How much does LSU need to do to make the playoffs?

Bobby & Kristian preview the SEC tournament with LSU Coach Paul Mainieri.

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Often run an hour to a school of thought here on. WWL. Kidding anybody fares and across from me I'm Christian York apartment are at master control on the sports class as you heard there. See new world sort of put in a bid for suitable 582024. That takes place Wednesday at the NFL owners' meetings also. They'll handle the what to do with the National Anthem on Wednesday will be talking about that. As those votes come down on Wednesday the meantime. LSU beginning SE play tomorrow against Mississippi State he'll be 4:31 pitch 4 o'clock pregame right here on a W to go we're gonna do is he like off the opportunity to hang out meet Bobby tomorrow during the LSU game on our FaceBook page will be due alive FaceBook. Chats with the me myself than an Canon. Will well in Iraq it was Arthur give you our thoughts on LSU and Mississippi State. Tomorrow at 430 so join us for that also listen to the game right here on W did well. You know our Chris when you look at this Ruble and I think that's why I brought a brother of Jesus rose that. You know we got the kind of took for granted because all of this those special to be a whole city for any. Type of event or any type of championship. Now. To be realistic I guess that's why it one way mentioned is the GA. Is that we have a 20/20 four. Who might have another one until like 2034. I'm telling you is not gonna be like Elway in the rotation every four years so Chris are you going to be an old man he's 66 and a poet and no and that's not unrealistic you might be 2032. But you know stamina the point I'm Macon. Not gonna be every two or three years or four years whatever going all those who does the distressed well we felt like you double when daylight when Miami and South Florida. And yards a weirdo in competitions. We have consumables and right. That is that it's going to be way more sticking point as far as. You really get appreciated and enjoy when you have a suitable coach. And the involvement of the NFL like 224 that it could be maybe 2032. Mike is that like once within a decade. I think that's it's actually gonna occur in the future going back to Ellis should baseball rules could probably kill Hilliard only bright spot I think. But this weekend was LSU 62 victory gave to a charge so much I know because the big game. There it did two games out thought all they have a chance they'll that we gonna you know the Thursday Saturday game right. Is all pride out on the Stacy my idea Bob yet says that the game we will learn a thing who's gonna win and that to Gainesville laws of that we had a tense about it the other go toe to toe could put could be in a want to get number one overall pick. Yeah that that that's that shows you the flag and moxie of the young kids. And the killer here and I think he's going to be a significant. Player and pitcher for LSU going forty should be the SEC freshman of the I caught up with Ella she skipper pulmonary. Earlier today ahead of tomorrow's action at 430 gets this to be state in the SEC baseball term meticulous. Coach obviously a disappointing weekend against Auburn does seem like you guys couldn't get any breaks in nothing tell your way. Well that it was wasn't disappointing in the middle game cushion that was great ballgame our kids played phenomenal we had a Cooper pitched game by Mikhail Hilliard and that's great clutch hits played outstanding defense one of our better games to played all year. But the first game in the third game you know didn't go our way they. The first game was you know we just head down to some tough breaks went against this but. The third game we just you know we just got out hit by them they they know how to play in their ballpark itself. So home run hitters ballpark in the kind of toe their line up the plane pooling in the park and he hit what seemed like just routine fly ball that just kept you know Cary and out of the ballpark can. Unfortunately they did it with a few guys on base we ended up lose them by by a wide margins so. That was the disappointing ending the final game of the season because you know obviously who won the series because that's some great implications but he didn't happen them. You know it's hard to win on the road in this league is evidenced by the fact that most every team has a losing record on the road in this league there's only three teams that a fourteen that it even. Haven't over 500 record overall for away games much less in the league so. You know which it knew what would happen to us is not all that different analog leagues so these guys turn the page Nolan. You ready for the postseason. And get the job done on trees you know you turn Cooper. Coach you mentioned game two and one of the foremost from the calendar how how positive visit to see him go toe to toe pitch for pitch with and likely the number one pick in the draft upcoming. That was the main thing you know people that don't know Mikhail would probably have been surprised that those of us that no Mikhail we're not surprised he's. Very competitive kid each kick great composure employees. How he made a lot of big pitchers hitting got that great out pitch another curve balls out standings so. There GM he gave the chance to eventually we figured out keep in mind. You know week in week we've made it still a lot of pitches in and ultimately concluded this particular that they get elevated a little bit if he got more tired weary of the take advantage of it took. It was a tremendous when her heart team and against a great pitcher. Visit with LSU baseball coach called an area here on sports talk in coach now on the SE term and you got. Mr. B state tomorrow night single elimination there red