Hunt Fish Talk

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 19th

Keith Lusher leads the conversation with Don Dubuc, Linda Cuccia and Capt. Wendy Billiot.  Young autors, fish record keeping, Apple Snails and Red Fish were the topics covered.


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And good morning you woke up the next hour or outdoor program saying little. Segment entitled simply can't fish caught on people turn on 1 this morning miles when you combine woman Ileana. On Libya and a new member of the Sierra huntress talk Linda Jo Lynn there ought to look and your board is more. Good Marin and I'm happy to be here Keith. And good morning to you as well on ending up nothing new about beat you right here. Been here since the beginning all of it is not being here good morning. And we had a little nostalgia used to always be back tomorrow and Lyle Johnson where they come from. I want dog got to blame production badly on that. And left you out. Yeah I like him the most important when you know moderated today. It's. And pack a minute I got more and we're going to be about BL Buick and we. Yeah 72 Louisiana or writer credit bureau. We're gonna covered at all and there are actually wrote it in or go great partnership. Updated on the are red snapper dale congress so. We'll put on. Also go over the I would say of the dill member meeting Saturday that being getting more youth involved in riding the rock being. And act translating into membership so. We're gonna basically reviewed the conference Dan and Scott how important India in its younger galleries and go right. Well media whether it be tiger beer bottles or storyteller. And patient. Also talk about something you may notice while on the buy used in the arc. If you look closely at the law of the green and gold are outlined a little away. The shot. Clock they're on the ball well that's something called. Apple mail mail. Apple mail being. And now. They're not believe in ambler somehow found their way through and it's been like a recurrent topic here on strong lately those indeed to be out. What it right now in. In. Well ever involved in putting things together. And you know what a great on the issue. While out on Indo necklace so in a great job executing and other. Accessible outdoor writer conference. While audiences all year and LOW act now look for. Early August pack up and it. Would. And awards ceremony and catch up well colleagues in the media anything you guys like and review. Well I'll just like the sale really enjoy going of that conference each year because it is it's the only time of the year when we really you know we're spread out that we don't have that many official outdoor writers and broadcasters and book authors. And gives us a chance to all get together and see each other and exchange notes and and do these wonderful things like present these kids with the awards. Our own internal awards to finish the year. And we just had the honor of the year award them winner on on the air here and it's just a wonderful time and of course we take gamble business to as far as. Our association. Apple would how to sports are salary. And get back together. Our elected doing now Saturday with the general members meeting in one thing heavily got this trying to get more use than LO BO. We even charitable giving them the winner honorary member and the VA and open. They'd likely be an it would trampling. A long term member Don I'll start with you we saw a great group in that the awards banquet Saturday night. Lower daycare articles photos that were really impressed. What do you think the future of outdoor journalism is. Because certainly was the main focus Saturday and need. Well I gotta tell you I've been doing this now for over thirty years in the role of outdoor riding has this changed dramatically in his primarily because the media itself in the technology has changed. We seeing the the going away in the fading of on newspapers and even magazines. But we're seeing a tremendous. Rise in the number of Internet and in digital media that's taken place. On radio and TV still remains strong although the TV is kind of getting you know it. A fragmented because arsenal many channels now so much of them on there it's getting harder and harder to earn a living as an outdoor writer really foresee. It probably either being one of two things for the future it will be a job that people who retire. From another line of work choose to get into or as a part time sultan to supplement their income while there there are making a living doing something else. People that like myself that have been lucky enough to to make a full time living doing nothing but writing and broadcasting in dealing with the outdoors. It doesn't look real bright for the future of that but one thing I can tell you is we got some great young talent coming up I was really impressed. With not only the photography with a journalism. I just wish we had more participation in now haven't lived in his organization is a retired teacher in dealing with students. Maybe she can add some ideas to help recruit more these kids to participate in the competition eventually go on to do as a profession. Absolutely that was my thought as you were talking about recruiting young people into the industry. We have to get into the schools. That's the way to do it there's a lot of kids who hunt and fish and love it but there are no representatives go and in the schools and talking to them about. This organization this conference the upper TVs that are available so they're not entering they're not they don't know about it. I'm I know last year as a teacher at North Shore high school the students were asking me if I would sponsor their fishing. Organization they wanted to club a fishing club. That is so I think that if the Louisiana outdoor writers association would get maybe just a couple of representatives together to go school to school and just do a little many presentation for cancer interest at. That's a way