How will the Saints - Vikings playoff game end?

Newell Normand
Friday, January 12th

How will the Saints - Vikings playoff game end? The New Orleans Saints travel to Minneapolis this weekend for a Sunday showdown with the Vikings.  The winner advances to play the winner of the Falcons/Eagles game in the NFC Championship.  The Saints are four point underdogs.  Do you think the Saints will beat the odds and head to their third conference title game?  

This Hours guest:
Deuce McAllister - Saints color analyst, former Saints running back
Mike Detillier - WWL's NFL Analyst


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Everybody's in this on paying us. There who dat nation feeling good day it's going in for Noual Norman on your Friday thanks for joining us here on WWL. How will the saints vikings playoff game man and on saints traveled to Minneapolis this weekend for Sunday's showdown with the vikings. The winner advancing to play the winner of the falcons Eagles game in the NFC championship. The saints now five point underdogs. Do you think the saints will be the odds and headed to their third conference title game. If you were an NFL veteran. How would you be feeling well let's find out from our very young saints color analyst saints hall of Famer. Former saints running back Deuce McAllister they do. Loose. Thanks for joining us man or. Were so mad cow is that was movement I don't know because Danson. I think it was better than Sean Payton knows but not march with us. We you do hands and we danced to at. No not at all not even a little bit days don't they. All right well he can run to I don't care if you can dance and you can talk as well. You know you warm clothes ready and getting everything together and head on up to frigid Minneapolis. How rare warm re an older you know there's two times there are illegal creole. That's one that you prayer owners go to doing without there you won't army out too much or. The result. Well the good news is now I've been told that you guys are saying in one of the hotels on the skyway which means that. You can actually walk for miles and miles and miles around downtown Minneapolis without ever going outside has yet that's skyway that's heated. And covered and protected from the elements. Our own interest there are you can walk to gain in the sky away. But I don't think he. Worked for you are a monetary Q were ordered destruction and believe you there are so. They're not being in the cold weather and I'll see. It is a southern boy folksy lingo on that is Minneapolis. For any thing at all even if the saints win and is a big celebration afterwards you won't find you outside did did take part in that. If that experience. Not not out I mean I'll go around the locker room and be happy and smile and cheer her name. Whatever happened on the bulletin implying that we do is still. Out loud and clear that no sir. Arron you don't need to know what it feels like to be out in what's a low gonna be like negative ten in the high maybe 9 AM on Sunday in Minneapolis. Some some somewhere in inventor tour so. Under a good. Target with the saints color analyst Deuce McAllister says why ads is why are the saints five point underdogs in this game and why after opening at three and a half. Do you do the saints keep becoming bigger underdogs when everything I hear. From our experts from our analysts from people who know what the saints team is made of what it's all about and what it's done through the course of the season. Why did the book eased and the gamblers and really the rest of the nation by and large feel like the saints are not the team that has the advantage in this game. Arctic or so so so muggers you're gonna be judge or nuclear mr. And I think that some hundred that are being put into play. A little of it is also looking at six which I mean you look at it should towards her body precise purpose and our may have paid individual to be able stay well. Even know you you know 122. Leaders. Were expected to participate forty. All the injuries are mean and so what they call that into consideration all week. It would report straight for the whole team we're grow as a minimal dollars involved in pre 3.2. Party ticket and considerate so I think we're isn't about two points. When it's also an economy knew you'd talk about the number one key tranche. I mean that you don't you talk about a group actually and once. All are and so yes. Yes and when you look at that it will not be easy care and so for the saints. It's it's peculiar as a means to control which you control and when you talk about that it's it's truly truly your work. There's there's there's a pal to Ku but he were the only team scored the most pointed it was nineteen points. Minnesota. In the air holes there. NN a losing cause of the central front of nineteen no one was able to put of that many on this. Very tough Minnesota Vikings defense in their home stadium. Or insult for the saints still looping the scope bracket look at assist. Upper characters. And politicians you know pink pills and competing for four of them. To be able mean cheeks to repel two army at fort arms. Did you need at least two touchdowns toward Portugal. Critically when unit were on the other partners. This speech it just Q reported proper serendipity and it's well bald. The percentage as far what are holding