the secret network and one other thing that. Your listeners may now RC program there are agents that work and live in the media that there throughout the coastal we have about 28 it's it's such. There were mainly in marine science. And winning here position and think racks. On the direct extension my background is a natural history and marine economics. And marine economics. A parent. Let. I guess. I had on you talk about. I'm thinking maybe. Gene somewhat for on that in that report there were CNN. And major options that I think war decided upon. Changing. Start with and we have to go to break before you finish package quickly com. Go over them in option. All voluntary and. Sure and we then we can and probably getting beat out of the options are creatively that's one. And that kind of adopt yet mate light sort of approach we noted that inmate used. To set aside I'm Lance republic used the contracts. Temporary access. Them like tournament. Public acquisition which in expensive buying or leasing of land for easements for public use. Increase slightly protection number four sacks and number five. Number technical computing that some of the title acquitted in transcription and the patient. And about that that waters like the idea that someone say on your property reverse your property navigate it or. Mr. about and they may acquire right of servitude. And so need to be addressed to some extent probably option. Boundary mixing and decoupling of mineral rights are two options that are closely related and that suited landowners slugger sit in because. Buckle down eroding rapidly and are concerned about losing property right that those boundaries rude. I'm number nine incentivizing accept the article restoration programs and finally. Providing more. Which is really an incentive but it's really in need providing more funding for increased frequency equality and compact vehicle mapping to handle. I'm one. Thing real quick about the mapping. The disease. I think is that the cut line is changing so rapidly. That by the time the mapping done. It's no longer accurate and that line. That unfortunately true in 2006 legislature passed a resolution. For the very. Well arc today. And up and up to really do a full re in a while mapping and expect ten years. I'm working with United States geologic survey contractors. And the problem in a little and ate like we you know that you can map area and come back and had a few weeks a month even. And does that change dramatically enact a unique problem and it that hard at this issue. You mentioned in and it took her to restoration. Touch we or couple yeah obviously. Quickly become the oldest problem that we have culture rhetoric that cult would proceed PPP articles and protection and restoration. Protection and restoration act shall well protection ministry excuse me. And that on the project every year by. Series have met some parameters that they are very important that notion that option that wanted to nectar or the decision criteria should be. Does the project provide some modicum of calls lacks that that would allow racked up it would be the right. Criteria but it's being reported that should be part of it is that. That factor that is now not. Consider. Now that there be an option. It would be an option in the main. Consideration we elect restoration project. Are caught up but you know what the bang for the buck getting in terms of habitat. Land building. There's some other metrics like public private partnerships levels sponsor's call courts. But now the mine now is not a formal. Criteria for selecting projects like. A parent. I think about it on T couple in their formula or questions what an irony you're the real and then. We will I can bracket listening to change and we're talking about public accident cargo Watters. Into the hot topic for the past couple years. And we will be right back in a couple of moments. Welcome back implement their top link here this morning winner Kathy. I leniency you grant and we're discussing voluntary options are providing public access to crop waters. It was. We adopt a report that was mandated for figuring it should do which and it's my understanding that. You know you rock actually hard to hold these meetings with these different. You their grades and all of that included in the document also the minute that. Stakeholder groups. And I have a question for you wrecked the orbit Don and she and and I'm not sure you can into the unknown event. As a recruitment in the granite humans badly in New Orleans to attract. It did anyone cult groups in more into voluntary. Options and solutions. I would say one group was more than the other I think depended on the option. Hand and into that I think. Well the one everybody. And that's that last one increased capacity for mapping. Think everybody marine that no matter how electrical Louisiana's. While boundary delineation we've got. Find a way to do our very best to get the most recent information on boundaries and people stand for private public use. So that was one they all agree on the other issue that think that maybe contraction on. Is this idea bout fixing. And the separation of the circuit right in the sub Serb rights. And Louisiana's unique. Compared to many other states that allow property owners themselves. Two to aggregate market in the subsurface. And there's some thought among all parties that that might be one option that would. Maybe point in the world more toward public access at the state could acquire some. Says the bank and at this hour long and the lunar. Return. To. Well that he failed to be worked out. This