hot come off a sweep over Florida over the weekend. Yes they sure you know and then like I told our guys you know their big one for the road directly that they lost to the treaty Kentucky you know that the that their first game of their four game winning streak which game really so. Noah here they would tell you left that a treat the third there emphasizing that the it was a started winning streak though. We've we've won seven out of our last ten so we can forget about. The fact that we just lost the last game he will be in the good positive frame of mind as well. So I would I would hope Mississippi State to look at and LSU and can't say they're playing pretty good baseball. As well so it should be great ballgame Christian there that they you know Mississippi State LSU anytime we play it's so it's good baseball. They enter into it. You know just you know going to be an exciting night into current. Obviously the stakes are high we need to win the game to the other daylight in the turn to minutes you know. The elimination game right out of the gate now is are always tough but somebody's got to win and somebody's got to lose so hopefully it'll be at the new deal to move on. Coach have you been. Coach Dunn settled up pitcher for tomorrow could be a guy like nick bush been a candidate. Yeah we're we're definitely go to nick pushed on night that he's well rested didn't end there ready to go he's. In pitch at all against Auburn and the last time that he pitched a great game against Alabama he's pitched to that you know outstanding against the South Carolina and Alabama and starting pitching performances in South Carolina in particular really good. I'll send fifteen that we're in a tough environment. And he showed what he's capable of so. In order to hold anybody back we knew we could potentially use. Jack out of the bullpen if we need to do you know tomorrow night it is to try to win the ballgame so. Hopefully nick bush who gets off to a good start. How much do you guys talk about the magic that you guys are sometimes displayed in Hoover I mean as of LSU tigers have dominated that. That environment for a long time number how much do you talk about your card team. But I talk about it with them because you know it's something that we have an awful lot of pride in them. You know for so some reason our guys still very confident and comfortable Plano there and Hoover. That doesn't mean that the path is going to be happening it'd you know in the future tomorrow or heard from you know this year because. Every year is its own entity we got to do the things on the field that it takes to win both. Knowing that we have played there we played well there in the past certainly should giver gets confident and and we know we're gonna go out there and let it rip a march 9 hopefully get a victory. Coach and a 500 in the SEC so far this year obviously Tommy can bid for the NCAA baseball tournament if you were laying out your resonate. Would you point to is the strongest part as to why should you guys should qualify for the NCAA tournament. Well that's hard question you know we've we've had some really good series wins this year technician no other guys like fifteen now. We won that series we beat Arkansas. Whose flight number three we beat them to adequately. You know Mississippi State and RPI is climbed all the way to like 25 or so we beat them to add trees so. So we've we've got a lot of good wins in the air and head into the Villa PI is. The way they changed the formula. Has kind of heard that potential conflict could look for homeland to because we didn't. You know plays and play well on the road with a lot of games on the road this year it's lower than it typically has been put them. But if we can get the job done over there and and who burned with a few games a couple of games. I am sure that they'll make it clear that we should be in the NCAA tournament on just sleep in my focus on tomorrow and make game. Coach I'm curious to know what are your thoughts I think is the first year they had the headset in the in the in catchers on year basically where he can get the patent and the calls from coach. Done do you like it has improved the efficiency and pace of the game you think. I think it has food a little bit sometimes they don't work as effectively as you want. But for the most part it's been a positive change heavily. Overall coach rounds it was horrible things you get lucky getting it done tomorrow kind of miss at least eighteen you're facing compared to. The one you played earlier in the year. Well they they they a couple of changes in their everyday lineup though. I'm not sure exactly how much different they'll be couple that these changes. But workstation and they're out spinning left in the Pilkington until Friday night starter so that'll be a challenge of course. Still we we played a lot of gay and ethnicities basically the years put him five times last year go to Clinton three times this year. We you know we read we love playing against Mississippi State typically program. I think Gary Henderson and his staff put Jake Ochoa moved the guys have done a really nice job with them. So we're look comport with more night. Could you get I'm just curious about something so most home teams. On the third base dugout when your own words at the box you guys are in the first base dugout until we on the road you're in the first they tell guys had done by design. Well you know the home team has the choice. To use whichever dugout they want to you know with the FCC tournament the home team dugout as the first seemed at first base dugout as well. In the NCAA tournament the third base dugout is the home team dugout at least in the college World Series I think in the regional two crucial host school got a choice. You know yankees are in the first base dugout to wreck