How in the world did the Saints beat Washington?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, November 20th

Bobby & Mike give their insights and take calls on the Saints overtime win over Washington.


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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of this thing gets. Like that they have obviously I live from assume let's look at casino beats right here and cut down in Mississippi. At the food nation doubtful tonight. Yet deny that it nobody Holler how about that how girls. Leon. The line no we are relevant dallas'. Irrelevant. That that's a good day in America when Danica. All right Bob we can't outfielder. He gets the night at the you know 630. And then going through it and it's like radio network abuse things go to issue would head coach on Peyton. And his guest tonight of these safety defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen and at 730 tonight. You got quite a dilemma when you wanna poll well but. In Atlanta Falcons travel to Seattle replete with Seahawks. And you know with the way the Seahawks have been beat up. Go hawks go go it majored in Atlanta Jay hesitancy south that this all took me gabbana. I think right now the Seahawks are pretend there's because they heard I'll be fit it. The thing about it is the fact that lines open up at three and a half. But Seattle it's no picnic game. Yet because Seattle beat out that is that the one scant chance. It was pool that was in just an added don't happen on the agreement debacle with written it. Debacle with a pretty good package this week so it appears that listing game tonight between these two teams. That's Atlantic comic ghetto you know a little bit of book room you don't want them to pleats or month down the stretch and you can hear that game live right here on the big game. Well Mike before we continue. If you truly objective. It it from a national perspective what division of property and NFC south. Then if he's outlining that haven't read playoff teams. They found that at the Panthers. And look at all needed if theater if you look out now in the theme is and with the playoff contention. At that there that there's no division Toppert in the NFC south. That you look at the quarterback play and that makes a little worried because. Look at the quarterbacks. Out the big it's gonna have the peace. Going forward he would just based Comerica. Given that a phased. Jerry call. Matt Ryan lights okay Matt Wright the date you go to the U go to canyon. And how aggressive he's going to be no move we know a lot about how the pit coming. Within. We we've we've witnessed all the core cousin but really for quarterbacks when you look at. Jerry at all. When you look you can use NAND. Matt Ryan know if I'll be fit this bill. Succeeding. Let me tell you right now they are ready on the bandwagon from a national perspective as far as supporting this thing right now beat. To East Coast thing again you look at what's happened. All of a sudden the bad news today Alex Okafor output this season I would get a Hercules injury Alex was evident to repeat season. Not only as a pass rusher but. Graded out as one of the top run defense defense have been. I'm like yeah I let it against the Redskins. His game with unbelievable he had seven runs dobbs and only according to snaps when you look. Like against the run high you play against the run. You registered six pressures. Thought you ham and he hit five pass rush is quickly cop. You look at him he then. And it it made you look noble Mohammed either one of those guys completely run don't run a debt that's what Arabs still word about obvious that a camp throwing a first down. And whoever they gonna put out there are pockets they right now the rams that they are running right at him who will watch the games Sunday. Whoever's to replace an old before they gonna run right at him deceiving people against the run. And so also I don't know that's good. I don't know it's not good when you look good no he was haven't. His may be best season. In public like three years. And so you look at it that that's a big loss for this football team. And looks as though the sites. From different people reporting this sterling war is gonna return back to decide that that that means a lot of wars really be hurt with. Still what you. Speculate I mean and that thing hurt output this season. But hurt they have the availability in the rams game right. And so I mean I have common sense isn't playing this week to week now what roster moves dolls and not a doubt you've played this week that we would've but at Raza that's all NFL. All the NFL this legacy does things to look outside the organization. For another defensive linemen and ain't been brought up a lot but Tyson Jackson. You know it's nice and I think if I play run man he got me. So has got his weight down he wasn't easements have been at one time that it would imagine Knowles and so. You know a lot of different people speculating on. Maybe bring it in a veteran woke up this yet that well not you know he wants to get me. Well let let while he might not get paid Q&A please just go play to be part of a great team a great organization. Who would now look at whether it's 43 at report one thing I know what I think Jack that you plan to run yet and I and he was a report units have been now heating get the fact that