to get the kids involved. Would we have tried we do have some contact with the schools but it's not as you mentioned personally I think that's a great idea we've got writers and almost every pawn in the state. In volunteer some time at the school you'll let us in to go speak to the kids I know their kids that do not enjoy writing they don't like going to school. But if you tellem an agent do want to fishing trip and brightest stories there. Absolutely. Certainly bad that topic changes everything for our young person. Wendy. I'm duplicate all the positive things they didn't I don't wanna be Debbie downer but do you think. People are better air force CE. Pitcher of the year award. Pay an average that the same as the last year or. In did not have one entry. And this year we even hold them in years past they didn't know what that we're going to win it was surprised when I. Got to the banquet and doctor award but this year we put it on the flyer why time fishing license. And we did not have one entry. Atlantic region top you know after the show or you can email me if you know how. We might get those fired into the hands of school districts get those out. Getting confident or quit school has sort of been a problem. Comment I think you can just take some explanation. That we are where professional organization which means. You know it's right at an anxious nation and apple journalists make it would like to different. It was a great idea but. I'm just really puzzled as to is. Why we didn't have any injuries. And one of the things aptly entity is different is coming here. To view Africa and to all the CAD. Every major. Conventions that are here at stake because they worked really well as throughout this stay and they need to be away. All that social media to get out here. Any suggestions do email here we can talk later. I was really surprised. Yep and you know there's no lack of interest an outpouring of fishing and it just seemed like. Namely its meaning give you know we ended our I'll reap the Greek Blake real we don't want our place toward earth after about. It's content. And you know. Maybe this is what we need to do once saying here pay what they're. They need to stick with it I think maybe the problem it was translating into. Hum or what they do and they might like writing like fishing. But the problem is translating that into you may like something special where people Ringo and read that's going to be in May and let me. Also rental gotten you know I mean when it comes out. If you could just you know tell your kids in and that's of interest you know you you know your kids would be good this saying and get a man. All of them little warning it would I was younger award I would happily. Well you know he is an important thing that your bringing up its information. So I'll tell you I've been an outdoors writer for five years now and I'm an author of a book that focuses on outdoors experiences and I've never heard of Louisiana outdoor writers association until I started working with Don. And he kind of twisted my arm and coerced me into joining and he basically said you need to do it best I here's the information do it today. Ab and so I went and had enjoined and now I know about the organization and what it's about and what it offers. But I have been in the industry for five years and and haven't heard habits so. Windy this is a good point we are we are advertising in getting the information but it's not getting into the hands of the young people on certain. Yep so many just. Just getting the word out in naming naming that was brought up also membership you know taken taken it down there wing and given them a plan on what they would like to. To beat in the future as far as they're writing than the people I'm but he can be summed and that two. Instead of Darrell works you know I think that's the most important thing. And a cold weather on the Internet radio and newspaper. Having a basic goal what you well your your energy to that way people and no way you located in Connecticut are. Well let me throw salt and out of the group deal with regard to this do you think that maybe because we're doing this as a writing contest. We're barking up the wrong tree should we may be do this as an audio RT media kids have our own cell phones that record video and maybe they would get more into that whether and they don't like riding in a casino. You through right now it LA Atlanta amenable if there was a snap chat com are competition. We would have teenagers from all over. Maybe we need to look at revamping that the contest account won't. Don you know what I think that the great idea is seen as helping the use Fisher at the airport is the newest. The trailer. Before different awards that we give out. That would be you really get idea in his early enough on that we could revamp this one. Hey they're already riding for the year there rotting trees journalism and then there's photography. So that's fictional the fishing competition could be different that's great ideas on. Well welcome back into our fish talk people out there it was windy dial in Newhart is struck member Linda. Lawyer we certainly welcome news in gang here on Saturday morning and you've been in line. The Louisiana outdoor writers association being at bill in the morning we're gonna point something that. Most folks don't know the Ella WA is spot for and that is. Keeping the records sustainably. Are you know and every other state but while history is responsible about the state records submitted in my individuals but. That's not so here in Louisiana just like everyone has gone and we are here. We're a bit different and Ellen WA is your report Q your record. I'm logged out and other great job at the trucker chairman and president of the association for that matter Lyle Rossiter story about. The thing that app. As far as his job is concerned. Share a story about a record this book by a gentleman for getting this inspected by a box biologists. The door now and