changed and so let's say they need to be rappers 4% and that. They're not going should be. And possible would due to scare you to play. You've got a little first our big bets were Minnesota has many rated. Yelled to include most of Bobby McCall's purse extra risk is winning the first out and putting teen and typical bird out situations. Well last week we saw the saints running game shut down we side defense that decided we're gonna take away the run. And force Drew Brees to throw the ball to what many perceive as a depleted. Receiving corps this year perhaps compared to other years do you expect Minnesota to take that same tack. Do they stack the box and try to shut down its U headed running attack but the saints have. And leave Drew Brees with some one on one coverages or do they take a different approach to try and stop this high powered second ranked offense in the late. Popping break in the you know that are two key port you told speaker elect you like the matchup which your receivers. And and trust me I am very it's like you'd. But they feel like a man like the actual receivers guitar. Immunity to backs and our receivers and yet. And and they will want that cherry oxen and are not afraid to walk thirty and ballot box until Saint Louis. You have to beat this and we don't think that your receivers tight Ian can beat this and so at some port counsel to our governor and call shall. So did wrong complete coverage as well and they will impact some cereal Portugal. Whipple street key pull him back in the quarters camera. By that ball or rubber not necessarily amino shall or Kabul or because they do trust whatsoever or their partners and other so. Voters and you know so there runners beard and rates and are there really cares you know when you run Childers and greater. So forced him to try to take some award. You think eight murmuring Tamara have a big gamer at least a bigger game this Sunday than they did last Sunday. I don't care real big game and our lockyer Williams and so heartbeat digital answering what you. You know very notable ball 400 plus dollars and more power to wander or Tuesday. Let's let's beat two hours that's their torture. We're talking a Deuce McAllister here on WW well we come back we're gonna get to use his prediction what does he expect to see. Sunday in Minneapolis when the saints take on the vikings. Do the saints win this one and potentially come home to host the NFC championship game against their hated Atlanta Falcons. Your text messages and 87870 calls at 504260187. Coming up as well and you can vote in our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion bullet WWL about Tom. How early game and between the saints in the vikings saints win by less than seven saints win by more than seven. The vikings win by seven or more or vikings win by less than seven go to WWL that common vote we'll check the results after the us. They hear that nation and wanna hang out with. Next day Perez New Orleans casino from Ford's sale 8 PM more hang out with these on the radio right now. This how big a deal is it and I'm here and a lot of people point of this is why they think the saints may have an advantage in this game. That decades gave them the starting quarterback for the vikings has never started in a playoff game before while the saints quarterback Drew Brees has vast post season experience. That extra air deliberately interpreted at all to be chosen one during the drew mills and understand it is all you talk about a solution to all he's been there done that probably won't be too big stage. Okay asking them you'll China's city arms and right being an. You about doors open mean to your beer can and purchased directly this year don't know you'll react and so for the saints beat experience. Social them different looks be universal and different things priests snap it getting into something or snap are going to be critical and also being able to contain. He's not a runner Cam Newton is a view that it is able to scramble. That's our program success look at all the marbles he scrambles he's mine look in the pearl he will pocket and run a little. But he's not a are taking immediately you talk about being. Does it feel that different when you step on this field for a post season game verses are regular season game is there a palpable. Difference in the way that you feel you prepare and everything leading up to and once that game starts. Yes nobody cheaply and so both seem to understand and realize that and so. Normally now it's getting shipped out you know there will be game next week. Well you're the playoffs are Kate and we'll be pretty. Beat Speedo. You know or XP to to expose dome it is losers in the good old bull you maybe she. In a refugee game and so. It's already a lot crisper sports football is concerned trust you'll have some we gained. Normally seen our call all weeks and start slow that's rated at church in a biker didn't. Oh edification orbit are slow because an alternate takes and maybe Robert too deep a hole and from that standpoint total. Com. And then have him and says it's okay skin m.'s never started a playoff game before but. So of South Lawn of the saints have not either in fact. If you wanna go way back in his only two saints on this team on the active roster right now that played in the Super Bowl year just. Out of your