is very preliminary but yet essentially the idea would be. That sort of write about for public use either. There's some sort of need. Donations. That they paid down our pitching of the subs are right could be assured. Or some great I'm in perpetuity edit them. Complicate an option that need to be. In it that's what the app we're going to be looking more into it. And hey. How about are you have a question correct I talked about our. Well let me give religious practice round with with China the heartland and flat toward it you can't believe you're the the recreational particularly in and on there in. Well since my life I'm really. In other. Talk about not on this talk we talk about the rose only destroy the mile per hour Coles who route then. In general in the front court the birds and now something Libya where. And need to recede that the sportsmen here in south Louisiana but he Cuba believe. Has the potential to really appreciate the way we operate in. What it's always been known as sportsmen are. I need you don't think that is look at the speed in the property. For the land now been cloned overtime go to court with every win the landowner he had. It's becoming more creative than Clinton a couple of on the outside content and and they content they were gentlemen and frankly I don't it ultimately be at that it was absolutely. I think this is a good thing that he currently doing. All things that you can keep people open a dialogue between landowners. Are excellent it's really not much. That the human and it. It's not that we won actually move forward and certainly noticed the change deleted you're going in court in its annual list the same ones who were critical ally. But the question them and don't let them adequately to the clean water on. Our unit written in the land owners can legally do it. I'm not a question for Oliver. Did you get on with decoupling of middle. Well but check it out that if you fell apart from land in these chemicals and a you're selling. The cake in the fall that week. Carpet ride and observe the strike a problem together in one. Eat in other eight you can sell the org donate surplus and observed the at separate entities are separate. Parts. And so there's some thought or hope for apps that. You know along were addressed to allow. Then it would address on the bigger concern typical property owners have and that is the sponsor contracts. As. You know today. Eight down our issues are under our wall there so our boundary and the right actually dimension well. So this connect it to as McCain and other states might go along way to address. Yet that it's important I think outs but one thing that really need to focus on them. I thought that was what I want but I just executed their little regret. And so Luke 418 separating the well water top from the war are. That's right. In the oppression and and I'll say that the cup on that these banks have been. Finalized we were it is something. A little bit difficult that is with no money sources in six months come up with whatever options we could and that report consists. I think a good overview of the context. And the history of that problem. How we got to where we are today and that preliminary options provide Mary neutral way we talk about the land owner. And talk about Asian community position in the debate from the one we talked and then we talk about what the pros and cons that she's been. That. Things were or other person. Meetings with separate. Thank Albert Bacharach cracked. Right we work it. The pitching side and work with that we can't work and collisions. We work with. Barrel in the talk about association I think we had to remember these shinji fortunately. On the land side may land owners. You know when you know association. Yet separate meeting also would stay in office. And also for the attorney general's office. And I want to say that reason that secret and again it is. As well Indian on. What you might work in an outreach with Leo Leo writers. About three years called on it Don and blow up about a show him picture armory agents are fully aware of both sides of the issue and you recommend them. Some people to talk to fishing or had the wreck in the land that we needing in the summer or sixteen. At that time we need were keen on what you said a little bit complex in. It was not hard to move forward beyond informing ourselves who would try to clear a year later. Our problem resolution and we took the mail to do the assessment. That's kind of how we got here today. We didn't have any choice. About. Now we know and while we're at it and now say they are contact upon where permission. In Rhode complicated web address in view the live or work to go to search engine of choice you know Google. Theater born type in Louisiana. 00 actually a report. That's forward and we ethical acts that either way where students are going to be different links to our work. I hang. It. Don. While Rex just want to say these first almost on offer me congratulations on a job wheeled on to to call what you. And basically dumping your lap and on daunting task it is an understatement no resource is no time. A lot of fondness solution to this problem report back to the legislature. And I know you would never say that that you guys had almost impossible job and I think he reacted very quickly you've come up with some really good options. But to let people know where we're going from here at 391 failed. What do we expect to see in next year's legislation and how might it be influenced or formulated the development of this past us. Yet let. Because. Simulate as now there was two competing