How'd the Saints do in their first game back?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 10th
Tommy talks to WWL NFL and college football analyst, about the Saints preseason win over the Jaguars.

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Saints get the first pre season game under way in in the books last night they beat the jaguars might retaliate. Joins not a kind of helpless and I am trying to be funny here but kind of help us sort out what we saw because Mike knows the players in the team's enough. The match ups etc. how you don't like what do. You thanks taking time with. Evan Billy again well also escaped apart. What did we see yen last night Mike what stood out to you. In terms of the saints in match ups and players and what they were doing and will we were trying to do its that are. Well Lou the bigoted negative urged. We indeed Jack Warden network is boasting at halftime because the good news segment. About how well bleak war goals in cold cash flow was throwing the football. You knew that that columnist is the actual patent. Oh it was about that the same defense early. When it was one disputes laws schools as ones against ones is you get. They just couldn't get off the field. And tackling wasn't good at it and bad angles and football and mental mistake. And you the you know I read that look. All of his base in that chicken. I knew exactly would that and so he wasn't happy about that. A bowl 08 win how will go from. Linebackers shut down the rookie of the back from Marcus with a tackle enough how we go from that tools to work with Condo with what you're saying what happened here. Well it has received. So opted yeah. And in the in pre season is the biggest mirage in the world. Speed enough of that throughout the years. I think last night what got under his skin was particularly one the defense is one in the build it you know the field on third down and at that tackling was not good at all but this thing. Feels. So let me jump in for a second Jacksonville the under the same rules the NFL PA collective bargaining agreement. As are the saints when it comes to tackling or is that the way Coughlin then. And head coach wanna run it over their Jacksonville and we're daunted like you talk about slivers of the jam his practices right now. Whole lot though is would reject war as did the year building changed much in a mean game but you know now they please physical global front. In the trenches and that's how they would always be as long as Tom Coughlin and doesn't roll run visual there. And you saw last night and you know again. It is Lou it is BC's. So. And that that I think really irritated Koji just these sort of I'd look in the U chicken is. And just that look what is you know it's put so what is the meaning get in the awkward out you can tell me. One happy. And even after the game he wasn't real happy about it. But you know and listen you've fought back you've made some plays in the second half. Especially and to put aliens. And quarterback. And what I liked was the running game but the saints stayed facial some ballots. And the ability to run the football guy and talked about racial quite a bit Jonathan Williams. What I think quietly has had a very good camp came Italy and made some plays with a football team. Boston's got noble rookie running back from Louisiana Tech. Was able to make some big plays in trick once met the wide out the rookie wide receiver. On defense no question about it you roll LE. Oh who is comparable. Part outside line back report the incident he's a pass rusher. Who has had some eggs in the public burns he's played double the Packers. And the cowboys came in to have quarterback sacks. In a couple of strips in the football I mean. He had one heck of a decade and he's put himself on the football map. Would this football team the way people lately and I think you got to look what did they play of the sack in the strip the same thing when in this football games they'll. He certainly stood out from the defense inside the football and net he gained the player understanding the big guy. That I is there to watch him hand and he came up being solicited WWW. You feel good about the hand. I do think he's been appreciated the density. You know which you reading and talking about. You can map this step it up on regular. See any any camera sage to meet him and Dennis Allen last night on silent. No he put its artists they didn't help. Dog sort of statements that are want to swap. You know you'd be a question. I know one thing cameraman got the bit to schools and he's walked in that. Well. You know. Hard not to not government in New Orleans anytime soon if he's not like in net and he's really not alike to support not using your back Koehler. Nearly drops back he's under pressure to strip the ball is loose it's picked up. Brought back to the thirty yard line in the New Orleans Saints are gonna have great position general. I don't know I don't know thank god Taylor stalwart. Stalwart on the recovery Jim Rhode Elliott with the strip and a tremendous play their by the saints' defense in general Eliot shows that begin dues. The big ones extremes with a call Liz Zack sir will talk to him next hour I think you did a tremendous job last night. And I would suggest you guys. Tried that. Think it's easy watching gamer courted and try to call when I do because it's not easy is it Mike. Iranian know. But I'm delighted. I mean it's a solid quarterback when the saints take some hail saints leading rusher. Yeah Melissa. He did exactly seeing him do his four years Britain new zone and you know pre pre season games deeply election it would rebate. These erratic throwing the football. And we usually it's abrupt moments that you get much. Protection. The pot but that was one of the pluses and spurs have the same to open the line did a good job protecting. Tom savage. But you know placed some as a tremendous athlete so on take off road with the football and you've got another year. In space. And or in the football. Oh a year in space. He's got another year in space maybe he knows how to keep it and so. You know. He it is what was seen from a. And they said a year since you are here as utterly dead and that meant. We will eventually will get that that pronunciation all right but between my ears and we don't. You know again it is a taste of it up there be some type games he's been except in pre season win. You insult when his partner is not. Opened he just tickled with the liberals was it is Agassi a new show on pain nonsense. It'll sort of pre season they don't work in the you know so that's I think I'm just delegate just. Doesn't it's so. Used to look and made the eventual replacement for Drew Brees is not on this roster of bottom line is not and I know others feel differently but. You know again in then that's just my opinion on and it's it's you know roster. But tickets so you know I think for pre season. He's he's got a look well Oakland