quarterback in your punter the rest of the guys are gonna. And not on the active roster at this point you have rookies in you know notable guys like Marchand Lattimore. As who have never played in a playoff game and so many others. Do you think they're ready for this game. Polonia 100 don't mean lets it all mean. Though that that. He cal was stopped because they didn't polluters for an extreme acute concern to be a good go out and experience. That moment on until now the bar key leaders prepare to have their Chilean experience what they'll do. A good point I had a rivalry last week to think that a player last week so. All of the current saints have had experience in the postseason. Because at least the last one game yet and that you think that makes a difference. Wonder. What makes somewhat of a different meaning that it prepares you to serie. You win in new goal and and and I think that that is the important piece in all the ball key get to be. And four player you have to try to keep same tree. Welker are born to same routine for the first this week the saint portrait routine last week as well are you in new. And so. It it it helps in somewhat preparation and helps in trouble. Are you go out and form someone to be at least one game. RB bill. Deuce McAllister what's your prediction what happens Sunday. On this very important field in Minneapolis when the saints take on the vikings. Most of its first first and foremost you are too which in first quarter. And you know look look to that first quarter it will be it will be deafening loud and so. And essentially keep a gigabyte on what little stakes in that Middle East you cannot allow us spurs can take a game but he kept out. Pretty good field position drought to game the special teams and getting yards will be critical and it's gain. Because that there's a way that they can pick up pictures pretty points are important is it yardage and you know that that's something they're going to be import. Take your football in Utah which is gonna roll that one Gingrich wannabe doom picture look alt don't give them short field. Don't give them each possession so for the saints. You were seven drill plus op. You have to keep the clothes horse or over concerned were a year or plus one plus two tours to yank. The other piece is written we got there. Being able to get ignore it home and scoring touched it come away with Google you'd chances or touchdown. You have to do limit communication issues on the back. Deep into the last two weeks there's been too many communication issues were we are foreign debris York. You know like gasoline and the other guy and well they have to limit the beak and they have. Leaders in in line but he Randolph called out can burn you if you are order shall have to limit. We know David he's quote and our rights of those are the key for the game when it's all said and done when that clock reads double zeros are the saints moving on to their third ever NFC championship where they come and home. To rest up for next season. I believe it can move along children are ever NFC champs Japan. That's deuces prediction what's yours thanks is we appreciate it we will look to meet you and hang out with you and Christian today at 4 o'clock over a Manning's sports bar and grill on Fulton street. Next there is New Orleans and then you'll. Board a plane and head up to fridge in Minneapolis were reduced will be staying donors for his and tired at duration of his visit. To Minnesota deuce thanks so much for joining us with CF four. Problem Deuce McAllister here on WWL folks go see him at 4 o'clock over at Manning's I'm Dave Cohen. In formula Norman of those of you voting online at WWL that comes 71%. Think the saints are gonna win by less than seven think it's gonna be. A close game by less than a touchdown 12%. Think the saints will win by a touchdown a more. Only 12% think the vikings will win but it'll be close. And only 6%. Think the vikings' blowout the saints you can go to WWL dot com and cast your vote coming up next hour and FL analyst Mike to Tilly PH as a stocks. The saints are gone up to Minneapolis they leave tomorrow for a Sunday afternoon showdown at 340 right here on WW well with the Minnesota Vikings the winner advances to the NFC championship game whether it be playing for a trip to the Super Bowl which is in. Many apple is so let's hope the saints. Go to Minneapolis this weekend come home home to the Delmon phase the vikings in the NFC championship and that they're going back to Minnesota for the Super Bowl the following week NFL analyst Mike to tell you game. How does that Sandia. That's a lot of frequent flier miles but I'll. There's a lot of frigid weather there and have to deal with that there. But I'm a good. Staying. And you know coming out about that this morning we opened up to remember. When the vikings used to play outdoors. All I can say he has ended up the ultimate home field advantage. In December and January when you played at seventy. And they had to travel to Minnesota. And I remember those days you'll cap friend talk and then you played outdoors. And in that in the Bible whether you really. A great home field advantage now in bill it's loud in Minnesota. But you know eight net like try to put as much what was you can and try to get warm when it's zero degrees outside. Well my understanding