bill in the last. To create task force is that if you want. Where they're both Saint Bernard. To howl and then one buys at outlet. In the senate and the senate version passed I'm now. It when he represented so. Pretty large task force I don't know that it's manageable than Coke made it easier. Well board reader representation on here. But I'm looking at their objective and it is great to make current policy recommendation to legislature. Orchard at the issue public access on that water states. I think that means that they will probably start out our report and build from there but they mail. Again. And they go for actual pol changes in law. And summit wrapped up what you need to see that opt out you don't want her back advocating for or against. Certain policy and our job to be the descriptive not prescriptive. But the apps were actually recommendations. Along the lines of vote observed that. And circuit. Separation along the lines company and regrets what we saw earlier this year with senator. Pearson are pure bill. So I think. We're an outward the first meeting. And and India and he intro that you are whether we're setting a date yet their first meeting of the steps. Man I emailed Collins opt in in light steel. I'm still looking at implementation and realize there were two putted task or assignment I'm still. It only ran thirteen represented. They were and I'll in the one. That we re. Is that you know went out numbered. The of the park and I ball at age sixty or page. She Arctic the I guess actually it happened when air bowl out that one did not pass and then the stage. Acutely than concurrent resolution number 99 so as we are 99. And that it's senator alliance task force well. Yes why emailed him off and I'm asking where they on the I didn't hear anything back out it was at least a year and it. You know they were differing children you know recovered from. That session that legislative session Normandy that it plans that start in the fall but is there way to outline. That they are two issues dairy pork before the next session next year I went there a date mentioned. That. The other day. Yet that. It out what shall make recommendations to legislature. No later and totally burst of 21. So when he got that one and land me. Not that we found out where shall eat. Among others you know and I guess sir. The need to continue so. Yeah I'd begin in September 18 as well as saying it's in the course will be sometime in September and I want. You know make sure that we don't pick on the senator too much because. That's a pretty tough session. And they earned. And debate. About a week ago on the fiscal quips I'm sure that took a lot of time. This is a pretty big issue out and get all the attention. All right animal and eight. Hours a war cannot withhold information now on in. If outlook pushed to get it done in six months you know I would think it. Patient are at least pop the First Lady ranch now we're hearing. I'm sorry I didn't have that any information. That this is. Reports not due until 20/20. Won't talk about what about that we come back from the right you're listening to hunt finished top. On Debbie Debbie L one point three asking him HD two and we'll be right back. Welcome back into. Finished top. We have a guest this morning with their captain from Louisiana. And we're talking about. They're finding their well mandated. Mission achieved. Spotter reporting come up with some voluntary options fortunately the issue at all in my view debates eight years have been done that I am not literate court we're talking about. Such and wrecked I have a question that you might not be able to answer on the carpet even on permanent. I'm curious. It may grant. Received. Any sheet back after the importantly really because. I think estimated that came out maybe a couple weeks before the pre nine Warren. Went for the I don't know if those involved reading your report it would have had had an impact on the white at one boy and other than it did you do anything impacted due. India and protect and get any feedback about. It would be the candidate back in the on this and tell you that. We were so concerned that we would be inundated with it all kind of questions and controversy that we get what Cote saw relief on person march. Not a whole lot of pressure at least a lot of fanfare that we just doesn't bury incorrectly by the way that we were greeted with the permission requests. And I think we would have ordinarily but what happened as you know you said in the beginning of the shadow debate between England came out. Basically on the eve of our report being released and and it basically. A call in and towards that and and so for several months. That was what we talked about votes and social media. In the outdoor media certainly in the different camps on both sides this. And so we didn't get much feedback or response whatsoever darn it I'm now. I think application may do more attention to the site read the report. But no idea that we expect a lot in yet much initially. That's a product made that up before. I'm. Permit simple minded in ninety companies saying I really like no. A legislator who mandated report. That is. Why even read the report. You. Have. Yeah. That we met with the news. Represented that awkward age he wants a vote before and after it was completed they rented that was here cola and a quarter. And I would assume others program. It would certainly help a lot in the debate. That's sort of machine and all that opened the criticized. No shortage of separate just do it how much actual reading of the BL. I'm not sure you mentioned this strategic