factor in the first base dugout I think that that probably. That's half and half as far as the third base dugout at first base dugout look at school and I've been happy pork embellish you we're in the third base again as the home team. And then it wanted to keep it in the first basically which was fine with me. But I think that in effect is my knee and it doesn't allow me to coach third base because they can't communicate with the people in the dugout from such far different Kuwait but it's a small price to pay and I've actually grown accustomed to being in the first base dugout like a lot now. Coach I'm an that might have been out out of left field question I was just curious of a Watson and I'm like that's interest and a I found instantly sorry. Who's a poor question but anyway coach. That's luck Tia and go get tomorrow night. Aren't they record should you bet LSU in the city state. First pitch tomorrow at 430. Right here on W rule in Hoover from the SEC baseball tournament. Sports talk rolls on here on W did well enough on the dot com. Bob knows the best lead you know we Yemen. Fish for a had a grand Nash. At a high level and I'll well I did not. Win back to back championships so was it like repeat that today it. Because I came in second we laws like eight ounces. May we shoes that's so. The letter some I just our styles of shrimp and them and in our eyes of something. But guys and so we're feeling pretty good about our chances but we and the outcome announcing the so I don't know you know win place or show we. And an ice bagged by Minnelli Nelly showed excellent Stan Brock always has great presence than black turnout I think yells unbelievable. Rocket Doocy jam and and a bad as it goes a festive atmosphere or grand council. Is filling that has. Grown men will continue to grow it's like an alumni weekend that is death players. You know a couple of young guys in there you know they have three times that times in a mob their new one appears he's really. A lot of young guys because grand isle is at the end of the world if you're an open if you are along got a job to go cut back with. Well the night but I'm saying. Okay like this factories there. Max Unger was there. Like Michael Michael money is being given out there a new and third place that is sole. It's old and vintage looking things now a Houston on the players that would stand was young Stan Brock was you know. Banda come and offer so the wind was blowing but in the head because it just read vision. Was this British thought it was right the biggest Archos right over nine pounds. But Steve. That's the the top veterinarian in the New Orleans area he he won outstanding repetition. He got a hokey football for the biggest rate hikes Odyssey was like thirteen pounds solid you know was so. But. We we we had dead normally teams. Most exciting thing I did was highlight of the weekend I think for me was broadcast on practice cross there's Beaulieu yesterday at the house with the kids. So I I puts it into reasonable for the first time ever. Cannot really get. I was pleasantly surprised mark you miss the thumbs up there. He eat he likes the likes of it is you profitable oh absolutely. Yeah solely about who I was surprised Doug has going to come out and attack that you and been bankers not an event that. I just have never done it before I'll I kept meaning to try and Alec in the fragile and I got like about forcing it is let me try to think corn potatoes but yet I do it in court. Poke holes and sync it. Can color like he did cops I do too but not. It's from a mother who is oh are now RT I go oh yeah a little easier for our friend went out and sort of do that sets out that's how that was Al's got a born out of necessities of speak. Sports talk rules on our CBS news headlines in our local news headlines here on W two well. Eastern and Western Conference finals in the NBA. Not really. That good Matt Matt Matt not fun to watch and all of blowouts body. Well I mean is in the fourth quarter if you don't have a local net interest that I do like the NBA you know watch basketball but if it's of water to blow went. 41 point laws mean news. I mean to about a beat down home. I mean I don't know and is it might the pelicans flee. The war is a whole lot better than rockets. Chris Iannetta to being embarrassed and if you rockets and 126. To 85 payable Donna Corbett they they played soft and but. I mean you look at step curry you know he might have struggled previously but you look 35 points. He had 53 pointers. And Kevin Durant. He added 45 points and you look at dream I agree how to contribute. This why I don't think the rockets have a chance. Is when you look at the warriors at home and all that yellow I guess it's called Euro. Warriors yellow and DL who open and tolerant. That they truly have. Arm ORACLE Arena advantage. That but the Antonio. The coach over a rocket he says. So muddy acting. All is oracle a tough. Place to play he goes yeah. It's tough to play because the warriors play here and hood doesn't matter you know the arena but it they matters more detained that you faced him. And how the fans are behind you look at the warriors right now. They want an NBA record sixty gets negative hopefuls seizing gains. That's surpass. The Chicago Bulls more of fifty and roll. You gotta go back to April 27. 