is they do have massive glass doors on either end of the stadium that they can open up and let the cold air and bad. I don't think they do that he can you imagine being a fans and in those stands and you have zero degree air just wafting into that stadium that sounds dangerous. Not that type of money now pay infinitely all ticket so I wouldn't be real happy about that but. Typical mutual you know come to the world has changed little bit because you look at the other locations. You know in Pittsburg. The patriots playing out fought Berle. Atlanta plea in Philadelphia. You know all level playing out. In this state that went to lucky because I do think that that does help. On that picture indoors like you're accustomed to fast track that sort of thing instead of playing in that cycle whether that helped the northeast and midwest today. Well no doubt the saints play every year more than half of their games in domes stadiums are guaranteed eight home games and won in Atlanta so at least nine games every year in a dome so you think that is an advantage for the saints that going up to Minneapolis instead of playing outside. In this single digit or negative. In temperature whether that they have and then at least more armored advantage and they would now the Minnesota plays and Adele. Well they're best we can put it isn't like chicken soup when you got that cold or flu adult or none. That's Saturday GAAP Terrence sadly is not a negative for the saints but they're playing indoors what are the other positives for the saints. Even though Vegas and the gambling public at large seems to think that this is Minnesota's game to lose they're now five point favorite in most of the casinos. Why are they missing that you know that perhaps laid out. Well I. Think one of the things is the the outcome are factor that was not there in week one. Does the trick was to try to figure out what to do with. That because you know like that on days you know we adding premiere at eight in. Camara here. The big disparity at the quarterback position. He's Keno. Who has. You know he's had a really good season and his numbers of very compatible with Drew Brees. Then SeaWorld. Zero playoff appearances. Completed twelve. So I think if there is little weight team that's gonna win this week and it's the sites. You know. My thing about put it either way I'm on the bill this week is not to think Atlanta beats bill you know IPO. And they are three point favorites that's Philadelphia yeah. Robert instantly. And then certainly there. Because it is again to the quarterback situation where matte lines started nine pulled seizing gains Naples one. No one at Ryan was the silver ball and the one game started that's going to be. That was in 2013. Would the first ball away. Playoff game victory which on Peyton company if you wanna look at the Super Bowl game as an away game but officially that first away game until that. The thing that jumps out at me when you look at this week at the funeral Tom Brady if and the patriots the pound weight in 34. Markets where you'll displayed in one and that was last week the Ben Roethlisberger has played in one. And would portals was played in one and that was last week. Sold. You know what's so an error in all of the other games the favored team has the quarterback with more playoff experience in this case the saints yet there an underdog. But clearly juries as far more post season experience including winning a Super Bowl case can jump. And really next to none. He's he's really been that kind of a career journeyman. Football player I don't know and then intelligently tournaments in the a lot of money. All because I happened to that went that at the main element funnyman Al medium a really multi millionaire you know but. You know the first real big splash for cap and Gordon is used in case scheme and the boy. What I'll look at it reminds me so much reject the world. And that he's sort of built like cam sort of plays like it means that some mannerisms. Similar tragedy. And that we habitable rebel boat gambler type quarterback. And he's got one trade but the unit quarterback he's got a little case of amnesia. Diplomat. Sort intercepting you know what that will get them next time. And he's always been that way. And I think you've music got that treaty. That you know what is not about comeback in picture again but the and nobody builds on defense just as Mike Zimmer. And Spielberg and they've built this fifteen round you really strong defense. And I opened as word out allotment Mike cameras. Defensive genius. Summit which on as normal that's the cameras on the cents. Are it's we have. The offensive guru against the defense is guru how Willett and we get Mike to Chile is prediction for what happens between the saints in the vikings' only come back you can log on at WW that common vote in our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion all they give us your prediction on brow this game man's house calls final four to 60187 eighths and Texas and 87870. It's who dat player also weekend here on WWL. I'm Dave colony and renewal Norman along with my daily day. Back after this. When the saints go marching in Minneapolis. On day Heidi Zynga games can end their big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll 75%. Of you voting at WWL back Tom thank the saints