support and Gupta said that indices report proper about twenty prepaid. Now artery. Now it's not accept that we we put the option out there we say here's what the option would do. And your political position that we urged. Option is that your petition. Recreational fishing positioned as and we were marred the subject matter where he's very objectively in neutrally. What issues have to be drafted back to corruption would go forward and that's mostly walk off the economic goals. Now let's be clear you met with Albert. In individuals separate meetings. Like there were there weren't shouting match in Iraq. Right thing in the initial land. Gigantic beating everybody involved and it was. Given time that we had. With their short views on this. Are we ought to be much more efficient. It works there. Different stakeholder groups and then. Over what they say what. Issues involved from each reading comic ground it completely separate treatment October. In that came up in each need. Time and time again what made in court. I packed and it did come up you know. Did he ought to be. There is one thing that really had you know. No potential whatsoever want to make sure these are options that might have some chance they report. And at the options are are not necessarily that Bobble. Secret commissioned the study was apt to do that very much like this in 1970. Probably some things and and we battled in the process. That it's on similar in what they came up with our options. It just punishment I'll issue an out there. And the lack of really serious progress has been. In regards issue. I'm going to add in another part question and it are. One down remember in our. Except it. On schedule when we started talking about it. This new resolution. Shadow I would like that for the yen by. Or prayer. In the Eric holder's. That. Being very much anger. On options. And very much against. Voluntary options and you said. So. I think my general observation is over the course of development report late last summer when we started the resolution app about it I'm. Last year. You know that the summer session. After the fall is that every bite the table with different groups was generally positive about the idea of voluntary incentive based approach. I think it would generally willing to try and make the process work. What happened however after age between anyone care about there was found. In the there's sufficient community that really did not want to discuss this report that really want to go for the don't want change and and that's within their right to push that was trying to that legislation passed and that may try again the coming year. But and that was a pact that that different approach. It probably. But size is there then and the report they've been cord development so hopefully. And will be overturned that it taps or I want it in the the portrait yet there. There's a perception out there. Really big organizations in the big Ole opry land owner issues. Big interest and that's true. But there are a lot. A lot of variation. And the land on the field were learning about. And a back in the small scale operations as well at Lambeau. That probably yet it was well. Differences in interest and are you going to be out there will be remembered past works well I would be here. Right well there are options. And like. There will be an option for example that we boarding what collection. Is out three point knees. Whiny. Again this war as nineteen more appointees but I think. State he well try. Representation. Of the interest involved here and not just. Again minute to larger. Combatants. Ready to. I would assortment of court and what you want from. That you witnessed some. Choke game and you repeat out. Did you witness these stocks beat me in on the program. Now. Apparently a guy at this. Point remark but due critically. Get a sense of what. Might be the oxygen equipment equipment they'll. Yeah. You know earlier. In the want everybody read on that we've got that after this capacities. Employed capacity they land they have a lot arbitration years. And then lost a lot of their expertise and intellectual knowledge and that's a big issue especially. Rapidly eroding they'd like you know we have here and calls Louisiana. So they don't read on the I would say. That you mentioned earlier about fixing in the end separations or some sort. Is an area where potentially in the land owners in yet registered in the little more dialogue along. These policy options the other one which supplies about what's the coastal restoration. If she developed well and that the fishing groups pushed hard for. And I understand the rationale that you look equipment that mentioned earlier and there are other programs. Better in early CPR rates. Master plan but if you look equipped for a but on that project comes from the sport fish restoration. Sports in restoration. And so the bunny comes back by back on sporting goods and their assertion was booked. That's restoration currently being funded. You excise tax on what goods primarily pitching we feel like fishing access should be. One of the many things to consider a project selected. And so I think that's another area. But we are all ears that. Those options and you can look at reported seeing them that are going to be expensive like public accusation. That buying land buying. They're going to be typical of finance in a statement really struggling right now with their budgets I think. The budget neutral options ones that are less expensive. It can be honest small scale trial date and probably one like. Yes yes and when and I ripped through this