How will lawmakers respond after school shooting?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, February 22nd

Tommy talks to Jeanne Zaino, Professor of Political Science at Iona College, about the debate on how to respond to the latest school shooting.


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I'm out there shooting in gun control or gun regulation lord tightening up gun restrictions are what every on college there was a hearing no listening session yesterday with the president in the White House. And added there was only one policy really that he came out. Really for passionately and it was this if he had a firearm it would matter runny would've shot and that would have been the end of that it's called concealed carry. Gun on them. Go for special training. And they word. To be there and you would no longer have a gun free zones. That's when the president thinks so are you for or against arming. Teachers and school campuses and how that's gonna play with how is rather that can play with the president's base genie is Anna Jones right now professor of political science that I am a college professor of campaign management at NYU. Morning Jeannie. Thanks for being with us 97% of Americans say they support universal background checks a GOP senators planning the re introduce is build and expand them. Whereas in the audience do you support him two thirds of Americans say it's too easy to buying on an 83% want a waiting period for purchases. A lot of people want a lot of different things when it comes legislation but they don't get it. What we did the political winds Jean how are they blowing on this isn't a strong hurricane errors this steady breeze that'll continue to blow. You know I. I expected say it's a strong hurricane you know I think it's too early to know yet weird you know Egypt and little or weeks since stature kick incident in Florida. And I think one and locker aspects had and the way in which these young people are keenly in the victims. How come now to try to change on the ground that we thought as you mentioned. Well all of them not all of them but many of these victims welcomed into the White House yesterday. And the president credit he opened up the microphone gain on the Mike Tomlin and say whatever they wanted to say. Knowing that it was not going to be speaking with what they thanked. So ED I give the president credit for that but are we can see real change. I'm not sure yet I mean we have seen change in the see them at the state level since Indy. I live for you know just over the border from Connecticut or accurate to consider occurred. And of course it that there that reality of that is those those victims were too young to speak for themselves not and a victory to victory that cricket tragedy. Beat these people are older people to speak for themselves so we may see more change but again. Great and the president talked about needy you know increasing each eighteen to 21 and Ari came out and said they would support it. You know he did talk about the issue of arming teachers there's very little support for that except with the state. So I think we still a long ago legislatively at the federal level although it you pensioners seemed to be found support. Are a lot of support around things like expanding the background check so hopefully that's something congress can get done but again we're in mid term year. When you talk about sandy hook my own feeling politically this has nothing to do with anything other than. The pragmatic. Part of politics and getting things done or things changing whatever you think. My feeling is that after sandy hook if you have elementary students being slaughtered two weeks before Christmas. And that does not sustain and there is on any political will to do what ever should be done. I'll think you Agassi and MMI wrong or not well. And visit where I feel like because I happen to agree with you or I feel like maybe in jest. And older happened that the person I was very optimistic after that incident that President Obama. Which takes to actually make you a call he waited too long. I thought congress how could they not you at 27. Little kids and their teacher that you mentioned slaughtered in a classroom how could accidentally got nothing else. Did I don't think you can discount the fact that it was two weeks before Christmas either I don't think you can. I don't think you can either and and you know but apple iPad is the young people I talked to agree on class serve and then watching these young people out of Florida. I've been listening to them carefully and media because they have an antidote through these other incidents but they seem incredibly optimistic I wanna be optimistic for them. But deep penis and then at four not forget that nightclub shooting down at Florida actual 49 people. And indeed that shooting in and out west pet at the country meet acceptable in Las Vegas. Don't you know we have. Mass shootings in the country eighteen at Leno school shootings this year. And nothing has happened so I wanna be optimistic in hoping need you know people are Russian envoy we stopped them. The ending around and change with Marco Rubio at this CNN. The pocket and repeat dot Aetna and the demonstrations. It was it was scary thing in our our review and a few things at. A you know under pressure obviously but it at this mine meeting we will see them change but it's going to be hard in mid term election year it said. Polls out show in 97% of Americans say they support universal background checks. GOP senator plans introducing his bill to expand AMD's board that. And 67% of Americans say it's too easy to buy a gun 83% want a waiting period. What do you think you would any of those things. Have prevented the shootings. That come Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. And I guess I don't see on hear anything about age but come one thing they came up with a mean yesterday Jeannie was that. The eighteenth will be young be able by IE any kind of gun especially arrival of the AR AK type the. Yes absolutely and many state being in people under 21 from purchasing firearms. So it need be possible to XP and that federally. Current nationwide. And congress can do that easily by cutting funding from the state unless they do that it's said he and the approach we that the federal government used its all time. Using you know I'd care to encourage states act that way so I think that it's possible that repayments in the entry did come out. And on the rejected that proposal and of course you do unity argument that eighteen year old are old enough to be in the armed forces. How can the government capital and they can't purchase firearms or take that quote unquote right away from. So that's something that has to be contended with but you know high. Would suggest that one of the problems with his entire debate is that really liberal opposition to it. Cats are many many years skater knocked gun owners to otherwise it would be you know console. Which gun safety I think we have to get out of the mine and gun control and get into the mindset. I public health and brisk reducing the gun issues like gun safety. And talk about it from public health perspective rather than taking away somebody's race I think if we get to that point it becomes very much like. Automobiles they state we allow people have automobiles that we don't allow them to happen under the age of sixteen. We are you required to Italy and I mean that we did government control and regulate that arena. And that has been there it acted in terms of public safety in the numbers are clear and you could have a similar approach that. They admitted it's strange that the left right debate and achingly the Second Amendment right to bear arms. It becomes something that intractable and Gary Hart a little bit forward and kept policy agenda. Very quickly the decision they have this in front of the media yesterday where the president had no control over what was said. Etc. Smart one. Politically. There he politically I think it was scary summer and I think it was ever for the White House I think they need the right decision. Indeed this is attempting a concern is how all we're not just parents all of us and we have to who added that the presence out there like the White House did the job and doing. We the president should hear from these people and quite frankly and as difficult as that one answer for people. It in the White House to do to do. You know you have to do it because so let his state now is what he contending. We're gonna have to think about coming to them sensible moderate as solutions in the center on the net and not just sticking. To that kind of left rates continue and so I think it's an effective way for people don't they can know what he's contending. Thank you Jeannie appreciate your time all talking again. You too Jeanne easing a professor of political science and Iona college and a professor of campaign management and money.