How long should seniors be allowed to drive?

Thursday, July 12th
Scoot talks to Dr. Carl Drichta from the AARP about when is the right time for senior citizens to hand over the car keys for good

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Well should be Bob Mitchell would ports due to the afternoon here on WW on the before I I laid out what I have on our WWL talked table for this afternoon. I have been really big about pointing out how we becoming sold lazy as a society. I was watching. And I don't know what it was but anyway it was a commercial and four for Wal-Mart. You can take and go online. Phil archer grocery list. Darrell do the grocery shopping for you you show up they carry it to you clocked her. We first so lazy now we can even do our own shopping just drives me crazy. But I here's what we're going to be a talking about this afternoon and I'm really. Surprised and happy that we already have a bunch a text messages already have a caller standing by to talk about this. Win. What is it time to hang up the car keys now. There's not a particular. Age of someone should stop driving but there are warning signs of the end of people's driving career that might indicate it's time to be over have you noticed any older family members driving unsafe sleep. My kids to not call in an answer that question. But are we at a point because people living older that may be we're gonna have to start. Saying OK after such and such a time. You have to give up your car keys have you had to have that talk. With your mom a your dad grandfather or your grandmother have you had a hand that caught the site. Listen. It's just too dangerous for you to keep on driving so. It's time for you to turn in your car keys give me a call at 260187. Million tell me how that went mostly Kenneth has already holding on from Gretna. Tennis thank you for calling so have have you had this experience already. Karl wanted to share capital program for other car control. About their arms Serbia my grandfather who actually it was a remarkable man. Work until he was 1990 and drove it Feliz is right now well. Sure that we before. Now see we stricter keys. He got the war. Went to work you know it is on the Saturday. He left to go his job to go get a lot. When he can Indonesia this story and it and it wound up where crop river and somewhere around on war. And so somebody call that the severity ripping you reacted rep for this story and it would so. That was the moment we have family decide is writing. And on and on the problem was to take the keys from them. Well appointed doctor Martin Lawrence. In my grandfather was so out there. Even the grotto and aggravated. He would work the county is even nobody can tell and what to do. Do you know anyway it's. Paper increased birdies do I wanna say to people. Sometimes when you what you do and your particular way to independence that these folks feel at this point the costs of spoke about that other you may be well intended. We just got to be mindful of that you don't wanna problem completely have it appeared that kind of want to share that or would it. Well I appreciate and and that that is a very very good point and in reading up on that the facts for doing things like this that's what you have to be careful about because. When you can drive yourself you feel self sufficient you feel you can do what ever you wanna do. But when you lose those driving privileges. First of all you have to depend upon other people you have to call family members and say look I Kyra I have to go to the doctor let that happen to us. To my mom she she drove until. Oh my goodness gracious mom was driving when she was probably up. Around eighty. And then she had that she had a stroke and few was still in good shape it was just like a it's slowed her down a little bit old Carrie. But they recommended that she's not drive anymore and she wasn't very happy what that. But then it put pressure on the family because that you had to go to the doctors had to go shopping so a family member had to always go with her and and and I can tell that for from that point on. I'm not blaming all on losing her driving privileges but it it did release slower down an aunt and your right to. You feel helpless if you've been driving all July have you been doing these things for yourself and then it's taken away from it you just feel helpless. I could protect America and what this ship that was sort of remind him that he. All right thank you Kenneth. I'm sorry we're going to have to take your car keys away. How to go in in general. Who do you think makes the best drivers go. Young drivers or the the older drivers and due in no way almost discriminate against all the older drivers. Here's what I'm saying. If if you're driving somewhere. And you're in the left hand lane and then someone ends in front of you. And there are going slow on don't know about you. But in our car and comes up so many times that that must be a pop blog trust and must become a more drive in Seoul. We we kind of automatically. Assume. That got older drivers do not draw I've as well as the younger drivers so in your opinion who drives better the younger drivers drove the older drivers and a again if you had that conversation. If you had to sit down with one or your family members and take those car keys away and realize you're taking their freedom away. Have you had to do it and Honda that worked out 260170. We we're gonna take a break right now and then when we come back we embark on a very special guest for a mom AARP. Talking about this and signs that you should be on the look out for Bob Mitchell infants through the afternoon on WW well. And our subject today is when is it time to hang up the car keys on an ash George and Jack did do we huge favor. And hang on for just a minute Olerud a quick text message. And then we will get toward justice half hour older drivers aren't usually on cell phones while driving nor distracted. My friend's music and slight season. But again my car's in the shop because my father called. Backed into the door in the driveway at a are. I'm sure wasn't