this report that's what it means even if we do agree on one and the there's a next step there would be incentive that the tax cuts and how likely are unique in attack you know yeah with how bad we're hurt for money actually sign. Really intrigues me because it's one like Seneca about money went to war co route scurry caught on rebuilding a private land. Though that the money taken from. You know the recreational side to go to work circles but let wetlands restoration. That would pan. Yeah that'll Wear when there by the sound equipment that Tate bigger. Program in the dictionary. He's our coastal protection Lester supported the use different sources of funds usually all out. Royalty sharing and penalties on people of Iraq. That are from federal excise tax sporting goods. So a little ball and keep our. But but there is some prominent excise tax on on this then yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we get quadra. It does what route most folks the wrong way. I mean rebuilding private land in the in the private landowners that he is on war shoot it don't look like well they don't. You know I think there there's something. That early scream out to me that that that is one of them can't protect. Choke I think that they like that you know both sides and different venues some an art meeting there was no GP public form of the land and in view on that. Consider this. Both sides bustling and really it is more. Currently. We got to make out the lack but I want to make sure. Wait on the other side decision because that'll give the impression. That. Demo. Or echoing what the fishermen's concerns were on the option on the Lam about they said in the news this is true that yeah. But that's expenditure of public cheap public expenditure private land. That's true for the farm bill conservation titled true coastal Louisiana for years and the idea has been. We got called on the 8% privately owned. It's incredible that we're gonna end up doing. Publicly funded Lester racial problem lands the rationale and volley and that the benefits don't just agree the privately amount but they have accrued the public at large habitat. Storm surge protection and other Serbs and that need to be at least mentioned let somebody say I'm never supporting local restoration to complete access I don't think that happen. I think more like what happened is there may be way to change the participation. Map. The way we select projects that more reflective of a public access direct. Blunt right here I'm sure we'll have a couple more questions actually closed up. Such come right back. Will be here hunt fish at all. Welcome back into our. Segment this hour at British pop. It. It went on to be chief slasher and mark gastric Kathy in sea grant. And not get too lenient that you're about to wrap it up we're talking about. The report and it pointed out. Four pages but after read the first 24. You don't factory. Indices and all the meetings and all those things. We have an interest in all to do that the search for bat and I think QB like idiot. I've tried to look the new resolution during the Bradley amen is did not come. On the legislative web site now I'm content catalog here wreck mentioned that players in new task force. And how resolution and ninety action. And wondering if the has it wrong so it's not accounted to cement correct. A dime we hear from you. Last segment and call. What are your. I had a good now I am glad to talk. No not. Yet with the Rex you know. Reality you saw from the the meetings that the most interest was expressed about getting more funding for the Louisiana State lands office did develop some more mapping I think it's essential it's got to be done first. Because there's still a lot of landed question that we don't know whether we can leave inaugural. But it may be that the land owners of falsely. You know maybe they're abusing the system and saying that they they do they have. Legal authority over when maybe they they don't so that is number one that's got to be done. Once that is decided delicate stocked arguable whether it's private a public. In an illegal guild jurisdiction on. An opinion but what I'm saying is and I kind of share key subpoena really pessimistic on the future of this whole thing. I know some land owners and small landowners who do have some altruistic interest in this and they say look. You protect my liability let the state pick up liability if someone gets hurt my property. Assure me I'm gonna have mommy and writes prevent people from doing damage to my property and I'm good with it. Understand I'm must come from hunting and fishing family and I think everyone wants to do that. On the other side of the coin or some large corporations that own a lot of our coastal land. Who don't even live here they don't even have offices here and all they look at as the bottom line report on profit and loss. And they are interested in the bottom line which is money. Which tells me that I think some of the interesting options are going to be maybe the tax incentives might be the ants. On making sure they get their mineral rights possibly the public acquisition I just don't think there's enough money for that there. But you know increased. There are actually decreased their liability as far as personal injury on their property in that type of thing. But as long as they've got that financial interest in it. And we have laws that would decided before the civil Warren so far it's all been in the land known as they've almost every ruling that is come down. I don't know what do you think it's gonna take on these options to to really get the