maybe fans would one. But as far against the run all that that that all comes in the play and an L linebackers appreciate linemen. That plays out against the run predict it will sideline to sideline. Fill the gaps and make plays so who built that might be an option. Yeah and again though. It's recent gonna happen. And the saints have been fortunate in all of a sudden the last two weeks. Eight declined gets her into an arrow gets hurt and I you lose local four put his season. Lattimore gets hurt. Yes and what you think about it we overtime we had four starters that were out in all over time. But the one thing you know we've handled. And I am telling you we held we well doll with a line. Are all that that line now I thought ran chick got problems will make and even arms that. Good to breeze got pressure Brees got hit them out looking out of Drew Brees he got hit them out compared the current cuts that. But what I'm saying I'll like all the supply to meet that it's accurate that our team. And as good as any all with the line healthy. But look out weepy feel different layers in there and how productive they work a lot of us that all teams Hewlett entries. That's why don't you that it skews. If you are you wouldn't pulled the and adults they all will be at this guy that guy because everybody if everybody had that. Of the rams had been the healthiest team in the NFL. Robert Woods gets hurt yesterday we didn't think about it too is there yesterday so that you can get it been relatively almost interest rate. Now all of a sudden they start to get banged up your latest fighting games in the NFL gonna get some injury. Ed Mike does go to show you high changes weekend and week out what what if that ramps it is on the the score against the vikings. The thickness. Okay they would it that a game average an NFL high 33 points to gain. Not not think about that new averages 33 points to gain you look at Jerry golf okay oh lead in a battle. Jerry Goff whose wet wet behind the ears so to speak our group read. But I division the vikings did. They stopped what thinks the main. Calling yeah yeah yeah you stop grow out of that I know what and if they can't get a beat us let him beat us but we've got that currently control the temple this football game. You know it's gonna be he might end it just shows how quickly things can change. And dismayed that being the number 13 down offenses 2006. Now it's been kind of up and down this year we were not. That the indicates. That a relative who maybe had one typical gate this season. Well third on office two overall 50% because yesterday we were only 33%. We utilize the vikings haven't proved. The bike in the the eight ball that from the last it lasts an NFL conversion rate my security with thirty would have president right now to get but it went party 8%. Now let me go look at what they did against the blanket but I'm just telling you can't you get all the fuel third down it's so important but defense. And that's the key. Yet you often it's an extra possession. You know flip the fetal you look at all that it would stop sustain drives. But third down at that there's a lot of imagine we could be talking about going against the rams. But listen I know we have Drew Brees and he bill. Will be back with more second guessed right up to this break here on the BB seven. Bacteria on the second guess shows. From the silver slipper casino the side right here and Hank got count me. Mississippi. I covered it via operated jaguar opinion poll. What's the one key. Down the stretch for the sites you only get one choice Drew Brees. The further development of the outstanding rookie crop this thing. Honestly and healthy. Give us call at rival sports music so when he seventy or accessed at 87 heats up. Oiler as I've seen through treatment what he's been all that hate the earth I mean. Strictly come you don't drive through reasoning you gotta be kidding well but that's the count both quarterbacks the more well. Hell yeah. Because we have wannabes that we have a first ballot hall of Famer. It's the injuries. I agree with you guys but help these again I gotta be healthy at that allotment injuries. Nikola. Brees you know buying. The open receivers imitate life unified open receiver. You know what you know or their money Anthony. And we've been bitching about the Heidi coping cleaner. All bleep bleep meter the last five games had five catches. For 67 yards already had. And 85 catches for 91 yard then you come up big. All over the last five minutes root that are spread the wealth high Hewitt they're McCain lose vehicle we've leader being an option. And props go optical re bleeding was targeted five times at five catches averaged eighteen yard reception. Over paying them. You should. Possibly doing that we have sixteen games did the twelve games now we got one didn't he get night three of four more. Because that deep that cannot be right hit eight different receivers. Feel that imitate that that was huge. Down the stretch because when you look at the odds. Barack is like how to do in that game. Because it was so improbable. That you can only they gain. If you look at the possibilities you meet directly. That this thing up and to fifteen points. Wreath and a perfect quarterback rating of 158. Point 311. Levitt that others to two point yards. Whipple he had that touchdown the world so no it is unbelievable. We've