1990. To may 21 1991. That's what the warriors are com. And this goes show you will meet again. How elite debt that organization is right now we've if I'm not sixteen home playoff games consecutively the U one. Does say that there's there's a dominant team in the NBA in the Eastern Conference and a LeBron. I get to LeBron factor but. I still wonder well whether it's the Celtics. I mean are the cavaliers and means that are either in August the warriors and yet and and you look our creation overall wooded and in the playoffs you know you tell by dies these it would be accomplished in. No we look at the patriots in NFL you look at the spurs. Within a college Golden State. And you know bring that up. Would be accomplished as four's sixteen consecutive. Whole blow Wednesday and in the post season they're 36 and five. I don't look well since 2015. Now he looked at Klay Thompson. You know he NS also gain. But now he moved path. He just moved past the great rig Barry. And everyone knows who Rick Barry probably NBA for second place in the warriors. Career post season scoring lists. And in another. Player and gastric Barry. Was staff curry moved past. Re Varian so it was an issue for most postseason baskets. In franchise history so rig Barry is a household name. If you followed basketball in general always said this. If you look at rig Barry. And then all of his kids. And how they contributed. They're probably is probably the greatest family in basketball history. Over this thing you know you've played three on three Melissa ego play five on five. Like he got a rig Barry Brent Barry I think artist Stevie Wonder slam dunk contest the one. John Barry you hear him on the radio Indy radio he played an NBA. Scooter Berry might be in only one I think he pleaded Kansas university. That didn't make it in the NBA. But always say you know your pick of games. Now this event back an Indy when they're at their best I don't ever had any family. In the world that can be re rig bury him and his four kids. And that put a team the and that's the real people like five on five. So when you look at warriors history. Tom said he curry surpassed him. When you look at career poles seasons scoring list. And and now curry now suppressed in the great rig Barry who is famous for I will well remember even in the Milan meals. On the head free throws. Ha ha come on I grace I guess I hit 9% in oh. Are you into eastern and Western Conference finals and many close games final four. 260187. Come back you'll hear from saint cornerback. Al look at merit next here on WWL. From LSU sports do against funeral open to the public on Wednesday at the more information forthcoming. At W well dot com. We accident that some of the details chuck beat sit tight when its outlook America leaves at the scenes golf classic. Take a listen to the second year running back for the world saints. So these aren't like Alan Comerica earlier today at the hall of fame scenes golf classic out of the city car body. And I took some umbrage with some a lot of questions. Well they just trying to get sending out Allah Comerica trying to get a story that is not there I mean if you listed to saints running back coach jeweled Thomas. And Shawn Payne I think big kind of explained. The scenario where alma jurors that it would be expected how big and utilize them. Look if you read was Sean Payton and chords Thomas what they say as far as Tamara the sainted Tim. To keep them at the same work load. Of twelve or so touches. Per game. That helped him become the office of rookie year and coach Thomas the running backwards said look. He excel would that ratio that he's had. Who added that an increase. Work load is so to speak and Tamara say it would maybe be a disservice to him. By all means you don't want Iran to treat the tread on the back. With him early in the season. Dini said it's a marathon sixteen game moves forward dean didn't. I think we've got to town already in the backfield to go through a process. We're not really really putting a big workload. On alma Tamara and you look at Allen to Merrill's history. Pigging out what it was carries. For four consecutive gains mine I'd be the best option or just given the Camaro more. If you look at it. He maxed out what eighteen carries witnessing a game in his final year at Tennessee. Last year he had twelve. Was it three games he had twelve carries with the saint in his rookie season so the media. Sometimes. They ask you Al McNamara's questions. That automobile on a different answer and they want to write the story before it comes out of all of this face on the he might go against. Would that coaches are sick right. But I would Tinder drugs was Sean Payton. And now saints running back coach Joseph Thomas where there's city. They go of his bad broke why bigger try to fix it. Will they be getting his delicate marriage to same way. That we use them that earned him the honor of being to office to review the air into now changed editing by huge change vote for the year's summit is presently. How they trying to entice players maybe sent them out. Some like man on the man his game and rotten are all that now come on Alan your prayers to support that in. And this is he showing maturity beyond his age. And the ages been outstanding in the as a saints fans who I nation come on who we trust what Sean Payton and now the good utilize Allen compared you know they'll be doing. You'll hear from say take coach Sean Payton as well next hour chuck. HIV. Tell me what you got. My guess is not there puts out beyond holding you back on. We'll certainly talk come out and Diego's fourth judge B this is sports talk here on WWL. Chuck. WWL. Christian victims at that were respected and who and what is the crux of real brief. That probably played Golden State. And yeah it is but that the in there that you player minister in your you know to be. Idol but he and all of you that. It. Like showtime magic back itself because I think I'm thinking. Players in the pole second here. Right drew mud green and oh yes well you humans in the fact that. You gotta be like that team from back to prevail. We'll go bucks jarred me you look at it all five starters they all scored in Dover figured if double figures aren't even talking about the bin. To everything's a phone call simply come back next are going Gil ball on W well.