How to navigate Thanksgiving and politics

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, November 22nd
Tommy talks to Judy Ho, Clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, about navigating controversial topics on Thanksgiving with your family.

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Story our web site a double WL dot com from the Associated Press one in three Americans do you read some political talk at Thanksgiving. And I think he probably the host our host status. It goes through a lot of trouble look. Cook these giant bird that they don't usually do throughout the year and make sure it comes out right now aside dishes that they Aron and China's certain. Then they're afraid that somebody's gonna. Just trash it all by. Talking about something that is not particularly. Day agreeable that people can agree on at the table Judy no joins us right now our friend clinical psychologist. Associate professor. Psychic college I guess it is time at Pepperdine getting. Oh yeah we are you happy Thanksgiving. Including ear so we mentioned before the break before you joined us you know Thursday I think a lot of people watch NFL football Lynn. Inevitably. Especially if they show it. The did phenomenon of some plea of players kneeling during the anthem mothers standing. That just seems to me to be a fertile breeding ground for a big old family argument. Absolutely. And I. Argument that on Thanksgiving. Yeah hi because there are. So people watching you. And report you read. It until. The about the need. Topic it's important that it can be different because whether people around ego in the way and that and so. Much faster than the cure to a personal. I think it's very interesting. When you say they have an audience and it's almost. Boy it's almost like life FaceBook or some on how to put it Judy because our professor Richard collier really but our doctors to be even more accurate. A bomb but that. Now you have a chance to grandstand it's almost like you had your year the host of your own radio call in show or what have you had a heart or ranked. Exactly. And call out and be told that their opinion is wrong. And you hadn't yet you know it's. Out there. You're like well watch these are family feud happened until we like think you're being. One day you're right here it and I think that is what tribute. To. How typical that over a cup what if you Rhode being like happy TV on the background we have our own eyes that enable people are being. I and they like article article. Right. Judy on our yeah our doctor I do this every day and I guarantee there is no such thing as truth or facts anymore you can go on the Internet find whatever you want right to say whatever you want. So yeah it would do you wind when you start then impeaching sources not just the opinion but they don't know what they do on then it leads to another thing. Doesn't inevitably lead to yell what about that time didn't return my lawn mower some like that. And do what happens all the effort to argue that brings up and and it ought not now and all the credit. That happened five years ago clearly haven't gotten over it or else about it and back to strike a color you are an hour. Is your host or hostess and then you sense that uncle Fred or aunt Maria has suggest. You know and I mean because as a name and hasn't just dumb letting you know it's common you know every year they do Italian. Because you do don't. Via. The Red Sea bird people like the Arctic that number. It's all. Pop while the league right so that went up to political Britain's the X. I think that it is crazy old eyes. Okay here. Or the R&R and well. About things that you is I go into the situation. What not the case double click try deeply. And potter the pop. I think about meeting that you. To end all be all right you're that we are out. In the is obligated and I think just say. I'd be in the truck the truck. Before killing may indeed be totally robbed the way out. Right into the drop it it. And our. Then. OK that are saying. Give me it will only go where you 888. But just beat their for the heart that you see you're in it together. Crazy happened because you feel obligated. And. It continues set rules before and I maintain need to do you shut it down immediately of in uncle Fred is far to the right in the nose that cousin John is fart of Alaska and and he's cheers it's in for a fighter the other way around under and you did you know people do do that like you're saying they have an audience so how do you. How do you nip that in the bod is their common and you can't just invite MD is just taken to decide do you make a big announcement everybody. Yes so I think you know when you do try not to do it in public and promote either. Everybody say today at what happened Arctic able to take it or break everybody on board and start. Or are you holed up in the eyes JK I know are out so unappreciated in pre nup during our you know. I more typical is what I'd. Like. Arctic I. Can't think you'll single out the otherwise just let out. And if you do find yourself sitting across and table from somebody that is just spouting things that make your blood boil. What do you do just swallow hard just try to keep the Turkey from you know burning too badly as it goes down because you're so full of acid and angry. Is that what you do best thing. People to eat I have people. But. They're out. They don't they definitely think that. All of that pie. Oh well at the EU and they get the situation is. You have to first start he deeper I mean. This principle. But I think that meant that it really tell. You okayed. There's no bite issue here your teacher your options are by. What DJ had brought and sure. Audience again. You decide. If you're insecure that you were denied it detected the check it about you know. The goal of being brought up about Arctic that all the cheaper value. Oh is that you try to leave it out into action we are right. Teach your. It's. The person made the greater and happy to write that particular situation. You're. Right eager. Cop out about it or to talk about it all the still can't Ctrl+Alt. The third QB is leave the people at least temporarily just. You don't. I'm an opening a jury. Why. Oh I would argue that. Ali out to get a little bit of pressure and cut back to. I forgot something in the cars than started and leave. You have a plan that part of you have a happy Thanksgiving doctor pleasures always I'm sorry I confused you with your sister but she does pretty well doesn't he claim poker game and she will be. I. And the same you and your whole family doctor Judy held clinical psychologists associate professor Pepperdine University.