didn't check it off on the reported in Portland gentleman that couldn't be a gentleman that was our broke out. It was a glimpse into what the job entailed. Certainly a good job done which you have in knows this story. How el WA started taking these records oh we've always been elegant or whatever not staged spot ability. No it's always been Louisiana outdoor writers association eagles' way back before my time in 1940s. When it started. And I'm sure the concept laws the people that wanna get the records of the writers because they want the story they can put out this so we wanna be first to know. And thereby requiring people used to be that you had to contact and help or writer association member to get the full. This was before in an adequate so easy now you go on mailed them via web site you can download the applications. It used to say on our record listings that you need to see a member of outdoor writers association. Which we encouraged because that way if someone call one in my area they would call me about the record then I've got the information can ship with the rest of the association. But as you mentioned it's extremely unusual that a nonprofit writers association. Would be the actual curator for the official state records. I do remember for a it goes back a decade longer ago that was kind of a mention about the department taking it over. And I think that was a half hearted request that we give it to them they really didn't want it. Because there have worked for the state and an outlook for any extra work like they know all they want happy when we told them no we wanna keep on doing and I think it's been a wonderful thing. But there is a lot of confusion the first Tom the word record finish comes up people immediately think of the State Department. They called them that they have to tell us no it's not she got the contact the writer association. And I've been a member now of the committee on his 40 I don't know. 89 maybe longer number of years. And I can tell you there's been a lot of instances where we've had some very disappointed broken hearted people because they did not follow the rules as time limit you have to get your record processed. This criteria you have to meet as far as on the application. Has to be weighed on the state inspect the scale it's going to be identified by a biologist now. But you need to do all those things to protect the integrity of your records if you don't do that and that is not always been done in the past. We've had quite a few controversial record some of them. I have been removed for one reason on other what was found out that they would not. Legitimate catches and has been a lot of them deny that would have been wrecked it simply because people didn't follow the right rules. Yet in the story about the you know me being going at the record because of what spec in you know an opinion and my just a reality. But that's that's very important because this is this to be called what you know while basically put out are going to head and it's not inspected. You know the that this turnaround and they in turn doesn't look like. Anything you know whole memory bank wham. You know maybe on another show I did give you instance after answer is I can recall one that we had to disqualify. I was not in favor we had a little bit a disparity among the committee members who we have someone that shot a fish. This was a shock. And it was shot before it was put in the bowl with just said look that's the right thing to do that shark the size in the boat with people in laid eggs and told us that's not a good match. But we have a rule in the finish records as says the fish cannot be mutilated. And they considered being shot a mutilation. And there were people on the committee that decided that they outvoted me. And this gentleman did not get his record mainly because what I thought he did was in the interest of safety was he shot the finish. Those kind of things is this just any number of things that can come up that you don't think about when it comes to wreck. I find it hard to believe that the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries doesn't want in on this. You know it when you said that it's been an end. The outdoor writer association for years in your seniors that's the only way it has Venice because it always what's the 'cause I have a feel on the department of wildlife and pitchers who would want to have a say in. Issues like that whether the fish has been shot whether the she's been Harpo and back on us after. They don't want that they believe they don't want the book sense I entertain and they love us keep an Arlington I'm happy that. When they buckled the record. I was just wondering if I'm dawn good for everyone is listening and had no idea what's required. Could just go over the simplest steps and the other thing we talked about it the general membership meeting. What how to hand more widely disseminate this information. Fishermen are fishing guide. That. Could you just go over the steps quickly well. You've got to get these security application and ask you what the fish species laws where it was caught what date was used to date that you caught it. And then you gotta have the biologists sign off on the positive identification and most Fisher pretty easy but there are a lot of them at a very difficult I remember we were involved in one way had a woman who thought she cholera. The strike and amounts on the spotted bass and it was a large mouth bass. And she was Coca broken hearted when the biologists have the talent though this is not as a spot advances is a large amount best. Some of them are very close in and that's a good rules are identified then it has to be weighed on a state inspectors scale. You can tell us they've stated spec to scale from others is going to be a label when an inspection date when the state actually came and calibrated the accuracy of that scale. That influence that that issue while grocery stores post offices. Anywhere that they