How you can help the victims of Hurricane Florence

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, September 14th
Tommy talks to Michael Williamson, CEO of the United Way of Southeast Louisiana.

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The eyes of the nation and are concerned. Naturally has been on hurricane Florence throughout the week having been through storms in the damage they can cause an end trying to recover from it. A lot of people ask how can they help so we so we invite Michael Williamson CEO of united way of southeastern Louisiana on NTELOS good morning Michael. I'm wells are new. I'd so let's talk about the united way in what happens in times like this and times where. The united way has come to our aid and how we can. If we choose to through the united way help the people that are gonna have a long recovery. In the Carolinas after Lou Florence. It's sort of you know the same thing applied on the East Coast cheer up between him and you know artwork are. Early recovery organization and ensure they have the resource they need to do folks the fate gimmick sure that's secure. But we go in ought to pocket the train at multiple that there appear that the longer term recovery from requires a lot of attention resource and so. We spent archer. Of the mobile app partners help folks when they actually. Worked it back and all of them but their homes and it should be in the Rico. Yeah you know what I a fine Michael and I guess it's human nature is that. We're focused on the hurricane Florence for a week enamel look at the videos of people much like Houston though are flooded router had this problem of that problem. And then Acheson news story that goes away for us it's time and we know from Katrina it's kind of like oh yeah that's right use and flooded. But there are a lot of people in Houston that are not can not back in their own jet help a son Newser a person from Katrina was not back in their home yet. And appoint him trying to make is this need. Is not just through weaker to this goes on and on and on. Yeah absolutely you know we mean got army. The great look between sixteen and there are within that you know peppers area and proud of our community are doing it turned out of them are still recover the family and so it takes. A lot of resources a lot of empower woman power actually. Out portrait hole in the album provoke a reporter he's. So the vote without Catalanotto that we between as well that. This is going to be hello all you buckle up prepare you to use much we can now look at these reports are yours now. You're gonna need them. So in terms of people wanna held through the united way. How did they do that in India I think the other question is how to they keep doing that on announcing any gimme a number. To which they can text a donation or. Dedicated nature goes hurricane victims and I guess I'm trying to say Michael is the need. Is going on far beyond this week two weeks is you just said son they continue to contribute if they choose to. Yes we return which we company in his view is out or you know your approach and our our men and let our. Our look at one created but right now you can go to our web site united way as you know a dot war in right when he got to fight this and get all the information you don't have to give them encourage people didn't act like Intel you. In his community who you ask them to me there that we need money. Because what storm goes away and deport those sorts where the creatives. And so we heard from the give you out of step and it appears that you re enforce that we're doing this on rippled throughout our region. You don't give in when you do 100% of those funds go to the back to blow the coast. That's because of Wu whatever page you go to at the united way website. Or it specifically. They're UP Garrity in an away the only not work the first thing go to C News Corp. are lurking or. You click on the link in that allow you to give also have other racial about you know where it's another source about the available. But all the information will be right there that we just one former and current crisis. You know 100% of those monies or administrative overhead and I resent all those resources to the effect. Michael I appreciate your time and maybe you come back in two or three weeks 'cause. You know money soda may need in their people to be recovered and may green remind people up that. I've definitely commune with disaster but it keep the quote while the East Coast and the bulk. Amen thank you sir. Michael Williams and CEO of united way of southeastern Louisiana.