How should you talk to someone who's too old to drive?

Thursday, July 12th
Bob Mitchell, in for Scoot, talks to WWL listeners about how to approach the sensistive subject of telling someone they're too old to drive

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He. Well does B Bob Mitchell filling in first dude in the afternoon when there's a time to hang up the car keys. Stopping that green lights. Or when there's no stop sign that's one signal getting confused by traffic signals. Running stop signs and red lights have been accidents or sides want to know the cars when parked and getting lost and calling a family members or directions. A undid that Tony hears ago hearing from friends and acquaintances who are concerned about a senior driving that's maybe when it's time got. To have that talk let's go to a David calling from diamond at David thank you so much for phoning in. And good today McCaw. Is quicker and I David. I think Yahoo! and that carried out there girl and and that somebody asked analogue actually law so the net and hey certain date moved there is a it definitely age discrimination. Dollars gallantly. Yeah proven and the way that hey man they're at Carnegie data. Second thing is. The really you know people Italy and a drop in just a little applying anywhere in the right lane and it our corporate and I'll run up behind them. At the marble right now at least you know that. Compose. Thought David reveals ahead to have a conversation and anyone on your family that tape. You don't have to give up your car keys. I hadn't been out. I'd say you know I'm I'm sick if they could be big in war and not feel like my my shock this is still land but I wonder what happens in the day it's a live long enough. Now they're back and I never had a family member opposite and that comes patiently look at all. It is because that it makes them and makes them lose their independence and not a lot of time that there there are self. They're feeling of self being -- can definitely a be taken away from them. Wrap up go dark of night when Yale sages and pointed it ordered. She might have to quit drop in the political picture independence you're looking at all. I think you're right. Somebody else I think you're right appreciated David thank you so much. All right Ronald OB would do well in a minute let me read a quick text message and if you want to and it was a call. Our phone numbers 26018. Somebody what is it time to hang up the cart days. And as far as continuing Egyptian driver's license should it be based on age or. Ability should there be a flat agent after this age you just can't drive anymore or. Treasury should should be tested maybe after a certain age and every other year at the check your ability. Our text message my late mom drove until 79. She had a look car very well. Two with a better too hot for. Then me. I brother ride in the car that has 85 year old driving them and eighteen the 25 year old or hot broader. Who's not even walk to stop at the red lights on drawers or stop. And I tell you if you watch any cars and all I'm not dumping on young people but I did watch any car at all when you when you're in traffic. They continued to text while a drop in the go to Ronald Ronald thank you for calling WW well. I'm due and so. I'm. Because. Things years ago. Now you're. Caught. Double cut traffic and. You. Click thing you have been. I mean is very. Yeah Karen. You. Say because I met here. Yeah. All. Yeah yeah. You. And and it. Up. I. Eight. And Ronald would you would you be in agreement after a certain age have to take a written. And a driving test. Yeah. That. Means that. And. And there. And that. You took. Duke. To vote. They tell. I I. Talk about the a. All right Reynolds thank you so much good point that I don't know if that's really true of a twenty miles I have to take you off but. I appreciate the in the the college go to law Warren. In and ration. Hampton great routes and racial and how are you warned. Another day holly holly is it's not my Stanley's. On additional product that very spill there. Alone will issue its name. Just those ball that community now that there are a lot of people being held without looking. Much of anything. Well when I was a lot when I was a kid up I was a city boy living in New Orleans but during the summer. And go visit not marked country relatives bracelet. Well that's exactly throughout. The country community. Are peaceful most of the time. What what do you think about the situation he went as a time to hang up your car keys that there there's a big there's a big debate here. On whether or not you should just have an agent say aft after this page you can no longer drive war basin of base it on our ability because. As you've heard people say in how we would read text messages. It's it's such a it's social lost to a person to know they have lost their freedom so you have to be really careful when you when you take people's keys away. On the other side the most important thing is on safety. So what are you stick warrant. Well that street during. The first Iranians my dad was 86. Coming not a question of the hospital. And getting on to West Bank expressway. Any metal trash and yet to actually go and didn't. Couldn't imagine he would make that steak so. The bench it was and so that's that's the number one. Area in which people need them when Nate fine but. On the goes. Losing it. With dementia. Not my Jews and you as your old girl. You know on the lake and then in more and certainly it is. And a third thing make this cut me off if you will that there are doing in the population. Yet to be. Point 5% Mexican is I think. I'm I'm I'm I'm suckered in to eleven of them but I'm this I'm just thinking of fact that you're saying that the population just to be. Hey a certain percent if you gonna hang it up and stop driving. I'll know. But I have to think about that a couple of times put thank you for calling anyway. Text message hey Bob regarding Scola played I used to think old person