sell something based on the weight of it. It's got to be exactly on now otherwise you know it's it was left up to the scale how much to finish ways. Are you gonna bring your fish into the post office. People have done that and it rotted in the Olympic season ask and I get away and they actually wrote them off at tag with the weight on and handed to. And you have to list the number of the inspection plate of the scale on there. To ensure that this scale was a legitimate skill that way the fish actually. So it's a little bit of of of a task to do this and and as a small fee I think it's ten to fifteen dollars now it's yet to submit with the application. So processing fee that comes to aren't association for handling it. And then it goes each and everyone goes to the chairman if he's got any question he brings it up to the committee. In the committee makes a vote. Then the organization has input all the general membership they can come to the committee and bring up points that they would like to make to change or adjust things and make any additions to new species. This thing has been growing growing we get constantly people who are catching fish. That McConnell obscure species and now are no records and wanna know will create. And we'll talk about it and will consider the fish and how popular it's going to be would this be just the one time gets. And we've given a thumbs up thumbs down a fish rackets committee has a lot of authority in this on doing it. We also have a separation between rod and reel category and fly fish. And if you go to Louisiana outdoor writers association web site. That applications of NB download a complete listing of all the species in most categories we keep the top ten finish. That have been caught all of these years going back to 1940 on some of them. And you know we present the fish of the year awards that was gone up and activists last year. Where we recognize the best catch me don't run real and the best catch offline and occasionally one or the other will not be given it doesn't have to be given. And in some cases there will be honorable mentions we had that this year it give you for instance the run real division winner. When Tim Delaney he called a one point 83 blue deal which is not very impressive weight but for that species it is it was a new. Number one state record well cowboy a guy from Texas came over it was fish about a grand isle. Any caught at 239. Pound yellow until. So if you look at a 239. Pound creation of one point eight degrees it was no decision but that was in because the other world record for so long. We gave it to him but we didn't want a slight the other angle for a great catch and he got an honorable mention. And on the fly fish was off peak Cooper who we actually presented posthumously he died. Unfortunately before he got time to receive his award for cats and a three point 79 pounds flounder. So we got a long history of presenting the speech of the year awards in I think it's a great relationship that our association has access to these records in control of him. Because it affords us firsthand knowledge of these records is that being set them we break the news. Outing of wind a biologist if you're out fishing and you think you've caught a fish that could be a record. I you've told us where to find the form and you told squared away the fish went refined alliger. Well that there's a lot of sources they could be LSU extension service ages they could be department wallet and fisheries biologist and they are listed you you contacted department to find one. In the area where you almost a normal well known around the marina is where you go they they can put you in touch. Andy -- keep the specialized until it's inspected allied victory it's a dead fish but you need to take a full live picture of the fish. And he has to see the fish itself in most cases and I gonna identify that I gonna put their name online on a photograph. Well as far as you know Elin definitely doing their go to Louisiana for a while they're not but the good thing on this elegantly done because there are able to incorporated into their awards as we've witnessed last week and said I'm going with. One point eight great round will you know Warren you know for and it would fire. I don't think Louisiana. On the wallet they're treated appropriately in the hype and hoopla. Hello WA is in new record on the great thing they do it there's somewhat of a great job. I think any private organization it occurred on and government organizations so I'm glad that we're we're all states were. I but you know Randy what you're talking about about better publicizing it that is a real problem because I know a lot of us an association we do write stories and I mention it every chance I get about the older BA record keeping. But here's the thing. If you talk and interview these people who catch records most of them will tell you I'm never dreamed I'd have a catch estate records so they don't researcher at a time. All of a sudden they've got this fission question and now it's what do I do with a new blog often. Right. So with that in mind the web site they do is LA outdoor writers dot com. And Omaha page there will have more records. It doesn't think Fisher urged the that we need click on and it also says big gains saying underneath the drop down they need. So it LA outdoor writers dot com. And click on record in the adopt me click fish fish records so that really need to application I'm pretty sure. So if anybody listen and don't like that would stick in the brain and in just. Continue to think about how we came. You know just to be some of those applications while it's an odd is that the meeting. I welcome into on this talk monthly roundtable discussion about Barry hot topic that it all sportsmen. Four women I got to sing I want but so Europe the two women on the air. Well they say it's nothing we're outnumbered. Against duke numbers. And I thank gonna talk a little that they're all correct. In remarks in