funny to do. Let's fully knows right now are tight. I'll talk him out winds at times give up the keys were gonna speak right now with doctor Carl drift off. Laid Louisiana State coordinator of driver safety for AARP. Doctor thank you for being on the show today. So what kind of signs. Do you need to look for. When you start thinking about the possibility. Of asking Europe. Elderly. Ramble on ramp while a mother a father to give up their teach. Well there are a lot of different ones Bob some homes start with physical capabilities. Being limited. That their medications and may be affecting their driving. Their cognitive capabilities. Are paired. Just general operations of poor driving skills. All these are possible and there's a lot of things we can look for each of these categories. Should there be an age where. You say you just can't drive anymore shall there be an age where the state says you cannot any longer get a driver's license. There aren't in these states that are doing that yet but there are states that either have legislation. Or pending. Legislation. Two requires seniors to go through bill hole. Written and behind the wheels has. And as a result you know find out you're skilled. The best person jets skills of a person. It is somebody's so knowledgeable. And can sit next to them and observe their behavior more than one or two trips. And you can start to see what are the problems are limitations that they have. Would. AARP. Be in favor of or some type of restricted license like I think when you look when you get sure learners permit. You can't drive at night and not. My wife already does not want to drive at night because. She said she just can't see as well as that's so would AARP be in favor after a certain age having restrictions on your driver's license. Unknown others nothing like dead and the reason being. I teach class. Drivers' safety and I see people coming in there there whether it's fifty years of age and be. And to the artist. I've had some people come and they earned her middle to late ninety's. Well there and there are very capable. And there's nothing wrong what cognitively. Watch their driving. Which is sign. On the other hand you have a lot younger people that. Have. Or driving. Behavior. And would these suspects to maybe give up there it's. It's a thing about giving at C news people get frightened by that is that like somebody or any mention. That you're taking with their freedom. Well the thing about it is rather than presenting that to the person who loses. That page. Saying what are the options out there. Others and maybe family friends and so forth that are going to take you to it beard go. And so we usually try to dues. It encourages them to look at other options slight. Do you have a neighbor that goes shopping or. Does the lady next or gators here and done the same places that you go to. And may be Indo together. Or even asking people to two sit down with the the individual. Antrel logic with them including friends relatives. There doctor. Or other sources. Including. Your priest or minister. That many seriously. You know latest facts out to them and release say you know. Look when you're out there and if you are dead driver. Maybe it's time to given the keys but look let's look at the options. And it. People say you know what I don't want to. You know burdened somebody all time. But the truth of the matters you can also say to look. Did you ever offer them a few hours for each trip. Did you ever think about. If they don't want to take the monies is either way. Charity that they have that you couldn't make it deposit in their name. There are options out there that. You know can be realized in and deal with these problems. But. Two as. Many people want to say you know age is a factor. Well it is a factor to some degree we know that. Accidents occur more frequently. And fatalities. In particular with people that are seventieth in the but that doesn't mean that you know we should categorize all. Seniors in the category of somebody that we know that's. You know getting a little bit cognitively EC now or role are having problems like. Driving to places that they need to go to. So there are a lot of different things that we can look at two. C is maybe solutions for news person that's big thing the big thing is people say it's the hawks. And the cost DA is saying is that considerations. But then again you'd say to them. Where demand what are you paying for gasoline what are you paying for. Insurance forty paying for the upkeep that your vehicle. You know the right is two holes how much dollar wise increased spending on hole. All these things and and the eat you get I think for any of this if this were not to preacher has changed to say what is it costing me. To drive my vehicles. And most of that time people bush I. They find out you know as a running over a thousand dollars a year. And you know. How could that money be used in a different way. To do just for years expenses by. Taking cabs Lowber. Friends whatever. But so looking at other options that are out there. Doctor I appreciate you being part of the show thanks for the information I guess the bottom line is it's not the age is the skill of the driver. Thank you so much doctor direct Q all right let's judge it back to our phones will go to Georgia loses interest and stuff go to George in L one at George what do you think do you think there should be an age where you say. No more license. What a first offense. I think personally I just so they don't think it's like he deliveries from the market which probably. Have a driving test every kid here is that everybody to overtake you know to keep everybody Stratton still shortcut real on the most people around here can't it's like the. Put a foot putt putt up the. I think we've predicted that some like that. You know we've got to go when he got to reach and and it definitely get to a certain age of via Procter whoever is giving you can't sit beside a table. This person's reaction time is really matter. Wherever they're ridiculous that's sixteen and that's the end of it he can