but now my thought is text. How I'll give you on that. My 982 year old mentor friend went to renew her driving license the licensing bureau. Renewed your license for ten years. Till she's a 102. With all of a driving or I'd test she wasn't shocked. As we work our phone numbers 2601. They disseminate text me. After 87870. What does it kinda hang up your car gays and when it comes to. Older Americans senior citizens elderly whatever you want columns. Should your driver's license be based on age. Or ability you can call me at 260187. In Bob Mitchell in for scrutiny afternoon on WWL. We're talking about what is it time the hang up the car keys text message your my uncle great grandpa is a 108. A hundred NATO will be a 109 this December. And still drive but he's the exception to the rule had a talk with both parents want it 81 the other at ninety. I'm only 65 the eyesight was failing. Minus five safe years left. Looking into. Options like a lift boss who worked. Or driving to call called believe with few on the phones and just the second. I wanna add something else toward discussion this afternoon to give you. Something else to think about or maybe something else would you like to talk about I've read a story. Where a mother is accusing her five year old salons kindergarten teacher on bullying the boy and calling him a loser. The mom says she placed a recording device in her son's bet. When he came home from school she heard it on the claim the mother complained to the school school did nothing about it now is a teacher. All of line to call a kid a loser. Or a bad boy or are we raising our kids to be too sensitive. I'm OK it was bad boy and not okay with loser what would you do if this happened to York it. What what do your parents stunned. If that it happened you have Buick come home and said. Teacher called me a bad Boley teacher called me a lose or are we raising our kids to be. Too sensitive or is that just crossing the line 260187. Of him back to our calls talking about what is it time to us. Hang up the the Keyes Carol how are you. I'm doing okay. That's gesture or greater market do well and as a metric and that well it would be a problem. It does well things look. I understand freedom. Lou characteristic. And that can understand of people that put up with depreciation on the call I call the insurance who cares. One metric here will get these people. What that wheelchair with that while our trickled to the portrait Jacobs and doctor struggling to get that much blue Buick LeBeau. Do over here are are any other cab company there and I do feel that we. While budget I'll tell you apply under the notice there's these good and it's not just free blogs in the go ahead. Good portrayal of the day. And I don't have a monkey and it comes critics Mayo Portugal. Are. And a war stick portrait in my kitchen table and you know coach we we have McConnell where you'd pay a monthly. And I'm sure you if you take the paper and pencil. And you go and you ago with the action so well the good actress service. It's going to be. In the cost of our depreciation. And insurance or pinnacle if you happen ago. To look at the crowd. That would go to Houston and that the bill. And what's the drug. Cheers on the way. Wouldn't call them that this could go to. And weaken and that figures to mr. frontier. All right thank you care. Our I'd appreciate if you're a college go to cliffs on Cullen from via. West Bank dark clarify. What what do you think you should driver's license as you get older be based on age. Or should be based on ability. Biggest oil out ability. A local court. And now. Is. No checks and on the vehicle as well. Spoken and always. But the generation. 0000. Don't with. Two yellow on yellow lines and pipelines in middle I don't know you like. Where generations. Ago. It sticky and. Yeah that stop or make a right here parents so seven years old I have toward toward Asian. I still work. And not. Only education is all it. Younger generation Scotland is more important and try to take away its air and go are we old generation which. We had to do twice or what else ought. And Jack up the call it but don't blocks and any access shortly again and vehicles audit and and act like it or not but he at all. And sort of the date was yeah it adds up its its education and going and you know. Cliff I'll let me ask you one other question before we we say good bye with we took a belated out for a few minutes ago. Is a teacher calling a five year old student a bad boy or a loser. Crossing the line or we just raising our kids to be too sensitive. No I think that cross salon I really do you know. I'm okay bad boy pummeled him tell him you know I'll call. Golf. Which. I'd yes early. I've I think you and I were were raised and in the same boat and I do remember you Ottawa hall old I was but I remember having to put my arm out of the car because. Turn signals more or options negativity and have turn signals you know. That's what cigarette it was up withstand it and but it goes we'll split optional right. And and air conditioner who pulled look at air conditioner on that caught up. Composing it went on to Iowa and I. I didn't kill a life. Without. I bought it 68 GGO. And chase. It's just can't. The British notice because that was close. And I can take on to take a drop. We just did gentlemen. Kick out of them. Break equivalents toned body in Whelan Donnie used you've already turned your season is that correct. Yet to write that out about eighty. Come out I'd play and immediately admit they may change very gray in it and it. Actually generate. That he. I think I came home that it is time to put the keys out. But I think that pretty young. And accuracy in or. A park and Cox. I agree with that dot you said you'd turn your keys and when you were 85 can I ask. On Terry Lyles. Then caught. Our public. There. Out. Glee you. Got is that thing acting. Was that done. Difficult coming to that and we're decision that it's time the hang up a tease. Not. Because. And