order. Out of buying it felt we and I noted that all recent trip but it W fourteen canal right now. That the canal parallel highway or very very old Spanish trail. Now while we were this improbable and pointed out some hot pink cluster at the base that some are growing old shoreline. And said that they were couples and I think any painting on it up but they were in typical side nail. In 01 loading hi. This thing you've. The long loading by. But base. But it isn't ending it'll all over think while. Well they are native Italy and they have been around 1988 when it urged govern he or they originate from South America. And Argentina thinking your way in Brazil area. And the name apple mail based on Latin word apple which is the main. It goes by the scientific name me via a lot. Would just go there today so. Comment radio lack a lot of neat place and a feel for the Yankees back in the. Felt like. But like outlook and and indeed is being seen it's believe. They you know that early and somebody aquariums so here we are. Now Whitney you and I were talking enacted. He'd be sitting there and and sure enough they are edible and winning ugly India India and indeed as being cookbook that right and it. What era do you. A lot of bad. Credit. It's been. I don't know. Been trying to rack my brain is about many different and ABC you know. The the patriot did you burgers never never took off. Abbott the sausage did I was involved in. And. And now we've got the fill our car pretty amazing carpet you know we've talked about how that's but the great meat well. You know what you just convince people that that's the case and now we're going to try to do the same thing with apple mail yes absolutely. I tell you let Wendy if we have a cook off of invasive species that where invited to judge I'm not going. About it because they'll think every thing now. Even other tail end of I don't believe we've seen any negative. Element. Climbing clusters of a grant Connell are eucharist you know any negative impact report from the style. Well you know they usually only get these invasive they usually upset the apple cart if you will little want to balance of nature and it looks like these things might of that because they everything but I got to tell you now I have. Unsuccessfully. Been involved in trying to overcome invasive species. And the one thing that the first thing you have to do is you have to change the name OK when I was involved in promoting a nutrient for food. They changed the name from nutria to rack all that. Now when they tried to promote cheap head instead of the name she paired which isn't very advertise and they went to run bill Seagram. And then the Asian carp carp is not very appetizing either they changed that to sell for fear. So we first have to come up with a new name but Apple's mail I'll live dumb required you to do this because your knowledge of the French expert. As cargo is that French for snail as I what is Brent apple what name can we give this thing to make it more appetizing to people try. You want it windy nice job won't ask cargo you know does that sound good enough of this on I guess unveiled and again highlight the word apple but I don't like the words nail in terms of delicacies. You know I am I'm not gonna eat an apple now I would anyone in Apple's now. Apple us. Well oiled we're gonna wanna look if I'm not and I am careful because I'm told that that you can contract the rat long warm. Not coach Charlie did you see that on the. Like pork is just like tickets early and it should be. Doesn't die down in. Any. Yeah you talk about impact case cannot say a little bit about impact. I expect to someone did the government. A person there. And the problem is there's there's and they can just exchanges. Like that they eat everything. They are out competing. At all. For you know that made different habitats so in that regard is the problem in Israel in 1980s it was major distance YUK they tried did. Cultivate an interdict these things any different countries as a as a source of protein. And ever get off but the bad things happen in Hawaii and it can't happen here. Is that they pose a threat to write production. Well block all right companies at all and I facility. If they had they can't have a problem with apple mail I think she cry. Well. She hit it was unaware of any problem. With that call. I hate to be a Tuesday they're. It's only a matter of time to consider where we are in the bracket squatter in especially in the fresh water. That extra little problems bright pink as the fight bubble treat their it where every. Well here. There's. Every. Like what 600 something. Out. In them there. Everywhere they're not just one plant life they are piling. There everywhere in Easter at a higher water anything you don't matter you can go anywhere now here but without. Richard so when he and I tell each other and gather up suddenly mail after that right to Attila group but bread Brenda wade it would fail. Well again I think it gets really nailed or not. Outlook over the arrest these and a whip something up and sort India and the question is are you don't know the channel and. The profits in this you know all right we can't I have thought that it could quit the not in Atlanta an here. I'm not an on any thing having your apple sells I'm just gonna go out and lay that down but I do have a question are you guys going to use the pink eggs I you know could at least some form of caviar it's it's this good they're very pretty. Well they're one at a time. When that I'm well well. I don't look and field advantage. I look at this they're a group of young researchers. Somewhere down the reality I think. And it and they are studying counties get rid of it like stop that the source. They end they discovered and it has been released yet and has the imprint in the history surged it's. Face spray paint him on the eggs and they died. And they like 80% success rate. So. Was put him out. And every time we import that's probably do it all well