definitely industrialized. Yup I'm never had a another test I think way to that I think may be. A bunch of years ago odd but I think it took our eye exam and I've I've. Are really really know or call but it it seems like what what we're getting into and what the doctor recommended. It's it's not age it's it's it's the skilled because. I see people up I go to the gym with this one guy. These 8283. Years Ole and he has in superb superb shape. And probably better than a lot of people in their fifties and sixties so I think once you become a senior citizen that's sort of balls down to know what your age. But your skill and but you would you would go for. Additional driving test when you get older right. Brought out this. I would say crop the board I think that it's ridiculous that extreme there when you're 26 to get a good take it again you might find that a person takes that has to get it right they don't have to. The epithet. That. There's no begun embarrassing. What are the but it kind of like to get to it deterred people. Think what ages are morally going after it was the openly support the platform that we ought to. Thank you George. All right jacked in Slidell tells a story about his grandmother turning 94. And what happened when they took her keys to weight. Jack please hang on just a little bit longer I'd I'd don't have time I want to hear your story. But we do have news coming up next and we have lines open for your calls too at 260187. That's 260187. What is it time. When is it time to hang up the party's. And it is the bottom line age. Or still mean if you AD 859 do you still have the skill to to drive and and you can pass a driving test. Then you can DPP's. Forever are we will look take a break right now first of all we get a break for CBS news and and after that. We'll go with Paula Jim Hansbrough probably that is doing a WW alive. And local news Bob Mitchell in for stood in the afternoon right here on WW well. All right welcome back. When is it time. I hang up the car keys gluten there's no particular age. That someone should stop drawn in but they're there are warning signs that may be your drive is not what it used to be so. How long have you been driving. And do you think you wore a better driver now than when you first began to call me at 2601 laid somebody. And if you've had that conversation. With a family member where you're taking their car keys away. How did that dull let's go to Jack in Slidell Jack thank you so much for hanging on really can't wait go to hear the stories stud. Your grandmother's turning 94. So as to what a war. The matter Nazi that it could spell yeah. And our users. At each agency. That would look. Good he struck a great. They are back in the day edit it filter but it I think. And Kirk. It. Out of it ought to get it. See. She hit it. Out there she. But I see you opt out there were. Island or the way. Out. Early early. I. Eight album burger bribery or. Meet a group that when he out of the speed. I believe we are rarely. You know. Our ability. A lot of or are likely. He'll. Yeah I would be on I would be totally against war there was site at such and such age. That you can no longer drive. Because the odds of seeing people my age who look like they're ready go go to crawl in the grave. And you can you can beat older you can you can be up on the news award with Torre look at it and torn and pile on the ages. And still be in in great health but. As much as odd that don't necessarily like the idea I think there should be a time at a certain age that you have to. Retake the written test and you re and and retake the driving too fast I don't think. We're. Accustomed to the bottom line is public safety. Yes our absolutely. I'm just going. Out sweeping bailout debate but at the right amount of people that local. Court normally at the. Why why don't we do that when we when we see someone in the left lane driving really really slow. And your behind and your first thought. Is that it's going to be a grandpa has to be a mom every time we automatically think Dell I just because. Our older drivers know what drug net that they're no longer speed demons in the and they drive slow but it. I'm not. A all right Jack thank you so much money. You are right our phone numbers 260187. Have you had to have that talk yet. With the someone how would you feel on and I know we have older listeners how would you feel if someone told you that you can no longer drive. Simply because of your age 260170. We are gonna take a break right now one Myra you'll be up we come back on WW well. So where does that time that hang up the car keys will you know was someone else. Have to intervene and tell you quick text message. I'm 65 mile wide so I can't hot hot hot hot I can't drive past the end of the street to look corner store. She took my driving privileges a 110. We are in the situation that we know are followed there will be furious. He has been diagnosed with dementia several years ago it's now getting to the point we're worried about the safety of other drivers on the road. The Louisiana driver's license should make the elderly comment and renewed their licensed every two years of stolen to Mira. And on the Guerrero and Myra how are you today. I was thinking yeah it and not here. It's insurance. Also has something to do with people driving. You mean it's up more expensive for older drivers. Harry much. Like yours well I think up. Next yeah yeah our lemon chicken. Never an accident. Ichiro. And why. I'm. Sure there's 2200 dollar a year while. And you know get her out don't like how do you call. I'll give you the same story he insurance commissioner and did nothing about insurance. Insurance your ass parade didn't. Do it and we'll have to pay far. I must admit I did not know that now do you feel that your driving skills. Are just as good. Not on it made acting dropped perfect. Actually a better. Turn my car. Because we can't afford insurance and that could be that people can help. Yeah occupied away. I'm I'm sure did bullion old navy will have an insurance guy that'll call live or something and a bit but I