job done as and when something finally comes out is going to be. Kind of a one size fits all what do you think they'll be several different ways for different landowners to choose options on which is best for them. Yeah I I think this spear which we were instructed the report was again when he said. Many sounds like to look at voluntary option is by definition it's not a one size at all. If there are water Q what are your accommodation. Options. That this has worked for whip my assumption is that that option will be just that options. And so back in the report we suggest that. They've probably would be good you know wholesale. Fashion change policy the stroke of opinion as far as. Testing whether it worked or not might be better part with a smaller area whether as a willing land owner group. A recreational fishermen to see what can be done and it built on small acceptance. But it on Antoine mentioned something earlier that weigh in on. The state in the public trust doctor and the right to claim prop it into an arm of the day. And that local water way or Norman. And because of that in certain areas I am. Ordinary in the house there or what we called dual claim property. In fact depending on which map look at it as little as 300000 mr. as much as 700000 acres. Don't have the you know played out in court. And that is you know there are hitting back to land owner believes that he marshy. Has a right to property taxes while we're so boundaries now being coy about eight. And they want to leave that and they have to be what's it called being adjudicated there. Accord passed away and back up into quite a bit so I think because of that issue and the complexity involved were really probably. Be looking at voluntary approaches in the short on short on change wall. And that probably tried element that probably. The album what ordinary. So I think that the best we can hope war in my estimation right now. Apparently going at an overweight man you'd stand there at 900000. 700. Yet they haven't. At the top that but what's called dual claim lands. The state claim male and the profit and crime and exactly two maps one 300 now actually larger what did you. Up to 700000 acres of dual claim lands. And because. Litigation challenged those play out in court on those mine in the that the policy that we understand there are reports. Of the stately and all that the public and it says. I know that not a very comforting thing but I bet they do until the legal determinations or may. Are available. To you. Don't really know mom piece of the hunt. Now not everything and I think it back in the issues. Really would be you know report within what we talked about this morning that whether we like it and just tremendous quite typical so deterioration is really hard it is what makes it difficult. Even more difficult challenge beyond napoleonic law equated. Complaints about how we. Week oh or allocate resources we have the landscape. That evolving and yet the and it makes it very difficult so for the reasons. I act and think that voluntary options. That are. Or demonstrated a trial may and we built from there. Are probably the best thing and we need a couple more resource where they land. I wish he'd be open heart this that but that's where we are right now. In the summer when he eighteen on the in this news resolution and we are saying I think it's because the world today. But there are groups with much more capacity we have we have all the programs that are affected when they let it go for the report. But I think retail ought to also going to be on the transports. I will say republic in the back while the mystery or secret. While warning that app or we took we don't vote on policy matters serve as a matter bonds. Don did you have a follow up question. In congress has achieved. Not just wanted to say you know our congratulations to him and annex on chew you realize what a big job you gotta mean this is some very important issue probably the biggest in in the history of the state is on the coastal zone. And not to be sitting right in the middle of an effect on top of the as a very important role and now hope you going to be up for the task as idols that is being solved any Thompson. If nothing else you got job security. It took so are perhaps subject he wanted to have gotten it out. The report. Around gaming web address just go to Google and type in Louisiana coastal access report. The first couple you'll see will be linked our study we can't cope lack of report. At carrying Rex Kathy one more question forty do you see this spot in the name. Format since the task force. Closed meeting with each individual user. Yeah I I think that the Berry is collection that don't touch that might yes it probably sub in open public meeting law and so that they will be. An opposite personal observation that I could be wrong. Okay as. We we need to pay attention NC. If there are some announcements if these meetings have been opened to the public. And if you weren't bag holder at your mall Mali and downturn appeared at an everyday human. Get involved wreck it thank you so much for your time Don and keep an eagle wonderful great being if you are. I hope everybody had a great week Ian. Regardless of the west wing and thank you ought to thank Larry correctly I. Wanna reserve the right to give expect Tuesday. App Democrat Lou thank you well thank you so much are. I coming up next Keith what you got. Now we get the Greek debt we will be talking a lot about Brett water this secret idol and now if kids it's entirely coming up as well but in a while at the next ballot or to this report.