I'll do my part I'm very about it. I like to know how they narrowed it down to Pam what other things that they'll try apparently. That payable outlet like somebody was getting in the that cook an experimental cookie and a and they died well I think we ought to foursome to. Use birth control and we'll stop us now from multiple. You know I hear you say hey look you know you're talking to a guy that seemed Mohamed Al Hala you have the nutri on the deal with analysts and Elena what the heck we and do. It bill. As evidenced. Keep your let me look at that three out of force I think you're doing pretty good you're this morning are expecting your talent. Well we might be able to sneak them in all in this you know I'm he tries things before she thoroughly investigate what it is man that boy there. Yeah. Well I'm not pay them but you know what I think about K that they need at least things so you know if we can keep and I can make these apple ballot the peace type off. Let's take they eat anything the it done deal. The next show we may do might be save our Apple's mail so. Limit. Holland. But it did. Well. In in the the right now but it also written. It'll be all in Canada. Well. I have actually seen these things I've seen the exact scene this nails they're very pretty. There's no chance of my eating them. Has anyone on this panel have eaten NASCAR ago he snail. I have and it. Which completely fine. Doug our armed produces as easy snails electability now. He's given the thumbs up the great. Big and l.'s he meant. In the same category this just that this fresh water. Through don't know I don't know I don't think the bigger losses as is mushy and slimy and money is a snail. Well another vote that line but check back. I welcome back into on this talk. Our next segment well that's how it the most talked about subject on the path here and I'm sure early get what it is. Red snapper management. Not a red snapper management and completely jumped the track no the national Oceanic and it. The spirit and administration. Federal court that they have been keeping tabs on the stock but let out properly golfer. Well I just say they aren't in the best job numbers are way off. And exceeded federal wars and a laughable three days now that he has been extended this year you know and recreational fish and a bit of pop in it as to what's to come. This past week and I had a chance to hear Christmas glue so updated on the latest deal any deal. Had a really good chance that go through in this so called a modern day. And what this what this bill the very things that screwed Bangalore are hard data. And that means they were well we're we're require general managers to explore other data sources that. The potential to improve the accuracy and timely. Harder that the such as state driven programs such as Kelli real which we're an excellent reputation. For providing accurate numbers number two world crock acquire reviews of who gets the fish. It will would require. Fishery managers to finally bottle long overdue review out fishing quota for individual beat these are divided between. The recreational. And commercial. The Mercury it recognizes the importance of recreational fishing so even though recreational commercial it's different. They're basically meant the same way at the federal level in the modern Shaq well authorized nobody's management strategy. In excess what level so. Is fear and I mean this just trying to get more accurate numbers. This wouldn't be. Turn over completely devastate a lot of people think that's what this we haven't gotten there yet around the federal agency would be supplied with. Better it'll. Do well. But what did they are mine and major opinion we've been up and stop a while now. We've seen the twists and it turned out while it looked like momentum as we recreational fisherman by. Is that enough war you want one you'll be happy until it complete state control and they will start yeah. On don't start Whitney because I feel like that that the course. We've been low where that. Answer at first you know not that I care. I mean the more that he can say it for you know this year for the recreational fisherman I think it's great the fact that they stick into an agreement on in the day. That's great hey how are they out of homeland I have no idea I really. I think it's. It's become light too complicated. I'm. What if anything things well because. They didn't have any any real time that I didn't have anything to go off it's. What they've done it antiquated and LA creel is a step in the right direction. The Oslo apartment that your tactic is now back in the other way. You know that we keep track recreational fisherman but I had to step out before Christmas Spanish so I think it's your fault. What's the latest greatest about the new deal is there. Dead the next person because but I'm pretty. Or. Well I have a lot of opinions on the subject to hunt how I'm more than you know weigh in on that. I've just been reds' number fishing for the first time in my life and I loved it so much it's it's just indescribable I love the experience I love how hard they fight I love being out and I like the deep sea. And of course the fish are gorgeous and their delicious. So I was disappointed. My concern is not so much. Data collection and and I love the new bill I am all for it. What what concerns me as when bodies make good decisions that affect in problems. Without input from those people so the recreational fisherman commercial fisherman everybody who's out there's make an elegant. They're making a living in our waters now I know we have to preserve RC RM are habitat OK we have to preserve. Our way of life here in Louisiana. But do we have to make rash decisions off the cuff. That limit everybody all of a sudden first solid month you know just to come out of nowhere and say you've got three days this is it. And then get some more data and then say OK I'm gonna go ahead and extend it. It's not fair to the people who make their living on