it. I've heard. Well. Any heart but it are on. That. Would be. Will Donnie I'm and so happy that you called thank you so very much you have a good day. All right now we're gonna go to a news when we come back here's what we're talking about. What a great column that was well is it time to hang up the car keys and your version of that discussion of you had to have that discussion with parents or grandparents. And as a teacher. Calling a five year old student a bad boy or a loser. Is that crossing the line or over you just raise it our kids to be. Too sensitive we'll take out your phone calls and we'll take your text messages and Paul and Brian you guys are hang on we'll come back one after the other top Leo hour on WWL Bob Mitchell who burst shortly afternoon on WW well. Did you remind you guys that if you used to listen to WWL. On an app called tune in. We ate there are no more you can no longer here WWL. And over 100 great stations on the tune an app for web site. Now clearly places you can stream WWL radio RWW. Dot com or the radio dot com happened web site. Make the switch now to the radio dot com out. You go to radio dot com slash listen. Or download the radio dot com app now to continue listening to WWL and many other great radio stations also note. For every one with the Amazon speakers radio dot com is now compatible with Alexa and echo. That is really good deal done just so you are confused because I've had friends of mine asked me discretion. No you can always hear WWL. 878 AM and Lowell five point three and a WWL dot com that. That's the bottom line odds go to Brian in Harvard Brian thank you for calling WW. Brian what do you think should their be off an age where you have to stop driving or would've be better to. And judge it on age and ability and maybe every couple years after a certain age camino retake the tests. I agree there should be their day. We did it make sure that keep but Eric world did not say that it's predicting what a kick out of it because. Everything. And Apple's so older brigade we can be you know continue to be unfamiliar. With the what did not. And also and it is almost the ticket out of and it. Our responsibility. In what caused it could get in a Colby. Quote. What it not a deep it'd be it would do. To announce that it is. You caught could be. Usually you're you've bought you. Back on the air anymore it's helped helped by an eight. Kind of stay away from detects it. Brian act I can tell you right now in my car. I cannot figure out how to work the radio was too mentally there's just too many options on. While on this holds a net balance and I just haven't settled WW well and let it go at that putt and and my and my cellphone I refuse. To get one of the aisle have I both looked vote no that's all I can operate all all the Russell the stuff it just too confusing to me. Black racks at one to make a comment on. All week at night. In. Gentlemen and it kind. It's. That Mexican population do not believe these macabre. The idea that call and I. And it any terrorist. Attack and shook it. Well we'd be like without. Well I showed I shouldn't I should've asked him. You know what do you mean by that and do you think Mexicans or or bad drivers and at a discount of Truby and and all like to think of to myself. So because a certain percentage of the population because he's had point 5% of the population on the road futile drive anymore I think it via. I write edit it edit it and now we re it. In any situation that I that I want and make sure every time it is it any bit like we get to combat sick about what the bill. The Mexican popularly it has when the owner and everything but yet but he they'd be much right as any Alba on the world. Well you know we can we can say anything we want but like I can tell you appoint like after Katrina. They have they. Completely helped it took to get us going again. Brian one quick court to forgo. It is a teacher calling it five year old student. A bad boy or a loser as that's crossing the line and if if your kid came home instead Baghdad the feature called me a loser tonight how would you react to. I would be. He's tried to not vote be. Like in debt is an outlook that. Until. Speak like lucky that I was more not peaches. About that Andy had the responsibility yet you know educate and and that. Anything contrary to get. I would probably about going back to accuse you add in the at the cabinet now what is what what what it will indeed be on idol. I could handle being called a bad ball. That's okay because you misbehave in classed. I was I would have no problem being called a bad boy or want my kids or grandkids told the bad one a loser I think that's really crossing the line. I agree I agree is right. Brian you have a blessed day thank you so much respect. All right Bobby and Paul get to you guys write after our break I'm Bob Mitchell in for scrutiny afternoon the big dates seventy WWL AMF and the dot com. Another text message and 86 and still driving and doing the speed limit venues in my signal no matter. No mutt. I know my way around the traffic laws like cars six years old high of 32000 miles on it. And no tickets. I have a good more than a year but I cannot find that now rom. Give me your hearing go here we go. As far as I'm giving your driver's license renewed it should not stop at a certain age. Button and a lot of people are saying that that maybe would we should the judge it not just on age but the ability there's a guy says. I should does not opt out hush which. Little confusion may read this again. Okay I am 71 and I drive five high performance cars at a high skill level they're much younger people that can't keep up with Mitt. Let's get back to our phones would go to Paul Paul thanks for calling WW well how are you. On buildup pol when is it time to tell loved one. You need to hang up duties. I agree with the majority of callers. I don't believe it should be age specific. A goal and help agent actually a lot of clients. People like insurance and