How much support should we give our allies?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 19th
Tommy talks to David Schanzer, Director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University, about President Trump's comments about NATO.

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We are talking about NATO and president and basically is the world or American moral less respected under president trumpet and is the world safer or more dangerous David chance they're director of the triangle senator. On terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University order. Tell me a vote president trump. NATO. The importance of it may be as it relates to the fight against terror. And the perception of the United States in the world with president trump and his views on NATO. Offshore. We. Forget sometimes that you know these alliances in the NATO alliance in the most important of them. Is really there to make. Safer make the world safe for action makers more prosperous were more prosperous more successful we have alliances of other countries around the world who share our values to a trade with those who believe democracy. And the world is safer better place and better for American capitalism. When we have those alliances. And NATO was really there to deter Russian aggression. And it's done that since it was founded after World War II. Russia doesn't match with NATO allies it has met with other countries. But it doesn't mess with NATO and this is good reason for that because. NATO deters. The types of things we don't want to sit. So lonely dog the interview he did with five on fox with Tucker Carlson. And he he responds. It is minding your sunny country very strong people very aggressive they may get aggressive and congratulation you're in world war three. But that's the way it was set up is there any chance of us being drawn into world war three. Because one of the nations in NATO becomes aggressive. No it. Just ridiculously chose the total lack of understanding of the treaty works. The treaty says that attack. An attack against another country. Is an attack on at all. So it is good defensive alliance. It is designed to deter other countries from attacking. NATO allies it's NATO allies actually responsibly. And is aggressive against one of its other its neighbors. Then. You know Val I don't have to do come to its defense. And of course it's worth pointing out that that provision. The article five which is the core of the defensive alliance. The only country ever invoked in the history of NATO is United States after nine elevenths. In terms of cost to the United States do you do we have a number on. What our membership in NATO costs. You know I don't have that figures ever at my fingertips. But again. Do we bears have line share of the burden. We do. Do we want other countries to pay more. We do and they are paying more they've agreed to in there on schedule to. We reached the agreed 2% of GDP. By 20/20 four which was agreed to during the Obama administration has been captive. So a burden sharing is important in I support president trumps calls were Berkshire but. He's seeing these alliances exclusively in economic terms and exclusively as a bird and on the United States because we have the strongest defense specialist trying to argue before. Is that these alliances make the world. Safer and better for American security American democracy. So if you if you look at just the balance sheet of NATO was contributing. We do battle lines ship and if you look at the benefit of our network of alliances around the world. It's what makes us a great country it's what makes this different from Russia and China they don't have friends and allies people who want. To work with them on a wide range of issues and that you mentioned NATO is. Acute force were preventing our counterterrorism approved for preventing terrorism. And sharing intelligence. Which really could be done without a kind of super structure like NATO and play. If we're gonna look at it from an economic standpoint are there economies of scale I think 29 nations ride now right along the NATO. And yes there are. So good but expansion helping of ten more countries albeit small worded joint when he etc. You know at the processes. Is very careful record. Which countries you know. Countries have to there are standards it's actually way of actually bringing. Promoting democracy whose countries aren't allowed in unless they have strong democratic traditions. They have to do to improve. Military capabilities and then making huge contribution when their first members know Montenegro's not make any huge contribution but it does have to. You know during its military capabilities. So. It's about polls so good thing for the collective defense of the world. So. You know there are multiple benefits that that come to it's. And you know the United States senate during the trump administration looked at whether we we were better off for worse off. To have NATO is as much and ago particularly as a member voted 97 did too. You know the US cynic can barely. Vote. And for that kind of so much and opening up post off. So that chose overwhelming opinion of our. You know. Our you know both parties. That it does it's good when we expand NATO and these countries. Become more democratic more peaceful. And more willing to do economic activity. And just be clear you're not talking about a those authors in my name right now. Its sister and Sam thank you sir appreciate your time OK oh happy hypocrisy would talk to begin.