got the right team stolen I'll look at and we stay healthy. Can't we have the law in the breaks go outweigh as Ford's commitment does. It does take. Luck doesn't matter it doesn't matter this next man up and wait in line that they'll let that you need an event and I don't. Out right now opted for early next man problems because assumes the next man who's gonna take all the floors Blake. Right now not no one thing that guy as good as now right now we don't have at the at the bandit technical report late against the run. I knew right. The that fit their pass rusher. That they'd lighting to keys third I mean good cop there's a reason why it first down at the end. You don't have a a cop out Mohammed. I think it's victory then. Because. You know what those big tackles the road block him that a path blocked it. And it eco all of the balls though that's the leader to collect followers know which strategy distract you we utilized there. We've got to go to break but the go to shoo in a lot of times we talk about balance justice. The Redskins ran the football 33 times in the eight with 32. Good next to put more balanced than that. Saints with 41 minute when he read the book one. Sometimes it doesn't work. Back there on the second guess you know like BP about the bad. From the snow wounds in the casino beats that Hancock county necessities. And who dat nation out. Fooled this afternoon ready at the slip but we're gonna go to big John and it's any big John you know huddle the body might. You got big John let big guy. Getting a little bit crowded right now on that CN flag and I think. We. Now from the casinos now on behalf. I about it. That they have a lot a lot of members. And why it is you know and why we feel it and it will be all right quick. Well we thank I was a big wagon and and and all the welcome you jump off your welcome to dump now. And just one night requests from salesman we're getting gore. We gave him yesterday. Because battled and got that was seen gains like that in my entire life and and the person are really wanna thank the loudness. Out of the plus side. Not all but the plus side the we've seen it noted that seem to litigants who plate but good great to watch yesterday was let's them know that. That might come back but it's. We played our war that was night but beyond ought side yes. All right but let me thank all our inquiries you know we've been saying all year long lapse of reason it is more. And now see the benefits of having Latin reasons more because when Drew Brees. Please support this football team on his bat he doubts. 1111. Where astute drives. He reminds me like the whole wide Ralph Lauren awards and when it went opposite problem they sit down. The village a community turns to him. And look at what he did yesterday for the football but he Berry is young but 38 years he has sole. Dip from the ball well I mean receivers making his fight him partly. The idea what an amazing performance on his court. Normally have been brought. Well big John we we got the right quarterback I mean obviously can't we take. You know advantages Drew Brees at the Helm. I mean I look at as hot as the Eagles are look that Carson went I mean what experience truly is Karsten went. What what LA rams what does. Which Eric Rudolph what with the viking its case he'd. I mean. His Teddy Bridgewater. You know I've made it's about eight and two years ago but it's not like we're faith in light in obscene art that the Packers and Aaron Rodgers of the leading. Because I don't know that's that that the Packers could even let in his arm and have a chance that a playoff is it me because of the likely that this. Right right. Right that's it. OK right by. The the experience. And I'd like. I'll. Go well. Atlantis. Right here and now all the poppy get him to. Use in line. Bobby you need it you need to press them pride with. The man spot that and though the connection cards and went through braves beat attitude. Eight team and our Marines. You know who. The public site from the only. It's got to be closest that aren't local. The big jogged all the Lloyd Buick because he's done it to. Is Matt Ryan Ryan falcons. Nobody's done it Matt drivers through everything we've still got a related to life like you know it's going to be tough it out tough is going to be. We've got to play Carolina on Sunday. You've got to land line at Atlanta on Thursday. Well the that you bite well like utility to about whether and install arm. I mean you got the rams. Carolina. It did Atlanta. Ally that's otter I don't know it's gonna have a because there's still a lot of football to play but all I know about the it is going to be Chal. Who we face. Who still standing at that right healthy wise I think that's that's a huge key to it be done. I want Terry. Say something but I'll quarterback India India went back going to be drafted in the Anna bell. The area at that point to the you know while. What opera house. You know he got the India. And he has yet to comment a quiet position that was very obviously in the right. Is that possible what the coach's system and you absolutely as body on the line but he LG. Once again I'm not gonna. You know what you know. India was and now there are probably odd man out of school Mac even match went error. Category. But you that you haven't hit it at all and you know and it was typically you know these