never knew that I'm really didn't so he may not I have looked. I have higher insurance rates to look forward to pull wanna continue to drive. Are definitely definitely. In bell straight years out at least 600 dollar. While home. Myra I appreciate the info and thank you so much for calling WW world's military in Slidell Terry how warrior today. You know. You don't you walk. Up the OBJ at birdie and now. They're at the I. If you open it. Don't work but everybody I know. Oh. Back. Stroke. And it properly because there. We're up. People. Go out of that but. It. She'll. Be at the bit. I don't know well. I. Terry is it's not that that I worry about it I'm simply saying that we have. We've become so accustomed a least the least of my family if we see someone slow when you behind them you automatically think that must be a grandpa. And mrs. Are. At. At one I'd I don't agree with you had but I do think it would be very very wise of F after a year you go ahead. It. Oral. And it's. Been kept. Oh yeah. Art. I'll go. Out on hold budgetary. In the world to. Eat yeah. Applewhite. Knew our. And at that you know people a lot. And I think. People. You. It all yet appropriate. Court. Thirty or. Did not go off. At nine. Brought her great great charity but I think they should try. All right Terry thank you so much we have Carol from Slidell hole. Who is an insurance agent now we head off a lady I don't know whether you've got a chance to hear a couple of minutes ago. And she says that the older you get the more your insurance rates go up is that true. About you don't find. That election night. No no did you hear the lady whose son it's it is true. It is it is true. They aids. Old New York art you can see. On some fluctuation in your Cranium. And and part of that is they couldn't change driving skills that you get old or such. You know Beijing in him three of the ministry like this but it. I mean overall we've seen Morse spike in insurance and the whole the view on distracted or so. It is it is. It is common and you get older. And come out in seven lot that you will be a little bit of fluctuation and bring him your insurance on. Adam over already have a lot to do it would attract broad. Do you know offhand if more younger people or more older people have to follow file claims for insurance. Of accidents for excellence. It's. You know that it too age groups that the ultimate Corning's that we there's. Elderly and and younger drivers the U pretty young Robert it is experience hall act of experience I should say. And you know for the elderly drivers more diminished driving skills called back and. Our question if they work to require after a certain age are a driving test a ball float. Behind the wheel and a written test. What do. Would that help insurance rates go down in another words we're going to test juicy how good you war whether you can continue to drive it. You think that would help rates go down. So there currently a bomb attack on line and also. AARP which they offer on line and also. Anchors and defensive driving courses which it gave you up to 10% discount if you sit older and these state farm so. But yeah answer your question there are our now. Or a net debt and what's called a defensive front course Cuba open. Well like I guess. When I get too old to drive all all the station left senate over a mosh. To pick me up in Bergen on the radio station. For. We'll Terrell thank you. And thank you so much growth for phoning in my end. It in general low. A one atrocity of likened zero in on. Is there a and age. For another working week. What's the age bracket where BA belt where for the elderly or the senior citizens however you won't call them a gonna get a bump in their rates. We did. Around which and an older. Okay yeah it's so I'm not gonna get another win in Oakmont for five years another increase. Well so. Carol thanks for phoning and we're appreciate so much. About thank you all right okay let's let's take a break and will come Michael Moore your phone calls right here on WWL. Where back here on WWL what does that time the hang up the car keys or bloom broader WWL union poll question should people longer be allowed to drive. Once they get past a certain age. 65% say no 35%. Say yes let's go to a Denver card to empower you tonight. One fund managers choose Indian a couple of minutes ago. Only caught the lady who so and then and then planned. There are errors. They're similar you know our ball awfully. Old drivers or what's a driver and well well well. Just don't have entered the and the way it works as long as. I always an. Because as a tracking device tutored on the board. Or on a global global mobile. And the company's well look at act to six months and you're not on at all. And most probably. Excellent it was so true. So my college is being subjective and on the you know. My lights up you can hope not in there aren't. I. So there were literally. At that particular that the same driver and don't know aren't written. So you a lot of our orders in its history and so you way. Or are. Your personal pride and are at risk. And my wife has it there's just rolls on her car. And it it's lower her rate probably. He and mom mom. 88 where when when when when we with the device our corporate. Grachev gave a 30% op within six months because. What is going to Wal-Mart went from who want to restored when she sure. So the mileage is a major factor. Do you just so. They're. Would you support dog. After a certain age no more driving. Which allowed on the on the people with him it's simple like experiences is. It has been extended to hear hear people in the 100. Remember what we're where we're government today show. Is quick Jonas market problem in 65. I. And usually if you take the black woman a co op. Quality feel like you've been taken away from people yeah when they reached when it was time term and I'd like life. I I think it should be on on skill on not aged and I appreciate your phoning and I I have to go. Two to a new brick. Ronald and Dave I'll tell you what hang on we'll keep this subject going right after the top Leo or on WW.