and athletically. You use of this give India's. Any plot that bootable ruled throw the football and that's a given another part of this game where you people who get hot it's cool get hot. And he threw the ball pretty well in stages last night while salvage. You know everything was taken bill I mean everything was ruled short. I thought they protected well we're you know. But you know. You know he impressed the ball downfield and the gals scored you know that the team that touchdown was was feeling back and that that's would be game's about got to put points on the board. When you get an opportunity. Yeah longest pass and Durham. Savage fourteen yards Flemmi. Talk about the saints and running backs. Did you notice some money or did you see somebody can carry the load for marketing emperors were names. Bella the holes symbol would Jonathan Williams. And then I have said this well. Well the first couple days of camp I think he's looked really good Andy's got that you picked up late last year. A lot of people in volatile as well below and note Jonathan really well you as a bilk. And University of Arkansas Brett told nothing about audio and the Super Bowl and Donovan did really good job. When he was given an opportunity to wait and not weapons of Lyle was in the best world. He was run by blinded it's gotta gotta be able for a need not have carrier big global board right. You know he's one of these type acts as a receiver come out the back field wouldn't he given the full you know 68 times in the game. Is quickness sees little loose. And you also have a nice kick off return have a pedal fielded but. He's currently out there and I was encouraged that doubled him and also Brandon Tate. Oh you picked up. We Google to come and help while the poor return of they'd be in nice job in the kickoff return being millennium. Michal loaded and who was it was early in well. And in the debt nicked up a bit but he came back. So cool that that one particularly injury but I think at an antigen. PGA of Williams Scudder also. But the tendency being serious in that game. When you walk out of feel like lately even the PGA you always worry a bit but so Lehman was back. Was back out there and boy when he played. At a few. Impact. So to will be DD year ago. I'll concede in the communities where it's applicable defense and in the offensive tackle steeply to replace an Arkansas. He's probably pulled a little bit of what it is but manner of disposal. And he's instinctive to the football. Mike says this text from the nanny side area code what are your thoughts about how they are using kickoff high and whether he makes this team interest thing they didn't care about my thoughts but. You know son about my feelings let's go with you might. It's the planet and it's where you know. You know because again he's a bit of hybrid player. Very suitable to do Romeo. We're deeply be in that game so. He's got some competition here because they focus comp. He's best suited to play as an outside linebacker and at 34 defense this team doesn't do much of that. Everything has hybrid but you know they played amid deep sense of them but it went that deep announcement and you get a three and twenty pound down and kicking around a little bit. And so it's defined the right niche. He's models guys that are on the borderline if you gonna make this 53 man squad and not. It became complete the year he templates or else but I I'll say everything about it in the NFL. I don't know bought the rights to view would be as the cents. Dutch in my limited a variant energy barrier and other WL the morning. Mortgage. U verse all want to say. They'd many. Build up to do is treat it and go get it but it. But I want it to our we don't like. You gave few days. That's a thing. Well I don't like cajun. Eric is a very tight budget I see that's that's rides agent where there's not a lot of water. Right. So let's let you know which mics on what might get an engineer when it comes up contagion. About. An open and senior hydraulic school engineers aren't you we market and I go ahead Barry. They do it might take on what. Well but it look like he played a lot so one. One play where. Men that I looked like he did pretty or first thing you do well. Yeah I agree with you yeah a couple mist farms. Well but though I probably did a pretty solid job and I'd be leading up to this game. He had the past couple days of practice. We've seen what will. Who used the one thing we're playing. You don't eat some really run blocker. Where he's gonna make that improvement is in the pass protection ported the game. The second down of footwork Mike mostly. Yep footwork and a little bit technique leverage that sort of thing. And also in the year to make this 53 man roster and part of that two years. Because of the injury Cameron com noticing it's really like those southern miss give back practical that that group. And he got hurt early goal and it's open at the four wheel and he's giving more reps in new content now. He's getting better in this world stop pass blocking element of the game which was I think in negative and will when he came out. We can run block played an elegy. It's the pick of the pass protection part of the game and he's in the the big is that deeply man roster because he complete bulls sit there and gore. Thank you Mary appreciate it called happy for assaying to yet. Mike quickly before we let you go how is what happened last night likely to change your shape what the saints work on this week. Are acting alone the defense aside before it's more a mental thing compellent. Because you know everybody's been praised in the defense including their head coach. Not this is units on. They did on their career. This statement doesn't know you know all this up that we've been talking about it. Especially the first team. I would be offensive. Ported games so I think businesses amid a bit of movement doping begin on them about clean and outfield and says. Clean it up the mistakes so well in forest individual play is what I will get early on the first two games more than units. Because you're shuffling the lineup or out you know what you gotta do not just part of the time. Replay. And I think that's what irritated. Patent board and any day. There was a lot of mental mistakes and just that actually what real good and that bottom line it wasn't ruled early on. But that's topped the practice. When you don't do it. You know you don't you're not doing that track and and so that's part of this new collective bargaining agreement. You kind of in the slip those of the jam and you move would probably you know that taking that and cooling it under the pad and insecure and at oak area. A like he did when they would two days and I remembered it would permit. I want. Thank you Mike appreciate your time have a good week don't talk decent ticket Mike to tell your friend of a WL NFL and college football analyst day by you cajun not. A prairie cage and just be clear.