weapons with current as the weather the storm. And everything that goat or wrong but there and what a night game on was. You know he really are you that night was would need it was just you know really admirable. And and all want this man on you know local one that he now. He's been very doubtful whether we are. The argument that. These Hugh he's got a lot of people realized last year. Leaks that the season now because he had a back injury he waited. And got the activities in his brain is pre drills. Well. And about it do anybody. And you know that's all that. That's typical. Ought to a man he has. Well I had offered. And I think I'm. Gonna continue to be aggressive. Because despite these last rob before in the real world the real job and working. A pocket right or wrong if you up but it beat up. If you look at it I mean look at productivity. Mikey it's rushed it to him the 942. Parts. And day the purity it's neat and that it ain't him and coaching. Staff that. Or her cash in in the last couple years. And game planning debt eased a bit difficult to figure out here and I'm gonna happen them with Derrius guys in Deron Williams they'd stop nobody running the football. And that you picked it shoes would be at all and was well all deep down it was they collapsed you you let him keep it and leave Michael on look look that. You remember you when it that it don't touch at net a thirteen yard run. Tonight at Google if it might threaten to yet that's like it's the it's a inimitable Jeanne that Denny Hamlin going to be aggressive running the ball that John thanks for the. All we say god I'm not very happy and implement a button that may. They could be now we appreciated right yeah. Back with more deaths. Back here on this thinking yes you. No Norman is being dubbed the bill now. You yourself David Champion that means that AM. And 1 PM right here on the big gates levity you can't catch a lot he catch the replay any. On dunes shall pay act that would appeal dot com. We'll be back with boards thinking yes. Michigan appear our number one the second guess your right here. So close with the casino beach side right here and Hancock county Mississippi get who dat nation now. We gonna go to Q and in this helpful Kenyan auto body might. Well it does it. You are you calling and I you. Make you know plan. Are excellent blog actually what. Proposals that look at group reached now read the you know he's not worried. You were. Days he's been and I. Definitely on today. And got things. Well IA did what you think it like you butter. You know them and are going to be like. And we had a guy that he's been you know what time I'm now Hewlett. We won this mobile we all excited we do it mobile both Google shows. But add it mildly. But but what I am the witness they think it back here. If you care that that eternity. No we gotta win now and an ex marine is that guy right now films that quarterback. Probably not it on the rough but it doesn't matter all of us every. We got the right quarterback that he immediately followers. The mountain mop up might keep concern it is. The next manned up they. Gentlemen we reached down. We reached on me and I'll. And I it out KK a couple of you have to appreciate what the organization did to bring in now Okafor. Yet been outstanding opposite camps aren't because I don't look at him putting pressure on the quarterback who would he's done against the run. And the next band that we have in the rotation. They're all pass rusher. Yeah out you know not a lot a lot of big man. You've got to get department page allow. Management of don't forget crime and I'm here man I didn't know while I knew he was very very valuable but I didn't know how that movement who are all. All morning probably linebacker. That's not going yet. Troy Aikman talked about you and abuse in the attack. Is down typical thing that moment now that. Definitely in rain right. You're right it is right people that live under when there are getting hammered out. Got one guy I gotta give props out to ban on bail guessed it yet thirteen tackles quarterbacks that one and a half tackles for losses. You know coddle lost in the shuffle because everything happened all pulpit and it will let's comes through for you on special teams and bond bill. He played one heck of who football game yesterday. What followed by bell would be good naturedly kitty apparel coming back yeah that's one thing if you look at you know because I think top to bottom. I think how we piece meal all at the line I'd say. Right now who's written look a little jaded and NC. Are all that applies double and a mighty eagle NFL noble one but I'll look at I think the decision with the Carroll. It's only a better group with the eight he knew what did faith have moved markets Williams. Bond bell. The Cairo and it Raphael put it is not out there. Ron do about the mental breakdown. That we are having with people like camera in the secondary that's the problem you would ever. And and. That's why are we going back sterling Moore. Bring Max earlier that's why you bring him back and he knows what to do you might not be as athletic. As DuPont team Harris the bet I know what they would sterling on every play. He knows what to do give thanks so much for the call we appreciate it will be back with more second guessed right here on the big 878. With the app that is news break met Jim hands Lou.