win 25%. Think the vikings win the most people think it's going to be a close game overall 65% of you voting at WW out icon. Think that either way the team that wins is gonna do it by less than seven points NFL analyst Michael Tilley is joining us now Dave Cohen in Burke. Norm Norman here on WWL Mike how do you see this game ending. A walk off Google's. I mean I mean it could go either way I mean. I think here that Leo experience in the talent of Drew Brees. Gives you decided. But what's gonna decide this game more than anything went to that seen as a lot of times you get the number one ranked defense against the number two ranked offense. What happens on special teams. Who makes the big play who make the big mistake there. Mother which team has the better specialty of this to the vikings. You get Smart thing last week if you looked at Atlanta and ram. Elect the rams had a decided edge on special teams in the return game and also in the putting department. In what happens there are full bull pool opponent pick kick return man. He fumbles two picks. He wets the pants. In in a crucial moment now wants the east and really set the scoring for Atlanta that put them together here. So we. How we act in those type circumstance. Windows. Spotlight is soup or not. Because when you look at it will Laura. I think he's got a little bit of image here or what type format I think Tom Moore stated you've got a bit of an edge here over the vikings kicker. And a sense kickers are better than the vikings game. What about the return Aaron what about the return. OK I think. What that you pop format. The and so I'm not now when come out of touch. But EP there at the edge in the court kick off return game and I think the vikings got the edge in the punt return game. And I think the vikings on the flight in the coverage units so. So you really get why yes it was very close. Is it that means. I mean because they're really close across the board a year. All possible but so then now. Happens. Mistake why it's that probable heal this game one whales aren't. One thing is about the vikings special teams coach. But thing is make shorted out and come out there and touch football on mechanical what do you have to do not ticking on the football. This and I trust my coverage units but I don't trust them much EU would grant in one week. Gannett cleanup and he leads. The league in being able to do that's how the vikings look I'm taking it out of the back to the end zone they gonna be able to keep that ball all way is that Tamara sands. I think video Putin did not hear the date. Some of the Greg returned and they don't really care if you keep it real deep and taken it out. And Camara had the longest play and scientific and technical back art and six yards. To secure the deal. Yeah yeah I admit because of that little hesitation starter thing that he did he didn't actually start run and full speed toll was at the goal line but you're right he did in the back of the end them on the plate and took it clear across the field wouldn't it be exciting to see that. Happen again all right after this we get the score prediction for Mike to chilly day when we come back on WWL. And any chance Alvin Tamara returns Ponce. Mean. Dario went NFL analyst Mike to chilly day in my. What's the score on the board when this game is over between the saints in the vikings. I think it's going to be a low scoring game I'm gonna go 2320. Sites. I really think it'd. Is gonna come down so that walk all type kick that's helpful is going to be between these two football teams and you know. I don't know I. My heart and take another ending like that after last week. I'll get ready I don't know what kind of medication in your mind up that they go what doubles. Have to do this regulators on hand ladies and talking. But it's going to be a tight game and I think it comes off as a walk all pull it at two tickets and trust Drew Brees. Being there haven't done that. Being in that particular position before and last week. Carolina comet blueprint up which you can see. The biking to get to do the same thing the Hamptons did stop. Opting out the run and force Drew Brees to veto. I'd love it. That I think that that's what most teams are gonna try to do against the saints because in the system they get a lot of depth. And so what happens is if you're running the football when he 530 time to gain you wore out but if I can stop you right in the football. Dan you become one dimensional. Pointing. Lap him and I liked that one dimension of his green screen as well as a player and if you got a big game Matra. Yeah I'd rather him in the one minute two minute drill and case Tina mats how might I hope your right. Then they win I hope you're wrong that it's on a last second field goal to decide it and that it comes back down to the wire but hey. We could get exciting games are great but I'd rather they belong -- on the road to the Super Bowl any chance we see element to marry turning Ponce. We doesn't do well that kept you well are we seeing him in practice. Big to Q4 eavesdrop into. Barack it's of that seems unlikely. But use sale win for the saints I hope you're right who dat thanks Mike we'll be looking at talk India throughout the weekend again as we get ready for this game but it might until the end WW out your phone calls coming up after the news.