Medicare and it was decided I have a lot of health questions. Now to talk about medication and I believe there's people who were even they are quite correctly should not be on that we are. I also met with clients and seventies and eighties. Sure the attack no medications completely LB. That you know in much better shape both mentally and physically. And people much younger. Our I'd I don't know how much I agree with this policy. Of all it is seemingly won't go for ever. Was not begin pre testament and I'm trying to remember what I think the less time but I had my license renewed. Which is a victim a couple of years ago the only thing they do is give me an Artest. Yeah I was. Now on hold and you know obviously. You know out Ali now four is on its now. Year. Yeah. Never taken its. And so I appreciate it and it but it certainly do believe it's on page. I'm usually. Because it. Shouldn't that mean well Kyra. Why they've we really should not. When you don't you made you made a great point that when you go our renewal of its its really nice and convenient that you don't have to go through all of that you don't have to study or anything like that. But when you take a step back for safety reasons. That they probably should require I don't know every few years maybe after a certain age make it more frequent that you have to take the written. And the the driving test. For sure. Volume and kids. All right teacher if a teacher calls a five year old student a bad boy or a loser. Is that crossing the line or are we raising our kids to be too sensitive. Absolutely no let up I'd totally. You're bring it out all of the moment Andre. Also on our cry I believe that. You know we should we should be telling. You know our. Only car you know more of the when you. Want or condemning them as being a and war. There. You you're you're telling. People. That that could be very detrimental to them are that you're. You're being. You know but the bad person to want to. And in. There. I don't I don't think I would have a problem if there's a teacher told oh what a much children. In all look what what you're doing is making you a bad boys told don't do that but I would never ever ever ever. I think it's okay don't call child looser. All right but thank you Tony and Dan. Let's go to Bobby second call from racial and today this is really good how are you Bobby. The doors are coming into the bite out of what they W wind and it. What family I'm related to the in the turns in the sound good news. And they're everywhere. Fell goes out. I've written about. Like. A it is in her eighties. And Shia and and torture and a much has not been OK that's one. But but pretty much later same section same place. It actually happened is we get older. Our reaction times. On debt projections. At all changes. And we executed 52 week mullah Moscow on now you've got that in ninety years old and they'll like me. Took all her privileges. Away. Well we've been concerned about woes would see a repeat. And I told mom you know mom you could not you wish you all sports on. She couldn't deal with if somebody was killed me. And I know she couldn't. We felt it was time that we he would pull the key. You know the the tough thing about it and apply a little if you're into that bright and that's the and so on and if you don't go ahead. And goes out to independents away from me. After months of talk to urge you on oil and she accepted. It still has been. What did you talk about it. At least an eye exam look into it seniors who. Specialized equipment we crop which was another country. And I would tell my mom and I've never been tested since. Our experience. Is like. To be you know 71. Still feel album on mental faculty except. That a kitten and examination. It's something good like that's not the Monday. And I'd do a bit is that perception and reaction Don to get. Dodger Bobbie I appreciate the that the phone call and our phone numbers 2601878. Coming right back on WWL. A couple of quick text messages a teacher is an authority figure in more shape the direction of the child's life. With words that they use to teach unacceptable cultural loser or a bad boy here's one. Shows me a lot of love Bob what is dude coming back on a ditch you back on the couch and look but let's go oh. Let's go to Bobby and English turn. Robert. Or an outrage and he carried on the city and in their little budget. There are some moderate rain on the way that it's okay. So little what do Bubba is on the takes you to easily. Well at the same problem for travel by archery. In every two years we have the greens here are not go out. Of are patient they'll. Saying yeah it's. Actresses out there. Victory she if you're an hour mentioned. In our current. I'd be. And you have to do and so it's here's. And agility jets' game there can't be worked well there. If you don't mean. You know pass that Mount Hood. That's what you on the short term one what you're. Mark. And it's intact keep it real simply be you'll have to down from commercial route to his first. With that being ever or at least. Yeah I am done on them argue that based on what Teresa certainly. I think we and you know the more frequently. Well I think that make you take off and I exam every time you are renew utilized but thought. I don't think I have had well a written test or a driving test in. Since since I started driving. David broke look like before you go because of I'm gonna go to news is that okay how would you feel if a teacher called want your kids either a loser or a bad boy. I can't express. The word. I could tell. It would indeed it would be Brady wouldn't be any thing about. Mark. You'd be down of the classroom while. All right Bobby I appreciate your throwing and thank you so much. If you're on hold like judge David and ruby and and and and who says her husband voluntarily. Gave up driving we'll take your phone calls. Right after the top of the hour I'm Bob Mitchell in for stood in the afternoon a big day it's seventy WW while AM FM and dot com.