the water. So I feel like I like the bill like the idea I think data is gonna help in decision making. But also let's include some of these people in the decision making process that they know what's coming down the line so it's not such a shock to their families. To it to their tuition to their health insurance to their house payments. So that's where my concern consent. But don't they have representative. On the national marine fishery council. Great show those sector. Yeah I think it is recreational. Where where talking mostly. Now. Talking about the commercial side that is wholly different better yes. With the feel ordinary bank gone away you know. Well the commercial people I can tell you feel this this act in this bill and I gonna go and opposition to what they see this is an attempt. To wrest away significant portion of their allocation from the commercial sector to the recreational. I don't think anybody will argue with revamping the Magnuson Stevens act which is of the whole antiquated system we use to manage fishes and has not been successful and are able. I think there in favor of the loch creel even given some of this management of the gulf states the re on a regional level. But I think what needs to be done first and foremost is we need to determine. Who's fished these are and what the quotable percentages ought to give to commercial and recreational I don't think that's ever been determined. I think we need a lot is gonna take a lot of work to come up with the value to recreational because that's a very hard thing to quantify. Because they are in pursuit of fish is not about the pounded of the fish so much. Is they have the ability to go out there you give fishermen on as an option. Between more days on the water and more days in the woods or bigger limits in short a time to be out there they're gonna tell ya wanna be out him more one more opportunity go even if it means taking last. So that's one thing to consider the commercials it's all in the the power outage in the dollars and cents on what you get I think we need to place accurate. Value measurements on what the commercial industry is worth what the recreational industry is worth and then in a democratic fashion. On May have the legislation in congress decide which one of those is more important it's a hard decision. I don't think anybody should be denied the pleasure of going in purchasing. Red snapper and enjoying that finish but by the same token I think this should always be a a significant more than a three on nine day recreational season for people go out and catch their own fish. I think that needs to be done before any other steps to take in his determine the values oven and what do we want to do with these fish we know how many we got. We know it takes to management. Where do we put him in who gets some. Well I think. Discrepancy between. Mark caller oh and you know you're telling her 000. You've got to look at the numbers are not know everything. Earning money so and that's where it is. Well as far as Brad. Is for the whole picture it being great just fail. All like to see it eventually end up a goal. Now I'm just look at her once but it. A ticket on Albanian. Nothing more outgoing it trip on cougar on dope ordered. Dark cool. In my little red snapper they're absolutely. They've got to see. Something like this you know without eating out you can go. Out right. At that point we're gaining any outfit down there because there's so many now. You know I mean great problem and it is having the men are. A number about that pets out. Com. You know we came in the state water where bickering in the item in the grip. And we cholera. Or not and never. Accurate four short stroke. There's no way to stop thought it would go active and even landing mark and number girl go. Let me. Brandon and hopefully this new bill. Did ask in the regulations will be loose needles well hopefully we'll. Now and then momentum. Any other comment. I'll pass. Linda I know you got some and I wrote historian on some that I. Read a story and read separate Don and I went fishing went on in the in the little B three day window before it was extended and to say the fish were plentiful is an understatement. We caught our limits every one on the boat caught their limits within ten minutes I mean as soon as you've got the fish up and dropped your O line back in the water you got your second fish and done. We're done. So I you know that the numbers are off and that things seem to be changed when not everyone's experience. Linda what other sister joked that but he got currently we that mangrove snapper or on the circuit so. Spamming or but I'll bet anything else but. We caught a code via LA and oh yeah a beautiful kind of be a really big went to you how big was gone. Forty park now close to thirty pounder mark dispenses fish from channel 26 she caught it. It was a fight to get back Ambien and road it was big. But that was it we didn't catch a whole lot of other different things that we did have a person he taxed and this morning to the morning shows say. That when they went out to go fishing all they kept catching was red snapper and it wasn't it at a timely show us. And sharp and had a key to Odom back because they were trying to catch things that were legal and couldn't. And that's something that gunmen and to make your ears when rates now are seen over in the left clients because. Well although I mean you've got a red snapper and there you lost about 1015 minutes. You've got a real all the way out. In in the mob girl backed rebate thing here to lose and I'm like that and it is well on. One thing you know optimistic. Is no it actually admitting that there's no law so. I don't know oh joy that's OK we're. That is good news. And admit that it. Aren't that duke it out this morning. When it was great carpet would let some smoke blog but it to be done we headed over. Are. Giving up one hit. I think helped NASA now and I thought Graham more toward that Dario 10 boy aged.